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  1. WB 0Z EURO EPO. If you use this as a guide our window of opportunity is roughly March 6-11.
  2. WB 0Z EPS thru next weekend. Hug #9 for six hours. Actually 10 or so Members are either hits or out to sea...
  3. WB 0Z EURO shows storm for next weekend. Small percentage of EPS members are snow...worth keeping an eye on it...
  4. WB GEFS 18Z. Prob. Map is laughing at us literally.
  5. Little WB Oz GEFS or EPS support yet for the GFS 0z Day 13 deterministic run.
  6. 10 percent of 12z EPS members look good for this time period.... two weeks to see if that improves. Maps if we hit 30 percent or more.
  7. WB 6z GEFS thru Day 16, nothing through this week.
  8. WB 0Z EPS Control Day 13, March 6-7...placing all my remaining chips on the roulette wheel...only a weak EPS signal in the Day 9-15 period, about 10 percent heavy hitters. Enough for me to keep looking at the model runs for any trendsetters in the last three weeks or so of tracking.
  9. Glutton for punishment. WB 18Z GEFS. All Day 10 plus.
  10. 12Z EPS says see you next year. Too depressing to post any maps. I will have to start looking at hurricane probability maps as requested....
  11. WB 12Z GEFS actually the snow maps look better today than yesterday Trend or blip TBD.
  12. Informative albeit depressing article in the Washington Post on the snowless winter: to date.
  13. WB 12Z GEFS. I won't give up until the end of the first week of March...however, I am starting to look forward to my first beach trip in June.
  14. Still looks like the periods to watch are February 27-28, and March 3-5. Long shots at best but from two weeks out I don’t remember a strong signal for the NC event that is occurring tomorrow. We will need some luck. Party never got started but it is over in about 4 weeks so we track the crumbs that the weather gods have handed us this year.