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  1. Just a coating here. Sun's magic is taking care of it in a hurry
  2. Wow! Winds came out of nowhere here....Ripping! Barometer rising rapidly. 28.77"
  3. 2.04" so far. 62/61. A few gusts out of the NE. Barometer down to 28.96"
  4. Just ran mine under load and changed the oil 2 weeks ago. Hopefully it won't be needed.
  5. 1.41" should do it...Not bad. Partly cloudy now. Been bone dry here.
  6. 1.39" for the day so far here. That was some mighty heavy rain for a while. Sun just made a brief appearance.
  7. .51" here for the past 2 days. .38" for today 72/71
  8. Bristol was awesome. You have to go there and most certainly bring hearing protection. This is such a different track in a good way. It's a must visit track for a NASCAR fan. Nashville is such a beautiful city. I only got to spend one night there so didn't do much. The eclipse was absolutely breath taking!! Words cannot describe the beauty of this cosmic display. You just stand there in awe when the last point of sunlight disappears and the corona shows itself.