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  1. Surprise no one is mentioning the pretty well-defined hook echo near Stephens city
  2. Yeah the warm layer sometimes shows no mercy down that way, also potvin, like Jeremy?
  3. Definitely agree with that, not seeing those numbers over the bay.
  4. Nah that ICON snow map is always low compared to output, at least if you're talking about the TT one. Can be accurate at times, but underdone while all the others are overdone.
  5. At least the RGEM was a nice hit for us just now at 12z. Little more enerentic and 3-4 hours of what looks to be 1”/hr rates. Verbatim about 8-9”. Not buying that with timing but can’t hurt that it comes in hot and best rates are 6-10pm. Workable to get a 6” event out of that.
  6. Icon shaping up to be pretty good at 6z thru 60 hrs
  7. It is dumping just west of Westminster, vis around 1/10th of a mile.
  8. The coastal from Saturday is in a better 50/50 location through 60 hours.
  9. Now the GFS is definitely coming south of 18z, I’m not missing that read. Look out folks cuz now it’s liable to come north
  10. Yeah, the fact that I just watched the icon come out and was comparing runs has shown where we are in this day in age. Sad story sometimes. Maybe it’ll do what your JMA did in 06.
  11. Hey man, you had me on the it’s going north boat based on the hour 36 map. From there, it was just flat lol
  12. You can at least see the UL maps and figure out where that read could come from. But with a weaker low it just didn’t matter.
  13. Obvious at the surface it was headed south, if you didn’t have access to that you’d think it would push the low a bit north. Certainly not complaining about it though.
  14. Sure is. I was actually attributing the lack of phasing as the possible cause for the other models running this further north than the ICON. However, the overall look at h5 is just flatter and de-amped vs the last few runs, so if that is the reason, it’s washed out by the weaker s/w.