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  1. Up to 1.68” here in Lindenhurst
  2. Up to 1.59” since yesterday morning here after that last round of showers. Judging by radar I’m assuming the island isn’t going to get all that much more unless precip gets enhanced overnight
  3. Actually felt a little bit like a tropical storm for a minute there with that shower that moved through, winds gusting maybe 30-35 mph or so. Up to 0.74” on the day for me
  4. Picked up about 0.18” so far this morning, winds gusting maybe 25-30 mph
  5. Okx actually just put up an updated overview of the hurricane https://storymaps.arcgis.com/stories/4028d00ea6b44fd8890ba6592c15a544
  6. Finished with 0.81” of rain for today
  7. Waves were huge at Robert Moses, easily 10 ft.
  8. All good lol, I think it was mostly just weenies posting on twitter to generate hype or fear or whatever since it was the only thing showing a direct landfall. It’s called PANGU or something like that
  9. Picked up only 0.07” of rain today. On a side note OKX is calling for waves as high as 15 ft on the south shore beaches now by Friday, which will be pretty epic to watch
  10. Has there been any info regarding the Euro AI learning models? They were consistently showing a landfall in SE New England. On a side note from what I was reading on twitter yesterday models have consistently underestimated the ridge out in the Atlantic either over this summer or maybe multiple summers, I figured AI was maybe correcting that bias but idk
  11. Any reason why WPC is issuing the advisories instead of the hurricane center today?
  12. I’ve picked up about 0.36” here since yesterday morning. Hoping for more but it looks like the storm over the city is completely collapsing
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