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  1. Best weather so far this summer. 69/61
  2. 68/61 perfect for my outdoor project.
  3. And that wasn't a "well that's just logan" type of deal either, that number was good for most of the metro area.
  4. Strangely enough that fantasy storm is on my personal "I don't give shit about winter anymore" date.
  5. In the fwiw department Kelly on NECN saying to stay tuned for later next week due to a "big ticket item" while Bouchard is saying we end up warm and raining most of next week. To be fair to both they are speaking about two different forecasts. Necn is for New England and Bouchard is more interested in the Boston metro area but they both have their blind spots . Personally I'm in on a significant storm but short of that it's time to move on to the spring projects.
  6. Discussing the authenticity of tornado photos....wintahs ovah!
  7. 63.5 until the seabreeze kicked in. 60.1 now and dropping
  8. So after reading the last two pages on this euro run I have one question, was it better, worse or the same as 00z? Thanks in advance.
  9. Looks like a rt24 jack
  10. Would be better to have some cold going into this but April '97 didn't have much cold to work with.
  11. In addition to or instead of?
  12. Yeah if he is wrong not that many people will care or even remember it but he was so sure of himself when he said it... shouldn't make a statement like that imo.
  13. NECN already starting to hedge on next weekend. At least mentioning the possibilities of a wound up coastal. Bouchard is going to have egg on his face for cancelling winter last week (more so than he usually does) if this works out. Personally I'm all in on something for the first 10 days or so of March. After the 10th time to put away the snow tools please.