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  1. Surprised this won't be called a KU near-miss storm. The lack of blocking definitely helped the coast hugger track.
  2. Gettin' "warmed" up for backdoor front season?
  3. Maybe we had more here, who knows. I lost all interest when it was raining already by 9am. There was definitely more though once you got past the Five Towns and JFK. In NW Queens there was probably 8", and the roads were still snow clogged often the next day. JFK was probably the dividing line between where it reached 32.
  4. They get rain or a dry slot more often than you would think. The blizzard last Jan definitely had more snow in Long Beach, maybe close to double. Boxing Day 2010 was much better here than the far east end. In marginal situations they also often get slop or rain where us being further west can save us. 12/30/00 and 2/25/10 were other examples of them being too far east/warm.
  5. There are worse spots than here. The twin forks are definitely worse in general.
  6. Serious flooding happens here much more often than just during storms like Irene and Sandy. The last storm flooded populated areas on the bays here, the storm in January had moderate to major coastal flooding in places, heavy rain causing street and basement flooding etc. Sandy was devastating beyond what we've seen in many decades, but it's by no means the only storm that's caused significant flooding on the coast lately.
  7. Hopefully next weekend's event doesn't happen since I have travel and outdoor plans. Of course with my luck, that's when it finally works out and the Euro today verifies. I agree that the high in Canada needs to be watched and a cutting low might be shunted south and/or there will be wintry precip.
  8. Light sleet in Long Beach.
  9. Pretty confident in calling this one done. Maybe there'll be a surprise but unanimously so far for 0z the nail's being hammered in. Too progressive, it's March, and little organization.
  10. Again, we won't know what's happening with this until it's happening overhead. Could be a coating, several inches or more if a band really does form. The fact that this inverted trough band is only really showing up on some NAM runs makes me suspicious but we'll see. I guess odds are this is a disorganized late developer mess until it comes around to nail eastern Mass and pad Boston's totals another 6" or so.
  11. Off campus at a house where we had to do it ourselves.
  12. The data is coming in late according to the ECMWF office.
  13. Wow, that'll be nice for someone if it gets set up.
  14. It's an extremely fragile setup. You can't get excited for an inverted trough band until it's practically forming on you. My hope is for some light to moderate accumulating snow overnight that gives me a couple inch refresher.
  15. NAM really wants to clock areas from the city east around midnight with the inverted trough again. A little bit at the start would be wasted as rain but it will go over to snow if precip intensity improves and after dark.