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  1. Had a fairly brief heavy shower here with loud thunder.
  2. I can see the thunderheads over Manhattan/Staten Island from here, nice anvil tops. Hope it's fun underneath it. Maybe a few scraps can make it here.
  3. I didn’t have one drop yesterday. Was a classic boundary just inland situation where storms developed a few miles north of me. There were a few rumbles of thunder and times when the sky darkened but that’s it. Photogenic at times with towering cumulus nearly overhead but otherwise nada.
  4. Nice thunderheads/tall cumulus just north of me by Sunrise Highway. Unfortunately it looks to be lifting north. This event has been mostly a snoozer here.
  5. Heavy downpours and loud thunder here. Radar estimates about an inch where I am.
  6. Days of 89 highs incoming
  7. Had the briefest of showers here, you could blink and it was gone. Besides that nothing but disgusting humidity. Beyond sick of this pattern.
  8. I can see the thunderhead you're under from down here on the south shore. Quite picturesque.
  9. Finally some good heavy rain coming down.
  10. Some pretty loud thunder and gusty winds now. Hopefully we get some heavier rain for a time but it looks like we get a glancing blow down here and the worst goes north of Sunrise Highway. So far not one drop.
  11. NAM gives most of us the split-screw tomorrow-heavy rain in PA, and heavy rain offshore, maybe 0.5" if lucky in between for us. In general this last few day period has brought little more than awful humidity. The coastal system and showery rain the day after gave me maybe 0.75", nothing since.
  12. Absolutely brutal down in TX. Austin is at 109 degrees this hour and is expected to remain at around 100 degrees for highs over the next week. The cool front that should make it into TX likely won’t head that far south. The hottest when I lived down there was something like 105 degrees a few times, which was horrendous.
  13. jm1220

    July 21-23 Hybrid/Coastal Storm

    Heavier activity getting close. It’s been pretty calm the last couple of hours.
  14. jm1220

    July 21-23 Hybrid/Coastal Storm

    Severe season where you are is much more impressive than down here, some summers we see little rain due to the storms dying out in the marine layer. But winters have compensated by being quite fun for the last decade. The Jan “bomb cyclone” storm here was crazy and a complete whiteout blitz for hours. This past winter was good for spreading the wealth areawide, since inland areas did quite well in the March storm train.
  15. jm1220

    July 21-23 Hybrid/Coastal Storm

    Cell with the marine warning attached about to come through. Breezy down here but nothing crazy.