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  1. Sandy was still tropical when it hit NJ. It was close to transition since it was becoming frontal, but it still had a warm core. Sandy wasn't a typical tropical entity from when it went north of the Bahamas because of the interaction and later phase with the mid latitude trough. It was a more powerful 1991 Perfect Storm pretty much, that made a NW hook into the coast.
  2. The bickering, trolling and BS about it being a major or not at landfall has to stop. Just deleted a boatload of posts and will keep deleting. Keep it focused on the storm and productive.
  3. Then most of NYC will know what it's like to live in Long Beach most winters.
  4. The ranting about moderation, blah blah blah, posts will be deleted. There's a banter thread for that.
  5. There were maybe 30 mph gusts at the worst in Long Beach. Nowhere near enough to blow down a tree (we lost every weaker tree in Sandy/Irene, etc).
  6. I always wondered why the CDO and outflow resemble "spikes" emanating outward from the eye. Gravity waves?
  7. The TV cameras are all centered on San Juan, but I can't imagine what devastation we'll see from the rest of the island, in poor communities not built to withstand a major hurricane and flood prone areas. The island is also bankrupt financially.
  8. I'd say St Martin and St Thomas were also decimated. Dominica also isn't sparsely populated.
  9. As long as Jose is strong enough to keep the break in the ridge, Maria will follow that break in the ridge and go out to sea. If that break closes up, Maria has a path to the lower 48.
  10. Jose lingering around causes there to be a break in the ridge that Maria follows north and out to sea. Jose moving away causes the ridge to rebuild and a chance for Maria to hit the US.
  11. My point and click forecast says Tropical Storm Conditions possible now for late Tuesday. So I assume a watch will be up for Long Island soon. Also, some nice breakers coming in today, some to 5-6 feet. And the high tide is making it pretty far up the beach already. There'll be some coastal flooding if models like the Euro are right.
  12. The vast majority of Sandy's damage was from surge, not wind. Sandy would've been devastating in any surge prone area.
  13. I agree. The 10ft storm tide that came through my house was definitely garbage.
  14. The band working through there now rocked Miami/Ft Lauderdale earlier. Still some tornado warnings with it too.
  15. My brother near Lake Worth has lights flickering and gusts near 80. Heavy rain and tornadoes nearby too. He says much worse than Matthew last year there.