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  1. I might end up laughing in a strait jacket
  2. You would have to laugh at that solution otherwise you'll be institutionalized by February .
  3. OK. Logan is actually doing better this locale, we're a bit under that. Even so personally I would not bet on making 25" here. 4/1/97 still didn't make it a memorable winter, it was a very memorable storm in an otherwise very forgettable winter.
  4. Personally I would love 4/1/97. That said we already had 25" at Logan that year. Need to have a good stretch to get near there this year.
  5. And scene....Curtains close on January.
  6. Temp here has gone up from 36 two hours ago to 38 now. The drying has begun.
  7. Somebody needs to take all the sharp objects away from scooter this morning...
  8. I had an '82Z i bought in 89. The 305 blew up after about six months. Replaced it with an 1982 corvette L82. 230hp. That was sweet but the transmission wasn't happy After that car I went to Toyota cars and Ford trucks (since Toyota doesn't make larger trucks). Toyota and Honda since then.
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