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  1. January Discobs Thread

    25 for the low here. Currently 28. Looking forward to mid 50s today so I can restore my salt encrusted vehicle to normal.
  2. January Med/Long Range Disco Part 2

    Really beginning to see some movement towards a more favorable pattern towards the end of the ensemble runs now. GEFS even looks like its trying to develop some NA blocking (lol)
  3. January Med/Long Range Disco Part 2

    Getting things right again is going to be a slow process, but the pattern appears to be moving in the right direction on the Pac side days 10-15. Looking at the EPS, big WPO ridge building, and the trop PV is strengthening and moving into position around Hudson Bay. Meanwhile +heights are building into GOA, with lower heights towards the Aleutians. Roll that forward, and we should see a +PNA/-EPO develop in early-mid Feb(like the weeklies are suggesting). No idea what to expect in the NA, but not counting on much NAO help at this point.
  4. The Event of 2017

    Easily the snow chase in Rehoboth in early Jan. It was a great cold powder storm, somewhat rare at the beach. Amazingly, I was able to do it again just a couple weeks ago, and this January's storm topped the 2017 one primarily because of the wind- it was a legit blizzard with more drifting. Both were 10-12" events. Rehoboth is a snow town- who knew?
  5. Winter Photo Thread

    Took a drive to Chestertown on MLK day. Was a cold, gloomy day with some stray snowflakes falling. Not a great shot but it captures the feel of the day.
  6. January Discobs Thread

    After a low of 19 this morning the high was 47. Beautiful day.
  7. January Banter String

    When I am on my iMAC I don't see it. I also use Chrome on there though with the older Ad Block.
  8. January Banter String

    If you use Chrome, add Ad Blocker Ultimate. Its good.
  9. January Med/Long Range Disco Part 2

    Was just looking at it and I concur. No real signs of sustained help in the NA but the EPO/PNA get good mid month forward. Going to be a bit of a fight to get cold back in the east initially it appears, probably beyond the 10th if this is close to reality. Looks like latter 2 weeks of Feb into March could be rockin, or at least we hope lol.
  10. January Banter String

    Really? lol a bit melodramatic if thats the case. Jeez its a weather forum. Adjustments can be made based on the situation. I thought Ji was ok today, and again, given there is nothing going on, some slack can be given. When things get more serious, and if things get messy again at that time, kick some ass. Just my opinion.
  11. January Banter String

    We do have threads for having fun, but yeah I dont think it is necessary to "clamp down" as much when there is literally nothing going on. Ji being Ji in the long range thread doesn't bother me when there is likely nothing to track for the next 10 days. There may not be more than a dozen posts a day in there over the next week.
  12. January Banter String

    Some of those places in the southern MA/SE have been way overdue though. My brother lives in Central NC where climo is about 9", and they have had a long snow drought there. They are pretty much right at climo now. I may be wrong, but I dont think there is a correlation between southern snow and Nina. In general you would think the opposite. Sometimes its simply the law of averages.
  13. January Med/Long Range Disco Part 2

    Rolling 0z EPS @day 15 forward, it looks like the Pac (PNA/EPO) may be reconfiguring more in our favor. Mean trough shifting east. It might be the second week in Feb before we get back to a truly favorable pattern. Hopefully sooner. Be interesting to see the new weeklies.
  14. January Banter String

    Spring is coming. Want snow? Do more chases.
  15. January Discobs Thread

    low of 12 this morning Ready for 2 weeks of mild weather