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  1. Was thinking that also. We climbed to 62 here not that long ago.
  2. Fwiw NBC Boston is pretty much C-1" for most of Mass. Some others appear to be still in the 2-3" camp.
  3. What are the chances of a flash freeze on the coast Wed. morning? None of the on air mets has mentioned what the temp profiles are through the storm.
  4. Yeah some rain is expected but if we could pull 4-5 with rain that is well worth the rain for me.
  5. Personally i just don't want 2-3" followed by 18 hours of rain followed by finishing out with a coating. Last year I had enough rain to last me for a couple of seasons. But have to deal with it anyway.
  6. Light flakes sticking to car tops.
  7. The odd flake in the sky here. Northwest burbs seem to be looking to our south/south west for snow.
  8. Yes, Boston is sometimes referred to as "the hub" for this reason.
  9. Lots of branches/trees down here in the Somerville/Medford area. Gusts to 45.
  10. I'm leaving this up for the guesses. So far Tip is winning..
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