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  1. You shouldn't believe them. It makes no sense.
  2. Rjay

    Meteorological Winter 2018 Banter

    For at least the first half of February we will have legit high latitude blocking and fresh arctic air to work with. I'll take my chances.
  3. November of this year. I'm not a NWS basher as I believe they do a great job overall but they miss things sometimes
  4. I have lots of faith in the NWS. I think it would be silly to overlook the icing threat especially away from the coast.
  5. Rjay

    Meteorological Winter 2018 Banter

    Yea the ukie is an awful model...wait no it isn't. All of our mets think icing could be a serious issue but let's just make fun of people from the sidelines.
  6. F it. I just bought a subscription.
  7. I dont think 0c 850 line ever makes it to nyc. I'm very busy at work and i dont have a subscription to either so there's not much I can say. Shows 12"+ for nyc though.
  8. Ryan Maue's model page has the precip and TrueWx has precip and temps.
  9. The ukie is a snow storm and a big one at that.
  10. Dr no. Temps crash after these 2 frames but really ugly.
  11. Rjay

    Memory Lane

    Boxing Day had the worst blizzard conditions I've seen in my area. Also the srongest winds during a snow storm that I've experienced.
  12. Rjay

    Memory Lane

    I remember walking home from school twice in one week in knee deep snow. Not being able to left my legs out of the snow so I dragged my feet through it