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  1. The article has a header that reads "Politics" nope -
  2. I wonder if the carbon-footprint curve of humanity is showing a downward spike yet ...
  3. I've been wonder that, too - Are there any cases where the patient tanks to intubation status/ICU ...then, three some odd days later, they are off the tube and breathing better and ultimately coming back from this thing? It seems we are only hearing these moribund scenarios ... paints a picture like if you get to that state you'd better get your affairs in order, period - no exceptions. But, if you don't, you'll be fine? But I doubt it ... That's not an observation or anything ...it just seems like that's what the media is portraying. Which is disgusting by the way... CNN is having an absolutely creative orgy over the dystopian cinema of this thing - they've got no compunctions over at that Media conglomerate whatsoever. I've stopped even using their web-site ... it's patently obvious they are doing that. They are filling their margins with these tedious examples of hell - like inflating minutiae to up the stakes to even more terrifying manipulation of tune-inners... Just stop you f assholes - g-damn it. 'Oh my god the virus is 10 feet not 6 feet ...we're all doomed! check out our web-based-ads'
  4. The only difference now compared to any society scaled events in human history is that we have the ability as a tech evolved species to unilaterally inform one another with vivid description/video ... thus, there is no 'ignorance is bliss' - These kind of "appalling" this or that ? They've always happened in these things -
  5. Yeah... this is impossible to contain - nothing newly mordant in making that statement. We've been saying this since day one - The issue here ( and I have to admittedly keep reminding myself... ) is not about you and me and our inconvenience. It's about limiting the tsunamis of cases into the medical infrastructure. The purpose here is to save lives. 1% of 350,000,000 viable infection targets in America is 3 million 500 thousand deaths ... when any death is tragic for a palette of artistic reasons in the morose paint -by numbers reality we are all stuck in... But, that 1% being hypothetical, the numbers could be 2% ... 3% in terms of this so-called, 'settling mortality rate' - which is when the total/realistic case load figures into the death statistics (arithmetic) to work out to a total societal DR and so forth. So figure 2.5% ( which I wonder if that is too low considering we are into month three of this thing and the Global can't seem to settle very far off of 5% frankly...), we're going to have to have special plots of honorary land for this.. etc etc... That's an untenable massive field of corpses... If this can get into a best-case scenario ... which is a logistical management where a balance of intake vs resolved cases ( death or cure, notwithstanding), than that wouldn't free humanity of this per se, but it would save lives. We are not going to save everyone. If one were to employ a 'machine logic' completely non-human coldly dispassionate perspective? But we can't run along thinking that way as a species on whole - so just letting this take it's victims and dusting off isn't happening.
  6. So... how's the spectator ping-pong dystopian lust going this morning
  7. Meh ..he's probably lying - Ignorance, while reproachable under the circumstances is still going to be far more forgivable ( politics is perception ) than the utter reprehensible act of flouting the threat - It's a calculated response
  8. Does look like Sandy in an homage - Those individual members are 'perturbed' which just means they have variant physical equations ...but that means the convective processes are handled slight different, creating different system-internal thermal handling ... This was evidenced as warm secluded already, so it meandering over a tepid SST G-string out there ...it may be taking on 'faux' profiles due to version-based thermal surplus... If/when it did take on 'real' ST characteristics probably requires analysis after the fact.
  9. Looks like the 12z NAM is cooling the 800 mb to SFC thermal profile in the last 18 hours of this retrograde event enough to offer 'chutes/paws for the Worcester Co and probably Middlesex ...west of I-95.. http://www.atmos.albany.edu/gopher-local/albany/FOUS61 BOS 36013955313 -2208 120428 45040000 ... Those "00" are 0C at 800 and 900 mb from right to left... Cold rain at Logan, wet sn inland? 42013966315 -1210 160325 44030000 48010944320 -1613 190320 44020197 54002923624 -0912 200415 44029998
  10. This thing tomorrow night ... I thought it just a 'spoke' of vorticity orbiting around a west Atlantic/-NAO spring cut-off climo, but it's more than that. This is a 'hook and latter' Nor'easter. The low is retrograding west and places the region inside its envelope - this isn't a mere spoke rotating around.
  11. GFS has done this every years since about 2005 ... It fails to negotiate its way out of winter into seasonal change. Way back whence ... circa 1993, I remember there used to be winter algorithms and summer algorithms in the models - then it was the 'MRF'. I'm pretty sure.. I thought over the evolution that was no longer the case...but, the GFS did this last year and year before, and the year before that ...etc.., where it gets beyond day 10 and the whole fields goes back to Jan 15 at this time of year. Interesting -
  12. Because it has 300+ pages and shouldn't be allowed to persist - it's a numbers game ...
  13. Fantastic blurbs of discovery floating amid media this morning... One such, 'Iceland Labs testing suggest 50% of coronavirus cases show no symptoms. "..Some of the revelations have been stark. Although fewer than 1% of the tests came back positive for the virus, the company's founder Dr. Kári Stefánsson told CNN that around 50% of those who tested positive said they were asymptomatic, confirming multiple studies that show that asymptomatic, or mildly symptomatic, people have played an important role in spreading the virus...." We more than less suspected this all along as ample 'preliminary' type analysis have been suggesting so. But, that makes me wonder - if they are asymptomatic, are they still generating antibodies? Think further, are they indefinitely eligible carriers that will never 'get it' but serve as unwitting viral agents forever ? It abounds newer questions... Frankly, the more time goes by and the more these types of uncertainties thicken the quagmire of what is unknown about this pathogen ( and adding to that...it's apparent there are several strains ...), it seems to me that whether Humanity accepts the following or not, it may be proven a truism - if perhaps instructed to us by the nature of circumstance: The pathway to salvation is just letting the chips fall where they may and have those that are destined to get it, get it...and those that aren't so be it. In other words, ...we're fighting and squirming, and ruining our lives ...and it probably only one thing: extends the misery, because ultimately...it doesn't make a difference to the end result - just how long it takes to get there. This may get dictated to us and we are wasting our time. This is not what a I feel? Or wish to see happen - I am compassionate. But I am also, intelligent ... and objective in this latter point. Yet other disturbing blurbs ... there is increasing evidence that this virus is more robust in the naked environment, and doesn't need to be more directly transmissible via 'droplets' of respirated sputum. It can travel farther in the air ... and stay on surfaces in the environment longer than thought..etc... One study in Singapore found traces of the virus in the ventilation ducts of patient isolation rooms. In another study, researchers at the University of Nebraska Medical Center detected extensive contamination in patient rooms as well as in the air samples collected in the hallways outside... Wouldn’t surprise me. I say so because (imho) there’s been a suspiciously large amount of new cases despite all the social distancing… Seems like it’s taking an unusually long time for those curves to “flat line,” when removing the host-to-host vector. We should not need to completely remove that proficiency to see the curves respond, yet they were too belated etc... Well, maybe it is because the social distancing isn’t adequate given a reality that this thing transmissible across a greater environmental set of circumstances - mm I like logic. Either that ... or it’s been here longer than they think. In this sort of reality, a lot of these new cases are really just detecting manifestation after a longer incubation period ...much less about “spreading” per se So... whether we accept this or not, we may not be given any choice. We are destined to lose this war. The more time goes by the more evidence suggests pathway to salvation through this is just to let who in humanity get this that will. Some will die - sorry - Nature is real dick that way, huh. It's not me. I don't wish physical harm and or emotional distress... I'm just warning, we may be going down this road in time whether we want to or not - See a lot of what all this atrocity is psychological. We exist in a presumption .. a conceit really, that were above all this as a species. A lot of this entire reactionary culture we've created is preventing the shattering of illusion. But ..mmm maybe we’re just not there yet technologically; we only think we are. But once we except our limitations then it just becomes more like plugging our collective noses and swallowing the medicine. And learn a lesson that we've been complacent about Pandemic warnings for generations, in a swelling global population powder-keg that is being detonated now by CC forcing exotic species interaction - billions of people eating Pagolins to survive is unfortunately include-able in migratory science. The novel nature of this virus makes proactive/predictive responsibility tough...but, there should be a stream-lining lab network that is at the cutting edge, that is pouncing on these things and able to turn-around vaccine research faster than a year to 18 months... Scrambling to identify while hundreds of thousands are blitherly distributing the diseases.. Have codified policies in place for recognizing outbreaks and at least mitigating spread at the onsets ... these lapses and playing catch up were behind the 8-ball.