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  1. This area must have gusted over 70 and perhaps for a decent period of time to cause the tree damage here. It’s not an exaggeration at all. And not just small trees came down-plenty of big ones too that are still blocking side streets and even bigger roads. There’s a tree on top of someone’s house on my street I’ll try posting a pic of later.
  2. MTP is almost 90 miles east of FRG and never really got into the action, that plus pressure gradient and proximity to the center. Still so strange to me how windy it was where I am but with less than 0.25” rain. I’m about 5 miles north of FRG and my neighborhood was completely trashed. I could only imagine what would’ve been if it struck NC at 110-115mph instead of 85.
  3. Sandy (living in Long Beach which was devastated) Isaias (wind) Irene (wind was maybe a little less, but surge much higher) Below this-Floyd, Bertha, etc.
  4. There must have been widespread gusts into the 70s given the amount of tree damage. Big trees like these wouldn’t come down with gusts barely over 60. And the ground wasn’t especially saturated-we had little rain East of the track.
  5. A house on my street was very lucky when a tree like that fell on the house but not the trunk. And I just checked out my immediate neighborhood.
  6. Same here. Trees down everywhere. One fell on a house down my street. Large branches/limbs down all over the place too.
  7. Around here it seems like fallen trees took wires down. After a severe storm last summer came through, PSEG trimmed branches around the wires in my neighborhood which likely helped today. That and luck. Much of the rest of my town looks like it’s out.
  8. For most near the coast Sandy was definitely higher. Given the tree damage where I am though we must’ve had gusts into the 70s today.
  9. Massive tree damage in my neighborhood. One big tree fell on a house and several other large ones down or substantially damaged. Traffic lights on Jericho Turnpike mostly out.
  10. On tracks like these, dry air and shear get to them very quickly. You saw how fast the sun came out this afternoon-all the moisture in the storm was pushed out ahead of it. I will say it definitely would’ve been worse if it had 12 more hours over water near NC. It definitely was organizing at the end and couldve made it to Cat 2.
  11. There’s never much rain on the east side of these at this latitude. You have to be lucky with whatever feeder bands there are.
  12. I think even Fay had more rain here. The feeder band was spotty in this area and obviously any steady rain was west of the city.
  13. Other than the hurricane force gust at FRG and the LBI gust, what other hurricane force gusts have there been in this area? The winds definitely did verify if not the craziness the Euro/UKMET had.
  14. After the big Huntington to Hauppauge T-storm last summer PSEG came and cleared branches from near power lines in my neighborhood (I lost power for 3 days from that), and maybe the effect of old/weak trees being cleared from prior storms helped. Not out of the woods yet though. From what I hear there’s plenty of trees down in my area. Haven’t been out to check yet.