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  1. Was in Hershey a few a weeks ago. They were everywhere. You couldn’t walk any length of distance without seeing one.
  2. Looks like those may have initiated off the ocean breeze working inland. Very noticeable on radar.
  3. I got stung by something while biking. And oddly enough, in the gd stomach. Whatever stung me must’ve either got inside my Jersey or it’s stinger pierced the jersey. There’s pain. There’s swelling. This is why I like winter. Lol
  4. That sounds so painful.
  5. Was catching lunkers last night. I realize if you haven’t had this same level of success the typical reaction may be one of jealousy, rage, questioning your shitty fishing abilities, etc. try not to be too hard on yourself. 20+ years of practice, know how , etc got me to this point.
  6. It’s going to be a really nice evening. Someone is going to get a great sunset
  7. Strange way to start a post. anyway, looks like we get partial clearing soon.
  8. We hope you are safe. May we use your post on all media outlets?
  9. HRRRRRRR wants to develop a line of storms along and east of 95 early afternoon. Not much happening til then.
  10. Out in the rain this morning
  11. Any recommendations for good general contractors in the Arlington area?
  12. Shitty blueberry posts
  13. Found this nice 10 pt this morning. But then this other buck that’s wide af was lurking.
  14. Perfect morning and a nice preview for Christmas morning. Also, there’s a moon name for every gd full moon now.
  15. Excuse the crappy back of camera phone pic. Excited to see what this guy looks like at the end of summer. The 2nd head on pic is the same buck last august taken only a few hundred yards from the current pic.
  16. Like .05. Woo. Yay rain.
  17. When is the rain supposed to begin?
  18. Nvm. I see that the show is now canceled. Whoops.
  19. Gotta wonder if the pro companies account for stuff like this when planning. No show tonight or backups nearby?
  20. Not uncommon. Likely A-10 thunderbolts from the 175th wing of the NG based at warfield (on Martin state airport property). Prob associated w a holiday event and it goes towards training hours.
  21. Gorgeous morning. It would appear that northern and NE MD are the focus today for scattered showers/storms.
  22. This badge system is broken. And, hth am I a newbie? I’m at least at the rising star level. That’s not too much to ask for 11 years of time invested on the board trixie is very popular? Is that a good or bad popular?
  23. I'll probably do a batch of muffins, but for the most part I'll just eat them raw. I usually eat a few pounds of them each week.
  24. Picked 13.5lbs of glorious blueberries this morning.
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