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  1. This weather is a total zzzzzz fest
  2. Depends. What do you want to know?
  3. Lots of compaction and prob a bunch of melting too.
  4. Says the guy posting in the wrong sub. https://www.americanwx.com/bb/forum/10-upstate-new-yorkpennsylvania/
  5. Yea was awesome on TV. 44-0 is pretty nice too.
  6. Same thing happened by me around 230am
  7. NWS put areas just south of Buffalo at 48-60"
  8. I think just south of Buffalo has a shot at 60"+
  9. Wantagh Parkway north near Sunrise
  10. Been sitting at 33 for a while here. Haven't had a freeze yet.
  11. There goes my +7 month lol
  12. I don't see much talk about a potential significant weather event for our area. I pinned Forky's thread.
  13. 78.8 got rounded to 78.1 at ISP
  14. ISP hit 78.8 between hours.
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