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  1. Lookin' good for my return next Thursday. I have gotten used to actual early Fall weather.
  2. 69/53 here at 345 PM under full sun. Beautiful.
  3. Maybe, but not sure how much difference it would make at this point. Hard to imagine them beating KC unless they just come out flat or turn the ball over 4 times. At this point a reasonable goal is probably to be a around 500 at the halfway point and hope to get some players back- and not lose more.
  4. What once looked like a promising season for the Ravens continues to go down the toilet thanks to an incredible run of injuries. LG Tyre Philips is now on IR, and Stanley, who didn't look right against the Raiders coming off the broken ankle of last season, appears to be out for awhile. Lost all our RBs, and the OL is now a mess. Poor Lamar. Word is Chris Westry may be out with a serious knee injury, and he figured to be a big part of the secondary especially after the loss of Peters. Looks like the IR list will grow to 16 and maybe 17 if Stanley is out for an extended period.
  5. Hung out in Manchester City Centre last night and went to this place. 20 taps and about half the beers were brewed there, including the two I drank, #9 and #11. Both the stout and the DIPA were outstanding. The IPA was one of the best NE Hazy styles I have ever had.
  6. Luckily I was unable to watch that mess over here. A lot of work to do, and the Chiefs are up next. 0-2 start looking likely.
  7. Cool looking place but with a long and creepy ass history. http://www.lancastercastle.com/history-heritage/a-dark-history/
  8. https://cumbriacrack.com/2021/09/10/more-pictures-tom-cruise-tells-fan-he-loves-the-lake-district/ Didn't know this was going on when I was there. Saw a black helicopter doing maneuvers and caught it in one or two of my mountain photos.
  9. Mid 60s here for highs over the next 7 days with low 50s for lows, and showery early to mid week. Pretty typical, and very happy to miss the upcoming disgusting extended tropical mid Atlantic summer weather.
  10. Last day in Cumbria. Went to the area with the highest peaks, with the highest being Scafell Pike at 3200 feet. Unfortunately there were a lot of low clouds and drizzle so the dramatic rocky peak was not visible. Still got some decent shots.
  11. Latavius Murray time? Barry Sanders? Jim Brown maybe?
  12. Christ Gus Edwards too. What a disaster. Thought the Ravens figured out how to not do this after all the lower leg injuries of a few years ago.
  13. Staying in a place called Cockermouth, which is a lovely town, but the name can compete with some of the funniest you will find in the state of PA.
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