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  1. I thought I saw a few flurries on I-66 around Centreville with temps falling thru the 50's at around 12:30.
  2. Heavy rain with hail in Gainesville 57°
  3. Just so a couple of snowflakes in Springfield Car temp 48゚
  4. Heavy rain in Gainesville 70°
  5. Everytime we hit 70 in early March, it snows within a week.
  6. Agree with most, but let's keep posting those Kuchera maps.
  7. Sprinkles beginning in Gainesville, 45°. Looking forward to seeing some wet snow mixing in at around 9:30 tonight (according to future radar).
  8. What would you say if I told you that I am not putting away the toy until after that event clears the east coast?
  9. I like the overrunning situation around March 1 on GFS. We're on the warm side of it today but maybe we can catch a break. Be nice if the dethroned king is sniffing this out first.
  10. Rain and the occasional snow 31°in Gainesville.
  11. Freezing rain in Gainesville 29゚
  12. Snow and sleet Can in Reston 31゚
  13. I grew up in South Jersey and recall the occasional big coastals that were usually very wet, being 30 or so miles from the beach. They must account for, in my mind, the higher average snowfall amounts mentioned above for my county that surprises me. But my memory may be failing me.