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  1. That doesn't translate to being a good team.
  2. I must be late....people are still drinking Miller lite?
  3. Ketchup should be outlawed as an acceptable condiment for use w eggs. I will make it so when I'm president.
  4. Toasted bagel + fried egg + choice of cheese + thick slice of scrapple. Don't need anything else. Don't send me your dr bill.
  5. Ketchup w scrapple? What is wrong w you people?
  6. I suppose we should welcome our newest board member, Vape Starter Kits.
  7. Lots of catching up in here today. A few posts caused me to tilt my head a bit to one side. A few even drew a GASP! I think I even dropped a WTF!? on at least one post. Hope you all had a great day!
  8. You serious, Clark?
  9. Hopefully you connect soon. Your batting avg kinda sucks
  10. The Hagerstown site just had a bunch of open appts open today for anyone interested. FYI.
  11. While not idea, the LR seems void of both unusually cold and warm weather. That’s a plus, IMO. If we can make it to May without any crazy heat, sign me up.
  12. Car topper achieved.
  13. 3k wants to give the ES morning and afternoon rounds of storms tmrw.
  14. Gfs has AN temps. Even w a BN pattern, snow chances are speeding by.