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  1. Very nice event. But if this was winter the coast would’ve gone to rain. The low was cut off for so long it occluded and milder air, enough for rain would’ve wrapped in from the ocean after long enough.
  2. Not a total drought buster for the south shore but finally a good soaking. And even better since it rained slowly vs all at once. Desperately needed. Hopefully there can be some more.
  3. Up where I am now we maybe have 0.5” total (where rain isn’t needed), the south shore probably has 1-1.5” where it’s desperately needed. Rain finally starting to overcome the dry air here. Hopefully the wetter models are right.
  4. Good for NJ but pretty lame how the rain just disintegrates as it comes near LI. Hopefully that can change at least a little as the new coastal low gets going.
  5. Probably 1” in Long Beach on the extreme south shore so far, less further north where today’s rain has been lighter. Decent event. Hopefully Wed’s storm delivers as well.
  6. Hopefully but as today proves, don’t count any rain this year until it’s in the bucket. Sun is out here in Long Beach.
  7. Another big mehh. The rain split is real obviously, and another general screw job. Hopefully by the end we get to 1" but from here on looks like scattered showers and a blustery/raw day. Just what I was worried about. Any rain is good for the south shore but the drought lives on.
  8. Yup, unfortunately it’ll be a haves/have not situation for those people. It’ll be interesting to see how the insurance industry there handles the avalanche of claims coming in when it’s already been in deep doo doo for some time. The lifeline for the less well off will be FEMA and what grants they can get in order to take care of the essentials and finding a suitable place to live in the meantime. FEMA I’m sure will have to set up camps to house people. But there’s no way Sanibel/Fort Myers can rebuild the way it was before and still be insured. The houses will have to be on stilts or the bottom 10 feet be a concrete garage, above that be any living area. Building codes for wind do bupkis for surge, and it’s only a matter of time before it happens again. Pretty much all of the homes that look OK from the outside there have enormous water damage and have to be gutted if not demolished.
  9. I don’t count any rain until it’s in the bucket this year. A split like that with the main precip offshore wouldn’t shock me at all. I’m in Long Beach now and anything not regularly irrigated is dead. Horrible to see.
  10. Winds are from the E at Myrtle Beach so the center must be close by. Maybe in between Georgetown and there?
  11. That’s a break for Georgetown then. Their high tide was at 1pm.
  12. Charleston estimated 6-7” of rain so far in this band. Wonder how susceptible they are to rain flooding.
  13. In Long Beach we have hundreds or more homes now that are garages on the first floor and the living area on the 2nd/3rd. The bottom garage floor is mostly concrete. Either that or the home will have to be on stilts, which isn't "pleasing" but either that or it'll be uninsurable. Optimally these barrier islands just wouldn't be rebuilt but we're talking about FL here.
  14. Georgetown probably the worst. Both cities are near high tide right now so timing is bad.
  15. Charleston escaping the storm surge but the rain flooding there will likely be obscene. They might get 10” by the time this band over them subsides?
  16. Yup, this will really take months just to get a basic standard of living back in the devastated areas and years to start to get things back to a new kind of normal. The bridges taken out just themselves will take-6 months to repair?
  17. Georgetown SC high tide is at 1pm. They’re in some trouble I think.
  18. It’s being Fujiwara-ed around the upper level disturbance it’s getting near I think. It’s making one last attempt to wrap some convection around the center, but 85mph looks to be the landfall strength.
  19. The rebuilt homes there will likely have to be on stilts or have their main living area 9ft or higher above ground level in order to get any kind of flood insurance after this (and FL already has an insurance crisis ongoing). It’s going to be a rough road. I’d say that some of those islands may not be worth rebuilding but given the population boom, I’m sure they all will be.
  20. Storm is moving quicker too. High tide at Myrtle Beach is 11:30am, can’t imagine this is great timing. Tide will be going out as it comes in, so that’s a plus I guess.
  21. Unless they’re building sea walls after this, one day the devastation will just happen again on those barrier islands/surge zones. Not sure what building code can keep the building from taking horrible water damage. Saw it firsthand after Sandy, buildings from the outside looked not terrible but inside- totally wrecked and in many cases needed to be demolished. The barrier islands may be easier, in those cases the demolishing was already taken care of.
  22. Exactly, anywhere that had surge flooding has tons of water damage inside and has to be gutted, if not torn down because mold will start up soon. Unless these building codes have mold resistant walls.
  23. Core is trying to tighten up again, looks like convection is attempting to wrap around. It’s interacting with a trough to the west and I agree it definitely looks more like a nor’easter but it’s trying to make something of a comeback.
  24. Hopefully it’s right but I don’t count rain for the parched areas until it’s in the bucket. Conditions are favorable for a soaking if it comes together, but it could also be a bunch of light showery stuff if the coastal development doesn’t happen or happens too far offshore.
  25. Hopefully real to some extent. We could also get a lot of light/scattered crap that adds up to maybe 0.75" in a day which wouldn't be helpful. Would be remembered as just a raw, blustery weekend.
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