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  1. GFS thinks we are going to see some big heat. Mid to upper 90s Sunday through Thursday. Rain chances between now and mid next week look pretty low too.
  2. As expected, nothing here from that line last night. I'm good with what fell yesterday.
  3. He must be referring to all the gentrification.
  4. Ravens sign Justin Houston. Thought it would have happened sooner. Very solid pickup. Needed a legit edge rusher after losing Judon.
  5. Decent steady rain here over the last hour and a half. Not going to make the half to three quarters that was forecast, but not like I am worried about saving a lawn or anything lol. 0.35" so far. Looks like it should probably end in the next 20 mins. I doubt that line that develops along the front later will make it here.
  6. GFS has a foot of rain for eastern NC over the next week.
  7. Still a chance one of the waves moving up along the coast will track close enough for some heavy rain later in the week, but beyond that the humidity will be on the increase and temps will be creeping back up towards 90 by the weekend. WA ridge coming back.
  8. Getting a decent shower here. Moving through quickly. Might get a tenth.
  9. Unfortunately much of our region is betwixt and between- the upper level energy associated with the trough stays north, and weaker shortwaves moving along the boundary to our southeast will keep the best action down that way. Looks like there is some sort of a convergence zone setting up along the bay, so some areas are likely to get some decent rain today. Not expecting more than drizzle or a random shower here. Mesos look terrible for my yard.
  10. GFS would imply a period with a decent chance of showers and storms late week as the trough moves east with some ridging over the WA. Verbatim it would be more of a threat for the immediate coast.
  11. Holy crap is it nice out there. Feels more like early October. 74 here and full sun.
  12. Good equipment is completely unforgiving of a compressed or otherwise crap source. It reveals all the flaws, as it should. I can't enjoy a good amount of rock music on my system.
  13. I've had a couple Denon CD players over the years. Pretty decent equipment for the money. My Monarchy DAC has piggy backed 20-bit Burr Brown chips. Really clean sound. Supposedly more analog-ish sounding.
  14. I have 2 high quality DACs I held onto and still use. They make a big difference compared to a typical CD player DAC. My primary front end(still) for listening to high quality digital source material is an IPOD Classic, connected to a Wadia "dock"(it has its own DAC or you can bypass it which I am doing)- but the Wadia extracts the PCM bitstream before it gets input into the 10 cent ipod DAC- then gets re-clocked, then into my Monarchy Audio DAC. No compressed files so CD quality but better sound than any CD player costing under a grand.
  15. Not sure I would characterize 16/44.1 source material as lowly. I was an audiophile until I found better things to spend money on, but still have a pretty high end system. I was all into the 24/192 capable formats when it came out, and spent big bucks on a first generation DVD audio player. There wasn't a whole lot to pick from to listen too, but I made myself believe it sounded far superior. It didn't. "Good" sound is very subjective, and the reality is that frequencies above 14-16 khz are of minimal to no importance to anyone over the age of about 20, especially if you have attended more than a few rock concerts. 44khz sampling allows for a reasonably good representation of frequencies up to 22khz according to Nyquist.
  16. I get so annoyed with the amount of compression so many bands apply when they mix and record tracks. I love The Killers, but most of their songs sound awful on a high end system. Loud and fatiguing. It's not as noticeable listening to it in the car on SiriusXM, where everything is compressed and sounds like crap.
  17. Looks outstanding. Also a decent chance of some showers Sunday associated with the upper energy rotating down and passing to our north. Looks like something might pop along the trailing cold front.
  18. Picked up a total of 0.16" of rain from this 'event'. One quick downpour early afternoon yesterday and another one early this morning.
  19. It's all about yard. No one ever cares what happens in Philly or SW of DC when in-between there is nada.
  20. Not here. Those creepy things don't do loamy soil.
  21. We are highly proficient at failing at anything that is remotely interesting.
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