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  1. That lull is going to be short lived....
  2. Picked up .5 in last 30 minutes. 4.5” and still ripping
  3. 4” measured at 9:20 and now it’s ripping finally getting into those bands coming from CT.
  4. Most schools in Westchester county either closed or are having early dismissals.
  5. you do realize its 9:50am... the main show is later this afternoon.
  6. Nice to see the band shifted further east again with the higher amounts for all of Westchester! Edit: Actually it didn't really shift and more so expanded.
  7. Yea I wasn’t going to say anything the fact is I don’t post to his comments due to the fact that they are all invalid. 3-6 inches area wide tomorrow with more in isolated spots.
  8. Around what time are we looking at for changeover back to snow for tomorrow? Trying to plan on safest time to travel from the Bronx to Hawthorne NY.
  9. Ahh my bad bro... didn’t realize you were being sarcastic!
  10. Not really sure why you feel this way... I think the city gets a few inches. This isn’t a traditional backend.
  11. When should be expect the rain to end tomorrow? In the morning?