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  1. Holy crap, actual precipitation on the south shore of long island
  2. Temp dropped slightly with the sea breeze, still 91/76
  3. 92/76 imby right now, heat index is currently 105
  4. Only .02” of rain from my weather station last night. I’m in Virginia and last night i saw some heavy rain for the first time since like June. July finished with only around half an inch of rain imby
  5. Finally past half an inch today with .15” this morning, .60” for the month now
  6. Maxxed out at 94 today, down to 90/70 now
  7. I was only an 11 year old kid but I remember that being the hottest day I’ve ever experienced, it was like 102 with a dewpoint of 75. Heat index was like 115-120
  8. Highs imby for the heatwave: Tuesday: 90 Wednesday: 94 Thursday: 86 (dewpoint of 78) Friday: 92 Today: 97
  9. 97/65 for the high here, easily the hottest day here since July 2020, the lack of humidity really helped. Temps have backed off to 94 now that the seabreeze has picked up. I would be in the pool rn if I didn’t get a nasty sunburn on Wednesday
  10. Agreed, I had a dewpoint of 78 with that high of 86 and it felt way worse out there compared to today
  11. 92/70 currently, yesterday’s 86 screwed up the chance for a 6 day heatwave here. The criteria should be lower for place on the shore…
  12. 86/78 for the high today here so technically no heatwave (although I think it should qualify with a Td that high). .13” of rain from that storm earlier so finally reached half an inch on the month
  13. FRG had 30 mph sustained winds with gusts to 41 at the last hourly Obs right as that hook moved over
  14. I saw the wall cloud just to my north from Lindenhurst, that looked like it was close to touching down for sure
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