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  1. Yep, just south of me approaching 1” in N Melville.
  2. Made it to 91 here but now 80 after the sea breeze started. That lifted the dew points up to the low 60s.
  3. We definitely lucked out (if you’re anti-heat) with the constant blocking which sticks the trough over the NE. We really need the Midwest ridge to be dominant and have a hot westerly downslope flow for us to really heat up. We’ll likely eventually be under the WAR that will heat us up to low-mid 90s with atrocious humidity. That’s become the norm here. Bring the Carolinas north to our area.
  4. I always LOL when the cold front passes and the coast finally heats up from the warm NYC air coming through.
  5. More likely than not we end up with the usual South Shore drought season, delayed not denied. The upper level support also looked to be a bit too far SW for us this morning.
  6. Most of it looks to end up SW of the city. The stuff over upstate NY looks to be weakening as it approaches while the storms over NJ are maintaining.
  7. If it’s going to happen that we push upper 90s or over 100 that’s how it happens-the drier heat builds up to the west and surges in. We need the westerly downsloping wind to really get the record challenging numbers.
  8. On some days they can have a breeze from Newark Bay but generally yes. The hottest place in the entire metro might be central Queens near Maspeth/Corona. I believe Bluewave posted a map some time ago. LGA can get the NE breeze from the sound and JFK obviously has the seabreeze almost every day. Central Park would also be a regular hot spot if there wasn’t the issue with the thermometer.
  9. Loud thunder a couple hours ago, looks like about an inch of rain total per radar estimate. Wet pattern continues.
  10. First gross humidity day of I’m sure many this summer.
  11. Just some light rain here with occasional thunder. Nassau is the place to be for this batch.
  12. Round 2 incoming for N Nassau and Suffolk. Also looks like a very slow moving cell around Hempstead/Uniondale.
  13. Nice soaking so far, probably about 0.5” or so here. Looks like Round 2 overnight coming through the Catskills now.
  14. The front must have rushed down the Sound and got held up over LI. It just passed here and I’m a 40 min drive east of Queens without traffic.
  15. You can actually see how the forks and Peconic Bay are interacting with the front. Looks like Riverhead will cross both the sea breeze and back door front at once. Looks like the front still won't be to the city for a few more hours. It's slowed down some. The sea breeze will be through most of LI before the backdoor. Sea breeze is just about up to Jericho Turnpike. NW then S then E winds today.
  16. Back door front pushing west into the Hamptons, and a sea breeze front pushing into the south shore. Cool radar animations today showing the fronts. It’ll be interesting to see if the pollen storm picks back up.
  17. Wow, stations in southern Nassau now in the upper 90s. Looks like there’s a seabreeze that punched through the barrier islands, they’re down to upper 80s and winds turned S.
  18. Yeah, way too late to do anything about the heat this afternoon. Probably 6-7pm it should be in the city and starting over the next hour or so over eastern Suffolk.
  19. 94 here. I think it’s our hottest day of the season now.
  20. Wow, Long Beach up to 93. These NW flow days are really how you get the immediate coast to bake. There’s a bit of a downslope component as well. The cool spots are actually near the sound where the flow is off the water.
  21. Several times I remember growing up and watching the stratus come in as the back door arrived. 70s to 50 in an hour. This should be a dramatic fall off like what happened in coastal New England.
  22. First 90 for Long Beach. 91 where I am in S Huntington. Hottest area looks to be in SW Nassau around the JFK area/5 towns.
  23. Not likely. Models are pretty insistent that it makes it to NYC by 6pm or so. It’ll probably start through LI by mid afternoon.
  24. You can see the progress of the front on Boston radar as a skinny green line progressing SW. Looks like it’s about to go through Providence and it’s making good headway SW. It’ll probably be to NYC by the evening but not in time for us not to get into the 90s today.
  25. Thunder here. My mom told me it absolutely poured in Long Beach.
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