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  1. 0.65" today and 1.2" total counting what fell over the weekend and yesterday. Decent amount of rain considering its been pretty dry.
  2. WPC just updated their QPF. The northern edge of the heavier stuff is a bit further north, but the bulk of the best precip is still pretty far to the south over the next 5 days.
  3. Just went out and mowed in the drizzle. Figured this might be my best shot to get it done. Raw with a stiff breeze, 54 currently. I think it made it up to 57 earlier, after low 80s yesterday.
  4. Plenty of wasps and carpenter bees around my place. Same as always. Seeing more honey bees though. Thats a good thing.
  5. Had a loud t-storm around midnight. Booming thunder and lightning. I knew there was a slight chance in the forecast, but wasn't expecting much. Decent soaker too, 0.23".
  6. No frost advisory here and the low was 33, with scattered frost.
  7. Yeah it worked out. And lol at saving them for a year- they will not last a week! My next mission is Backwoods Bastard. Probably none of those left around from the last batch, so I will have to put it off till next fall. Came across this the other day- https://vinepair.com/wine-blog/10-incredible-barrel-aged-beers/
  8. I poured my first ever KBS. Two-thirds through it. Epic stout. Top 5 for sure. I was a bit surprised though, because it reminds me of (a less boozy version) of Dogfish Head's World Wide Stout, which I have been drinking since last fall. More refined though. Was expecting more bourbon, but barely a hint. Nonetheless, you can "taste" the craftsmanship in this beer. Cant wait to try it on tap at the Washington Street pub. Anyone want to meet me in Easton next week for a beer?
  9. Well, I lucked out lol. The one place got 2 cases! So I scored a 4 pack there and a single at the other place. Gonna pop one open tonight. And yes I think it is. I just had to try it when I saw it, but wasn't sure what to expect. But man its just a good Imperial Stout. The mint is there on the nose, but its about as perfect as it can be, and then the bitter dark chocolate takes over. Its nicely balanced. I bought another one today.
  10. The 2 liquor stores I go to regularly are getting it in today- each of them will have one case! Lmao!! Now that is limited. I will do my best but man that is like gold. I might head to Annapolis this weekend so I will try there. Otherwise my guy at the pub will have it on tap next week. eta- Ever tried Thick Mint from Southern Tier? Its part of their Blackwater series. Really good!
  11. Just about to pour one The KBS seems much less available over here. I might score a bottle on Wed, and maybe a 4 pack if this other place gets it in. Otherwise I will have to go to the pub next week when they tap their keg.
  12. Just talked to the the guy who orders the beer at Washington Street Pub in Easton. I was like dude you need to get some KBS and he literally called his rep right then, and will have a keg of KBS next week. Super pricey of course. He said they will probably tap it with a couple other Founders beers and do like a Founders night deal. Its an awesome place for craft beers btw, always a great selection. Anyway, shooting for next Friday night!
  13. I am on a call list for the KBS. Not counting on it lol. I bought a bottle of the Victory Java Cask, which is exactly the same style, and it is totally awesome. A bit pricey though. Check it out. I really doubt the KBS is as good as that.
  14. Here are some official totals from Mount Holly for the 1/7 storm for southern DE- ...SUSSEX COUNTY... OCEAN VIEW 13.5 625 PM 1/07 TRAINED SPOTTER SELBYVILLE 13.0 604 PM 1/07 TRAINED SPOTTER SEAFORD 9.0 550 PM 1/07 TRAINED SPOTTER LAUREL 8.0 538 PM 1/07 DEOS ELLENDALE 6.6 537 PM 1/07 DEOS 7 E SELBYVILLE 6.5 600 AM 1/08 COCORAHS STOCKLEY 6.2 537 PM 1/07 DEOS BRIDGEVILLE 6.1 538 PM 1/07 DEOS 1 W MILLSBORO 6.1 800 AM 1/08 COCORAHS BLADES 6.0 545 PM 1/07 TRAINED SPOTTER NASSAU 5.8 600 PM 1/07 DEOS I was in Rehoboth and there was unofficially 10" there for the 1/7 event. Lewes I thought I saw a report of 12" somewhere. I don't have any official totals for the 1/30 event, but I know there was a 2-4" area in southern DE for that one. Hope this helps!
  15. Wet day. 1.2" so far Exactly 5.00" for the month.