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  1. This is the correct answer. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
  2. BWI: 9.3 DCA: 6.1 RIC: 4.7 IAD: 11.1 SBY: 2.7
  3. The snow in the interior chugach is still going. Some spot could very likely exceed 400" for the storm. I mean, some of these spots get 1000-2000 inches a year, but this is still cool to see.
  4. This is why the chugach is THE best place in the world for snow and heli skiing. The lines are freaky af and steep, but its epic up there.
  5. It’s crazy, but the chugach mountains along the Alaska coast are badass and rival anywhere in the world for top snow conditions.
  6. The 282” of snow the gfs has for Whittier, ak wouldn’t be enough for some on this board.
  7. Thought this week was going to be a sucky washout?
  8. Was in Hershey a few a weeks ago. They were everywhere. You couldn’t walk any length of distance without seeing one.
  9. Looks like those may have initiated off the ocean breeze working inland. Very noticeable on radar.
  10. I got stung by something while biking. And oddly enough, in the gd stomach. Whatever stung me must’ve either got inside my Jersey or it’s stinger pierced the jersey. There’s pain. There’s swelling. This is why I like winter. Lol
  11. That sounds so painful.
  12. Was catching lunkers last night. I realize if you haven’t had this same level of success the typical reaction may be one of jealousy, rage, questioning your shitty fishing abilities, etc. try not to be too hard on yourself. 20+ years of practice, know how , etc got me to this point.
  13. It’s going to be a really nice evening. Someone is going to get a great sunset
  14. Strange way to start a post. anyway, looks like we get partial clearing soon.
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