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  1. Downpour Imby with some thunder.
  2. Too muggy today. I’m ready for winter again. Time to head to Alaska.
  3. Could turn out to be a brighter late afternoon and evening for the northern and western crews. Something positive to end the weekend.
  4. Another beautiful morning out there. Low of 36, currently 45.
  5. Long range GFS lacking any real heat thru Mother’s Day weekend.
  6. Sun is def trying. Also, 82 at rte 33/skyline drive intersection and 63 in Madison.
  7. The longer we delay A/C weather the better.
  8. Nice morning for a walk around the garden.
  9. A few days of cool weather won’t kill you. Not gonna last long.
  10. Perfect morning. Sign me up for these mornings til October.
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