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  1. 33.4 inside the beltway three miles from DCA and their 39 (based on the hourlies).
  2. A solid 1/4-1/2” in Shirlington. Best snow of the year.
  3. Flurries in Shirlington.
  4. I had hit 33 here in S Arlington. I’ve fallen back to 32.3.
  5. 2.5” in S Arlington and a light mixture of snow and sleet.
  6. Quite a spread in temperatures tonight. Low single digits in northern MD, mid 20s DC and south.
  7. If this storm were two weeks earlier it would have 100 pages by now.
  8. I can’t find the post but wasn’t it mentioned here there are very few (or maybe even no) instances of DC getting more than 8-10” and NYC getting nothing?
  9. With only very light radar returns over me, managed to add about 0.3” over the last three hours. Puts my total to just over 10”.
  10. Light snow picking up with the return of some greens on radar. I may make it to 10” if this can continue.
  11. Am I hallucinating or is the radar showing some signs of life for the DC - Dale City dry slot?