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  1. 75 here currently, after a high of 81. Damn these stink bugs.
  2. They know winter is coming. Around here the feed corn is being harvested, and they spend the summer feeding and breeding in the fields. Now they are seeking their place of overwintering, and it doesn't help that we have a week of temps near 80. I think last year the early chill kept the numbers low, but it does seem to vary from year to year.
  3. 2 TDS rushing, 2 TDs passing
  4. Literally. Saw ONE yesterday. Fried at least 40 out on the deck/sunny side of the house today with my electrocution racket. Every one I kill now is one less I spend the winter with in the house. They weren't bad at all last Fall. Not so this year.
  5. Oh look, another fumble. Handing the ball off to the back shouldn't be a difficult task. Finally a decent drive, but what a killer.
  6. Raven's offense is impotent. More fun electrocuting stink bugs out on the deck.
  7. Terps are 5-0. Ohio State up next. We shall see.
  8. Dec looks pretty darn good, but JFM is winter in the MA.
  9. Kinda saw it coming. They will find another closer. Remains to be seen what role he will have once recovered. He isn't super young either. Unfortunate for him.
  10. Yeah it looks ok. Reality- most of the recent winters down here Dec is a Fall month, regardless of ENSO state. More times than not, March is way more wintry than December.
  11. For those having issues embedding a tweet(or 'X' or wtf it's called now), make sure you go to the 'root' tweet, and when you copy/paste it, change 'x.com' to 'www.twitter.com'. Should work.
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