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  1. Hit 89 for the high here todah
  2. Our electrical grid is somehow good, at least in my neighborhood specifically, but the lack of storms gets frustrating sometimes. I guess it’s a south shore thing? I haven’t lost power since Sandy here and that was only for 3 days. Even in Isaias and in that big downburst in 2019 (probably the only true severe storm I’ve ever seen here) much of the town lost power but my block came out ok.
  3. Hit 90 in lindenhurst today, dewpoint was only around 60 so it was actually fairly nice outside, minus the mosquitoes of course
  4. I’m in Jericho, that storm was parked over us for a couple of hours. CG lightning was insane here, back home in Lindenhurst I would have probably been in the same boat as you lol
  5. Pushing almost 2 hours straight now of heavy rainfall, lightning and thunder has calmed down a little but it’s still there
  6. I take back my last comment some insane c to g here in Jericho lights are flickering at my job
  7. Seems like the storm is both crawling and weakening I thought it was going to be here already
  8. Never saw hail once until I saw it twice in one day back in 2019, now I’ve seen it every summer since then surprisingly
  9. I forgot to ask this last week, but why is it that Elsa’s rainfall seemed so much heavier than your typical 40 dbz rainfall, 50 dbz just now in this passing storm didn’t seem nearly as heavy as the rainfall was when I was driving home from work on last thursday morning
  10. Pretty good lightning show here, even though the core of it came ashore just east of here, no wind or anything.
  11. Had the same reading here, was absolutely miserable earlier when I was mowing the lawn
  12. 87/67 right now, yesterday felt worse with the 75 dewpoint
  13. 24 hour total here is 4.21", .76" yesterday and 3.45" of rain from Elsa
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