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  1. Under decent echos eith horrible snow growth now. ~1" will probzbly do it here.
  2. I prob have .25" to .5" on colder surfaces.
  3. Remember when the 12z rgem today had 18.1" at KNYC? Lol
  4. Been snowing for 6 hours and I'm up to 0.0" and counting
  5. The airmass for this storm is crap which we can agree upon but this really was such a fail (in some locations) by the short range hi res models. If we got the rates many of the models were showing it would have overcome the stale airmass. I don't blame Upton or any of our optimistic weenies.
  6. When its the same people every event it gets old. The opposite holds true too. Same thing goes for the the two Tonys.
  7. Disagree. The NWS Upton disagees too. Anyone who downplays every storm is bound to get a couple right. You got 5 likes and I'm going to guess it's the rest of the downplaying every storm crew who are just as annoying as the the hype everything crew.
  8. And to be fair, he made that up about the models.