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  1. When tens or hundreds of thousands start commuting back and forth to LI and the Hudson Valley/NJ/CT again is the real test IMO. Are people going to be encouraged to drive in or massively work from home? I know I’m WFH for the foreseeable future but can’t speak for smaller companies that may not have that capability. At least people will be getting back to some kind of normalcy and the death/positive rate has come WAY down here-similar to hard hit European areas that shut down which is great.
  2. Deep southerly flow and the ridge being so steep that the warmest air aloft is shooting directly north of us. The marine influence one way or another this spring has been incredibly consistent. Almost no westerly flow at all.
  3. I definitely haven't been just lurking for 9 years.
  4. First time hiking up Jayne’s Hill today despite it being 10 mins from me. Was gorgeous.
  5. Not to drag this into a politics pissing contest but Trump's response to this has been absolutely disastrous (and I'm definitely not a liberal). His actions/lack of action has definitely resulted in more Americans dying than needed. -Hydroxychloroquine which he keeps pushing may be a cause of premature deaths due to heart attacks and no legit study has shown it reduces death/suffering from Covid. In the meantime people who really need it have a harder time getting it for real conditions that it can help. -Agencies like the CDC/FDA/etc have behaved like deer in headlights and haven't released credible and comprehensive guidance for people/businesses to reopen safely. Also, there's evidence that their actions are being influenced by political pressure vs. public safety (Dr. Bright being pressured to push hydroxychloroquine and getting reassigned, testing failures, etc) -Trump thinks "we have more cases here because we have more testing". Uh, whaaa? There wouldn't be coronavirus here if there were no tests? -Trump lying constantly about anyone getting a test who needs one going back to March -Playing to his base/mob mentality that demands immediate reopenings and playing liberals/media vs. conservatives in a time of national crisis -Trump "musing" about chugging disinfectants, "light inside the body" -Continuing supply chain failures/insufficient supplies for testing and medical equipment/masks. Refusal to use the federal government's powers effectively to solve this. -Trump wants to prematurely open everything back up before we can put guidance together to do so safely. Just today he throws red meat at his base by saying he will make sure churches are reopened when he has no authority to make that happen and it's proven that large virus clusters can start from packed church services. -Constant attacks on the media for legitimately calling out his lies/incompetence, including cheering on a nearly violent confrontation against a News 12 Long Island reporter, calling those thugs "great people" and "fake news is not essential". Being so deranged as to keep suggesting Joe Scarborough is somehow a murderer and speculating on Jeffrey Epstein somehow when this pandemic is killing 1000+ Americans every day. -Trump asking governors to be "grateful" to him, implying he favors states/governors that play to his ego. Gender-based and personal attacks against state officials who criticize him. -Ignoring warnings about the virus spreading and becoming a threat going back to the beginning of this year -Saying things like this would be very localized and extinguished soon, it's a Democrat hoax, ignoring European travel to the US (where most of the virus here came from) vs. China as the virus started spreading especially in the NYC area early in the year -Minimizing/ignoring the advice of scientists by saying "if they had their way we'd be shut down forever" and ignoring their warnings going back months. And on and on and on. Biden isn't great either and has a very low bar to clear, but at least he can credibly run the country I think. The last 3 months have shown how absolutely unfit Trump is for this. Luckily many governors have stepped up and done their jobs.
  6. Summer like here this afternoon with temps in the upper 70s.
  7. Mid 60s today here. Glad I’m not on the south shore.
  8. Goes to show that heat isn’t a panacea that stops the spread either.
  9. I call it the annual South Shore drought. Mediterranean like. It’s often weeks where the coast gets little rain in the summer but inland NJ/NY can get several inches or more from frequent pop up storms.
  10. It’s not bad today, better than I thought it would be this week but with the low coming closer along with the high NE of us this weekend looks cloudier/maybe rainy which honestly might be a good thing and keep the crowds away from the beaches. Bottom line is we stay below normal until this constant backdoor friendly pattern changes. We need real westerly flow aloft rather than troughs anchoring over Newfoundland.
  11. The weekend could be pretty nasty/raw if the GFS/Euro are right. The upper low and surface reflection finally come east and a high builds over Nova Scotia. Probably means pretty stiff east wind and clouds/showers. By mid next week the ridge might finally push far enough east to turn the flow westerly and really warm us up. As long as these highs keep building NE of us we stay in this pattern.
  12. And the crowds will all come to Long Island beaches instead. Genius, Dumb Blasio, genius.
  13. Literally from now until hr 144 of the GFS on the 0z run, the wind into NYC is from some easterly direction per EWall site, from due east to NE, and at times pretty stiff. I wonder if there's some historical way to look up wind direction at JFK or another area airport/site to see if anything compares to this disaster of a spring.
  14. Baaaaaamp. All I have to say about that pretty much. The solar cycle (even more extreme examples) contributes a small amount to the overall climate when CO2 forcing is becoming so large a contributor.