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  1. I have some advice for everyone/. If there is a big storm coming and you really dont want to miss up/. Do it Jim Cantorii style. Go to the storm. I went to Monticello Sunday night with the family and we saw about 11-12 inches. drove back to LI last night. No snow to shovel... obviously an expensive hobby, but worth it 1-2 times a winter
  2. I hope you are correct as some of these models show very little snow anywhere close to the area... At least in prior years I was able to take my kids to Rockland to enjoy the storms.
  3. A few observations from 12Z EURO: 1. Forget the surface map (it is pretty ugly) 2. Big improvement at 850 and 500 MB 3. Look at 500MB difference position between 0Z and 12Z (looks about 100 miles SE of 0Z) 0Z 12Z 850MB LP (same SE movement 0Z 12Z
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