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  1. Torrential rain closing in on I-35 with Blanco County estimating 5” rain. It’s Flash Flood Alley in that area for a reason. I remember Patricia’s remnants in Oct 2015 causing the heaviest rain I’ve ever seen in my life in Austin when I lived there. Parts of the city near the airport had I think close to 15” of rain. Not too long before the area had the insane May 2015 floods which devastated Wimberley, San Marcos and other towns on the Blanco River. This won’t be nearly as bad thankfully but Pacific tropical remnants can cause plenty of havoc along I-35.
  2. Bringing the south shore gunk up with me.
  3. The SE flow will make this worse in places vulnerable to upslope on those winds. Pretty deep moist flow will be riding up those mountains and squeezing out heavy rain. Central PA especially in for a drenching along with probably the Poconos/Catskills.
  4. Ridge over troubled waters pattern possibly.
  5. Hopefully we’re finally taking steps down in the daily temps. Also hopefully the end of the humidity-early this week was putrid.
  6. Definitely shows the influence of the SE Ridge here too. Luckily for us we’re in the contrast zone between that and the colder Midwest temps, and can take advantage of later blooming Miller B’s.
  7. NHC broke out the A word. Annular?
  8. De Blasio can’t be gone soon enough. Spineless is right and also a liar to claim that this was unforecasted and meteorologists dropped the ball.
  9. Wow. Horrendous that most deaths from Ida will likely be in this area. Goes to show how water is by far the deadliest aspect of any storm.
  10. I wish there was a way we could capture all this water we keep getting here and ship it out west to where it’s needed and they’re dealing with one of their worst droughts on record.
  11. This is freshwater flooding that while still tragic isn’t as bad as saltwater flooding for property/equipment/electronics. There wasn’t an 8+ foot surge that inundated every coastal area. The subways won’t be shut down for weeks in many cases. There are places that had catastrophic effects from this but calling it “another Sandy” or worse is hyperbole.
  12. This isn’t as bad as Sandy but it does look catastrophic in some areas. The problem as always is flooding here. NYC is surrounded by water on 3 sides and we have so much underground infrastructure that floods in a situation like this. Tragically my thought that our death toll might end up higher than the South’s from Ida looks like will verify.
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