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  1. The temp forecast for these parts is busting. Currently 23. last night I watched a forecast of 33 by this time.
  2. Toasted coast? https://whdh.com/weather/
  3. Can we define "immediate coast"? Is that 5 miles, 10 ? I've seen that phrase about a half dozen times in the last day or two and some clarity would be helpful, thanks.
  4. Fwiw Harvey is talking dusting in the city . Channel 7 said basically mood flakes to a Dusting.
  5. That little bit of snow above the U.P. is that the shit streak or is that somewhere else in the bowl?
  6. One of the things I like the most about messenger was his ability to make people make a call on a storm. Not an easy thing to do particularly with pros but he had a a way of getting people to commit to a forecast. He was also a 24 hour poster, many late night and early morning posts before and during storms.
  7. Does that effect Boston or is that more than incremental?
  8. Harvey seems to be the most optimistic of the local Mets. Coating to 2" for most of ESNE
  9. Born in '69 to a family that loved snow. Well loved removing it anyway from 68 to about '83. After 83 Dad decided that snow wasn't really a thing anymore and sold the truck. He purchased another one in 88 only to suffer through 4 more horrible winters. Then '93 showed up when I was 23 and made winter great again. So I've said before and will say it again you don't wan to know what the 80's were really like. Just a blur of addidas sneakers, Iroc's and cocaine. Also the shittiest winters known to man. I'm not going back.
  10. Duration has been my biggest problem with this winter. Being on the coast I'm used to rain or mix but this winter has had ridiculous amounts of mixed precip for in some cases, what are days long storms. On the 10th we had about 11" of snow but it was after almost 72 hours of precip. That's pretty insane even for this area. If you get paid by the hour to deal with that than that's great but if not it's awful, at that point you start hoping for straight rain. The last storm was almost 24 hours and we finished with about 2.5". Pass.