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  1. A little more SE and it never goes to just rain for central VA.
  2. If the low is more SE then you would have a long duration ice or even snow storm. But after this the low is too far west and it warms up and rains in central VA
  3. Since its dark and if the temps havent gone up any things will get real bad there.
  4. I said 6-8 in richmond. Sleet now in newport news. Maybe a cartopper?
  5. cant be right. HAS 2-3 inches in newport news.
  6. thats rain for everyone. didnt think the euro was right
  7. I know the euro isnt right, it snows here now.
  8. Radar showing a last band forming to my west. Since whatever snow falls will do so after dark maybe another car topper.
  9. Happens every time here. The band goes west and stays together and the part that goes over me dries up.