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  1. If the 500mb low closes off so early, a ton of warm air aloft is brought in from the ocean as the storm comes in. There isn't much cold air in place beforehand or a high to send cold air in at the surface, so what snow there is will likely be from dynamics with the upper air low. Right now there looks to be a chance at something decent far inland.
  2. This winter's been good for knocking out areas of drought at least. A big rain event would be great for the drought in this area.
  3. The specifics really don't matter this far out. There should be a storm around, that's all we know now. Hopefully it's not with howling SE winds like that, it would be a big coastal flood and beach erosion threat.
  4. There's a big primary that drives warm air in before the redevelopment, and the air source is from the Pacific. We need more than just a low in a good place for snow with such a lousy setup. Hopefully the PNA and EPO becoming more favorable at the end of the month will help.
  5. Can you please stop with this stuff? I'm sure it's annoying for the mods to have to delete these posts, and all it does is start bickering contests. You can disagree without calling posters out like this.
  6. I felt bad for me too.
  7. 14" in Long Beach.
  8. Why can't they just have someone from the NWS there to take the measurement during snow events?
  9. 1.5" in Long Beach. Still coming down decently, maybe we can get over 2". 1.5" beings me to 14.0" for the winter. Roads/sidewalks becoming slick.
  10. Close to 1" on the ground here, snow still coming down good but looks to be tapering down soon. Luckily little stuck to roads.
  11. Nice snow burst in Long Beach. Colder surfaces are covered.
  12. Wow, palm trees on Hudson Bay and icebergs in New Orleans anyone?
  13. This is a different setup. With a cold high in place, a very weak overrunning event will mostly be virga. There's still time for a change though if the wave comes in stronger.
  14. It's almost all gone now besides dirty piles, so we're all good.
  15. Through the end of the run at 240hr, less than 1" for the area.