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  1. They actually have a Subway there
  2. It’s 84 here in Lindenhurst right now, so even a few miles farther north it’s a massive difference
  3. I swear, I go on twitter and it seems like everywhere in the country except around here had clear skies with all these perfect pictures. I stayed up until about 3 AM waiting for the clouds to clear but saw nada lol. From what I’ve read you were really only able to see it through long exposure pics so I guess i didn’t miss much. Looks like tonight is going to be less intense so only rural areas will be able to see it without clouds.
  4. Peaked at 83 here before the seabreeze moved through down to 77 now
  5. Bottomed out at 33.9 last night, pretty impressive.
  6. Just glare from my crappy phone quality unfortunately, I was able to see the ring of fire perfectly in person but it caused a lens flare when i took the pic.
  7. Absolutely amazing, my phone camera did not do it justice. Was literally night for a couple minutes, jupiter and venus were visible too
  8. Up in Lake placid for the eclipse hopefully these clouds remain thin through totality
  9. Almost sounded like a huge gust of wind here, then I realized my windows were closed
  10. Holy shit just felt an earthquake here in Lindenhurst
  11. Winds seem to be picking up again, Ill admit I was wrong when I stated the winds were only gusting to the 40s some widespread 50+ in the lastest PNS https://www.weather.gov/media/okx/windpns.pdfhttps://www.weather.gov/media/okx/windpns.pdf In terms of rainfall, 2.24” here in Lindenhurst. On a side note it looked like a tropical storm outside at times with the heavier rains earlier today, definitely didn’t feel like one though with the wind chill around 30.
  12. Im going to have to agree honestly, peak gusts were probably around 45 mph or so here. There were definitely worse storms wind wise this past winter.
  13. 9.01” is my monthly total for March here in Lindenhurst, hopefully as we move deeper into april a drier pattern emerges. Happy Easter everyone!
  14. Final rainfall total here in Lindenhurst of 2.21”
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