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  1. That lp in the nw has come out of no where on this run. Lots of moving parts and the storm has sped up it appears.
  2. That would be quite the front end thump. I like those types of storms. Fun tracking coming up!
  3. End of the run on the GFS looks promising as well!
  4. Being an Eagles fan I agree. A very good trick play and poor coaching contributed to the loss. I wish the coaches would buy into a consistent running game like about 25 touches for Sanders. He's the real deal. Ertz kinda sucked today from what I hear. Now I have to hope Dallas loses to either Chicago or the Rams but I'm thinking the Eagles have probably run out of reprieves.
  5. Cloudy, misty, and 37 in Gainesville.
  6. NWS forecasts snow showers on Monday night!
  7. Looks like the major models all trended south/southwest today.
  8. Plenty of time for the blues to propagate sw! :)0
  9. Maybe it can trend enough to get mix on late Sunday night/Monday morning. Secondary pops near OC, NJ at GFS 12z as opposed to se of NYC at 6z. Both are further north than the 12z NAM, which is around the Delmarva. Keep trending!
  10. Great write- up guys. Dumbing it down for me, is the track of the storm (nw to se) also a problem since the wind direction fails to tap any cold air? Seems to be acting like a clipper which we haven't had much luck with lately.
  11. Be nice to see the lp pass over sw VA . Plenty of time for that. Would like to see some snow falling on Sunday while I watch my beloved IGGLES bask in the Miami sunshine.
  12. I think the transfer is from the lp in Lake Erie.
  13. Comparing 18z to 12z, seems the redeveloping LP is further sw and somewhat larger at 18z . Am I reading this correctly and if so, does it mean anything significant as to its evolution?
  14. 38 in Warrenton with a few sprinkles.