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  1. Hopefully this winter there will be numerous spot on the money measurements from Smithtown and plenty of snow hikes. Need to preserve our >35” average since the late 1990s.
  2. Was gorgeous up here if not mostly cloudy. I was outside in a T-shirt much of the afternoon.
  3. Yes-I wonder if something could be causing the PV to locate over Siberia or if it’s just been bad luck. Later into Jan, we won’t need arctic cold for snow, just a good enough airmass not totally ruined by Pacific garbage and a good storm track. Once the waters cool down we have more leeway to work with near the city.
  4. Win for the NAM for a change. Most models had 0.25 or so when NAM was wetter.
  5. From Syracuse to Watertown on I-81 it’s essentially nothing, and even Watertown we’d consider to be a pretty small town. Syracuse proper is a better bet-not the most snow but still tons (they average 140”) as far as any of us are concerned plus being in an actual city/small metro with cheap living cost.
  6. I’m sure most of that is from the bonanza period 2001-2018. We get more big Nor’easters (or did in that period) that drop more precip as snow with the favorable tracks. We’ll see if we’re in a new climate period now where the West/Plains/NNE are favored. Not to repeat everything Bluewave has been mentioning but we’ve entered a much more Nina-like state. Since we’re in a strong Nino now, hopefully it can suppress the SE ridge enough to allow for those big offshore Nor’easter tracks again for a while, along with the STJ to bring the storms.
  7. We’re surrounded by warm waters here. Speaks for itself.
  8. The original bomb cyclone (lol) didn’t make it west of I-95 that far but they made up for it in the Mar 2018 storms especially 3/7 when it was white rain on the south shore mostly and well over a foot in NJ. Everyone eventually cashed in. Hopefully we get the sustained cold because like you said we haven’t gotten out of those without a big snow event in the last 8 winters or so.
  9. Any wind reports from the Sun night event? Rain underperformed but winds were gusting over 50mph on the south shore. Lots of branches down in my neighborhood too.
  10. We're probably going to be on the more windy east side of the low but less rain. Big west trend with the low/rain today.
  11. Good tradeoff. My brother/his fiance's on his way up here now from S FL. 81F and partly cloudy when he took off.
  12. As long as we have this perma-Nina background state we'll struggle. Hopefully either the Nino can finally overpower it or we get lucky with blocking like Feb 2021.
  13. That was an epic storm. Too bad it was so fast moving. 4-5 hour all out blizzard.
  14. Wouldn’t surprise me if Tue PM becomes a regular cold/cool front without much rain. The trough is shearing out more and more which means less energy available to develop a consolidated storm and heavy precip.
  15. If we get one big Nino fueled monster and nothing else this winter I’ll be more than happy. The opportunities will probably be there if we can ever get some cold to time with them.
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