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  1. Ok, its time....shut down the long range thread or rename it 'Hanging on by thread - Carroll Co style.' Winter over. What a gorgeous weekend it was!
  2. All of the red maples near my place alone 1 street are budding. I've never seen this so early in february.
  3. Have you been viewing the main thread? (I know you have) My post was very positive compared to many others
  4. Folks need to pick up other hobbies and stop tracking this dreadful winter. It's a beautiful day out there for a cycle, round of golf, till the garden or take the kids to the playground. Tulips and daffodils are already emerging. Lol.
  5. Snow is deep in the kenai peninsula right now. Epic conditions.
  6. Desperation in the long range thread.
  7. that case, just dont respond
  8. You reply with something generic thanking them for their response. Especially if it was within the requested RSVP timeline. We parents all know time gets away from us and we forget things like RSVPs, if not more important things.
  9. All that matters is that the fish survived.
  10. Where did anyone in this area see multiple weeks with high temps in the teens in january 2018? BWI had 2 days, Westminster had 3.
  11. I guess it should come as no surprise that when DCA ends January with BN snowfall for the season, chances of reaching normal snowfall are slim. In the last 30 years, it's only happened once....2014-2015 where AN snowfall in both February and March saved us.
  12. Folks forget how sucky our snow climo is. Especially in the cities. DC has eclipsed 20" 20x in the last 70 years with only 5 of those instances coming in the last 30 years. We live and die by the big coastal storms.