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  1. I listen to Lithium (station) on xm.
  2. I hate Christmas music.
  3. Paid my debt to PSV tn. Good food! Was nice to meet him and @NYY_2.
  4. Just saw this post. Your mega block is gonna bust.
  5. Didn't the NWS miss the forecasted low by 1 or 2degrees? Edit: I saw your agree to disagree post. I'm good with with that.
  6. FRG also made it down to 24.
  7. Np. Made it down to 24 in my neck of the woods. Spent most of the night at 25 degrees.
  8. Those numbers were at least 2 hours old at the time.
  9. I guess I pocket typed before I clicked reply to forky
  10. I'll have to put snowman in witness protection if we torch this winter.
  11. Agreed