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  1. Yeah if the demand isn’t there then how can you meet a requirement? I also understand you want to know how many are positive but asymptotic but you would just have to test everyone like once a week or whatever at least. I know they were doing some plasma treatment at some of the CT hospitals. The health care group St. Francis is part of was one of fur to be approved to do the treatments. Not sure if this is a reason...never actually heard any follow up with this
  2. It would be sweet if CT could drop below 600 hospitalizations by the end of the weekend. At 648 now...given the number this week don’t think that’s very likely. Today’s decline of 36 was most all week.
  3. Fairfield County getting closer to sub-200 hospitalizations. Litchfield did increase by 2 and Tolland no longer has 0 as they increased by 2.
  4. Lamont never replied to my tweet yesterday. Probably a good thing though...would probably get taxed for that
  5. Booked 3 nights at Hampton Beach July 2 - 5 for my girlfriend's birthday. Hoping things will be much farther along then...and hopefully there will be life on the boardwalk.
  6. Agreed And CT is 3-4 times higher in population density
  7. I really wonder what the difference maker is. At least from my experiences it seems like a significant number of people are really taking this serious. Heck, I even started to notice a big decrease in traffic even before the stay at home orders were introduced. I think people were starting to even like social distance before the orders came.
  8. VA/MD have been getting hit hard...but yeah CT has really gone the other way. At one point CT was like top 3 in # of cases I think
  9. VA passed CT in total cases today...although could be brief depending on what CT pulls up but given the numbers VA has been putting up they'll pass CT for good tomorrow.
  10. Great some point tests will eventually go down and for reasons just like you many random people who aren't showing symptoms are going to want to be tested?
  11. must be the pollen then
  12. I think the stuffiness of being inside has gotten to you
  13. Still watching severe wx/EML potential perhaps after weekend...some hints the pattern could favor this but who the hell really trusts these medium range looks
  14. This is going to be a bit hard to do with dewpoints only in the 30's perhaps isolated is the better way to go over scattered. ughhhh only if dewpoints were like in the 50's. We would probably see golf ball hail potential
  15. Number of deaths in closed cases worldwide have dropped to 12%