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  1. April Discobs Thread

    Freaking gorgeous day. IMO cant do much better than what is forecast over the next few days. A bit on the cool side, which is fine with me. Perfection. Won't be too much longer before we will be dying for high temps around 60.
  2. April Banter

    Happy hour. Enjoying a KBS. Still have a 6 left. Not sure how long they will last. I know myself, so not long
  3. April Discobs Thread

    32 here.
  4. April Discobs Thread

    Fri- Sat- Sun look glorious. Can't wait.
  5. April Discobs Thread

    2.35" was the total here. Nice event. it had gotten pretty dry the past couple weeks.
  6. April Discobs Thread

    Back to moderate rain here now. 2.08" Looks like the back edge should be coming through in another hour or so.
  7. April Discobs Thread

    When I woke up 20 mins or so ago the rain gauge was at 0.80", now its at 1.62". Seriously heavy rain happening.
  8. April Discobs Thread

    Deluge right now.
  9. April Discobs Thread

    Picked up 0.35" of rain today ahead of the main show. Temp is 45 now. Wind has been impressive at times. A medium sized oak tree fell into the "back yard"(the smallish rectangular area where I attempt to grow grass, surrounded by acres of trees) and just missed the bird feeder, lights, and some plants. It was dead, but hopefully not rotted. I'll cut it up for firewood.
  10. April Discobs Thread

    An isolated heavy line is rolling through here well ahead of the main line. Pouring, and very windy.
  11. April Discobs Thread

    Raining pretty good here. 0.15" in the past hour. That exceeds the total for the month prior to today.
  12. April Discobs Thread

    No idea lol. This one is pretty impressive for a back door though.
  13. April Discobs Thread

    Its only 38 degrees colder now than this time yesterday.
  14. April Discobs Thread

    And the rain has arrived. Light to moderate rain and wind here now. Temp down to 46.
  15. April Discobs Thread

    Impressive gradient. Its been a totally different day here. 84 under full sun yesterday, and upper 40s, windy with drizzle today.