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  1. Picked up about .42" of rain this morning, up to 61F for the temp right now
  2. Does anyone else here get those annoying "Hurricane/Tornado Warning in New York/near you" type ads? Edit: Something like this is what I'm talking about
  3. 27 right now, bottomed out at 25 a couple of hours ago
  4. Only hit 36 for the high today, low this morning was 33 so no freezing yet here in Lindenhurst, although I expect to finally get there tomorrow morning
  5. Jesus, the Atlantic is really doing it's best WPAC impression this November
  6. The flag in on my house got pretty beat up, and a wreath flew off the front door, but that's about it
  7. It definitely was worse than fay, biggest gust in fay i recorded here was 43 mph, meanwhile I had a 51 mph gust as the squall passed through. Isaias was definitely way worse than either though (I recorded a 69 mph gust in Isaias, which is the highest I've recorded since I first got my weather station for my 16th birthday)
  8. We haven't lost power on my block since Sandy somehow, I really thought that streak was going to end with Isaias, 75% of Lindenhurst lost power in that