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  1. Those who thought summer was done are in for a nasty, nasty surprise.
  2. yeah really noticed the dews going up in Branford earlier when I took a quick walk to the gas station. Summer is back
  3. Back-to-back punch. Derecho one day then a hurricane several days later.
  4. The wet grounds will make the trees that much easier to topple over when we get a derecho in the next few weeks. If you have trees...admire them now, they may not be there by the end of the month.
  5. This is super tough. Water vapor doesn't look terrible. Getting a nice defined area of convection just off the coast right around where the low center appears to be and that trough to the west, combined with the degree of ulvl divergence aloft...this could trend towards the more impressive side. Certainly can't rule out the axis of heaviest rain being as far west as HFD
  6. IMO, it's not a matter of models being "west vs. east" it's how they are handling the evolution/development of a low pressure. I have been wanting to slide more towards a more evolved cyclone as well. Upper-level dynamics certainly support this with plenty of upper-level divergence over the region And you're starting to see some mid-level frontogenesis (albeit weak) present which certainly indications a strengthening cyclone mesoanalysis also has a broad low just off the Carolina coast. Nothing crazy evident on water vapor/satellite but there is definitely some circulation there and it's evident by the convective growth within that area. I think these ulvl dynamics are going to try real hard to get a more mature cyclone
  7. It's all going to come down to how organized of a low pressure we get. If we get a well-organized, mature low we will see the axis of heavy rain not only shift west but encompass a larger area. If we see a weak low (with multiple lows) which is strung out...the axis of heavy rain is east and quite narrow and tied more into where the core of the LLJ traverses and strongest llvl forcing.
  8. It's back baby!!!! EML time. It's happening. We're getting an EML and a high end severe weather event before the 20th. IT'S FREAKING HAPPENING
  9. Talk needs to ramp up about damaging wind potential across (maybe RI) eastern MA
  10. me too...maybe a sign for things to come during winter
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