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  1. I want a holiday snowstorm so badly.
  2. I can't help you here bud. There's nothing I could possibly say that will get through.
  3. Bc metsfan is a mega weenie, does the same thing every year and then will say all the models sucks while he continues to chase fantasy snowstorms.
  4. I agree but leaving them out after they did everything they were supposed to do is rough.
  5. Also Georgia lost 1 game by 3 points after winning 29 straight and 2 national championships also not in. Wild stuff.
  6. DCA: +1.5 NYC: +1.5 BOS: +1.5 ORD: +2.5 ATL: +1.5 IAH: +1.5 DEN: +1.5 PHX: +1.0 SEA: 0.0 DCA: 22" NYC: 30" BOS: 44" ORD: 20" DTW: 25" BUF: 99" DEN: 61" SEA: 4.0" BTV: 80"
  7. Allsnow loves a good patience pattern.
  8. Who's pushing a narrative though? HPN is -0.9 this month against historically high normals.
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