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  1. In a colder airmass with more of a high, there would have been more precip due to more overrunning (although it would have fought dry air). A setup like this where a deep upper air low drives southerly flow in would have changed us over, but it would've been 4-6" first rather than what we had, maybe even more-I believe the 2/3/14 event was driven by a deep upper low with strong southerly flow like this and much of NYC/LI had 10" (although in Long Beach I just had a few inches then rain-infuriating). Also as feared we spent most of the storm in the dry slot, and the redevelopment happened in a lousy spot for us.
  2. I saw pics from Long Beach in the early morning and it looked like an inch or so. There were good radar echos in southern Nassau Mon night so I would think some people there had 2-3”.
  3. The pattern and evolution were very obvious. This was never going to be a NYC snowstorm barring a miracle from the developing upper low like Xmas 2002. The initial S flow ruined the mid levels, the coastal low developed very close to us and drove in mild surface air, the initial airmass sucked, and we had to rely on what we could get from the low pulling away. We had a burst of snow from it but nuisance amounts. That too blew up for SNE and especially coastal Mass.
  4. I missed that storm (lived in TX at the time-still a really sore topic with me lol) but the pics from Long Beach and areas from then make me think at least 2 feet fell and maybe close to 30”. I’ve never seen snow that deep there maybe ever.
  5. There are patterns and evolutions that you see and know how they will play out 90-95% of the time. As soon as models stuck on the bowling ball upper low moving south of us, and along with the lousy airmass it was clear that I-90 would get clobbered. I had 12-18” along the worst of it axis, which seems OK but should have been 12-24”. The worst ended up a little north of where I had it (seems like the heaviest amounts were along the NH/MA border) but for days it was clear it wouldn’t be our storm without major changes. The “table scraps” part last night was okay but not one of our pull out a miracle setups like Xmas 2002. It of course worked out in the end for Boston too but they won’t end up with the foot I thought they would. 6-9” looks like the total there. Clearly the short range models yesterday were horrible and way overdid the snow down here at times. I-78 and south clearly had very little but were under warnings.
  6. Central Park officially 1.6”. My backyard a little under 3”, Long Island and NYC generally 1-3”. Was a lousy storm here where we knew we would be on the short end days ago and relying on whatever rotated around the low. But nice start to winter anyway.
  7. It was clear 5 days ago that the storm would evolve in a way that would slam most of SNE (snow holes here and there). Closed off lows like this don’t roll underneath without much of SNE getting buried-this was a classic setup. Boston/coastal MA took its share today as the storm’s leaving and would’ve had 6” more if it was a few degrees colder. The short term models keeping all that offshore this morning were garbage.
  8. No way I would give up on a dynamic system like this tracking south of me. Boston often finds ways to cash in on those. The short range models were complete garbage. There were models giving my area over 10” and others practically none. The radar and common sense were much more useful.
  9. The ground is still warm so it’s probably melting from underneath.
  10. There were good echos over SW Nassau for a while yesterday night. I wonder if Long Beach actually did fairly well.
  11. It was foolish for anyone out there to give up. They’ll probably have 3-5” easy from this part.
  12. Going with 2.5” for round 2 here. Nice wintry look anyway. A little under 3” if you count the slush from Sunday.
  13. I wouldn’t count Boston out yet by any means.
  14. LOoks like another mod-heavy batch might be organizing over S CT and rolling SW.
  15. Close to heavy snow now. Like a snowglobe outside and accumulating fast.