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  1. I’m near Morristown and the sky is certainly ominous. We need the rain badly.
  2. 1.81” in morris county
  3. Yes that would be much more fun to watch the games lol. But this gives me an excuse to be inside.
  4. I’ll take 3-4” of rain while watching March madness. Love it!
  5. Hard snow haha - can’t make this stuff up
  6. Bring on spring! Love snow but ready for warmer days.
  7. Right by you in Morristown. Would love another . 1-3 to refresh the snow pack and clean things up. Im not following maps for such a small storm where its probably a 1-2” difference but just hoping for enough for the kiddo to get some fresh sledding.
  8. Didn’t mean to be offensive. I just remember so many time when it snowed a decent amount. Let’s say 3-6 and only grass got covered. Happy you got into the action last storm and hope you get a refresher tomorrow
  9. Snow in the city is basically rain unless you get 6+. Everything just melts on contact in *most* areas. Would hate to live there for snowstorms.
  10. 1-3/2-4 — not much to track until reaLtime obs. A wiggle north. A wiggle south. Both will happen until the snow falls. Models pretty much useless at this point for this mini event.
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