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  1. Why..did that show something different?
  2. Again.. As I stated... We dont know how this will play out yet. Am I holding my breath, no. Just stating where we are at this point. I am well aware that the chances are pretty low that this will hit, but, the final outcome is yet to be determined.
  3. Ok.. So, I will first say ( before I get comments from people who don't read before they comment ), a MET in CT said that the storm for the weekend is offshore, BUT... Things can change as we have 5-7 days until the event. Also, as you are all aware of ( or, for those of you who fell and bumped your heads ), things can and will change within 5-7 days. Let's hold our composure and see what happens by mid week. Things can go either way ( there is clearly not a definite direction on the storm for the weekend ).
  4. C'mon man. Play nice. Bunch of bullies in here. What's worse is there are several of the same people who are always so quick to judge others, but dont like being critiqued. Im sure I'll get some choice comments as well, but I could give 2 shits.
  5. Interesting read regarding mid week next weeks storm.... Wednesday morning irritant: what is the deal with the ECMWF predicting a major snowstorm in the Northeast March 3-4? I suspect that the European model suite may be correct. The ensemble members concur with the operational version in creating an interaction between a very moist subtropical jet stream impulse (west of Baja California on the water vapor image) with a shortwave riding along the rim of an Arctic air mass in Canada. Climatology with Miller B type systems (starting near the Virginia Capes) favors a slightly more oceanward track scenario. That could translate to a lot of snow in parts of the Mid-Atlantic and New England. Do not be swayed by the model warm biases seen in the 0z runs. Low atmospheric thicknesses across Canada (along with the currently entrenched surface cold dome) are telling me to take this situation seriously. It is nothing like the minor mixed precipitation event tomorrow night over extreme N TX, OK, and AR. That feature is the forerunner impulse, setting up a path and a likely heavy rain/thunderstorm situation from parts of East Texas through the Mid-South. Keep watching the next few sets of numerical model runs, folks. This could get very interesting...... Larry Cosgrove
  6. Here in plainville we got about 1/4"-1/2" of snow. Still light light snow falling.
  7. Yeah.. They only put Winter Weather Advisories up for the 4 northern countoes in Connecticut. They are calling for 3-7.... Not far off.
  8. The GFS is also back north with the most snow coming right through CT. I'm going with 5-10, dare I say 6-12? It is possible.
  9. And the 06Z NAM is north again from last nights run.
  10. It's so on the fence with the ice storm or snow. I pray to God that it's snow. I don't want the ice, that would just be horrendous for everyone and everything. There's so many chances of storm in this next week it's something I haven't seen in a long long time
  11. Dude.. To me we made up for what we lost. January sucked. But, February has been awesome ( and the pattern offers up a lot more fun times ahead ). If you're done, why not just leave the forum and let those of us who appreciate what mother nature is bringing to us now.. Enjoy and appreciate?!
  12. Do we have the totals for the NAM tonight? I'm seeing signs of NW again
  13. Darn it!!! Lol to many back and forth ( and trying to entertain my 7 yr old at the same time )
  14. We are 16 hours from the start of this event. I dont think it will shift enough to the NW to come back with good snow accumulations. I would say for you and me 3-6 at best. I would love to have more, but it's a rarety to see something change for the better at this juncture. The good thing is this week looks promising
  15. I just saw they put Middlesex in New London County up for winter storm watch and Coastal Fairfield ann New Haven counties. I'm surprised they haven't extended it up for the rest of Fairfield New Haven and also windham-tolland and Hartford County. It seems like it will overtake the whole state with the heavy snows?
  16. Don't get me wrong, I hope you get that much snow. I love snow as much as you do. I'm a total weather geek LOL actually, I kind of hope we all get it LOL
  17. Lololol james. What hugging? I could also say I am getting between 12-15" using the NAM. But.. All other models are different. Same goes for you. Just trying to keep it real for ya man.
  18. I swear some of you people are crazy LOL. How many times does it happen 3 or 4 days out. Only for the storm to be pulled back in. I'm Actually rolling on the floor laughing at some of your reactions. I think half of you need Xanax LOL. Please. Stop the madness and give it time. Regardless, we just had a huge storm ( and some people still are not satisfied ).
  19. Ya know.. The same thing happened with our storm we just got. We had a trend se by the models, only to shift back NW within 3 days. I think this will come back northwest.
  20. 4.5" here in Plainville CT. The real heavy bands is on our doorstep. Should pivet in shortly
  21. Someone mentioned that a local MET said something about a dry slot onto CT. I think he was using the Euro from last night. That will change of course.
  22. Looks very good, but I feel like here in Ct spoils see more than what is modeled. Most just to the south and North get a good 1'. Or temps should be fine. Let's see what tomorrow brings as far as that goes ( minor adjustments, but still happy with the run ). G'night all
  23. Trust me man. I am not complaining. We did get 3.5" where I am with this last storm. Looks like the Euro does get us into the 5-10" range with this run. That is a big improvement after last nights run. Things could get a better from this point on as well.