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  1. ISP only picked up 0.54"
  2. I'm sure one of those guys can whip one up.
  3. The chart shows 95+ days for the year.
  4. Don't you live in Central Jersey, Warlock?
  5. 5 months til you start tracking a 70 degree Christmas
  6. 78/74. Enjoy your awful weather.
  7. This just expired
  8. Canceled
  9. Happens a couple times a year I think. Long Island is way more rare.
  10. DCA: +3.7 NYC: +3.7 BOS: +3.7 ORD: +3.7 ATL: +3.7 IAH: +3..5 DEN: +3.5 PHX: +2.7 SEA: +1.0
  11. But seriously, what about all the other stations in northeast NJ or the boroughs, particularly the urban ones? Are they all wrong too? I still disagree with that assertion. I don't see it. Newark is usually in line with Sommerville and a couple other stations in NJ and with the more urban stations in Queens.
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