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  1. @bluewave Look at what's coming at you from the ocean
  2. Even though the flooding won't be extreme, I bailed out of Freeport. I've learned my lesson after getting trapped in Irene and narrowly escaping Sandy's surge as it rose super fast. The water was higher than I expected tonight.
  3. The Nautical Mile south of about the midway point is closed off. Lightning flashing as well.
  4. Yes. Some streets are impassable.
  5. I wouldn't recommend driving down there like I did. https://ibb.co/hV1UoF
  6. Anyone know what happened to nws obs page for KFOX? http://w1.weather.gov/data/obhistory/KFOX.html
  7. This is ridiculous for May. Look at just before 11am on the 17th- present http://w1.weather.gov/obhistory/KLGA.html
  8. LGA is 89 at 11pm in May....
  9. From San Angelo radar about 10 mins ago
  10. Must have been some weak trees.
  11. Lost the link to the Wantagh mesonet. I think they see similar gusts to what Queens College saw. Prob gusting to 25-35 mph here with light rain.
  12. Anyone? Forky?. I don't see anything all that threatening. Even when I loop it
  13. I don't see why a warning was issued when looking at the radar velocities