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  1. well at least you would have had something to measure the snow
  2. Holy shit is it windy. Got to Windsor locks to get gas...FOOK. Saw the flag blowing like crazy. It’s freaking cold too. My credit card got stuck in the gas machine and it was miserable...being pelted by wind driven rain...I was being bent over like a small tree. Finally my card came back to me so I went to another pump...STEPPED in a puddle and fook the wind
  3. BDL is pretty sick to go to. Even UCONN hospital in Farmington is really good but that mostly looks north and east...and speaking of that Rockledge Golf Course in West Hartford which actually looks over UCONN hospital. Also next to North Branford PD...very nice open field which looks west.
  4. Thankfully there isn't a whole lot of cold air around
  5. 13 days later BIG severe weather outbreak..and a few others followed in june
  6. Maybe he can join James in writing a book
  7. Wouldn't be surprised to see accumulating snow potential across parts of northern New England mid-week.
  9. Oddly shaped dry slot too which models did pretty well with. also a pretty impressive core of warmer temperatures with the 925 low...pocket of +6C popping up. Sure that is only adding to the influx of warm/moist air into the thing. Even a pocket of +3C at 850...while not much farther west -5C...that's not too bad of a E/W gradient
  10. check out these velocities feeding into the CCB. Very intense llvl jet! HRRR soundings are super unstable aloft
  11. I hate when I mistake the two. I used to almost fall out of bed thinking it was thundersnow about to run outside only for it to be a plow.
  12. SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I think I am going to start a new game for this summer...or it's more of an Alert. The alert is called a CAPE alert and there will be different levels. This will look at 7-days out. Depending on the CAPE levels being modeled, an appropriate index level will be assigned. Here is an example. CAPE ALERT!!!!!!!! CAPE level: (need to make this) CAPE Values: > 3,000