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  1. Hail in the storm south of BWI. constant lightning.
  2. Fairly accurate. Looks like parts of southern md took it on the chin along with the eastern shore. Really nice outside now.
  3. Should be nice wx for a lunch time walk.
  4. So you're saying this is likely every event on this board. We go w what fits our narrative
  5. HRRR is kinda meh. Hate to sound like EJ, but its flying through the area, winds stay east of the bay and the rain is like a normal big rainer around here.
  6. Too hot. Biked 40 miles of skyline drive today and it was a nice break from the heat n humidity.
  7. Had no idea it was supposed to be a gorgeous day out there.
  8. Give me a bag of plain utz ripple cut w a container of helluva good bacon horseradish dip.
  9. Just finished a 30 mi bike ride and damn it sucks out there.
  10. No kidding on the seeds. I had some habanada sweet peppers, mortgage lifter tomato, and pickling cucumber seeds go nuts in the past 2-3 days.
  11. Fair point that activity slows this time of year. That said, this is the only forum I participate in where mods actually shutdown the ability (w/out having to nav elsewhere) to discuss that topic.
  12. How many models actually had lots of rain this week for an extended period?
  13. Seems like most guidance keeps it east of the immediate area.
  14. 6z gfs even drier locally. MOS temps at DCA starting today 79,84,87,83,75 thru sunday.
  15. 18z GFS wasnt that wet....less than an inch for most of us thru Sunday. And, temps approaching 80 wed-sat.