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  1. GFS looks quite blustery tomorrow for the Jersey shore/S Shore. Umbrellas on the loose alert on the beaches. Clouds look to get shunted south again though.
  2. My wager is the clouds will probably make it here to at least I-80 since these systems always seem to make a last lurch north-at least the high clouds and tomorrow may not be so nice because of the back door front and increasing easterly winds on the coast, but all in all awesome weekend.
  3. Drooling at a 360hr MCS. That’s desperation.
  4. When it was endless torch the rest of that "winter". These Nina (or Nina-state) disaster winters have endless ways of screwing with us.
  5. Definitely. We take what we get. Ridge of death after Memorial Day says we start baking season soon.
  6. NJ always finds their way into these.
  7. Either that or the Euro are in for a total fail. Like epic splat in front of a million people.
  8. Somehow NJ always finds their way into these significant rain events. Can’t think of many LI/CT special rain events over the last 10 years (big exception the 2014 record soaker for ISP).
  9. Would be hysterical if this goes west enough to shaft much of LI after models 12 hours ago were mostly east.
  10. 12k and 3k NAM couldn’t be more different. 3k has 2” in Nassau County, 12k has 2 drops.
  11. We know where this one’s going. Keep the sprinklers on.
  12. 87. Toasty but nice with the low humidity.
  13. That why when everyone was miserable I said we need to bank it when we can. That’s the story these days-deluge then long dry spells.
  14. Yeah, that’s nuts. Also yeah-that will last more than one day.
  15. Defining feature of our last two crap Nina “winters” into springs. Essentially Fall lasts 7 months.
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