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  1. How is the -PDO not encouraging? -PDO/EL Nino combo's can be fine. Below are a list of winters which featured a -PDO during an EL Nino. Certainly, you can see one of the biggest differentiators in the hemispheric pattern is tied into whether blocking develops and how prominent blocking can become.
  2. I think this is the longest I've ever been sick outside of like 2015 when I had a sinus infection and I was sick for like a month...but that's because I didn't realize it was a sinus infection and left it untreated. When I had covid the first time I was sick for like a day-and-a-half. Both my girlfriend and I have been sick since Monday. I really hope we can try and reschedule this. Maybe shoot for the spring?
  3. My girlfriend and I are still quite sick so it’s definitely a no go .
  4. I'm thinking a strip of 10-16'' possible where the heaviest banding occurs and confidence seems to be increasing such a band will materialize. Certainly some support for 2''+ per hour rates based on some of the bufkit data.
  5. this could be a fun little "surprise" for some. Might be a forecasting nightmare though for areas borderline. Some of those borderline locations end up a smidge colder and its easily close to several inches given the rates.
  6. Looks like the 18z NAM coming onboard for Sun into Mon too
  7. Seems like the Euro gets several inches for PWM
  8. Euro seems to look good up north. Looks like a heafy band would materialize
  9. GFS bufkit is pretty hefty thumping for PWM for a period.
  10. It's certainly cutting it close. Some minor ticks in each direction on the GFS would be pretty huge in terms of result. If the Euro can remain steadfast at 12z that may be enough to increase the excitement level a bit, but want to at least see these subtle trends through 0z tonight/12z tomorrow.
  11. Yeah looking at the GFS I think PWM would probably start as rain but verbatim would probably flip over to snow, especially with heavier rates.
  12. That would actually probably be pretty nice for interior SW CT
  13. there looks to be a very weak CAD signal...weak enough to where the models may be understating how cold it may be. I could see the models being 2-3F too warm at the sfc.
  14. There is definitely room to get things a bit cooler for areas borderline.
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