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  1. radar estimates 2" around you. 3" around me and 4" around Bellmore. I'm not home so i have no idea.
  2. Another 1.5- 2.5" for my area (from what I'm hearing). Water rescues in North Bellmore.
  3. It's gotten really smokey here. No idea why they just wont call it smoke. METAR KTVL 100153Z AUTO 18009KT 2 1/2SM HZ OVC027 26/08 A3027 RMK AO2 SLP195 T02610078 $
  4. It feels great but the smoke is ruining my views and killing the air quality. The smoke did help make for an amazing sunset last night.
  5. Unfortunately no. I need to upgrade but have been saving for a new house. I think 5-10 mins would be a safe bet (maybe even less) but obviously we'll never know. This was Islip (13" deluge) level rainfall rates.
  6. 88/41 split on the day. Currently 49 with lots of smoke in the air. Headed towards 90 later.
  7. I was in Reno about 90 mins ago and it was 98/28.
  8. Super smokey in Lake Tahoe right now.
  9. I got 4.62". I'm just happy someone else reported something near that to Upton bc the other totals aren't close. My buddy in Bellmore got 3.46".
  10. There was hail but I was super young and i just remember brief flashes of the event.
  11. No reports out North Bellmore, East Meadow or Roosevelt which were hard hit but my town made the list. I only send snow reports in though. Nassau County... North Merrick 4.73 900 PM 8/07 Public 1 E Uniondale 2.57 141 AM 8/08 CWOP Wantagh 2.11 900 PM 8/07 Trained Spotter Franklin Square 2.03 719 PM 8/07 Trained Spotter Thomaston 1.92 749 AM 8/08 AWS Massapequa 1.66 930 PM 8/07 Trained Spotter Franklin Square 1.64 750 AM 8/08 AWS Merrick 1.63 930 PM 8/07 Broadcast Media Malverne 1.51 900 PM 8/07 Trained Spotter 1 SW East Massapequa 1.11 746 AM 8/08 CWOP Long Beach 1.00 825 PM 8/07 Trained Spotter Matinecock 0.56 750 AM 8/08 AWS
  12. Water receded but many roads closed and cars scattered across them. Prob got stuck in flooding.
  13. A severe thunderstorm with tons of rotation in the late 80s
  14. Worst flooding here since the August 2011 deluge.