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  1. Getting my hat and gloves out of storage. Thanks man.
  2. DCA 0.0 NYC 0.0 BOS 0.0 ORD 0.0 ATL 0.0 IAH +1.5 DEN +2.5 PHX +3.0 SEA 0.0
  3. It's def gotten rough for Judah.
  4. Lol. He pinned it. But to be fair, here's his latest tweet.
  5. Why is Corona Queens the same as Newark? No airport there.
  6. The other night was multiple wind direction changes. With very warm water off the coast we saw some crazy temp jumps when winds switched around to the south. Last night clouds moved in so temps rose. Then the clouds moved out and temps dropped, before the clouds came back around daybreak.
  7. Pretty damn cold in the NW surbs. Already in the 20s at POU.
  8. I was locked in at $2.06 and it expired November 1st. No point in locking in now.
  9. 38 with a cold breeze. Oil prices are too high for this. If it's going to be cold it better snow.
  10. You're arguing against a point no one made though.
  11. My November forecast isn't looking too bad as of now for KNYC
  12. Islip's temps last night were bouncing all over the place.
  13. Interesting night on the island. Wind direction and warm waters do their thing.
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