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  1. Bristol was awesome. You have to go there and most certainly bring hearing protection. This is such a different track in a good way. It's a must visit track for a NASCAR fan. Nashville is such a beautiful city. I only got to spend one night there so didn't do much. The eclipse was absolutely breath taking!! Words cannot describe the beauty of this cosmic display. You just stand there in awe when the last point of sunlight disappears and the corona shows itself.
  2. This had to be the most awesome experience I have ever witnessed! I was just north of Nashville TN near the center line. Stars and planets came out, Corona in all it's beauty and the diamond ring effect. The last bit of the sun looked like a bright white led is the best way I can describe it. Best pictures I have right now. I highly urge anybody to go see a total eclipse if you can.
  3. Thanks! Should be great indeed! Looks like weather will be on my side for both events.
  4. I'm on my way to Bristol right now for the Nascar race tomorrow night and then heading to Nashville for totality! Can't wait.
  5. .35" for the day here.
  6. The best storm in years and I'm stuck down here in Florida until Saturday! Hopefully no power outages since the family is home. Enjoy the storm!
  7. Boy do I remember that! Commuting nightmare. Towns ran out of salt. Rt94 & Rt32 was like a washboard of ice.
  8. 15/-2 13.0" will do it for me today
  9. Yup....I didn't expect that. Was hoping to be cleaning up by now.
  10. It is pouring snow here again. As heavy as it was this morning.
  11. I'm probably 3 or so miles south of you and and it's snowing quite heavily here.
  12. Eastern too
  13. Moderate snow here. Looks like 1/2" otg
  14. Looks like the Harriman Jackpot to me.