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  1. Personally since the outdoor work starts picking up at this time of year anything in the 50s is fine. Snow after st pats is just annoying unless it's half a.foot or more.
  2. Just hit 45 here at Tufts. House has been shaking like crazy here. No sleep until this subsides.
  3. C- "still has time to bring it up to a C but lacks focus and consistent effort" A qoute from some of my teachers that also applies to this winter.
  4. Your street will soon be back to black and wet.
  5. What time do you think that band shows up here?
  6. I know just where that is. Ill drive by your hood and drop the plow just for you
  7. Best band in the northeast over pike region now
  8. Heaviest band so far coming right down the pike.
  9. What's the time frame of pt 2 ?
  10. Harvey mentioned about 4-6" over about 40 hours...
  11. No snow on the 25th please, vaccine day for me. Blizzard on the 26th is good.
  12. Channel 5 here just showed a road temps map. All highways are above freezing for now.