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  1. ehhh possibly...actually looks pretty solid through central CT but not sure about that far east
  2. If we don't start getting any snow soon...oof. So much edginess and tension. I gotta say...the mods in this subforum do a pretty damn good job. It's not easy for them given the volume and traffic that goes on here. They also are extremely lenient with letting things slide and with alot of the OT stuff. The issue isn't with the moderators and censorship" the issues lies in the fact that you have adults (who are supposedly quite educated) who can't act like adults and have to resort to childish behavior. There is very little in the way of expecting other's opinions with name calling being resorted to. I'm sure they are just as upset about not allowing some of the talk (particularly with COVID) but some just can't act civil.
  3. At least severe season is right around the corner.
  4. Do you happen to know when the SSW became official? I'm guessing this was too early for it to really have an influence but the AO took a sharp plunge right around Christmas time...I think this is really before the SSW was taking shape, no? Heck...maybe this SSW event really only caused a disruption of the SPV and there was very little coupling between the stratosphere-troposphere? Heck, maybe the way the northern hemisphere was configured prior to the SSW vastly enhanced the screw job we've endured...seems like the SSW/pre-pattern has been much more favorable on the other side of the hemisphere
  5. I'm kinda glad the mega block is breaking down. They can certainly help us but they can also royally screw us. You almost need to have an active pattern with hits right when the mega block develops and you can just kinda ride that train (like we have with some of the mega blocks in the past) but if you end up with a major block and it's not producing right away...chances are it won't. Like Ray said just below your post...we can certainly ride with what is being projected.
  6. I'd just hate to be the bad guy when Ant is about to arrest someone at the same time he views the weeklies which show an all out torch
  7. So per the CDC the UK variant could be the dominant strain in the US by March leading to a spike of cases in the spring. Lovely...we'll never get out of this.
  8. you're like the person who shows up to the party with 100 pong balls hours after someone already bought some
  9. It looks like the NAO block progresses in a favorable trend for us with the block becoming a bit more West-based. Also looks like the NAO may head towards a more positive state (or less negative around the 25/26) which isn't necessarily a bad thing...especially with a prospective storm around. Looks like the flow may relax a bit too which could open some room for amplification
  10. ohhhh I gotcha...I vaguely remember that from my astronomy class I took.
  11. Tug hill going to get smoked
  12. The model-to-model consistency regarding the evolution of the energy is pretty strong so that certainly yields confidence that it is real. It's just some drastic differences regarding placement which as has just been mentioned will have a big impact for the clipper
  13. Could that be more euro bias? But it's a pretty solid looking rex block and that high to the north there is looking pretty strong so there really isn't much wiggle room for the low to move. I think too if the s/w was actually going to continue to strengthen it may have a better shot at ejecting, but looks like it reaches maturity very quickly and then rapidly weakens.