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  1. WB 18Z NAM. Lock it in!!! I did not see anyone post it.
  2. It probably will be right since I rescheduled something for Wed.
  3. What is the FV3 on TT? Is that the new NAM? It shows some snow on Wed. At 12Z.
  4. The euro is not a short range model I know that but as we get inside 48 hours today, can anyone point to any significant storm where the NAM and EURO had no precipitation???
  5. That SREF run is 9Z so it will be interesting to see the 12Z suite. I mean I would love a 1-3 inch wide spread event…. But I guess I won’t believe it without EURO or NAM support.
  6. WB overnight extended GEFS control sees some cold coming…
  7. It’s mid December, not mid March, everyone relax—- at least until the cold spell in late month early January also disappears.
  8. WB 18Z EURO flurries to our north at 7am. Nothing rest of day….I am not waking up for the overnight run.
  9. Sterling NWS take this afternoon… So, overall there is still some uncertainty, but looking like a decent shot for some of the area to see the first snowfall of the winter (east of the mountains of course). Preliminary forecast gives a broad 1-2" along and west of I-95. There is the potential for higher amounts with this storm in areas of mesoscale banding. These are notoriously difficult to predict the exact location of, so at this point, uncertainty is too high to speculate where those higher amounts may be. Stay tuned to the latest forecast for this potential winter storm at weather.gov/lwx/winter.
  10. WB 18Z 12K. Would take 2 inches in Phase 6 MJO in a heartbeat.
  11. Dr. No is on a roll today. December seasonal update says we wait until April for normal temps.
  12. True but the WB 0Z EURO control has next weekend’s event… so GFS is not complete fantasy.
  13. WB 6Z EURO. Seems like the best we can hope for in the midweek storm is a general 1-3 if everything comes together.
  14. WB 6Z NAM is getting on bd. It will be interesting to see the 6z EURO…
  15. 18Z EURO ensembles are in line with its deterministic. Weak, south, etc.
  16. It’s early in the season folks. We will have a 100 failures and be lucky to have five hits….
  17. But the EURO has been awful. Let’s wait for the ensembles
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