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  1. WB 18Z EURO says keep watching Friday....
  2. You don’t want to see 6Z. I will post 12Z when it is out.
  3. WB 12Z EPS individual members, there are some decent hits inside 8 days. About 12/50.... almost 25%.
  4. WB 12Z GEFS, still a couple of big hits but I think we’re on the mat...
  5. WB 12Z EPS teleconnections are pretty good for the 7-14 day period. Actually, if it were not getting late, more would be interested.
  6. WB 12Z GEFS thru Day 14. (All 7-14 day period.).
  7. If there is a deterministic run that supports EPS in the long range that will look nice but they have stunk outside a few days so I give them little credence anymore. They just end up bringing false hopes.
  8. I am watching the was never bullish about this last week of cold. It is getting late, but weird things can happen. Also one of the pro Mets called it over in the DMV, so now I really think we have a chance...
  9. WB 0Z EPS has some big hits for everyone, things may get interesting after next weekend....