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  1. Decent rain event. 0.57"
  2. As crappy as the offense was, the defense blew that one. 7 point lead, 2 mins left. 4th down and forever. Just terrible.
  3. Well deserved loss for the Ravens. They needed it. Can't keep winning ugly against bad teams and thinking its all good. Changes are needed.
  4. How many TD passes does Lamar have in the last 4+ games? 2? QBs on bad teams manage to throw 1 or 2 by accident lol. Fucking Roman is bad but the receivers are also nonexistent.
  5. Wonder if the FO will ever get tired of Roman and his pee wee level offense. What a joke.
  6. Latest GEFSX fwiw. Good overall look mid to late month, and apparently we are getting a white Christmas.
  7. Actually pouring here now. NINA!!!!
  8. I wouldn't say its a shame lol. The deterministic guidance should be depicting the good stuff if its going to be real- the specific details will just shift all over the place from run to run at this range.
  9. After seeing drizzle/light rain earlier, raining moderately now. 0.15" We shall see if the half to three quarters forecast was a good one.
  10. That will be a toasty period, relatively speaking. Easily could see a couple days into the 60s.
  11. Suppressed wave on the 12z GFS with some snow across NC on the 10th. Saw a similar outcome on the 12z GFS yesterday, although it got some light snow into the southern part of our area. Good sign imo seeing waves producing frozen to our south on guidance at this juncture. Hopefully we see more of these type outcomes over the next several days.
  12. If the pattern evolves as currently depicted, realistically any frozen potential is beyond day 10. Continuing to see indications of waves sliding along the boundary in the Dec 8-12 window, but its pretty scattered wrt timing among ensemble members as expected this far out.
  13. Well we have tracked the hell out of this advertised upcoming pattern, so I suppose now we keep checking to see if it holds or morphs, and eventually materializes. Then we will see if it actually delivers.
  14. High of 57 here. Lovely day to be outside doing whatever. Tomorrow looks like a washout. Good day to be inside watching the Ravens dominate the lowly Jags.
  15. He already started a thread in the NE subforum.
  16. Except for the high desert of Denver lol. Downsloping ftl.
  17. We overdue for a wire to wire winter of HL blocking. Get it established early. In addition to climo, I am a believer in persistence.
  18. 12z EPS Super impressive and a colder look. Classic -NAO dipole. Also hinting at something trackable around the 8th.
  19. You need to post more dude. Things are looking promising. We are on the doorstep of Dec and the advertised look is stellar for a change. Sure all sorts of shit can go wrong, but rather the guidance be teasing us with something favorable vs the usual shutout look lol.
  20. I noticed that too. That TPV near the sea of Okhotsk has been a strong/stable feature, and as advertised has been periodically knocking down the EPO ridge. It seems to weaken and retro a bit in the LR on today's GEFS, morphing into more of an Aleutian low and allowing the -EPO to remain more intact. That feature is critical in dictating the character of the Pac ridge imo.
  21. Yeah that's the way to mitigate it. -EPO, -AO, -NAO. It might work for us with waves taking the southern route and ejecting eastward, which is sometimes difficult to achieve in a Nina.
  22. 12z GEFS suggests a trackable wave around the 8th.
  23. This is the clean, uncomplicated way we get on the board as the favorable pattern is unfolding. Monster west based -NAO with a quasi-stationary vortex underneath- a bit too southwestward displaced so the wave ends up somewhat suppressed here. Overall a classic look up top though. Guidance should be spitting out more looks like this going forward.
  24. Maybe this one? https://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/capital-weather-gang/post/history-does-not-support-a-terribly-snow-winter-in-dc/2012/11/20/06411868-333f-11e2-9cfa- Also found this.. e41bac906cc9_blog.htmlhttp://voices.washingtonpost.com/capitalweathergang/2010/11/why_was_last_year_so_snowy_par.html
  25. A persistent -AO is probably the number one index for increased chances of a fun winter in the MA. I usually post this once every winter because it is such a great CWG article by Wes detailing the most important indices and combos for cold/snow in the DC area. Every MA snow weenie should read this at least once. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/capital-weather-gang/wp/2015/11/12/what-the-different-weather-patterns-might-mean-for-snow-this-winter/
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