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  1. Yup, downright nasty today in Long Beach.
  2. Nice here today but the seabreeze definitely kicked in early. High was probably 75-ish. Quite muggy too. Countdown to the east wind foggy marine layer crashing back in.
  3. Doubt there’ll be much activity behind the front besides some convective debris rain. The airmass behind the front will be too stable for much since it’ll be the marine layer. Stratus/fog/drizzle is more likely especially near the coast.
  4. It’s a good rule of thumb that we have to frequently deal with backdoor/marine layer garbage when there is troughing over the Maritimes and highs constantly build there. Until that changes we likely keep dealing with it.
  5. Looking increasingly dreary and chilly for Sun-Mon this weekend with the continued low heights and highs developing to our NE, causing the backdoor front to come through again. GFS has the backdoor coming through Sunday early AM. Hopefully this doesn't speed up so that at least Saturday is spared.
  6. Warmest day by far around Long Beach so far this month. Muggy too.
  7. Wonder what's been causing that persistent cold pool south of Greenland? Melting ice?
  8. We really need elevated convection, a lucky warm front placement or stratiform heavier rain this time of year. As we saw yesterday the normal convective stuff 90%+ of the time will die out as it comes in. I had maybe 0.25” yesterday with brief heavier rain and a couple of thunder rumbles.
  9. Spring 2018 banter

    We can definitely count on something at Day 16 shown on the GFS. Put the warnings up for the Outer Banks now.
  10. may 10-16 convection

    Brief burst of gusty wind, maybe 30 mph or so, now heavy rain. No thunder.
  11. may 10-16 convection

    I would expect some convective debris rain around here and for most of the Island. I’ve never bought the big rain totals models like the Euro are showing here; that’ll most likely be over NJ. Hopefully something decent can survive east of Queens.
  12. Hopefully the backdoor can be held off but for many of us that’s a classic signal for cooler conditions on the easterly winds such highs generate. In times where we can get westerly flow I agree it can get well into the 70s or 80s.
  13. With the upper air low and troughing developing north and east of us, most of us might be on the cooler side over the next week. That’s a recipe for onshore flow and backdoor fronts.
  14. Also, our first of many marine layer wrecked storms this afternoon. Thought I could sneak a shower in but nada. Start of summer mini drought season here.
  15. Might have hit mid 70s very briefly but I’d say it was in the 60s from mid afternoon on down here. Stiff seabreeze for much of the day.