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  1. WB 12Z EPS thru Day 15. Well if you don’t get 3 inches or more by February 5....
  2. 12Z EPS thru Day 5 Basically, the same as 6Z, a tick North at southern edge.
  3. Nice uptick in probs for early next week storm...good to see! Hopefully it holds today and improves. WB 6Z EPS, 6Z GEFS and 0Z Can.
  4. WB 18Z EPS continues to cave toward GEFS in early next week storm.
  5. EPS still has the storm...wobbles in the track will determine who gets slop and who gets a nice snowfall.
  6. No, but the temps are above freezing upstairs at hour 144
  7. WB 6Z EPS 3 inch probability maps increased from 0Z but the 6 inch prob maps decreased.
  8. WB 0Z EPS nice improvements for early next week! Supports the operational...
  9. Well maybe the GFS will cave at 1030 so everyone won’t be panicking for the 130 EURO... good thing I’m off tomorrow.
  10. I thought how the models handle the first wave will effect the track/strength of the second wave. I am enjoying the discourse. Thanks.
  11. WB GFS, what I said was that the GFS has been consistently showing freezing rain for Monday and all over the place for the next Tues. Wed. Wave.