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  1. 12Z EPS still has some heavy hits the next two weeks, we shall see.. not all one storm: late this week, middle of next week, and the following weekend...
  2. Heavy sleet in Brunswick after about 2 inches of snow.
  3. Back to moderate snow in Brunswick, still 30.
  4. Changing to sleet in Brunswick, nice hour of snow.
  5. Brunswick 30, moderate snow, sticking on everything, dusting to half inch so far.
  6. WB 0Z GFS PARA also has a storm in the long range...( Day 9-10 period.)
  7. WB EPS Control in long range (March 3) throws a bone. My gut says there will be one more shot before it’s over...
  8. 6Z EPS trends stronger with late week wave but now we need some latitude...
  9. WB 18Z GEFS, Friday on life support but not dead yet, a few flush hits and a few to our south.
  10. About 4-5 inches here, was heavier snow for the last hour or so now back to a mix....mantle of white!!! I rate this winter for my neck of the woods a solid B if i don’t see another flake until next winter, but I don’t think we are done yet...
  11. WB 6z PARA....actually Next Friday is starting to look interesting...
  12. Heavy snow in Brunswick, everything has a fresh coating.
  13. WB 0Z 3K NAM: wetter like the HRRR,
  14. WB 0Z HRRR...wetter and colder...
  15. Just looked at the 3K NAM 18Z forecast over Arkansas late this afternoon. For what it is worth it appears to be under forecasting the intensity of the snow this afternoon there and the rain/snow line is farther south than it was forecasted even a few hours out....hopefully that extrapolates to something meaningful for us.
  16. Seems like such a disconnect between the short range models and the official forecast? Can anyone explain what experts are relying on to forecast the higher amounts? Any extra balloon releases to look for this warm layer?
  17. WB is sporadically updating this am so can’t upload the total precipitation maps etc. for 6Z EURO, probably just as well... guess the new weather rule is to look at the 3K NAM 24 hours out and call it a day.
  18. Sorry about that!!! Wishful thinking I guess!!!