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  1. My girl ( Pom ) now 17 years old. But when she was at her Prime, she always loved the snow.. Would actually dive into it to where she would disappear..lol. Now her time is truly coming to the end.... And im just loving every moment she is here. So, I truly get you
  2. A better way to look at it it's not as extremely cold oh, that would be better for snow and less suppression
  3. So.. I realize that tensions are high and the worry is there that we just wont see a big Snow event for the Tri-state area. But the hope that keeps me going is that we're seeing the model showing possibility of big snow storm, and then we see it disappear. Who's to say that something just pops up becomes the storm that we were looking for. It's a definite possibility, that's what keeps me going and looking forward to what might come in the next several weeks. It's Not Over in my mind, not even a little. Keep the faith guys and gals
  4. There should be a rule.... A thread cannot be started until 48 hours from the event. The models are RARELY right any further out Now... As for me starting that thread for the 3/11/22 storm.... It looks promising.
  5. So.. With the last storm... It seemed to me that the GFS handled it better much sooner than the Euro. I guess we can argue that the Euro has also beat out the GFS as well with other storms. I almost think they are both onto something and the 22nd and the 24th might be converging into 1 storm where they both meet eachother in the middle. We'll see I guess.
  6. Nah... Im still here..lol Just cant stand the whiny Beatches. Haha And yes.. I dont have the right to police anyone ( even when my intentions are good ). I'm all about what may or may not happen with this storm. Still very optimistic though.
  7. Did you fall and bump your head? It's comments like this on this forum that really do get annoying. I don't know if it's just a way to cope with what could go wrong, but we're not there yet. Do you want to make comments that's something going south because stomping your feet like a crybaby, save it for the banter thread. It honestly gets tiring coming on here and having several of you crying like babies and throwing in towels when it's not even nothing at this point. Either put your big boy pants up or just don't post
  8. Just started snowing here about 15 minutes ago. Temp is 23.8
  9. It is my understanding that when there is a very large eruption ( like that of My Pinatubo in 91 ), that it would take several months before we see any of the effects of it in the atmosphere in relation to Cooling and weather around the world?
  10. You must not be a home owner. Trust me.. You would feel completely different
  11. So what happens with the next 3 weeks of January and 4 weeks of February? Are you calling those a done deal as well? If so.. Then why bother post anymore this season. Your only going to post non productive comments. See ya next year!
  12. Um.. Bitter casting? As my mama used to say. If you don't have anything nice to say..don't say anything at all
  13. Think about this. The GFS was the first one that made its way inland. The Euro followed behind slowly. Now the GFS is heading back east. Watch the trends of the Euro follow suite. Just saying
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