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  1. WB 12Z GFS. On its own now for freeze threat on TH. am
  2. WB 0Z EPS shows drier but still averaging on the cool side for the last half of April.
  3. NWS missed this one....Thunderstorm in Brunswick. Line sunk further south than forecasted and they never updated! Some of us catch early trains!!!! Overnight Mostly cloudy early, then becoming mostly clear, with a low around 59. West wind around 6 mph. Models including 6Z HRRR also missed this line completely.
  4. WB latest EURO AIFS for late week rain...
  5. It was a great experience in DC. People staring up at the sky. Humanity put down their phones for 2 minutes. Amazing....
  6. 45 degrees and rain; our specialty.
  7. Potomac near Brunswick high but within its banks as I end my train ride home. Wonder if the wet spring will set us up for tropical flood threats later this summer.
  8. Wet and cool continues for next 2 weeks. Good for my grass seed as my lawn still recovers from last year's drought. WB 6Z GEFS
  9. Sterling NWS is putting out an hourly forecast threat matrix for the Key Bridge area to assist in providing best forecast for the cleanup. Wonder if they will start providing this for big weather events in the future. Nice concept.
  10. Chilly night upper 30s with a brisk wind. Feels like winter. Just could not get the waves to time right this year.
  11. Freeze outside the Beltways looking likely Tuesday am.
  12. Let's see if the AI at 12Z shows anything. Don't think it is out yet. 2 hour train rides home from work go faster when I spend time looking at model runs. Miss it during the nonwinter/ nonhurricane months.
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