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  1. Yeah here in Albany it wasn’t as much of an event as I was expecting
  2. Yeah I stand corrected, it really isn’t all that comparable. Looking at the Florence archive, it was only forecasted to be a Cat 4 at landfall before the stall was a factor. After it started showing up on model runs, it was lowered to Cat 3 and eventually 2, (i honestly think it might have been a 85 kt hurricane at landfall). Plus the intensity had no effect on the severe flooding that you guys experienced
  3. The only recent US hurricane bust I can think of that was that bad was probably Florence, nhc was predicting at Cat 4 landfall at some point if i remember correctly
  4. Pretty bad intensity forecast wise from most models across the board with Pamela this past week. I remember everyone thinking this could be a Cat 4 landfall not too long ago, now it’ll probably be a Cat 2 at highest possible intensity, and even that is a long shot, although I’m sure a lot of people on the west coast of mexico are happy they didn’t get a patricia redux
  5. I hope one day we can get computer programs that can initialize past storms and the atmospheric conditions around them and show us how they exactly looked structurally proceding and at landfall or as close to reality as possible. I always wanted to see how storms like the 1938 and 1944 hurricanes, hurricane carol, 1935 hurricane, hurricane Hazel etc. would have looked with our current technology.
  6. Extratropical Sam might be almost as impressive as tropical Sam
  7. What is the threshold for farthest north 130 kt+ hurricane in the open atlantic? Sam has to be approaching it at this point
  8. In Lindenhurst, It seems I’ll finish the month with exactly 5.6” of rain. Low was 53 last night, the coldest of the month so far. We hit 39 for the low here in Albany by comparison
  9. Is it me or is same looking a little annularish suddenly
  10. Just a gut feeling, but I think we’ll get another 2 or maybe even 3 majors from Caribbean season this year
  11. That seems to be fairly cyclic as well, a cluster of high end cat 4 or higher US landfalls happened in the 1920s into the 30s (plus a 150 mph cat 4 in 1919) and again in the 1960s, (Donna, Carla, and Camille)
  12. I love watching red taggers duke it out
  13. As is tradition recon arrives right after Sam’s peak
  14. I wonder if Jose from 2017 may be a decent track analog
  15. Were you there for Gloria? My dad is from North Babylon and suffolk got hit really hard wind damage (wind was worse than Sandy according to him). Not sure but I think the Nassau Suffolk border was also the border between who got hurricane force winds and who didn’t on LI. I’m only 21 so Sandy is the worst storm I’ve ever witnessed
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