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  1. Decided to take the kids down to my parents in Dundalk today...top 5 storm arguably. Trees and power lines down everywhere, roads closed with lines down. Large trees fully uprooted in spots and roof toppings off some apartments. This area up through Essex and Parkville really took it on the chin. Hail was persistent on an off for the better part of an hour, and I’d estimate in the “microburst” period, we gusted 65-70 to cause that damage. To top it off, the rain and flooding is extensive. Water several feet deep in places after ~4.75” in about 2.5 hours. Power out still since 4PM. Now to watch to the west
  2. Jeb, we don't want you to pick BOTH. 11-12 stunk for us
  3. Hi Map, sorry been out of pocket from a few days of work being busy. Here are my coordinates! 39.5822, -77.0218
  4. I might have missed a storm, I was in Florida for quite a while and think I am closer to 40” after tallying. I actually have more elevation than you at 770 feet or so. Westminster is at a higher elevation than UB for the most part. You start to get towards the valley as you go west on Uniontown/Middleburg Rd.
  5. Where are you for the year? I'm right around 35" on the west side of town in Westminster. I suspect you're mid to upper 40's?
  6. I wouldn’t mind you moving into the CPA forum after reading some of your posts this past week
  7. Well some places from Winchester to Westminster might have 6-8” by 8/9am. 1.25” here since 4am, 24 degrees.
  8. Why did anyone’s eyes jump? Y’all thought for a sec PSU would call this? I’m dead.
  9. Very serious. That’s for certain. Only 29.6 here in Westminster.
  10. Some internal communication between you two coulda helped there.. lol
  11. Some people only look for the little L. This map shows the pressures a lot better.
  12. Will reserve judgement for the 0z run, these off hours have been wonky as of late. Weenie-ism but we saw other models juice up at 18z.
  13. ICON is a stone cold crushing for the northern tier and a great hit into the cities with the thump. Starting to see some solutions actually getting more juicy in cases today, and the longer duration is to thank in part. Also starting to see double digit total potential in some runs in the favored areas. EPS had some of these as well.
  14. You know how often they tweak these before game time. I bet it changes 3-4 times before the first flakes come down.
  15. I project a big time NAMing run here. Cold aloft and lighter wind vectors bringing in the warmer air in the ML’s.
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