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  1. golia1w

    January 22-23 Mid Atlantic Storm Thread #2 - No Banter

    RIC hasn't had a foot since 1983, I think. Other parts of the metro area, yes, Jan 2010 is I believe the most recent.
  2. golia1w

    ST Patricks Day Storm discussion

  3. golia1w

    January Banter Thread

    Not sure what thread this should go in, but anyone see this yet? Wes Junker in Time. http://nation.time.com/2014/01/17/the-polar-vortex-is-probably-coming-back/?hpt=hp_t3
  4. golia1w

    January 15th Threat

    It's all good. I totally get it, and I was just having a little fun with the one time this winter we've actually done better than the folks to the north of us!
  5. golia1w

    January 15th Threat

    It's just totally different climos. You guys should probably start posting in the Southeast thread.
  6. golia1w

    January Pattern Discussion

    I feel like someone makes a post like this a few times each winter, yet when I look at snowfall records from RIC (which is demonstrably lower than even the rest of the metro Richmond region) they are closer to DCA than, say RDU. Has anyone ever studied numbers to substantiate the claim that Richmond has become "detached," or is this just a regional bias playing out?
  7. golia1w

    SW/Central/SE VA Disco

    32.5 degrees and rain here (U of R area). Had some sleet mid-afternoon but seems to be all rain now.
  8. Don, I always enjoy your well-written insights, but your last several posts have been infused with such wry humor, I have re-read them several times with a smile on my face. You have been a real holiday treat!
  9. golia1w

    5.8 Earthquake Aug 23, 2011

    In the University of Richmond area, too. Knocked pictures off my shelf!