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  1. Typical. We’re in the time of the year where we pull teeth to get any decent precip event on LI.
  2. Cases are ticking back up in the UK where this Delta/India variant is taking off. Since they have about the same vaccination rate as we do, it goes to show that we’re not out of the woods for future spikes.
  3. I woke up early to try to catch the eclipse but unfortunately it was too cloudy here to get a good look.
  4. The temps are higher in NJ and inland areas than out here oftentimes but later in the summer the humidity can more than make up for it with how warm the ocean’s been the last few summers. It’s been to the point where in August when the water gets near 80 the seabreeze makes it feel worse not better when it kicks the humidity up.
  5. Yep. Pathetic. Marine layer always decides what makes it east of Queens in the summer.
  6. First of probably many this summer. Steambath days with the T-storms collapsing just west of you are the worst.
  7. Total steam bath today. I was just outside for 15 minutes and drenched in sweat. Current temp 88.
  8. I don't have a height anomaly map in front of me but the high/ridge orientation is further north than usual which drives the heat further north-from the Midwest over top of our area. 850mb temps in this airmass are actually highest over Quebec.
  9. When they were warmest today they had a west wind. Downslope probably has something to do with it. Same mechanism as what heats up places east of NYC with west winds.
  10. This is also an “over the top” hot airmass where the worst of the heat (relatively) goes north of us, which is becoming more common. Notice low to mid 90s all the way to northern ME. Boston was also about 5 degrees warmer than us.
  11. My mother just called telling me how gorgeous it is in Long Beach today. Wunderground stations there are at about 70 (Jones Beach to Captree in the upper 60s) while here it’s near 90. Not quite as horrible as yesterday but still a scorcher.
  12. Seabreeze overall seems a bit stronger today than yesterday. Captree/Jones Beach are only in the low 70s. But yep-definitely furnace where I am.
  13. Closest station to me at 94 now. I can believe it, it’s absolutely torrid outside.