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  1. jm1220

    Meteorological Winter 2018 Banter

    I’m still there pretty frequently. I’ll be there tomorrow actually. Haven’t seen the new dunes really, I’ll have to check them out. Last I really saw of them they were still under construction.
  2. jm1220

    Meteorological Winter 2018 Banter

    Yup. Moved closer to my job in Melville and the extra snow helps... In just the 10 minute drive from my apartment to Melville you can tell the difference.
  3. jm1220

    Meteorological Winter 2018 Banter

    Places in the sun are patchy coverage by me, but shaded areas still have a few inches or more of cement.
  4. You definitely notice a difference south of the LIE, I have a few inches in many places that’s frozen solid enough to walk on, and mostly complete snow cover. South of the LIE it becomes patchy, and in Long Beach it’s probably nothing but some mall piles.
  5. Ratios at JFK were also likely much less than 10-1, temps were above freezing, and it was warmer aloft than expected. Even up here in a colder location on LI, the snow intensity wasn’t really anything great until temps warmed up and it had a hard time accumulating when it wasn’t mixed with rain or sleet. If the ground to 800mb was 2 degrees colder, there would be widespread 8-10” amounts here instead of a few inches.
  6. RGEM really flunked this one. It was pretty obvious given models like the Euro and NAM being warmer and risking a mix on the coast cutting down amounts, but it’s a far cry from the go-to model it was a couple winters ago.
  7. jm1220

    March, 2019

    We can do fine down here in March with the right conditions. Last late March’s 12”+ storm and Apr 2nd morning storm are examples.
  8. jm1220

    Meteorological Winter 2018 Banter

    There’s a difference between a bust and disappointment/underperformed. This one underperformed for people near the coast but it’s probably not a bust. My point and click had 6-10” yesterday evening and I had 4-5”, so I guess you could call that a bust technically since it fell outside the range.
  9. jm1220

    Meteorological Winter 2018 Banter

    You probably had closer to 4”. The snow is settling and melting already. It looked like I had 4-5”, and it was a couple inches when I went to bed around 11pm. It was a disappointment, but I can’t complain about having 11” over 3 events in 3 days (assuming 1.5” Fri AM, 4-5” Fri overnight, 4-5” this AM)
  10. Probably 3” between this event and last event in Long Beach, but I had 9-10” between both in Huntington. Horrible winter for snow lovers on the south shore.
  11. Heard an inch or two in Long Beach. The shaft lives on down there.
  12. Very common especially late season for the Park to accumulate but Midtown elsewhere has little.
  13. jm1220

    The Little Storm That Could - March 3/4

    Maybe the location right on the water added a degree to temps and it stuck less? Or they’re just wrong? LOL Congrats up there. Reminds me of the late March event we had last year that was widespread 12”+ here. It’s finally wintry looking outside here which is good but the warmth aloft screwed it from what it should’ve been. 4-5” instead of 8”.
  14. 4” or so outside here. Looks like winter for a change which is nice. The writing was on the wall for coastal areas last night when the sleet line surged north, but I had some hope when the heavy rates put a stop to it I guess temporarily. I passed out when the meat of it was coming through. Glad I passed out since it looks like maybe 2 more inches fell after I went to bed. Much of it must’ve been sleet.
  15. Maybe even here sleet won't be that big a deal. Looks in NJ if anything sleet is retreating SE.