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  1. No kidding on the seeds. I had some habanada sweet peppers, mortgage lifter tomato, and pickling cucumber seeds go nuts in the past 2-3 days.
  2. Fair point that activity slows this time of year. That said, this is the only forum I participate in where mods actually shutdown the ability (w/out having to nav elsewhere) to discuss that topic.
  3. How many models actually had lots of rain this week for an extended period?
  4. Seems like most guidance keeps it east of the immediate area.
  5. 6z gfs even drier locally. MOS temps at DCA starting today 79,84,87,83,75 thru sunday.
  6. 18z GFS wasnt that wet....less than an inch for most of us thru Sunday. And, temps approaching 80 wed-sat.
  7. Very simple. Recipe is intended to make them "healthier" so you dont have to use whole wheat flour if white is preferred. 3 cups ww flour 1.5 tsp baking powder 3 cups plain greek yogurt nonfat Egg wash on top and whatever toppings you want.
  8. Fresh batch of bagels coming out of the oven this morning.
  9. So the 18z GFS keeps most of us dry til late wednesday now?
  10. Ironically enough, last evening around 630 was the lightest crowd I've seen at wegmans in 2 months. And, I didnt see a single retail store open that was previously closed.
  11. 6Z GFS basically a 2" max rainfall for 95. Certainly not an end of the world scenario. And it never gets cold.
  12. GFS doesnt look awful thru monday. Temps are good and precip mostly held in check. Showers saturday?? Monday night thru friday looks like a joke.
  13. I had no idea people traveled long distances for beer. And, I dont mean that in a snarky way.
  14. What retail is opening at 5pm friday just to close at 8 or 9? Make it clean and start at the beginning of saturday. Also, it's kind of ass backwards to reopen without daycare reopened. I suspect lots of retail staff will be forced to not show up.
  15. And, the 0Z GFS shifted backwards with that %$#@[email protected]# BDCF Starting today thru next wed at DCA......69, 67, 84 ,81, 67, 66, 69, 76 At BWI…….67, 65, 83, 79, 65, 63, 67, 73