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  1. some options to close tabs to the right, close other tabs, close current tab, and adding tabs. There is an option to mute. I looked for extension options in settings but I don't see extension options. It's so frustrating and annoying. Whoever thought that would be a good idea should be fired
  2. Does anyone know how to stop google chrome tabs from automatically refreshing...stupidest thing ever
  3. Steep mlvl lapse rates FTW! Decent amount of SBCAPE too out in eastern sections.
  4. There is certainly enough directional shear going on to support supercell potential...in fact, perhaps even some right moving supercells. If there are indeed supercells and they become mature enough there probably is golf ball hail potential
  5. I would focus more on MLCAPE over SBCAPE, however, given the presence of mlvl lapse rates approaching 7-7.5 C/KM atop of Td's in the mid-to-upper 60's and sfc temps ranging between upper 70's and lower 80's MLCAPE values 1500-2000 J/KG is not unreasonable. In fact, if mlvl lapse rates are more 7.5-8 C/KM those values would be quite likely.
  6. Yeah hail is always a possibility anytime you're dealing with temperatures that cold around H7-H5 and when you have steep mlvl lapse rates. 6z NAM Bufkit at BWI was generating between 500-700 J/KG of CAPE in the -10C to -30C layer so hail is certainly possible. There are some limiting factors though such as storm mode...that could limit large hail potential but pea's/dime's/nickel's are certainly possible with the more robust updrafts.
  7. Wow...NAM is quite intriguing tomorrow across the Baltimore/Washington corridor. Very steep mid-level lapse rates atop of an unseasonably warm/moist airmass would contribute to moderate levels of instability and steep low-level lapse rates verify this potential. Despite the lack of a stronger more consolidated piece of s/w energy you have a pretty decent amplifying trough with strong height falls. would think we see an upgrade to Slight with Enhanced risk potential if the NAM signal gains support. Would think an area of concentrated and widespread damage is very possible along with the risk for a few tornadoes...though could be mitigated by weaker llvl shear.
  8. That was an idea, however, the number of bees making it inside has escalated quite a bit today. Probably close to a couple dozen which have gotten inside today.
  9. That is a very good point. I don't want those suckers getting inside and all angry. I'm going to take the appropriate measures to get rid of the nest ASAP.
  10. Yes, vinyl siding. I'm going to assess the vinyl siding closer this evening but there are some additional "weakness" I've found but I've at least found the main hole the bees are coming in/out of. I did explore some of the areas where wires enter the house but I didn't notice any activity from those. There seems to be some sort of weakness within the screen door allowing them to come in. Or there are small enough gaps along the edge of the door...but it's crazy how so many would find such small holes.
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