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  1. It's actually way more amped up. Fast flow kills us.
  2. My point was we've seen this before lol. One storm at a time Tony.
  3. A couple snow storms, a couple rain storms and a couple misses/never happened.
  4. We have. I remember some gfs runs from 2010-2011 when it was snow storm after snow storm for the entire run.
  5. It certainly is this year lol
  6. The pattern doesn't look great but we will have our shots this month especially early and late. We have pulled a rabbit out a hat quite often since 2000.
  7. Keep trolling and see what happens
  8. @Snow88 You are very close to be 5 posted. Please stop rapid fire weenieing
  9. @donsutherland1 has posted about this in the past. I had it saved but can't find it. But if IIRC your assertion is correct.