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  1. Wonderdog

    March Discobs 2019

    Yeah, sun angle got us good this time.
  2. CMC still gives us some love next Tuesday.
  3. Wonderdog

    March Discobs 2019

    40 degrees with a steady cold rain in the car in Manassas! Searching in vain for a rogue ping of sleet hitting the windshield.
  4. Wonderdog

    Grading Winter 2018-2019

    D. Too many nickle and dime events to suit me. Also, the tracking was sub par because almost all tracking events were minor systems. The general overall pattern sucked and I know just enough about this hobby to recognize when a system has very little chance of being an overperformer, notwithstanding our January storm. For me, the excitement of this hobby is having the potential of a warning level event and we had what one or two of those? Had precious few storms riding up the coast and don't get me started about the "big pattern change". Ugh.
  5. Becoming a habit. HP is not as stout today lessening its movement south with the colder air for next week.
  6. Plenty of time to trend north!
  7. After next week's frontal passage, FV3 develops a storm on the tail end. Have to figure out a way to bring it up the coast instead of out to sea.
  8. Probably doesn't belong here but 6Z GFS shows substantial rain in the WDC area on Thursday. Now where is that cold air?
  9. A massive paste job that would put a hurtin for certain on the toy.
  10. I was referring to the fact that it's had a storm for what, a week? Track and snow are incidentals. lol
  11. So the EURO caved to the FV3? Interesting.
  12. So how do we get that surface reflection at Cape Hatteras to form further south? Hope for some sort of capture to keep the storm on the coast and bomb out further south?
  13. FV3 cranks up the storm just off the coast next Thursday. Still evolving.