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  1. Promises are cheap if more than five days out.
  2. A very nice 4.5 inches in Gainesville.
  3. Moderate to heavy snow in Warrenton 30°
  4. Actually it looks like the radar has filled in quite impressively. Light to moderate snow in Gainesville
  5. Snow picking up in Gainesville.
  6. Humor aside, Bob Chill was concerned about dealing with multiple waves of low pressure as opposed to a bonifide storm.
  7. I doubt a couple of inches occurs IMBY. maybe a grass topper.
  8. Light flurries in Gainesville.
  9. lol,maybe you're right.
  10. What is interesting to me was that the Weather Channel forecast on WMAL late yesterday afternoon was saying an inch or two at most (don't know if they upped their totals later),when the models were saying a few inches more. I was wondering what they were seeing at the time that the models weren't.
  11. That upper lp diving down ain't helping. Seems like the good stuff now firing up off the NC coast will slide on out to the NE. Models didn't handle this very well, it seems.
  12. Exactly. On radar, it looks like it hits a brick wall.
  13. Nice squeeze play between the dreaded se ridge and the GL system