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  1. At work in west hartford and it is coming down at a very good clip
  2. Ok.. That explains it. So gentle. I give you a lot of credit for loving and following the weather the way you do. I think some of you adults should take notes from this kid!!
  3. Just out of curiosity. How old are you?
  4. Lol... I was replying to the Ginex's comment saying there a lot of 2-4s. Wasn't sure what he was referring to
  5. What do expect him to say. It's not coming. The winter is over. I did that a few days back. Have been very disappointed with the turnout thus far. However, I also can see this pattern yielding something very very big. Just had that vibe.
  6. Which model are you referring to LOL
  7. Does it short for all of Connecticut or just the Western half?
  8. Man, I know you're right. I'm a dad too, I'm very optimistic 95% of the time. Just been having my doubts as of late. But, if you noticed at the end of my host that I threw a teeny bit of optimism in there LOL. I'm always the first one to say to everybody else stop being so pessimistic, my bad from my post. You're right and I know that something will break which will make us all happy. Thanks for the slap back down to reality
  9. Ya know... That's what we've been saying about the last several storms. They have either fizzled or scooted off to our south. Doesn't look like we are getting any of these. Might it push north.... Slightest of possibilities. Although I do appreciate your enthusiasm in this horrible pattern ( which was supposed to be so good for us ). Totally like last year... I can't believe I'm saying this. Uugghh.
  10. I am going to wish for the biggest storm for us all next Thursday. Call me a big WEENIE... But I think you'll all agree with me if this comes to fruition
  11. Should we really be trusting the nam now? Who did the best for the storm in December? Hoewas the nam 4 days out? Just wondering
  12. At least we have the Ukie and the CMC more in our region. It's more than we've seen in the last few days from the bigger guys. It keeps hopes alive for this one I'm at least here in Southern New England. Actually, looking at the model runs the last several days, so many people are in play from Maryland right up through southern New England