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  1. Good morning nw-ne suburbs... this Sunday April 11. At the risk of being embarrassed for a non-occurrence, think it good to post my impression of multiple models heading into elevated wet snows the next two weeks. Where and when? I do think some of our friends at 1000 feet or more will get a chance to witness snow, maybe even accums. Here's what I posted to a small FB gourd of friends this morning after implying a week ago Saturday that there could be some snow in the elevations this weekend. Let's see if anything happens: Good Sunday morning I84! Wheres the elevation snow you ask? Coming. First chance in the Poconos Monday night. Miniscule amounts if any snow occurs at the tail end of what will be 1-2" rain between now and Monday night in ne PA/nw NJ/se NYS. Less rainfall CT/MA for this one. But there's more: Thursday night-Saturday (15-17): Looks like a pretty good chance of a nor'easter that could see rain change to wet snow in the elevations, with accumulations of several inches above 1500 feet (for starters), High Point NJ, Mt Cobb in the Poconos and potentially the same in the hieest elevations above 1000 feet in CT/MA. Is there more? It may not be over after Saturday the 17th. Could be another opportunity later the following week (toward the 24th? Bottom line: It's April in the northeast USA and the seeing late season snow events in the elevations is fairly common. I remember gazing out the lunch room window I think in May 1967, at a mix of wet snow while taking my SAT's (or was it ACT's) in Newton NJ (elevation below 600 feet). Our Monson MA member and I remember a big May snow storm in the interior of southern New England on Mothers Day May 8, 1977. Branches snapping from heavy wet snow and sounding like gunfire in the middle of the night. So, let's not call it the new normal but be aware snow could happen in parts of our elevated areas as outlined above, sometime the next two weeks.
  2. Edit: 348P edit to the morning post. Didn't check ens trends but will in a couple of days but 12z/7 EC OP doing it again in this EXTENDED period next weekend (17-18ish) elevated snow acc. We'll see if it sticks around long enough (5 more days) for a thread, or disappears like that of this coming weekend. Have a night. Back tomorrow or Fri.
  3. So, it definitely gets pretty wet here this weekend (especially later Sat-early Mon) and as WPC now has, general 1", and can see more in spots. No snow. Wind gusts 40kt not completely out for Sunday-Monday morning LI, but probably just a typical wet April event. Elevation snow: no go. Fri 16th-Tue 20th: Still a Canadian block and now a +PNA... could get more interesting. Ensembles, as usual, but climatologically less favorable, have minor elevation snowfall nw edge of the forum. Can see another decent qpf event, depends if we get a low just to our south, which is possible in this developing pattern, or maybe it will be just be a wet cold front with primary vort-low across upper NYS? To be determined (TBD). Back in a couple of days. Edit: 348P. Didn't check ens trends but will in a couple of days but 12z/7 EC OP doing it again in this EXTENDED period next weekend. elevated snow acc. We'll see if it sticks around long enough (5 more days) for a thread, or disappears like that of this coming weekend. Have a night. Back tomorrow or Fri.
  4. Continued no thread on my part. I haven't examined closely enough, tho it appears the snow threat for higher elevations this weekend has diminished? However, not giving it up yet. It does appears NJ westward is in line for 1"+ qpf by 2A Monday. Will have to monitor for wind increase but right now, nor'easter wind not a problem for this weekend. ICON/NAVGEM not supportive for bountiful qpf, so that's a consideration. I like EPS/GEFS trends since posting on Sunday for QPF. WPC has been up and down and still looks down to me but a little better. The mid April elevation snow chance is still in the ensembles but almost negligible so I guess we're in for cooler wetter weather periods from the 9th-20th. In a way, I like it.. more typical April stuff and I don't want to be begging for rain come June. Just good to ante up the water tables a bit. Back in a day or 2.
  5. No thread on my part but three more opportunities for snow lurk in our subforum. later tonight ne PA/nw NJ, probably no big deal tho 1/2" possible higher terrain ne PA. Then the 9th-11th (next Fri-Sun), Potential for a pretty big long duration periodic rain event (1"+) with wind (40kt) for a part of the sub forum coast with high terrain wet snow possible. Ensembles don't favor snow, certainly nothing like the 00z/3 EC snow depth forecast (just nw NYC). There's even something during mid month? Keeping an eye on it. Figure future modeling will shrink the snow, not sure the sizable storm will disappear in what appears to me to be a favorable blocking pattern for a slow mover somewhere along the Mid Atlantic Coast.
  6. Thanks for all! Added the LSR's for SVR- see axis Mid-Atlantic to w LI, and the wind advisory LSR reports vicinity I90 northward (NYS-MA) and then the OKX graphic of max wind gusts today. That should be the wrap on this short fused topic. Not doing anything on snow for 4/1-2, unless there is a marked change eastward toward NYC (beyond the NAM). Probably good to continue snow conversation in the April topic.
  7. Max gust so far, 45MPH at this Wantage location at 118AM. Total rainfall yesterday=Sunday the 28th 1.00".
  8. Very little lightning but convective for sure. At times, am in awe of the modeling. Sig Tor Parm and Supercell Composite predictors this morning from there HRRR/NAM 3k and still this afternoon, kept focusing a pocket of notable values up I95 from BWI toward Monmouth. Looks to me like widespread 30-35kt N of I78 in NJ and 40-45 kt s of I78, with the iso 50-60kt as others have added + LSR's. Offline... have a night.
  9. Well at least warnings up to about NYC and the NJ coast. We'll see what kind of damage occurs, probably spotty,. Have to like like looking at those predictors mentioned this morning. Imperfect but helpful.
  10. 52 KT KILG...biggest 60 MPH winds may be n MD across s NJ but was may allow damage further N per warnings into the I78 region? Thanks for keeping up with this. May be offline shortly.
  11. Noting wind G 40kt near or just after of the sql now se PA southward. NAM BL wind supposed to be near 33kt PHL around 00z. Think it's lookingn up for a few wind gusts 40-45kt southern part of the forum in NJ near and just after the line passage.
  12. Watch posted for the southernmost part of the forum. Minor wind damage so far e PA in sql vcnty CXY.
  13. HRRR and 3KNAM offer a squall line of sorts in the warm sector 6P-10P, accentuating NJ s of I78 where the Significant Tornado parameter and Supercell composite indices are notably large. This is on the tail end of of 75kt 850 sw jet over LI, just ahead of a cold front with marginal CAPE. (That 850 jet initially causes the midday deluge's in parts of our area with possible flood advisory for poor drainage flooded roads). Should not be much hail, if any. Max Updraft helicity 2-5KM has some swaths across much of the region. Not saying it will happen but should at least have gusts near 40 kt with the line as per HRRR/EC gust algorithms. HRRR prior to 09z/28 has isolated G50-60KT. R# looks more permissive than for this past Fridays wind advisory event . I think most of any severe should be NJ shore but could extend east. Even a small chance of G40-45KT in the strong southerlies for LI, well ahead of the squall line., NWS OKX has a wind advisory posted for the OKX forecast area later this evening-Monday. That should verify with scattered G40kt, especially 3AM-Noon Monday, associated with the cold core arriving (CAA) and pressure rises.