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  1. Looks like it’ll get sheared apart again
  2. Give me a weenie if you disagree, but I think they should stop naming tropical storms under 50 knots unless they are threatening land. Because storms like Odette, and probably like 8 storms last season are really not worthy of any names. If there’s a tropical storm watch or warning up somewhere, and it’s under 50 knots, name it. But if it’s out in the open ocean, worth like 0.02 ACE and effects literally no one I don’t really see the point
  3. All the storms managed to go around albany today I think I brought some the long island anti-storm barrier with me up here
  4. I’ve been lurking here since 2017 and I remember him doing this even then, 3 years before I even made an account… He’s obviously a weather enthusiast because you wouldn’t be on this site otherwise, but it became pretty obvious he is a troll after a while and to be honest, I really don’t get why someone would troll a bunch of like minded people. Especially in smaller community like this one
  5. Looks like the gulf invest may become Nicholas before the east atlantic one at this rate
  6. For me the last 100 was in 2011, we hit 102 with a dewpoint of almost 80. Probably the hottest day I’ve ever experienced… I think we were forecasted to hit 100 in 2013 but “only” peaked at 97 during the hottest day of that summer
  7. How often do we have simultaneous major hurricanes in the ATL and EPAC, couldn't find any examples with a google search
  8. Wow I thought I was joking last week when I said NJ has become the new tornado alley
  9. Had 14 90+ days this year, as well as 5 89 days. Hottest was a tie of 92 between 6 days. Compared to the last 5 years: 2020: 20 Peak: 97 2019: 5 Peak: 96 2018: 10 Peak: 95 2017: 7 Peak: 93 2016: 14 Peak: 97 So 2021 comes in tied at second but has the lowest peak. The sea breeze and humidity hurt this summer
  10. Looks like some erosion of the SW eyewall, maybe some dry air got in?
  11. They should have treated an extreme flood event like this similarly to how they treat a blizzard (besides the Dec 2010 one). Close all roads except for emergency personnel
  12. IDK how good of an idea it would be but maybe they should have like mandatory weather safety classes in high school, where you would also learn all the specifics of watches warnings and where to find these products, as well as some basics in atmospheric science… because a lot of these local politicians could use something like that…
  13. This is a vid my dad took yesterday as he was driving, or attempted to drive really, to work. I think it’s the LIE but not exactly sure https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!ACfOCntL1MBIt2c&cid=8A40D87C289A6855&id=8A40D87C289A6855!3947&parId=8A40D87C289A6855!1912&o=OneUp
  14. Yeah that’s actually a good idea, we can still keep the old scales and warnings. But adding a more coherent scale on ALL types of impacts would be a lot better than just wind.
  15. Seeing some of the aftermath now, i think the effects from PTC Ida is arguably worse than either Irene or Floyd for the nyc metro area…. Sandy probably not but I can’t believe how high the death toll is getting
  16. Finished with 1.89” of rain in lindenhurst, happy my home didn’t wind up flooded out or wrecked by a tornado like many in nyc nj and pa, but i hope the recovery process isnt too bad for those that did get impacted
  17. Yeah michael kinda came in at an angle where it was traveling northeastward and went back out into the atlantic fairly quickly, off the coast of north carolina. It did causes some flooding and power issues in the carolinas and virginia too though, i remember it dropped up to 10” in nc, and there was significant flooding since they were already waterlogged from florence a month earlier, pretty similar to what’s happening in nj ny and pa now that i think about it
  18. Camille wound up dropping extreme rainfall in Virginia days after it made landfall, unfortunately over a 100 died from the flash flooding and mudslides… they both formed in the same region as well, just south of cuba, but camille never made landfall in cuba so it was able to get it’s act together more quickly compared to ida.
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