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  1. I can totally agree with what your saying.... people at my job are this morning see nothing is going on damn forecasters screwed another up. I warned them for the afternoon/evening the situation is going to look alot different so i get ill believe when i see it nonsense.
  2. They are in a good agreement on the winds but not the amount of rain.
  3. That simply ain't true.... tropical systems can drop 4-6" in 2/3 hours easily.
  4. Those two UKIE maps are some serious business.... like others have said prob cut that wind map in half which is still up in the storm force wind just range.... i am sure a few locations will see hurricane force wind gusts. However, the precip map is extremely concerning on top of those winds. Any thoughts on 4-7" of rain?
  5. Yea i know you locale is pretty far inland.... your concern I feel should of on the flooding rains because all of the models have trended in that direction. also if he regains minimal hurricane status ( i am thinking 85mph) then I really don't see much decline in intensity as it moves up to our latitude. Most likely 65-70mph around our region which is all dependent on if does strengthen a bit. some if's.... we'll see. definitely have a better understanding of the situation by later this evening/tonight.
  6. OK warranted but backyard is pretty far inland which is not a representation of the alot of the subforum. even for me in the Lower Hudson Valley I still would expect some strong winds and potentially gusts over 50-60mph. Isaias will pack a nice punch. yesterday i was more concerned on flooding now the wind factor has definitely increased quite from NYC on east/north. still believe we see a few inches or rain as opposed to west of NYC in NJ/Eastern PA could see 4-6 inches with some localized amounts up to 8" is not out of the question.
  7. well NHC still thinks it will regain minimal hurricane status just before landfall. and no way the shear is still in that range it is sig lower than that at this time.... not sure if anybody should be downplaying a storm like this. I would expect more significant impacts then FAY. Just some gusty winds???.... lets get real now! this is a higher impact storm considering it will be moving faster which does not allow for weakening to be as much and also the phase in with the trough which would help to tighten the wind giradiant.
  8. So would you suspect that Isaias is a hurricane again?
  9. Lots of 64kt+ winds on the east side... definitely seems to be a bit more healthier today then in the past couple days.
  10. I wouldn’t just call this a nor’easter... this will most certainly pack more of a punch then that!
  11. That lull is going to be short lived....
  12. Picked up .5 in last 30 minutes. 4.5” and still ripping