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  1. That is an incredibly good stout. Top 3 or 4 for me.
  2. You would like this one. The description suggests lots going on- chocolate, waffle cones, vanilla, peanut. Its all very subtle though. I notice the chocolate the most. At 8%, not exactly my idea of an Imperial stout, but it is well done and quite good.
  3. Drinking a Choco Tuesday Imperial Stout for Tuesday HH.
  4. A least one person will say this tomorrow and Thursday as well. A tad cooler with even lower dews.
  5. There. I did a minor edit so no one else does.
  6. C'mon now you know me lol.
  7. Who cares if the structure of the storm meets the criteria for tropical. It's simply too far north!!
  8. We should just throw out the criteria and arbitrarily name tropical systems. A tad too far north- this one seems kinda fake to me..
  9. From MH AFD- Saturday will be a return to more typical summer mugginess with highs potentially approaching 90 and dewpoints rising well into the 60s. Naturally, given the high Theta-E airmass ahead of the cold front and increasing mid-lvl flow ahead of the shortwave, convection (potentially strong-severe) could be a concern if the timing of the best forcing aligns well with the diurnal peak in instability... which is still to be determined.
  10. For what I teach it is mostly applied to AC circuits.
  11. You have the positive peak nailed. March-April is when the larvicide goes in.
  12. ^that's pretty representative.
  13. The 'bog' is dry until late next winter, barring some anomalous tropical monsoon. Even then it wont last. It is a function of the water table, which is on the negative half cycle of the sine wave now headed towards minimum, usually in early fall.
  14. Snippet from MH AFD. Yes we know what's coming lol. Highs should largely run in the upper 70s for Wed/Thu which is about 5 degrees below normal. Additionally dewpoints, initially in the 50s on Wednesday, should drop into the lower 40s (perhaps even the upper 30s if mixing is sufficient) on Thursday behind a weak boundary. This may result in Thursday being the most "comfortable" day for our region until autumn.
  15. The initial line moved through quickly, but on and off moderate to heavy showers continued for a few hours. 1.05" total. The wind occurred along the outflow/gust front just ahead of the storm. Nothing severe.