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  1. Getting some nice gusts here in Long Beach. My power just flickered off for a few minutes.
  2. It could be 1700 and this would still be a mild/warm winter. We lucked out somewhat getting to a normal season for most of us. We easily could be D.C.-Philly with single digit seasonal totals. This winter behaved much more like a typical La Niña with the cold air in the NW states and latitude pattern with snow amounts.
  3. It's probably too late for us to have the minor changes that are possible matter. Like it was mentioned, the trough has to tilt negative much sooner to allow Atlantic moisture to flow westward. That might happen in time for E MA and should give ME a big snowstorm, but it's way late for this area. Boston needs fairly minor changes for this to be a significant event there.
  4. There were some shingles thrown off roofs in Long Beach. Not much tree damage-whatever's weak has been knocked down already by past storms.
  5. The upper low has to go underneath your location for there to be significant precip-the flow north of the upper low is from the east or south which transports moisture in. With the upper low tracking way north, the only chance for good snow is up in ME. This was a good opportunity but the waves being timed poorly means no phase and showery precip if that. There could be some improvements but at this stage we need something major to make the upper low dig further and phase.
  6. It's not over for them-tomorrow AM is when they might rack up totals with the backlash around the Gulf of Maine low. I still think they get 6+. Edit: Looks like Logan only came in with 3.4". Mega bust for them. Another example of how dangerous it is on the SW end of these systems. Last minute east jog ruined it.
  7. There's some improvement, but the best outcome would be a strong 500mb low going underneath us.
  8. Scratch that-there seems to be some glaze on trees and cold surfaces. We must be hovering right around freezing.
  9. They were glazed earlier this morning but appears to be melting off now.
  10. Still just rain and some sleet in Long Beach.
  11. Sleet/rain in Long Beach.
  12. After this storm, NYC (which should probably be at 23" or so with the questionable measurement in Jan's storm) will be about where it's at now, Boston should be over 40", PHL at 8", Harrisburg at 6" and DCA at 1.5". That's what I mean by a latitude winter.
  13. This late, that isn't happening.
  14. This is turning into another latitude dependent winter, not interior or coast. Harrisburg PA has I think 6" for the winter. Early predictions and the La Niña type pattern suggested this might happen. It's revenge for the El Niño driven winter last year where New England got shafted. Hopefully this isn't the start of another ridiculous Boston run while NYC gets a swipe or rain.
  15. Yeah, about what I'd say. I don't think there's much to write home about for this near the coast. I'm more curious about northernmost NJ, White Plains to the CT coast on north/east. There these last second shifts might matter.