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  1. There was snow and sleet here, didn’t accumulate so it ended up as T, but I think most of us had some form of frozen precip today.
  2. Portland ME isn’t far from Boston, a lot closer than we are and they average in the low 70s for snow vs 43” for Boston. The real winners are cities in ME and have been for the last decade or so. Nina patterns like these do very well up there too since the cold air eventually resists all the cutters and makes them redevelop in the Gulf of Maine.
  3. I see it as maybe like the Little Giants where we can beat BOS if it’s a year like 15-16 where we get slammed from an El Niño snowstorm and they get edged or suppressed. I think we beat them in 2009-10 and 2003-04 too. It does happen 1x per decade or so on average.
  4. We know. I counted my T for the day which is what I hoped for. The warm LI Sound was the problem for most of us. Also just takes a lot of dynamics to get snow down to the NYC area this time of year and those may have been north of us with the best banding as well.
  5. Seeing more flakes here-mangled but trying to mix in more.
  6. Mangled flake from time to time here. If the Sound was 5 degrees colder, many more of us would be snowing.
  7. I saw some mangled flakes here and had a period of mostly sleet with rain.
  8. Yep, too bad it can’t be Dec. Would be heavy snow areawide. Same here- raining moderately now but the bright echos mean it’s snow not too high up. The warm Sound likely doesn’t help, north wind still warms up a little from the Sound.
  9. It does look like the precip will fire up extensively and get moderate to heavy across the area as the strong upper low comes in. Hopefully it can be cold enough for snow to mix in area wide. If it was December we’d be looking at 6-12” everywhere just from this wave.
  10. Zeta moving at 55mph with 50mph sustained winds-must have been crazy in VA/NC with 105mph winds SE of the track!!
  11. New NAM is pretty cold and has a period of moderate precip tomorrow with the cold air. Would be nice to see snow tomorrow here even if it won’t be accumulating. North shore hilly areas, colder areas in NYC would have a decent shot I would think, in addition to the northern burbs where snow may actually stick.
  12. It is curious to me how the cloud tops are so cold south of the eye but there's no rain.