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  1. 3.29" here Seems that I'm high but checked my other gauge which also read over 3"
  2. 1.34 for the day and total of 3.64 so far
  3. 1.34 for the day and total of 3.64 so far
  4. 1.15" for the event. The streets are finally free of the over salting from the last event
  5. 1.63" so far for the day. Winds not too bad
  6. Just a coating here. Sun's magic is taking care of it in a hurry
  7. Wow! Winds came out of nowhere here....Ripping! Barometer rising rapidly. 28.77"
  8. 2.04" so far. 62/61. A few gusts out of the NE. Barometer down to 28.96"
  9. Just ran mine under load and changed the oil 2 weeks ago. Hopefully it won't be needed.
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