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  1. Prob by the same people calling everyone weak.
  2. Can finally see it. Reddish/copper
  3. The tiniest of slivers just disappeared and it's completely cloudy now. Can't see anything.
  4. Yup. Had light rain. Turned to moderate for a bit now. Nothing extreme. Downpour right now but much more tame overall than what was shown over the ocean.
  5. The rain shield is weakening. Good job by most of the models showing this.
  6. Perfect weather. Forky and Allsnow wishing for some swamp ass.
  7. Fake corn dews
  8. DCA: +1.5 NYC: +1.5 BOS: +1.5 ORD: +1.5 ATL: +1.5 IAH: +2 0 DEN: +1.5 PHX: +1.5 SEA: -1.0
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