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  1. Back for the first fail of the season and to see mappy smack some folks :)
  2. Not even enough to wet the ground at my house today. And, as losetoa6 mentions, tomorrow looks mostly dry.
  3. Huh? There are plenty of examples in previous seasons where areas not far from DC scored when DC did not.
  4. Where do I sign up or 3 months of no rain?
  5. You see the mixing progressing slowly east on cc while also nudging NNE further to the east.
  6. about a lowering of totals. And, those 3-4" amounts might be a reach. This type of stuff has seemingly been happening in coastal NE all winter.
  7. lol, but ratios will be in the 10-12:1 range. SMH.
  8. Great idea. NPZ and ZEN couldn't find snow if their lives depended on it.
  9. Heavier rates, deck and grass whitening.
  10. Making a half decent map isnt hard, but some people struggle...
  11. I'd be cautious with assuming ratios would be anything above 6-8:1.
  12. Better than dry and warm. DC might have to take one for the team Sure, but if the NAM is right you're prob not going to see much either.
  13. 0z NAM looks wet and warm...if it's right, DC and most SE of 95 likely see no accumulation at all.
  14. This wont be as good as the event we had back in January in the heart of winter
  15. Surface temps look to be 33-34 during that nice front end thump on the 3k.
  16. If Wes isnt impressed, I dont know what you all are chasing.
  17. 1) Most here don't care about your plans. 2) Anything that falls tonight should have no impact on your plans. 3) Driving in the snow/ice really isn't that hard if you a) go slow and b) pay attention.
  18. Hmmm....thinking a drive up towards camp david and then to Gettysburg may be in the works for tomorrow morning.
  19. I'm just glad that CWGs forecast of 1-8" for mby was accurate.
  20. 3" here. Had some PL mixing in, but heavier returns are overhead again and SN is the predominate precip type again.
  21. way to ruin the snow cover in your neighborhood. awful neighbor.
  22. Stop looking at models and just enjoy what's happening or happened outside your window.