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  1. WB 12Z EURO TD prob. Day 10. MJO also lining up during this period according to JB.
  2. WB 0z EURO. This is not the tropical feature directly but next week is looking increasingly stormy and wet. Enjoy the next few days. Storm picture Wed. Precip map 10 day total.
  3. Looking at the 6 hour DCA history the high so far is 51. Maybe we will break the 1877 record low high temperature of 52....
  4. Snow flurries in Brunswick.
  5. WB 12Z 3K NAM says cover the annuals even inside the Beltways.
  6. WB 18Z EURO. Record cold Saturday. Think if we stay below 52 at DC for a high breaks a record from the 1870s.
  7. WB 6z GFS holds its southern track. Will be interesting to see if the models meet in the middle or if GFS caves altogether.
  8. TT 6Z ICON. Bottom line, shocker, no other model supports Goofus colder, southern track.
  9. WB 6z NAM also went north.
  10. The King says go well North and West WB 0z EURO.
  11. WB 18Z Friday. Goofus v. The King.
  12. WB 0z EURO. Looking increasingly likely that lows May 10 will be at least 20 degrees below normal. (6z map so shave a couple more degrees off.)