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  1. On another note, just saw that Bangor ME has 35.7" seasonal snow this year, 3" less than Central Park. Portland ME has 41.0" which is about what my backyard has. That's insane-roughly equivalent to Albany or Worcester coming in less than us (I think happened in 2015-16 super Nino and driven by the Nino fueled 1/23/16 megastorm). This winter seemed to have big winners and losers. Our area to much of eastern PA obviously the big winner, and NNE the big loser. Also big cutoff SW of us which is becoming more typical-12" at Dulles for the season despite averaging almost double that there. Goes to show how much we REALLY lucked out this season, some minor tweaks and this would've been another disaster "winter". Boston just 0.1" under Central Park, have to at that. Not so rare they come in less than NYC but it's maybe 1-2x per decade recently.
  2. That won't verify, but a few days or more of crap marine layer on easterly winds most likely will. From the looks of it, hope everybody enjoyed the glorious weather this week because it looks to be garbage for quite some time in this blocky pattern.
  3. Yes-gorgeous even with the windy conditions.
  4. Here we go, low 70s here now and gusty winds.
  5. Wow 78 in Rockaway, 58 in Point Lookout.
  6. Low 60s here, southerly winds and clouds mean we have a lot of catching up to do for temps. We won’t really rocket up until the front passes and winds turn westerly.
  7. The sea breeze made it here and we’re in the low 60s now but was over 70 earlier. At the same time Captree was at 50. So that map was even more crazy a couple hours ago. It can be brutal on the immediate shore this time of year and gets even worse when the Ambrose Jet gets going in the afternoon and the awfulness is gusting over 25-30 mph.
  8. Really warmed up today. 72 here now. Only 50 at Captree which is a 20 min or so drive south.
  9. If we see the trough build over the Maritimes and a big high, we know what that means. Garbage as long as that’s there.
  10. For west of the city sure. East of the city it's about when the front passes and winds turn westerly. If it's early to mid afternoon most of us could get over 70.
  11. Sound breeze for the extreme North shore too. Temps there in the low 50s with a north wind off the sound. Anywhere near a large body of water is chilly this time of year.
  12. Long Beach 51 degrees right now, my neighborhood 63. So glad I don’t have to endure “spring” there again.
  13. Yup. One of these days maybe soon a storm will take an Isaias track but hit NC instead as a cat 3. If that happened it would’ve been devastating even up to our area.