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  1. Brain and sleet in Springfield 47° whiskey Tango foxtrot
  2. You don't stay in Purgatory forever. This looks promising. I recall an east coast snowstorm that hit South Jersey with 4 inches of snow around late March 1997, I think. Think it was rain around here. Buckle up.
  3. And I was just going to ask the likelihood that the GFS is correct 7-8 days out from the arrival of the storm considering the signal for this time period has been there for a few days now.
  4. 6z GFS run has a nice looking coastal snowstorm on the 22nd but the Western ridge looks somewhat flat. Period to watch anyway.
  5. Moderate snow continues in Gainesville. But my snow blower won't start.
  6. Just came in from walking my dog. Light to almost semi-moderate snow and 36. I knew it wanted to snow in Gainesville. Can't wait for the 22nd storm to usher in Spring.
  7. That's a stout HP (1048) showing up near the end of 12z run with a juicy storm in the SW eventually moving east bringing snow to Myrtle Beach. I got a feeling.
  8. We already know how it's gonna play out. Whoever is paying for model projections past 5 days, (and I suspect it's everyone), is a waste of our money.
  9. Models keep making the same changes around the same time.
  10. Brother you're right. Today was the definitive beginning of the end for this threat. Just like the others.
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