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  1. I say Central Park finishes with 4.5”.
  2. Just about done in Long Beach, nice finale. Neighbor’s bush is keeled over in the snow.
  3. Quickly approaching 4” now. Really piling up.
  4. Coming down hard here. Best snow of the event.
  5. It’ll be nice to drive around town tomorrow with how clingy the snow is to everything. Wet snow that clings to the trees is awesome.
  6. Good intensity now, my street is finally getting slushy.
  7. And finally some heavier rates here under the band over Queens/Nassau.
  8. Central Park almost certainly over 4" now, had 3.9" at 7pm. LGA has 4.4".
  9. Snow picking up a little now. Hopefully this will be a decent round 2, doesn't look like the banding is diminishing this time.
  10. Going to be very treacherous later tonight after the snow stops. The sidewalks are going to freeze over and be an ice rink, along with untreated roads.
  11. Warnings downgraded over Long Island. The bands over NJ are making some headway east, hopefully they pivot over soon. Pretty much down to flurries here.
  12. I'm not even paying attention to the HRRR anymore because it keeps initializing with that band well inland and kills it an hour later each run. This was definitely a win for inland areas that had much less QPF than I did, yet I have half or less the snow so far.
  13. Light intensity here but larger flakes. The earlier band over the city looks to be weakening as it pivots east. I’ll be happy if I get another inch.
  14. Snow finally starting to pick up again here with bigger flakes. Hopefully we can grab another inch or two before this ends.