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  1. .05" overnight. This rapidly evolved into an obvious non event for much of the area over the last couple days per guidance. 2.18" for the month which mostly all fell last Monday.
  2. lol trend is not friend unless you live in Hagerstown or Harrisburg
  3. Picked up a quarter inch with the showers this morning. Models have really backed off on any heavy rain for here tonight into tomorrow. No complaints as I have gotten over 2 inches since Monday. Good luck to folks in central and N MD. Looks pretty decent for those locations.
  4. This is the year legit winter time NA blocking returns
  5. I took this shot of Elakala Falls when I was there-
  6. Great place. Went there 2 summers ago. Love the resort and of course the entire valley area. Lots to see and photograph, and great hiking.
  7. Drank a Founders Sumatra yesterday. Fantastic!
  8. I had to move mine around. Ultimately sunk a post and mounted the station on that. Everywhere is problematic though due to all the trees. Where I have it located now it gets sun soaked in the mid afternoon so the recorded high temps are too high. I also bought NWS 8" rain gauge and mounted that on the deck to compare with the weather station. Found out the station rain gauge is always a tad lower, but generally very close.
  9. 1.90" was the total here. Prior to that, about a tenth for the month of June. Was desperately needed.
  10. 1.90" was the total here. Heaviest amounts were just to my SE over central DE- it looks like 2-3" there: http://www.iweathernet.com/total-rainfall-map-24-hours-to-72-hours
  11. Same here. after 8 inches in May, virtually nothing since. Up to 1.7" now. Looks like it will be 2"+ by the time its over.
  12. I guess i was wrong on that. Heavy t-storms have redeveloped and its absolutely pouring here the last 30 mins. up to 1.45" atm
  13. still some light/moderate showers moving through, but the heavy stuff is now east. picked up 1.12" no real wind, but the t&l was pretty impressive and still some low rumbles now
  14. deluge here with some really decent cg lightning gusty winds when this line approached but nothing severe 0.45" in about 15 mins and still pouring
  15. Its gotten sunny here. It would take some differential heating and/or bay/ sea breezes to initiate something other than scattered light showers.. No real mechanism other than that.