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  1. Well, let's hope that this is an every 30 year type of thing. I am definitely one of the snow lovers. But, I have to come to this season just being what it is. If we get a surprise in March, I will be happy. If not, I'm okay with that, too.
  2. I couldn't agree with you more. Dr. Dews must have personal issues he is battling. That's why he taunts. He likes Winter as much as the rest of us. Don't let him fool you ( otherwise he wouldn't be trolling the winter forums ).
  3. Don't pay any attention to negative Nancy. He's just trying to get a rise out of everyone. In my opinion anybody who gets that whiny and negative should be booted of for the rest of this season. He said he can care less anyway. This will be the last time I respond to his childish rants
  4. Ok. So, from this point on, you are no longer able to post on anything regarding snow chances. You are done. You said it was over, so, you do not get to partake in any snow chances that will arise between now and the end of March. Anyone else agree?
  5. So much for the 40's and 50's he said a few daya back for the 10 day. Lol
  6. Oh, I wouldn't say that. Little premature, LOL, and I think you're incorrect.
  7. I get it man. I really do. My other half can't understand why I'm disappointed that we've had a shit winter thus far. No one understands except for us weather Keep looking ahead man. Somehow someway, we'll make up for this.
  8. Okay, I get it. I also feel just as frustrated as you do. However, what if a big storm comes out of nowhere sometime this month and we do get a large snow storm. Are you just going to ignore it because your finished and you're done with the winter cuz you wanted to move into spring already? No, you're going to be riding the forum train with everyone else and almost forget about what we went through for the last for 5 weeks of nothing. So, until winter is actually done and we're actually through March, most of us are in here now we'll still be lurking in here even if we say we're not going to. So, we'll always have a little thread to hold on to with the hopes that will get a surprise snow storm until the hope is gone. You know I'm right
  9. Maybe its a wast of time for you, but, NNE and even CNE will see Wintry conditions from this. Trust me, I am frustrated that this Winter has not gone in the direction that we all thought it was, but, when we have that " PERFECT " one, it will make up for all the wasted hours of disappointment. ;-)
  10. Don't get sucked in. Its not happening. I have been grasping each week at... " it will change in a week ". I am done. At least next winter cant be worse.
  11. Listen... As cool as it sounds, it can be crippling to many people. To wish for and need it to be an Ice Storm is immature and irresponsible. Maybe after a bunch of trees and limbs falls onto your home....forcing you to move out because its beyond repair might make you feel differently. A light to moderate ice storm could be manageable ...but crippling.... Stupid. Keep it away from me please.
  12. Okay, so this was not for Thursday this was for the Friday wave, correct? Off-topic, but, Sunday looks like we could see us snowstorm, dare I say....
  13. So..wintry precip is now out for Thursday in SNE. Typical!!
  14. Are there any signs of any possible negative and positive PNA, Staind cold air for at least a week? If there's nothing in sight than this winter is definitely done. It was a disappointing winter, but the good news is, God willing of course.. LOL, that we will have a another winter that's consistently full of snow and cold.