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  1. I've had 0.65" for the month- from 3 different "events". Expecting another tenth or so tomorrow.
  2. I am really starting to get the urge to renew my weatherbell subscription already. I will resist tho, because I know damn well what will happen if I do lol.
  3. Canaan will probably see accumulating snow around or shortly after Halloween.
  4. Nice shot. I remember seeing this photo back then. And agreed it would be nice to see some persistent cold early, but unfortunately things generally dont roll that way in this region. It does seem like our best chances of wintery weather will be the first half of winter this time around though. Lets hope the early positive indicators dont completely go to hell over the next several weeks.
  5. It's probably on Youtube somewhere.
  6. Yup. As a matter of fact, the low imby the morning I went out and took that photo was -1.
  7. Probably my fav classic guitar rock song is "Hitch a Ride" from Boston. One of the best, most underrated, outro guitar solos ever. I crank it up every time. Never get tired of it.
  8. This seems so long ago, but it was March 1 2015. Frozen bay with snow cover. Love to see this again.
  9. With respect to the AO/NAO state, I just want to see indications in the guidance, as Bob has talked about. And so far, we are. Pacific has looked decent too. We aren't getting anything wintery in the next month or so in the lowlands regardless. If things pan out, could be a nice early snow season for places like Canaan though.
  10. 39
  11. EPS. GEFS, GEPS all very consistent and similar at h5 towards the end of the month into Nov with +PNA and east-based -NAO. CFS weeklies are pretty much there too. Yeah lets hope this is an indication of what lies ahead.
  12. Yep. This pretty much nails it. The number and severity of injuries to top players does not help. No Aaron Rodgers is bad for the game. Sucks to wake up a Packer fan this morning.
  13. @showmethesnow Offensive injuries and woes aside, this is not a great, top 5, defense. Not even good. 230 yards on the ground to a crappy offensive team with a rookie QB? Playing at home? The entire world knew that they had to run the ball to have any chance. Pees must go.
  14. Despite having very good talent, the Ravens D will never be great, or even consistently good, as long as Pees is coordinator. Been saying this for years. The offense is just embarrassing. Yeah the O line has injuries, but again we have an O coordinator that is a total also ran. High school level stuff. Harbaugh insisted on keeping both these guys, despite better options. Rex Ryan anyone? Time for Harbaugh to go. Rant over./
  15. Yeah that put a real damper on a cool late, late season snow event.