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  1. Take the Sag down to Fire Island where wunderground has it at 62 right now. Scorcher here in Melville too, looks like we’re in the low 80s.
  2. Not optimistic about anything to force a pattern change to warmer anytime soon. The cold SSTs east of Newfoundland aren’t going anywhere, and we keep seeing troughs wanting to dig in near there for the foreseeable future. That will keep the highs going over the Maritimes, and they’ll try to keep backdoors coming in. Maybe we won’t be dreary to today’s extreme later this month, but I’d be pretty stunned if May ends up above average for temps.
  3. Take a few hundred 747s, dump napalm and light the match east of Newfoundland. That cold anomaly up there will keep reinforcing the backdoors for as long as possible.
  4. The last few years have gone from winter, to socked-in, to summer. Of course, this year it's "winter", to socked-in to probably summer when the -NAO/marine layer crap finally breaks.
  5. That was a nice 3 hour warmup. Winds already backing to the east and noticeably chillier.
  6. Finally somewhat sunny outside and warm, even if very temporary as we’re about to get socked in again.
  7. Just cranked the heat up. On May 1st=no bueno.
  8. Troughs northeast of us in the Maritimes this time of the year almost always mean the backdoor gets most of us. This looks like a pretty deep trough too reinforced by the -NAO, so it'll be tough for surface warmth to make it this far NE.
  9. Moderate shower coming through now. Looked at sunset like we were clearing out and the sun broke through briefly, but then showers started rotating in again from the Sound.
  10. Nice surprise rain event here. Quite a soaking, gauges here are all over 1”.
  11. Coming down in buckets here in Huntington. Local gauges have 0.75” now.
  12. Models have the storm stacking and starting to dissipate west of us, so here it's just showery but west where the low is still strengthening has more organized heavy rain.
  13. Was very nice in Huntington this afternoon, probably around 70 and partly cloudy. Then I drove to Long Beach which fought back and forth with fog, later on gusty south winds, and couldn’t have been higher than 60. Springtime is by far the worst season there.
  14. I remember back door front passages in Long Beach where you could watch the stratus deck come in off the ocean and feel an instant temp drop. Wonder if this was one of those.
  15. Feels summerlike outside. Temps rocketed as soon as the clouds broke. Local weather stations are in the mid-upper 70s here. South of the Southern State is where it seems to cool down, to the shore where it's 55-60. Sharp gradient but typical this time of year. Really sharp demarcation NE of a line from New Haven to Danbury from the backdoor front which is unfortunately headed this way.