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  1. I swear I'm getting some cat paws mixing into the Rain now. Was just outside with my dogs.... I'm sitting about 450 asl.
  2. Now now children. No need to sling mud at eachother.. We have the election for that Seriously... Just curious why I hadn't heard much mentioned for that shot of snow Monday Eve? Is it just squalid or a period of snow?
  3. That's funny. The Mets here in CT don't think we still see any accumulation....they are saying maybe something on the grass. I'm fine with that though.
  4. Although I love tracking any kind of snow storm or snow event, I'm not going to bank on getting snow this Friday. It is very early to see accumulating snow here in Connecticut. If we got some great, but if we don't I'm not worried. I look forward to tracking many more snow events over the winter and will take them as they come
  5. What's up... Plainville Farmington life here. We just bought a generator after Isaiais. Not that I want a repeat of 2011 ( lived in sonnets and lost power for 11 days )... I am glad I have it if I need it.
  6. Yeah..but.. each day that goes by is better and better in terms of what the sun would do to the ground.
  7. Actually... We are looking at some lighter showers Monday... Then more of a steadier rain Tuesday into Wednesay. And... Theres a good chance that we will see rain from the storm sliding south of us Late Thursday into Friday. So.. That is more than 1 or 2 days. Just saying ;-)
  8. Hey man. Right next store to you in Plainville up on rattlesnake mountain. The drizzle is easing up. Starting to see the visibility look clearer.
  9. I'd rather it be torch like and get it out of the way so the pattern can flip. Last year, things were pointing to an awesome winter. Not just by some, but by almost all of the major Meteorologists. We did have a great start as I had about 12" from a storm that lasted 3 days 12/1-12/3. Than on the 12/11 we had a another 4". After that..... Hardly enough to even whisper about. So... I'm not writing anything off this year. It's nothing at all like last year at this point, and even looking ahead to the next several weeks it's not like last year. The setup is different, so the chances are high that we see something different this year. I'm expecting about average for last year we were way below average
  10. As I said before....Last year turned out completely opposite than what was expected. Our local MET's in Connecticut all had the same forecasts for the winter.... Snowy and colder. But..what ruined it was the positive NAO. It was so strong that it never let the cold air come down to the U.S.. Poeple are gun-shy and bitter from what happened last year. Ok, there is hope that we can have a better Winter here in the Northeast, but, even I have my hesitations ( althoigh I'm not totally off it being a decent Winter here in SNE either ). The excitement is still there for me ( as it allways had been for my 48 years of life ), when it comes to the weather. It's always throwing out a curve ball. I'm hopeful we will get that curve ball thrown at us, all it takes is that " ONE " storm. So for those of you who are bitter and have lost that excitment and hope..... Breathe and wait. Something is bound to happen that will suck you all back in.
  11. My issue is that the winter master was supposed to be a blockbuster winter, which was forecasted by many meteorologists. We want of having a crappy winter. So I'm not worrying about what they're saying at this point as things can change in a heartbeat
  12. Just saw this from Henry H
  13. I'm not too worried. It's already going right back up. As long as the Nao goes negative December through March at least a few times we're set
  14. So.. What he is trying to say is that some sort if Winter season is coming.
  15. I'd say we did real well