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  1. Mt Hood last night with a little lenny on top.
  2. I can’t give you a report on this year, but in my opinion, skyline drive isn’t the best for fall color. Personally, I’d go to Canaan valley 10/10 times if given the choice. And, while the drive is longer, it’s worth it. Canaan Valley and Blackwater Falls state park in Davis both offer good fall color viewing around the first weekend in October into that second weekend depending on a given years condition. And, if you’re driving something with some clearance you could go to dolly sods or Douglas falls near Thomas, wv which is only a few minutes from Blackwater Falls. These areas in wv have a much higher concentration of maples than skyline drive.
  3. Spotted this guy on my bike ride tonight. Humidity was awful.
  4. Drought conditions thru the work week. Spread the word. Water everything or let it die. It’s a personal preference thing.
  5. 6z guidance doesn’t seem to be too enthused w our rain chances today.
  6. Yes, Mt Marcus Baker. Though, lower elevation spots around 4-5k ft southeast of anchorage just got some snow as well.
  7. F this heat. Alaska is where it’s at.
  8. Yeah, we were doing a Saturday to Saturday rental this week. Aside from the storms on Tuesday afternoon the weather has been fabulous.
  9. Another morning in the 50s at DCL.
  10. Sunny with temps in the 50s this morning at DCL. Glorious.
  11. So thick out there. Sweaty and nasty.
  12. The station in the northern end of Canaan NWR bottomed out at 34.
  13. Shaw Orchards up in northern Hartford co, md.
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