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  1. At least we have a few days of cold and dry upcoming. Decent chance the outer banks will have more snow than the majority in this sub-forum by mid week.
  2. Some returns popping on radar overhead here as the weak part of the line approaches. Maybe some micro forcing...hoping for 30 seconds of pixie dust.
  3. Southern end of it looks impressive on radar. Maybe Cambridge to Salisbury will get a surprise. Sure looks pathetic for my yard, as usual lol.
  4. I ended up with 3" from that. Fun deal. Back in the days when my yard could actually maximize on an event. Been a while.
  5. I will be in Lancaster but not until Sunday. I may do a mini chase tomorrow.
  6. 27/9 Be nice to crack an inch for the winter (LOL). A half inch would do it, but my forecast was downgraded to "little or no accumulation" I really am moving.
  7. Latest EPS forecast could very well be "wrong". Thing is, I simply made a post stating what it is currently depicting, and that it wasn't good. Never claimed it was going to verify. No hitching of wagons. Now straighten your panties- they be all bunched up.
  8. C'mon. A met as experienced as murky knows the CFS nails these indices far more often than the EPS. CFS is literally a model of consistency. Almost always verifies. Hardly ever vacillates.
  9. No need. He is a pompous azz and he isn't fooling anyone here. LOL 30 year met.
  10. Might not work out. Who is doing the hitching here? Apparently you love the advertised EPS h5 look- at least enough to troll PSU.
  11. Latest EPS MJO forecast in the LR- after briefly getting into phase 7, wave dies out then looks to re-emerge in phase 5/6. That wont help much.
  12. You claim you are a met right? Then you understand climo. NE doesn't need all the stars aligned to get a good result.
  13. Check this out. Good overall presentation on NAM/ENSO/NAO and solar activity, and specifically addresses the solar/NAO correlation. Probably not what many would expect over the long term. http://www.issibern.ch/teams/interplanetarydisturb/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Asikainen_03_2014.pdf