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  1. We had an 18” storm only a few years ago in suffolk, march 2018. Did western Nassau get shafted in that one?
  2. Had a dusting in Lindenhurst only on the coldest parts of the grass and trees, all gone now. My expectations were low though since we rarely score on these frontal situations so I’m not exactly feeling any dissapointment
  3. Went down to 10 here this morning, slightly disappointed I didn’t hit single digits after a high of 18 that was a few degrees below forecast. Last temps were that low was Jan 31, 2019 when I went down to 2.
  4. Winds still ripping pretty good rn, I just recorded a gust to 40 mph. Temp down to 21 here
  5. The amount of trees we’ve lost around here dating back to the march 2010 noreaster to present day is pretty crazy, I remember there being much more trees in my neighborhood when i was a kid in the early 2000s
  6. Speaking of superstorms this comment made me realize it’ll be a decade since Hurricane Sandy ravaged the area this October…
  7. I wasn’t alive then but my dad says it’s the worst since the 70s when he was a kid
  8. I can’t believe the crappy 2018-19 winter had some of the lowest maxes of the past couple decades
  9. Finish with about 7-7.5” or so here. Not a bad storm, thankfully i was off today so I was able to stay up all night lol
  10. Yeah January 2016 was in a tier of it's own I ended up with somewhere between 24-30" in that one but it was nearly impossible to measure with all the drifting
  11. Finally getting some flurries here in Lindenhurst, 31/15 currently. I doubt we’ll get more than a dusting at this point but expectations were low anyways
  12. I actually managed to pick up around an inch with this event, we were snowing at a moderate clip here for a good 40 minutes or so. Quite a surprise, I didn’t think I’d get more than a trace on the south shore. I really need to get some sleep though
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