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  1. 0.35" from that initial line. Moved through quick.
  2. Gusting here too. Sideways rain against the south side of the house.
  3. Thunder and heavy rain suddenly.
  4. Snowing hard again there now. Roads may soon re-cave.
  5. I am on record stating median snowfall is a reasonable expectation. Maybe Bomb Cyclone II will happen and track a little closer.
  6. Time sensitive! Looked intense earlier. Lots of higher elevation mountain cams out there but they are mostly all plastered with snow or not working.
  7. Looks fun in Truckee http://tahoetopia.com/webcam/downtown-truckee
  8. The Euro depiction looks reasonable given the advertised pattern and climo. A good set up for the western highlands to see some accumulating snow.
  9. Eastern NJ up into SNE looks to get clobbered pretty good with heavy rain from this event. Close call for our area, and even here not sure I will see the 1-2" in the forecast. The coastal low looks to form late and track a bit too far offshore, which is always tricky at our latitude wrt to getting in on the good precip. This is like training for what is likey to come this winter lol.
  10. I never thought they would be 5-2 given the crazy run of injuries right before the season started, and no Stanley and no Boyle(yet). There is still plenty to fix. Defense simply needs to play better. Offense could use a few more healthy contributors.
  11. CAPE

    Winter 2021-22

    You need to stop focusing so much on the PNA phase and pay more attention to the TNH.
  12. The D is largely healthy though. They have clearly underachieved, and really have lacked fundamentals, which is uncharacteristic. They have the talent, and I have to think they will figure it out going forward. The OL is a pieced together mess, and Mekari went out with an ankle today. Lamar won't survive with the amount of pressure he is getting plus having to be the feature back. If they need him to be superman every game to win then it wont end well.
  13. This, 100% from Ravens 247. Go get Marlon Mack. This team won't go very far when Lamar has 80% of the rushing yards. He probably won't make it through the season. They need to make a deal for an OT too.
  14. It has been like that forever. The stretch from around Fredericksburg to get past DC is brutal, 9 times out of 10. The dudes on the crotch rockets tho.. I have often thought about opening my door. Every once in awhile there is a cop there when you want one.
  15. Congrats Bengals. DeCosta needs to get busy before the trade deadline. Ravens have gotten away with playing too many 'fill ins' with all the injuries, but the Bengals are more talented all around. Not sure what they can do about the poor tackling, esp by their linebackers. Consistently pathetic.
  16. Why did Harbaugh blow a timeout there? Mind boggling.
  17. Ravens D needs to get it together. WTH were they doing on that TD pass?
  18. Nice drive by the Ravens to open the second half. That TD catch by Hollywood was a beauty.
  19. Bengals are legit good. Plus this might be one of those 'law of averages' games for the Ravens, both against the Bengals lately and the way they have won several games this season.
  20. This would be a pretty nice look in a couple months. As it stands, this period might present the first chance for widespread frost with a hard freeze in the highlands if it comes to fruition.
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