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  1. If only we lived in a primo snow zone.
  2. I would trade this weather for the rest of the summer for another 1,000 in snowfall year on Mt PSU. Thats how nice it is.
  3. I’m right there w you. The wx pattern we’ve been in the last 2-3 yrs has been nothing short of horse shit. I’m ready for dry as a bone conditions for a month. I’ll water my garden.
  4. Some of you said we needed rain. You were wrong.
  5. Just what I needed more rain.
  6. Biked through multiple clouds of gnats tonight. Pleasant.
  7. I’ve seen some doing it on the sidewalks.
  8. In the Owls Head/Rockland area.
  9. Rainy afternoon up here in Maine.
  10. This. On my walk this morning I saw many freshly molted cadas.
  11. NAM twins are essentially a shutout around here tomorrow.