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  1. WB EPS 12Z AO.... if it holds cold air arrives in early November as PNA goes toward neutral.
  2. WB 6z GFS Day 11. GEFS not as impressed but something to keep an eye on rather than the lack of rain...GFS actually shows digital snow east of the mountains.
  3. Agreed. Again the Euro caved to GFS. So glad this was not a snow storm. Mental note for winter. Finally raining in southwest Frederick County Md. Thank goodness...latest WB 3K NAM.
  4. WB 18Z EURO....bring the much needed rain!!!
  5. WB GEFS extended thru October....
  6. I enjoy reading from the experts but something tells me 2020 has a few more surprises up its sleeve...should be an interesting last three months in more ways than one....
  7. First scattered light frost in Brunswick this am. Was actually a little surprised, but I see Sterling posted a frost advisory at 1am....
  8. Light rain showers in Brunswick....Yah!!!!
  9. Glad this isn’t winter. There would be lots of angst over this storm. Latest HRRR WB seems to be a little north. We could really use some rain up here...
  10. Would take it in a minute after last year!!!
  11. WB 18z EURO. Wetter this run for the rest of the week.
  12. Yard work two days look wet! WB EURO 12Z thru Tues.
  13. Casual observation but although we bash the GFS a lot, it did a better job with Laura’s track than the EURO. It never had it hitting Houston, and consistently had the remnants tracking through our area north of the EURO.
  14. WB 12z EURO...not from Laura but wet 10 day period may be on tap...Tues. and Labor Day weekend.