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  1. I know….up to go to work anyway. 1.5 hour trip on the train, might as well look at models.
  2. Well, at least no planting flowers for 10 more days…
  3. What a difference in one day. Big lesson for me this year is to see if we can get a specific threat inside 5 days and on more than one model, otherwise don’t take it seriously. WB 12Z EURO compared to yesterday.
  4. WB 12Z GEFS no longer has any significant precipitation for middle of next week…
  5. Actually maybe our last flakes are coming from the late Friday/early Saturday wave. (Baby wave .001)
  6. Disappointing but not surprising. I guess this is better than a wound up storm that gave the mountains 2 feet and us 2 inches of rain. We will try again next year….
  7. 12Z ICON is south/ out to sea…theme of the day.
  8. WG 6Z GEFS has trended south of the area last 24 hours.
  9. Suppressed track continues on 6Z GFS.
  10. WB 0Z Euro is a suppressed mess compared to 12Z. Lucy is getting off the bench…
  11. Probability of precipitation has trended up slightly since yesterday.
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