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  1. Tonight's EURO run must stop the bleeding and improve our snow chances for this weekend. The slp on the GFS this afternoon was pretty jumpy like it was unsure of what it was spitting out. I'll hang my hat on that.
  2. I think not this time. The EURO is a frontrunner.
  3. It doesn't yet have a handle on all the moving parts.
  4. Brother, you're either all in or all out. You decide. If you're in, I nominate you to start the thread, on Friday.
  5. Plenty of time to have the system get under us; a little bit each day.
  6. Nice write-up. It's probably closer to five days. I like the fact that it didn't take the GFS too much time to get on board with the EURO. If this storm were to transfer off the coast, could it bomb out and be more likely to draw in more cold air?
  7. Big Change on the 12z EURO. Can anyone explain what happened up top to make this change?
  8. Icon has a similar track but more west. We need a miracle Both models would be great if the H5 dug more south next weekend.
  9. Moderate rain in Gainesville 30゚