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  1. Yeah there is likely going to be some impact. I looked at the forecast yesterday and overall the guidance seemed to be moving the forcing into those phases, but at low amplitude/into COD.
  2. Yeah its pretty unfathomable if that's the case, and from the reports it sounds like it is.
  3. We will be expecting to see something like this
  4. He will be fired I am sure. Apparently he has symptoms, so let's hope he recovers. Than fire his ass lol.
  5. They won't do that because it gives the Steelers an automatic win, which impacts other teams, like KC, fighting for playoff seeding etc. They will make them play the game even if it's with all backups, as long as they feel the risk of further spread has been mitigated.
  6. Mount Holly with a mention of the late week 'potential' in their morning AFD. Later next week... Broad troughing continues to dominate the eastern half of the US in a +PNA/-AO pattern. Indications are for another shortwave to rotate around the base of the trough towards next Thursday, which may yield another low pressure system tracking on either side of the East Coast late in the week. This could bring additional unsettled weather to the region, more likely towards Friday or Saturday. With a cooler air mass remaining in place, portions of the area may have a chance for some wintry outcomes late next week, but this remains to be seen.
  7. They ended up getting a heavy fine, but that was it I believe.
  8. Apparently it was to the satisfaction of the Ravens internally. The NFL will ofc investigate and they may find additional noncompliance.
  9. The NFL will fine the Ravens and likely take a draft pick. There are no excuses when a player or member of the staff are not in compliance with their protocols.
  10. It seems they did yes. He has been disciplined, whatever that means. My question is, if he wasn't wearing a mask and the tracking device, why didn't anyone notice and report/rectify it?
  11. The Ravens disaster of a season continues with Jackson and 3 more players testing positive yesterday. If the game still gets played Sunday, RG3 will have the pleasure of getting brutalized by the Steelers defensive front, with multiple starters on the already mediocre OL unavailable.
  12. Who is doing that though? Out your way there is probably a decent chance of seeing some frozen at some point in the next week to 10 days.
  13. Here is what the latest extended GEFS looks like for around Mid Dec. It would seem any attempt at a -EPO is transient. Fwiw, beyond this period it brings back some ridging to the east coast, although it appears to have a weak -NAO as well. The latest EPS weeklies have a more pronounced -NAO for mid month and beyond, but also more of an AK trough, and still some +heights in the SW, probably a neutral/weakly +PNA. Neither outlook is necessarily suggestive of a pronounced cold period- probably generally average temps, but changeable. Verbatim the extended GEFS surface temps are quite warm overall mid month and beyond, but I tend to not pay attention to the surface as much as h5 on the LR tools.
  14. This was/is probably the most likely outcome, outside of the far western highlands. I have been focusing more on where the pattern ends up for mid month and beyond.
  15. Enough of my input. I'm done here for awhile lol.Time to go eat and drink. Y'all have fun.