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  1. WB 12Z EURO tropical ensemble for mid August showing some signs of life.
  2. OC, MD a little over an inch today with a steady 20 mph NE wind and highs only near 70. EURO redeemed itself today. Can see clearing skies on the western horizon. Next 5 plus days here look sunny with increasing heat. Hopefully get one more beach day in am before heading back West Friday am. Looks like I will be coming back to crispy grass and trees that will need watering… Picture added a little after 8pm.
  3. First real rainy morning on the MD shore since July 23rd. Now I am hoping the models are correct that my last day on the beach tomorrow clears out in time for one more swim. Overall, it was great beach weather for my two weeks, and next week looks good as well.
  4. WB 18Z. EURO very wet for tomorrow on the shore again compared to GFS and NAM.
  5. Beautiful night in OC, MD. (No rain and good amount of sun all afternoon). Monday and Tuesday look ok. I will be watching to see what happens Wed. And Th… before I head home… WB GEFS 18Z looks wetter for midweek. Since the prob maps never pan out in winter, might as well see if I can jinx the midweek rain on the shore by posting it.
  6. Let’s see how they do with the midweek wave… WB 12Z. EURO is wettest again….
  7. Everything is dry in OC (overcast with peaks of sun) and there are people on the beach. Models did a horrible job. The GFS once again did the best since it was the driest. Hope the midweek wave busts as badly….
  8. Light rain showers in North OC, MD. Not a good beach day but no torrential downpours yet. Nap warning in effect.
  9. Once again, looks like the EURO oversells an event within 24 hours. Note for upcoming winter, GFS is the new Dr. No. (midweek rain is also looking less impressive for most.). It will be interesting to see what we get on the coast.
  10. WB 12Z EURO. At OC, MD, so will let you know if we get anywhere near the 3-4 inches forecast for tomorrow, while home gets nothing.
  11. WB 18Z EURO wet Sunday DC eastward. (Wetter than American models)
  12. WB12Z 3K NAM 8pm. Scattered activity DC westward mid to late afternoon.
  13. WB 6Z 3k NAM. Hopefully you fall under one of the blobs tomorrow evening. I could use some relief from my $500 water bill last quarter.
  14. To my non expert eye, GFS did an above average job with Elsa…from tracking it along the west coast of Florida and generally keeping the heavier rains east of the Bay.
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