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  1. Lots of branches/trees down here in the Somerville/Medford area. Gusts to 45.
  2. I'm leaving this up for the guesses. So far Tip is winning..
  3. 8989888888889888888988888888888 8888888 9888 ooo 8888888888 ooop889 o.o0 8998998ooo 8888 opioid8888888888888888 ooo888888988 8ooo 88o889888888888888888898888888o88988888888888888889888888
  4. Local station only had a gust of 38 but reported .60" of rain in a very short time. Could almost see the steam come off the ground after all this.
  5. In the first episode the head scientist go through the difference in terms that common people can understand when he counters the party boss who thinks the radiation is the equivalent of a chest xray. He mentions that the graphite on the roof is the equivalent of 40 MILLION chest xrays. Real life Horror film for sure.
  6. Speaking of micro climates I read that the world trade center towers would very often have 8"+ on the roof while the ground was just getting straight rain.
  7. I would not say SNE is done either. I stay ready for snow until the 4/10 here but after that I store most things away for next year. After the 20th it will melt here on the coast as fast as it falls.
  8. Harvey a bit more aggressive with the snow to the coast. Does say that temps are questionable though.
  9. As long as I wake up on Saturday to bare ground it's all good here.
  10. Fisher has a possible coating to the coast but said an inch is isolated to the elevated regions fwiw.
  11. To be fair Harvey really didn't have much to say on that either.