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  1. It’ll be the squeeze between the block north of us and the SE ridge and hoping whatever wave comes in doesn’t get shredded. The -PNA will result in a pumped SE ridge so too suppressed isn’t that big a concern to me. Shredded to nothing or rain are the bigger concerns.
  2. Probably a slow decline for now since the holidays are over but any lag post Monday holiday might make the rest of the week worse. Deaths are a lagging indicator unfortunately so probably a couple weeks before this starts to really drop. Hopefully new cases and hospitalizations remain on an improving trend and vaccinations can finally start making a real difference.
  3. The SE ridge is constantly under modeled. The block will be in place but it will try to gain latitude as much as it can. If the S/W is strong enough I’d be worried about rain more than a miss.
  4. Looks like it’s wrapping up here. Nice coating even on the street. Very picturesque with the wet snow sticking on trees and finally wintery looking scene again.
  5. Finally some heavy precip even if it’s rain. There could be a nice stripe of heavy rain that trains for a bit over central Suffolk County into CT where there could be 2-3”.
  6. The way the US has responded to this pandemic wouldn't be credible for some satire sit-com like Veep. It's been an avalanche of fail from day one. What HASN'T been totally screwed? Just crossed 400K deaths on Worldometers as we have the worst per capita death toll in the Western Hemisphere, and among major countries globally beaten by only the UK and Italy. Just so much winning1!!q11!111!! And it's just like the flu1!1!!!!11
  7. Over 4000 deaths again today. CA really driving the numbers but NY increasing again too. The outbreak’s definitely worsening again here. The US is routinely making up over 25% of world daily deaths again.
  8. Not a huge deal11!1!!! Only about 1800 or so of those maybe are under age 80 and would be dead soon anyway.
  9. 50% or more of COVID deaths (in this case over 180000 of 360000) have been over age 80, yet barely anyone under age 80 has died? 100000, 150000 etc count as “barely”? Do you have even a basic knowledge of math/percentages? And what a f-ing callous thing to say regardless. We also have treatments and care that we did not have in 1919. So yeah I would certainly hope we could keep death numbers lower, but we by far have the highest death toll on Earth. So it also indicates our response being a total failure.
  10. It’s pointless to discuss specifics 180 hours out.
  11. You’re in the wrong forum. That should be infuriating for both you and me. Disgusting, insert horrible adjective. It’s how I see that map anyway.