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  1. Thank you Uncle. Was inevitable. Most healthcare workers will get it.
  2. This thread will be boring without the guys yelling fake news like last time.
  3. I tested positive but I'm not too bad so far.
  4. DCA +1.5 NYC +1.5 BOS +1.5 ORD 0.0 ATL+ 1.5 IAH +1.0 DEN 0.0 PHX 0.0 SEA 0.0
  5. Since half of our country has lost their minds, we can't have nice things around here.
  6. Bc there were insane conspiracy theory posts and misinformation posted in that thread.
  7. Hid the coronavirus thread as we have too many dumbasses in this subforum. http://www.americanpol.com/index.php?/topic/3702-caronavirus/page/322/&tab=comments#comment-492097 Join here where being a dumbass is welcomed.
  8. Usually ends up in a bunch of lies and stupidity
  9. DCA +5.0 NYC +5.0 BOS +5.5 ORD +2.5 ATL +2.0 IAH +1.5 DEN -0.5 PHX 0.0 SEA -1.5