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  1. The JB storms keep piling up the snow. He nailed it months ago
  2. Another JB storm coming. He was the first to say Dec would be cold and snowy.
  3. JB is right again. Here comes winter and a bitter cold Dec. He is now saying signs point to a very cold Jan.
  4. JB says december is going to be cold and snowy so that's that!!
  5. ldub23

    Winter 2021-22

    Thats way underdone. For example RIC can expect 20+ inches.
  6. ldub23

    Winter 2021-22

    You need to change that to a snow gun. big snows this winter.
  7. I have high standards. 2004/05 would be an A+++++. 2007 a C+. 1996/99 that had east coast action a B+. 1985-A-.
  8. Im dropping my grade to a D. It was a ONE storm season. I got some things wrong but so did the super casters. It WASNT an east coast season and contrary to just about every expert who said it would be a back ended super active oct/nov it wasnt.
  9. ldub23

    Winter 2021-22

    Going to be snowing early and often
  10. ldub23

    Winter 2021-22

    Dont worry, I just went with the big cities. You will be well above average.
  11. ldub23

    Winter 2021-22

    Not showing enough from RIC to BOS. They will get more than that.
  12. ldub23

    Winter 2021-22

    Im still convinced snow will be 200% of normal from Ric to BOS.
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