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  1. 1.60" so far. Moderate rain right now.
  2. It's about 20 degrees colder than Christmas is gonna be.
  3. Got the space heater going. I'm sure @BxEnginewould approve.
  4. Like 2 months ago though. Idc anymore lol. Now it's just cold and gross out.
  5. For Islip: High was 53. That's -16 for the date. Low was 50 (so far). I'm at 49. I'm expecting upper 40s. Anyway, the 50 is -2 for the date. -8 departure so far.
  6. Yes all the NJ stations are broken.
  7. Event total so far is 0.56 for my area. Light rain currently.
  8. Radar has looked the same for like 24 hours.
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