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  1. Pattern change in march to cold rain and 38
  2. my prediction of 150 percent of normal snow in east is in trouble
  3. is a western trof as shown at 384 the key to a cold snowy east? I would argue it is not ideal.
  4. Looks pretty mundane. gfs run at 384 very wet out west
  5. If winter is coming to the east shouldnt the moist flow end out west?
  6. aM i dumb? I thought a pattern change was an arctic front with lows in georgia not wisconsin
  7. 12 gfs dream pattern. Lows in wisconsin. Awesome
  8. 06 gfs mild and wet jan thaw coming soon
  9. LC Says thaw coming jan 07. Thaw of what?
  10. Possible but it might just head into central america.
  11. I was saying all along the season was depending on 1 storm to form that would make it memorable. It happened this time. JB is saying 1 more between where fiona and ian went
  12. Based on preseason forecasts such as 20/10/5 it is a bust. It will however be a memorable season for a long time due to Ian. Euro shows a very late season MDR storm. http://moe.met.fsu.edu/cgi-bin/ecmwf-opertc2.cgi?time=2022092900&field=Sea+Level+Pressure&hour=192hr
  13. Looks like it will be Michael like in damage. It appears alot of preparations are in place once it moves out.
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