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  1. That’s definitely 3”/hr stuff. I had to pull into someone’s drive off Bachman’s mill when I journeyed to the squall. Was driving down as the visibility began to drop, then snow from a tree came and must have covered the entire car. Car went sliding and luckily 10 seconds later when I could see again I found myself on the opposite side of 97. Let’s be thankful no one was coming.
  2. Well this puts a couple of you guys near 7” for this event as a whole. Models have squalls through the afternoon, and I’m watching that batch in PA. A respectable 5.25” west of Minster with a fresh half inch from the squall that just moved through. Interested to see how much more a few of us could tack on.
  3. Crazy to think that 31 looked just fine compared to those, does it look fine closer out into New Windsor?
  4. That’s sick, route 97 near Bachmans Mill this morning was a complete white out, plus there was all that snow blowing off the trees making matters worse. Sidenote, 97 stinks this morning both north and south of Westminster
  5. Gotcha, sounds like Blacks schoolhouse rd area, love driving back there and off stone, would be a scenic morning tomorrow to cruise.
  6. Just over 4 out here off Uniontown Rd, I’m assuming you’re up near the Mayberry/Silver Run area?
  7. Will Yoda's cries about this being I 70 north be valid, or will the warm front redeem itself like Happy Gilmore? Surprisingly, I have a decent success rate starting threads over the years.
  8. Surprise no one is mentioning the pretty well-defined hook echo near Stephens city
  9. Yeah the warm layer sometimes shows no mercy down that way, also potvin, like Jeremy?
  10. Definitely agree with that, not seeing those numbers over the bay.
  11. Nah that ICON snow map is always low compared to output, at least if you're talking about the TT one. Can be accurate at times, but underdone while all the others are overdone.
  12. At least the RGEM was a nice hit for us just now at 12z. Little more enerentic and 3-4 hours of what looks to be 1”/hr rates. Verbatim about 8-9”. Not buying that with timing but can’t hurt that it comes in hot and best rates are 6-10pm. Workable to get a 6” event out of that.
  13. Icon shaping up to be pretty good at 6z thru 60 hrs
  14. It is dumping just west of Westminster, vis around 1/10th of a mile.