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  1. snowfan

    January Medium/Long Range Discussion

    That's not too cold
  2. snowfan

    January Medium/Long Range Discussion

    GFS w the back end thump as temps crash.
  3. snowfan

    Potential Light Snow Event - 1/17-1/18

    Looks like maybe 1-2 on the NAM. Yes, I know, long range NAM.....
  4. snowfan

    January 12-13th Cold Smoke Obs and Nowcast

    Ripping in Western AA Co.
  5. snowfan

    January Banter 2019

    And mappy. You both suck
  6. snowfan

    January Banter 2019

    It's a shame winterymix is still allowed to post here.
  7. snowfan

    January Banter 2019

    Been trying to convince randy to let me be a mod for years. Would solve a lot of problems.
  8. maybe you missed the part where on the day of, there are some surprises. Happens nearly every event and we saw it with that earlier event where VA jackpotted.
  9. snowfan

    January Banter 2019

    would only be fitting if this completely fell apart after folks were giving ERS shit yesterday.
  10. snowfan

    December Banter 2018

    I hope to see lots of snow melt pics in the next 48 hours. Happy Holidays!
  11. snowfan

    December Banter 2018

    So much drama here and ex wife comparisons. Geesh....low blow
  12. snowfan

    March 20/21 STORM Obs/Discussion- No Banter

    Are you home or at work? I'm home and it's been accumulating for awhile now.
  13. snowfan

    March 20/21 STORM Obs/Discussion- No Banter

    meso up for that batch moving up from the SW. Up to 1" per hour.
  14. snowfan

    March 20/21 STORM Obs/Discussion- No Banter

    60/45, ground soil temp of 59, wind freshening out of the SE.
  15. snowfan

    March 20-21 Storm Banter and Party Thread

    Unlike fozz, I will not be happy if you snow starved ppl get dumped on more than me.