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  1. Yup, just some light rain here that will be over in 5 minutes.
  2. Down here on the immediate south shore we had some moderate rain this morning but nothing big. It mostly stayed north of Sunrise Highway. The line now is splitting up and we look to have another brief period of moderate rain. Our summer drought continues.
  3. Would you look at that-another light shower here. Might already be ending.
  4. I'll gladly take some. Practically dry as a bone where I am right on the shore. Had a couple light showers overnight, that's it. Lawns here are turning brown.
  5. When I was at PSU as an undergrad (2005-09), professors there and locals routinely brought up the early 1990s and behemoth storms that hit central PA, especially March 1993 and March 1994. Just about every winter that decade was at least decent for that area, and 92-93, 93-94 and 95-96 were monsters. Even 97-98 was good. The years I was there were quite dull by comparison, only one was close to average for snow. I don't think it's deniable that there's been a pronounced shift over the last 10-15 years or so to a more coastal-favored heavy snow pattern that is too suppressed for that area.
  6. The Feb 2014 storm will always be a four letter word to me. Such a horrible tease. The incredibly heavy snow lasted by me for maybe an hour before going to rain on the immediate coast and staying snow literally on and north of Sunrise Highway. You had maybe 5" or 6" more snow than me. 1/27/11 was one of my all time favorites for intensity of snow. It was literally blinding for several hours. I ended up with 16".
  7. Ridiculously heavy rain in LI City.
  8. The shore summer drought is a fairly common occurrence. Lawns here in Long Beach are turning brown and there was maybe a light shower here today as the complex collapsed.
  9. Heavy shower currently near Woodside.
  10. Yup, a very minor swell here and that's it. Winds are also calming down nicely here, just a 10-15mph NE breeze once in a while.
  11. There was some light rain early this morning, enough to make the ground wet. That's about it.
  12. Almost a 2/5/10 look on radar. State College, PA getting drenched under a flood warning, while NYC might just get some showers. Crazy how the dry zone extends ESE like that this time of year.
  13. Crazy that a storm gets crushed south of the area by blocking in July.
  14. The ground is officially wet in Long Beach!!
  15. Wow, blinding rain and strong winds-I'd say gusts over 40. I'm near Woodside.