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  1. Impressive vetting powderfreak!
  2. Even at the beginning, pre-existing conditions was said to be a risk factor.
  3. Thus the angst and frustration. Get off social media. It's a sht storm. Listen to the experts(supposedly) and make do as best you can and remember that most who catch the virus live on.
  4. April 10th 500's look more promising.
  5. Too bad there's little food at Giant.
  6. It's called a trial balloon.
  7. Test results coming in.
  8. On Thursday evening, I saw guys playing basketball outside in Arlington in a pretty crowded park, sweating like crazy. They do think they're invincible.
  9. Nobody said they found a cure. "Considered cured" is a far cry from having found a cure.
  10. The "suck it up scenario " only referred to the suppositions and "what it's expressed here. Being a senior, I am in no way downplaying this pandemic. And I think the study said 1.1 to 1.2 million(and I'm not downplaying these figures).
  11. If you read between the lines of the experts, they don't know what's to come. So they are erring on the side of safety. One thing we do know is that is that people 60 years old and up have the most to worry about re dying from this virus. Yes it apparently is very contagious. About 650,000 people die from respiratory diseases each year globally. Maybe we should stop spreading panic and suck it up for a few weeks and then hopefully go on with our lives.
  12. And a lot of the shit comes from China.
  13. My wife's family is from WV and grew up on lard. Big yes but at least in her community many have lived into the late 80's and 90's.
  14. Are you referring to ratings? I have no use for Hannity since he is a barker and cheerleader. But there is propaganda spewing from all sides. Except when it comes to the dossier.