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  1. Is this legal to post? At least they agree on the idea of ridge/trough
  2. I was actually going to get into that in my post...was reading a bit about that on a MedEd module a bit back. I think this explains (partly) the famous D10 "fantasy" storms that arise.
  3. I do have some fear for amped solutions. Makes me a little nervous seeing where the Euro/GFS sharpen the trough and how both advertise a rather significant MLJ streak rounding the base of the trough and where this occurs. Really too far out to be overly concerned about but is this can happen just a tad later our chances increase a bit
  4. I think they make sense for short-range (inside 96-hours) but not outside that. it just really adds further confusing instead of clarification. That's an excellent point. I think in the perfect world, the thought that higher resolution with more data inputs would result in far more accurate forecasts, however, that doesn't necessarily seem to be the case. With how complicated and complex the atmosphere in incorporating more variables just results in a more complex and highly variable results. Even in the short-term we've seen some drastic changes...especially with larger-scale features.
  5. that might be congrats PA but seriously...and not just with this system but just overall...there have been times of enormous differences between the two. I totally understand the time frame we're dealing with but with technology and modeling supposedly becoming better diversions just keep getting worse. Perhaps they need to start canning some models, get rid of running them 4x per day and re-prioritize the focus in improving them.
  6. Staggering differences between Euro/GFS...almost laughable really.
  7. Then the stupid snow maps came along. There are people who will post total snowfall through 384-HR TO ILLUSTRATE WHAT TYPE OF PATTERN MAY BE....WTF????????
  8. the euro actually has been pretty consistent with those little pockets of CAPE moving overhead
  9. We should also watch the June - September timeframe for a potential cold front that could spark t'storms
  10. @HoarfrostHubb change title to reflect convection please