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  1. So true. It's too bad. It was a great source of important information. With the way Covid 19 is presented by all the politicians, it's nearly impossible to not have politics rear its ugly head in the thread. But they threw the baby out with the bath water.
  2. Ortho used to have a liquid named 2787, might be off on the numbers though lol. Just look for the active ingredient but I know you know that It is a fungus that has the spiderweb look on the grass with help from the dew. Powdery mildew. 2787 however used to be good for about two weeks.
  3. Heavy rain in Gainesville 66゚
  4. That's going out on a limb brother.
  5. 61 and clear in Gainesville.
  6. Check out a Toro self- propelled mower. Probably more expensive than a Snapper but hey, you're loaded.
  7. Is that a tropical system rolling thru FL at the end of the GFS run?
  8. Give it a couple of weeks. If there aren't any major setbacks, it will change. Besides place like restaurants will be cutting back on tables, capacities etc. My guess is that due to America's ability to adapt, things will be getting back to near normal. A lot of fear is being spread especially by some of your sources of information for obvious and not so obvious reasons.
  9. And I think you have to consider assaults, robberies, and thefts of all kinds when correlating crimes and poverty or at least financially disadvantaged individuals, not just violent crimes.
  10. Northam extends stay at home to 5/14/2020. Phase 1 might begin after that.Cites PPE and hospital beds in adequate supply.
  11. Can anyone direct me to a website that shows hospitalizations in VA on a daily basis. And why would VA count total # of positive tests as opposed to the # of patients who tested positive?