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  1. last couple of scans has this cell hitting a wall as it approaches the Edison, Colonia and Clark Border
  2. Ridiculous rainfall rates over Raritan Center in Edison........heading north, thinking west of the parkway in Union County gets this shortly
  3. my wind in Cranford just shifted from the North to the Northeast, I imagine a bit of NYC "heat" coming over your locale briefly
  4. Anyone hear of this company? They are trying to sell a forecasting package to my company. Any comments or insights welcome. Thanks
  5. went to sleet then to snow rather quickly here in Raritan Center in Edison light snow at the moment
  6. my office is in Raritan Center, just noticed that Ice is starting to accrete on the trees
  7. Holy ctg lightning in clark. No rain yet
  8. first flakes here in Cranford and 24
  9. 2 co-worker's located in Barenegat and Manahwkin already reporting flurries
  10. Some sleet in with the light rain here in cranford, down 2 in the last hour to 36
  11. Temps dropping nicely in Cranford 44 with some light sprinkles
  12. temp bottomed out at 18 at about 8:05, now up to 20 on an East wind, fat flakes, pingers are probably minutes away here in Cranford
  13. a breif lull as we are back to light snow here in Cranford, probably 4.5 to 5" and 19 degrees, heavier echoes rapidly approaching again from the SW
  14. 2.5" in cranford with moderate snow and 23 intense band paralleling INT 287 from lambertville to mahwah, will be meeting up with a band along INT 195, hopefully setting up for some intense rates here in the next 60 to 90 minutes
  15. i think 25 mm of water = roughly 1" of rain KU is a bit of extreme terminology in this case