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  1. Please add TPV to the list of banned words/phrases/acronyms.
  2. Bills going to return to Tampa.....the site of the Scott Norwood missed FG????
  3. They essentially have 4 timeouts w the 2 min warning, but I agree. Go for it.
  4. CWG issued their forecast map. With their absurd boom bust potential included theres 0 chance of being wrong. Factoring in boom bust, im supposed to see 0-3".
  5. Cmon, psu. Don’t say peace out then drop back in 2 minutes later. That’s a ji move. Lol.
  6. Ooof. GFS is a disaster all week. Total QPF less than a half inch combined for both systems in DC w minimal snow,
  7. All I wrote was that it wasn’t going to be a big ice threat for DC. Stop hating on my amazing NAM analysis lol.
  8. 3k is likely more realistic with its precip amounts. 12K showing huge ice issues evenfordc proper, which isn't going happen-
  9. Don’t fall for the NAM. Just don’t do it. Right????
  10. Mt Washington was gusting in the 150s w temps below 0 and snow falling/blowing. Sign me up.
  11. And before the posts come.....we don’t need double digits. We’re just looking for something that requires the use of a shovel