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  1. Wantage NJ 8 South of High Point. Final 10.0 inches. 13000 Households without power In our SREC service area and that’s part of 47000 without power in NJ. Wind coming up now. 30.4Fat 508am
  2. Wantage NJ now up to 8.9" storm total (7" since 615AM). Last report til our final at 5am Tuesday. Sussex County Sussex Rural Electric power outages up to 10000 households now...highest of the evening so far I think.
  3. Hi! Finally back on line. Wantage NJ 8 s High Point. 6" past 12 hours. power outages here in Sussex County, over 6500 without power due to tree limbs weighted with the 33F wet snow snow. Storm total as of 645PM 7.9" including yesterday . Snow blower removed but difficult to get through the slabs 1.5" sleet-freezing rain base. Pix to share of our yard at 445PM/2.
  4. 815AM interim report for Wantage NJ 4sw, 2.4". Possibly no further reports til after 330PM. 31.3F now in steady light snow. Note: where you see echo return nw NJ and ne PA, think its snowing at a pretty good clip there. Here in Wantage-Ndewton, snowing lightly at .1 or .2/hr but no 88D returns. fwiw.
  5. 615AM: Wantage NJ 8s High point 1.9" storm total snow and sleet, with light fine snow at this report and accumulating. 30.9F. Packed frozen sleet beneath the new snow is a difficult removal process. Not even sure if a snowblower will handle it. mPING reports continuing--this one since radar shows almost nothing falling in our location at 615AM.
  6. Wantage NJ 8s High Point:: 4AM report 0.3" overnight. Snowing now but lightly, tho moderately sized flakes. Storm total 1.7" snow-sleet. Glaze not much more than last evening's report. Plowed here last evening. 31.1F Not sure when I'll get to post again, hopefully once around 830A, or possibly delayed til at least 330PM.
  7. Wantage 8 s of High Point: 845PM report. 1.4" snow sleet combo with freezing drizzle now and 29.7F. Glaze estimated near .06"...definitely .1" glaze top side of branches. Crackling in the wind here tonight but no damage so far. Plowing our street now. Difficult removal of sleet-zr soaked.
  8. Wantage NJ 8 s High Point. 615PM 1.1" snow-sleet total with light sleet-freezing rain mixed at 615PM and temp rising to 28.6 as this posts.
  9. Wantage NJ. 8s High Point. 0.8 total snow-sleet with 0.3" sleet 230-445P. 24.4F Sleeting pretty good rate right last 45 minutes. posted 448P/1
  10. Wantage NJ 4 sw (8 s High Point). IP- and 0.5" so far. 22.8F. Anemometer frozen. Glaze is less than 0.1" I like the Sussex-KFWN I group suggest 0.01-0.02 glaze. 245PM/1
  11. Dont know about ZOOMradar, but Radarscope has all the mPING too. Good choice for a small fee.
  12. Hi everyone, Wantage 8 s High Point NJ had to be offline for 4 hours. Here's what has transpired in Wantage NJ 4sw. ZRW-- 806AM-810AM, ZL- around930AM-10AM, then ZR- around 10A-1030A with freezing on windshield edges and blades despite heaters Then. 0.4" snow sleet accumulation as of 150PM with 1 hour of all snow 1230-130PM. Now all sleet. 22.8F will check glaze later but we definitely have glaze here. No wind speed due to glaze but its blowing a bit. Thanks for participating and all the mPINGS. Helpful! Think the operational HRRR had a nice call hours in advance on the precip change to snow for a time here in ne PA/nw NJ. Going to be a LONG event with so many interesting aspects. Cheers!
  13. "Sprinkles" of freezing rain began at this Wantage NJ location at 806AM. 21.4F
  14. Yes it's cold and you saw the Bethleham PA report. Note also...not sure how many here use mPING but it's a valuable CROWD SOURCING opportunity. I'll be mpinging as we go through so many changes the next 24 hours. Already mPING reports confirm Bethleham on the Radarscope app I use. You may be seeing mPING reports elsewhere?? (Pleaser let me know if you do see mPING reports elsewhere). Thanks and enjoy this messy winter storm. As Highland Lakes posted...we are quite cold with overcast skies nd northeast breeze here at 740' elevation. 21F. 708AM/1