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  1. Drought

  2. January Banter String

    Pretty sure I just saw cockblock used as a reference for snow in the storm thread. This place is cray. I hope Randy increases the mod salary soon. I'd strike if were y'all.
  3. January Banter String

    Drought talk in January is exciting.
  4. January Discobs Thread

    Front is legit. Was in Minnesota most of the week. It was warm (pushing 40) in Brainerd (about 120 mi north of Minneapolis) on Wednesday and the low this morning was -24.
  5. January Banter String

    Told my daughter she might get an early dismissal (AA Co.) and she wasn't happy. She loves going to school....def didn't get that from me.
  6. January Banter String

    We never learn. We've seen this movie so many times. I'll wake up tomorrow to a dusting with clearing skies.
  7. January Banter String

    AA Co. 2 hr delay thur and fri.
  8. JAN 4th Coastal

    Don't know how people can root for others to get snow. If I'm not getting it, I'd just assume place a giant heater over the shore to melt whatever falls there. Happy New Year!
  9. January Banter String

    Storm thread is great. Randy needs to increase the salary for H20 and mappy. I'll pitch in $1.
  10. Jan 4th Coastal

    Such a weird mix of newbies, old timers and Randy. Love this place
  11. December Discobs Thread

    Sunrise should be nice area wide.
  12. December Banter String

    The vitus is amazing! So much better than LoCo tap water.
  13. December Banter String

    What's everyone drinking tonight? Weihenstephaner Vitus here.
  14. Winter Photo Thread

  15. December 11 Week Event(s)

    Nothing imby.