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  1. Still looking like a possibility
  2. Timing seems like it may favor more eastern sections now
  3. ahhh my Calc II is weak. How do you integrate with respect to a term if that term is not in what you're integrating? I'm integrating (from 0 to yo) ((1.25x10^-4)z + 0.25) dy don't I just add y to each of those two terms?
  4. Kind of surprised this hasn't gathered a bit more interest. Quite the setup
  5. Central/southern New England
  6. I am in line to start looking for internships for this summer since I will be done with school next fall.
  7. Very intriguing setup on Thursday as a potent shortwave trough digs in. We are looking at incredible mid-November mid-level cold characterized by 500mb temperatures approaching -30C as the core of the cold pool moves overhead...that’s insane for this time of year. This will yield very steep mid-level lapse rates which may near 8 C/KM. This, combined with sfc temps into the 40’s and sees near 40 could yield some very modest instability. Moisture appears to be sufficient enough to allow the development for convective showers which could contain grauple and/or small hail.
  8. Congratulations! Much deserved.
  9. I’ve tried to get fellow classmates to sign-up or at least read the posts here. There is no way I would know 99% of what I do without these forums. The wealth of knowledge on here beats anything else. Not only this but I’ve met some great people and it’s amazing the number of relationships I’ve established.
  10. I actually don't think there is as strong of a correlation between ENSO and snowfall as there was once thought. Unless you have a super strong ENSO state, there are so many other variables which influence the winter pattern and I think the stratospheric-tropospheric connection is much stronger than some think. Even then...predicting snowfall is a major crapshoot b/c, at least at our latitude we can have an overall crappy pattern but inbetween that crappy we can cash in.
  11. I"m looking forward to taking Atmospheric Physics and Remote Sensing. That class should be fun