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  1. So thick out there. Sweaty and nasty.
  2. The station in the northern end of Canaan NWR bottomed out at 34.
  3. Shaw Orchards up in northern Hartford co, md.
  4. Picked 10 pounds of blueberries and just over 1.5 lbs of raspberries in the rain this morning.
  5. Barely a drop here and HRRR shows little rain Imby.
  6. Low of 45 a few miles down the road at Tipton airport. 50 Imby.
  7. 61 in the house this morning after windows open all night. Refreshing.
  8. Windows open weather in mid June. Approved. The current WC at KMWN is 7.
  9. So about Thursday night. Let’s do this…
  10. Some timing differences, but 12z guidance likes it.
  11. Fabulous out there!
  12. Thanks for sharing. I looked on their instagram feed and didn’t see anything. Not surprised at the 50 tree number based on what I observed.
  13. Biked Reston to Purcellville and back this morning. The wooded sections of the WO&D west of leesburg were trashed with tree debris presumably from this weeks storms.
  14. Loud thunder…..50 from the beltway to Annapolis going to be a mess.
  15. Yes! And mando coming out in February……can’t get here fast enough.
  16. Weekend starting to come into focus. friday - front in the afternoon w/storms sat - chance showers sun/mon - sunny, temps moderating through the period.
  17. GFS is a step in the right direction for the weekend. Front clears overnight Friday.
  18. Let’s hope the gfs is wrong. I’d rather not have another showery weekend….especially for the long holiday weekend.
  19. Back in my day we called these gully washers.
  20. Impressive for mid may if it pans out.
  21. 90s Friday - Sunday. Thoughts and prayers.
  22. Downpour Imby with some thunder.
  23. Too muggy today. I’m ready for winter again. Time to head to Alaska.
  24. Could turn out to be a brighter late afternoon and evening for the northern and western crews. Something positive to end the weekend.
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