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  1. Still painful to think about that game. I had a really bad feeling going into it, and it became a worse nightmare than I imagined.
  2. The warn core/cold core/extra-tropical low- whatever it ends up being- is looking less impactful for our region on latest guidance. Looks like it will start to feel the influence of the approaching trough as it gets to our latitude, and keep most of the action offshore. If the Atlantic ridge flexes a bit more or the timing of the trough approach changes a bit, things could get more interesting. The better chance of heavy rain may come with the actual front over the weekend.
  3. You have had like 10" in the last month lol. How are the skeeters there?
  4. 1.68" total here, mostly from the initial round. I guess most of the heavy stuff around midnight moved to the SW of here.
  5. I love the continuous low rumbling thunder after the main show moves through, esp at night. Relaxing. I was done drinking, but just poured another glass of wine.
  6. Nothing severe here. Some impressive T&L and wind. Heavy rain is what I was after, and I got that. 1.25" and it seems to be winding down now. Looks like some scattered stuff yet to move through, and maybe a round 2 later per radar. If not, I'm good with this. No sprinkler for a few days, maybe longer if the late week coastal deal delivers.
  7. Wind is impressive right now. It can stop right there. Too many trees.
  8. I know the feeling. Been almost a month here. This one is rocking pretty good now.
  9. Wicked lightning. Scared my ass back inside.
  10. Not sure she is checking out the clouds. Doggie possession?
  11. Some serious looking blossoming on radar though. Maybe the mesos got it right this time.
  12. I take nothing for granted living in this area, which seems to always "enjoy" a midsummer desert-like climate.
  13. My sprinkler(and well pump) sure could use a break lol.