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  1. Are we here in interior CT still in the game for some snow chances? It seems the pattern may favor something coming up in the next week or 2 ( and I know its a stretch with where we are in the time of year ).
  2. For when? Wednesday night?
  3. Says who LOL. It's been better than the GFS and the GFS has been horrendous with fantasy snowstorms every single week for 10 days out and they never came to fruition. The Euro has been more consistent in the sense of not showing that same thing. So I respectfully disagree with you on that statement. Just looking at the facts
  4. Not sure where you are, but, here in Plainville CT...the peepers were out last night. Not all...but plenty singing their mating calls.
  5. Not sure what your referring to? Next Friday? Nothing mentioned for then? I know it's gonna get cold next Sunday though.
  6. Any snow to come with that extreme change?
  7. Like a norlun trough? Where does it show the inverted trough going through. Does it come through the Hartford CT area?
  8. Is this a different storm for the 17th?
  9. He's checked out a while ago, yet, he can't seem to leave. Lol
  10. Hard to believe your still posting. I thought you gave up winter in the beginning of February. You have no power here.... Lol
  11. Although it's very disappointing that the winter ended the way it did in Southern New England, these Winters do happen and it has been a long time since it's been this bad. So we were due. Let's just look at it as we got it out of the way and things are looking up for next year. It can't get much worse LOL I'm ready for spring and summer. I'm truly done and over with this winter.
  12. Yes. I to have succumbed to Winter being over. I look at it this way. We are more likely to have a better winter, and are even closer to our next blizzard next year!!
  13. I fix what I wrote. I meant to say I wouldn't. But that was from the run last night not today's 12z
  14. I wouldn't say it's an inland Runner. It's running up and just over Southeastern Connecticut into Southeastern Mass. But isn't that better than it was showing yesterday where was it even further? Damn, can't take all you negative Nellies. Lol