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  1. And that would be what 135-140mph max intensity?
  2. That massive area over Central CT has been moving west will start to bring in the real effects of Henri with more consistent wind gusts and heavy rain!
  3. That new NHC track has more of a bend to the WEST. Will be interesting to see what happens later this afternoon and evening.
  4. Thanks for the update! How do you feel for places slightly further north... like southern part of the LHV. thanks in advance @SnowGoose69
  5. You are correct . Got the feeling most models are underestimating the amount of rain especially considering the slow movement once it makes landfall.
  6. Worst with winds maybe yes but some serious rain totals are an absolute certainty for all the tri state area... I think ALOT of people are forgetting that!
  7. Oh very much so... even gets decent winds into the LHV. Rains are going to be high west of the center we all know that. I still like a landfall in central Suffolk I don’t believe it will be out on the eastern tip
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