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  1. Can't believe we're a month away from severe wx season...insane
  2. same here. I averaged about 120 miles per day between Monday and Friday and about 60-70 miles on Saturday's. While it's nice to save on gas (saving about $50/week) I'm even more pumped to save on the mileage!
  3. I think I saw that number floating around last week...haven't seen anything in terms of an update but just reading accounts from nurses/doctors shared around on Twitter if someone gets to the condition where they need a ventilator the chances are not very good :/
  4. The news that NY only has 6 days worth of ventilators left is quite scary. I sure hope the hell there is help on the way
  5. wishing you all the best
  6. well unless you're working from home then it's frowned upon but otherwise...what else is there to do
  7. I disagree that the CDC or the U.S. had zero idea it would be this bad. Now perhaps initially maybe concern wasn't terribly high but that may have been partly due to the fact that the Chinese government was trying incredibly hard to hide this at first, but I think once there were rumblings of how bad it was there that tune quickly changed. Perhaps the CDC and (our)government were "downplaying" it publicly initially...perhaps to prevent a mass panic (which sort of backfired really...just look at what happened with paper supplies) and also given the lack of vaccine or any idea how to treat it they were just flat out scared and scrambling coming up with how to attack this. You would think they would be prepared for something like this or have plans already but perhaps not. Sometimes it's impossible to prepare for something you've never really been through or experienced.
  8. OMFG how many times does this need to be stated...THOSE PEOPLE AREN’T DYING FROM A HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS VIRUS. Do you not understand that one person can literally end up infecting hundreds of people if not more???
  9. We should just post Bob Ross videos. Nothing wrong with the post. You didn’t make it up, it’s not photoshopped. It was posted TO SOCIAL MEDIA as a means to convey to the public how dire this situation is. If people just want fresh air and roses all the time then perhaps turn off the news, leave social media, leave the thread and turn to 90’s Nickelodeon shows
  10. This is an excellent question. I hope it's not something as simple as "x days after there are no more symptoms present"
  11. Yeah you're probably right Well at least we got to live through the days of OT
  12. Just shift it into OT and let it become all holds barred. Would actually be nice and bring back to life OT.
  13. I think this thread is more contagious than the actual virus
  14. I don't disagree with you at all...and I think that they can be very useful but that brings the point which Wmsptwx stated...everyone who can pick up a calculator is chiming in. There are probably numerous ways these charts/graphs an be interpreted and everyone is going to throw an opinion out. But in terms of the future projections (modeling) I just don't think there is any type of significant merit with them...the variable involved in the projections are just too volatile. In terms of graphs all they're doing is showing past to present...obviously b/c of isolation measures the curve is going to "flatten"...all that indicates is these measures have worked, but what happens as isolation ends? This virus will still be present and the curve rebounds accordingly.