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  1. sneaky brutal N of the Pike ... we have 86 to 89 at all home stations networked into Wunder that are within 5 clicks of mi casa and they all have DPs 75 to 79F ! it's not a trivial HI, no -
  2. One of those nights in the urban centers I wonder
  3. Good heavens! Are y'all actually still trying to win -
  4. They may be on the verge of significantly adjusting that threat assessment to a 'nah, never mind' status - Looks like the opus in summer fake-outs by the models just made everyone a fool - EPS punching the Pac jet across the N-Tier like that will ablate the ridge pancake meaningless with strafing MCS that probably even end up turning right before the get here. We get a nothing ... for ever - It's called the wah wah waahhhhhh pattern for summer enthusiast. Otherwise known as 'New England'
  5. yeah...no dependability with that heat signal - hard to say if that's just typical day 7+ follies, though obviously there is some of that in that sort of time range... but this has been the seasonal tempo this year, to consummately put up those big warm signals and then watch the models cleverly dismantle them... watch us end up with a shot across the bow autumnal trough - in july no less..hahaha. kidding but it seems continentally there is too much heat forcing out around 110 west to expect ridging east ...something like that... not surprised the Euro backed away from the bd though...it's done that, too, whenever the residual trough tries to move/fill NE and smear out it sees a 12 hour wind of mass in GOM and can't resist the geophysical feed-back in creating those. thing is, ...that's how they happen...so it's hard to 2nd guess - the 00z probably ridge bulges back some .. who knows how much. but we've been sloshing at large scales 00z's being warmer, for several days now.
  6. I imagine there is some problems with the guidance et al because of the system's poorly organized and pallid structure - If/when that gets better vertically oriented and presentable in terms of physical momentum in the grids ...other than a llv swirl that occasionally farts out an anvil ...there might be more consistency. The other aspect is, the variances et al are not that huge anyway - but the sensitivity is necessarily high because a band'll dump 3" and nada two towns away...
  7. interesting parsing effort for that statement ... buut, the cultural relativity from ethos to ethos in this country is a funny comparison exercise. I lived from my unfortunate exposure to this world through 14 years of age in the Battle Creek -Kalamazoo, mid-way Burger King rest-stop between Chicago and Detroit's marvelous blight trades. Back whence, southern lower Michigan pathos was achieved by exited failed mid 20th Century industrial islets amid a sea of otherwise cow-shit and corn-stalks as far as the eye could see. It's changed ... ing, in the last 20 years... with farm-lands recovered and converted into single-story mall complexes and a lot of triglyceride restaurants that skirt college arty wannabes ...but at least they're trying. Back in the day... you bolted your car with a double fractal encryption encoded locking systems that God couldn't get into if it meant saving the Cosmos if you dared run into the corner store for a bottle of "pop" - as they called sodas there. Houses? Forget it... you posted Ninjas with light sabers. My family moved to Rockport Massachusetts early in the summer of '84. No one locked anything. I thought that was the weirdest thing I'd ever heard of... At a friend's house, we leave, "Aren't you gonna lock the door?" furled confusion in the face. He looks at me like I just arrived from planet Zarcon and so it's understandable that I don't know the ways of the human species, "Noooo ...why would anyone do that?"
  8. ...typically you will find them in a 69.8/49 F environmentally controlled setting
  9. 88 to 90 / 70 to 75 here in interior SNE is enough - heat adv criteria ...probably could/shoulda been expanded but whatever .. .in "or around" definition should suffice. but wow, ... ASOS DPs are 70 to 75 ... who paid 'em off to admit that -
  10. days are long ... I suppose it's imaginatively possible we could transition into a quasi, albeit weak TC sounding through dawn...out the ass end by noon... through a transient mid level stranded CIN plume dull afternoon...that moves off and 'unlids' for a late ... yeah ... good luck populating grids at NWS heh...
  11. nah... what's likely to happen is a latent heat conversion, transient beta-synoptic scaled plume of mid level heat gets abandoned when the vertical structure wanes and ceases and leaves it behind, and that'll effectively CIN the asshole shut like a bull's ass at fly time... 77 DP and 5,000 CAPE choked closed for business.... Save for that one cell over Mt Greylock that rains 5.7" in 2 hours and doesn't move and takes out a campsite of Boy scouts -
  12. I don't know .. that hi resolution visible looping is pretty fantastically convincing to me... this is an exposed center devoid of anything ...with a displaced wall of squally showers well to the E of best fix... RECON will definitely bias toward that convection as part of their "near land PR modis operendi" but in reality, this Meterologist needs to see a glaciated cu tower at all near that exposed center - and...preferably have the plume not moving across the low-level cyclonic axis of rotation. So yeah...add shear to the limiting factors... Also, I put the 12z on 36 hours over at TT and clicked prev 5 times and across all those cycles, other than very minor insignificant variances...the solutions are identical - GFS operational... So, it may be wrong, but I don't see the model having continuity issues in a vacuum ...
  13. yeah... we had two course in tropical up at UML as per curr.
  14. mm, I'm not sure the type of torsional mechanics that twist columns in land falling/land interacting TCs is the same as that which is supplied by the typical shearing structures that you're using there, though. With TCs, what happens is the flow moves from a relative low impeded region, over land where there is an abrupt increase in frictional induced boundary-layer drag; the air must by conservation bend inwards toward lower pressure more so in the 0-3km layer, which instantiates positive shear ... more sub-geostrophic inward, causing a hooked updrafts in the lower 3-km, while the overriding air in the unimpeded 700 mb level is defaulted to increasing bulk shear; a different aspect than suspending a parcel through a vertical column where there's potential vorticity due to bulk shear aspects, synoptically. That's not likely to be modeled well because by convention/state of tech ...models don't resolve that lower layer very well
  15. I'm also wondering if this local time span ...the last three days worth, of model cycles is 'thermally sloshing' ... I've just noticed that the 00z runs look a little hotter and less subtly muted than the 12z cycles, and the difference is that either grid initialization is at the other end of the diurnal cycle