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  1. WB 18Z GFS. 4th dries out on the latest run after a wet Sat afternoon and Sunday.
  2. Light rain in Brunswick. Will end June with a green lawn!!!
  3. WB 0Z GEFS extended through July 28
  4. Will it be a rainy July 4th weekend? WB 12Z GFS and EURO.
  5. WB 6Z 3K NAM. Widespread heavy rains. Keep the grass from browning out another week!!! First band of storms between 1-3 pm.
  6. WB 18Z GFS continues the pattern through the end of the month. What a June….
  7. Definitely another Spectacular Warning in Effect this afternoon. Fantastic blue skies, low humidity, and with the wind the sun does not feel hot in mid afternoon at nearly its highest angle of the year….enjoy everyone…
  8. Thunderstorm ⛈ in Brunswick. Perfect rain for the lawn, lots of lightning.
  9. WB 23Z HRRR stay safe in am….
  10. WB 12Z 3K NAM shifted South with midweek rain
  11. WB 18Z 3K keeps most rain south of DC on Sunday.
  12. WB 6Z EURO. Grass will stay green another week…squall line possible Sunday evening and another wave on Tuesday.
  13. Spectacular Warning in Effect. In the shade with the breeze actually a little cool. Mid September weather in mid June is rare indeed around here….
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