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  1. Snowing here in Astoria. Sidewalks, grassy areas are whitened up. Street is wet, but I think that is because the salter came around.
  2. Time to watch models is over. It is now time to watch radars, satellite loops. Let us hope we all get a good thump of snow tonight in to tomorrow. From the looks of things, we will get a lot of melting by mid week.
  3. I think once the storm comes on the PAC-NW coast tomorrow, we will get a better picture of where the actual track will be. My gut still says this will be an inland runner up the Appalachians. But I have low confidence in that until we get that storm onshore.
  4. Especially early in the season, when there is still warm ocean water, marginal air temperatures around.
  5. It got named. Last name on the primary storm list.
  6. Eye is becoming obscured now. Not a real surprise.
  7. Slight weakening. 11:00 PM AST Fri Oct 1 Location: 31.4°N 61.2°W Moving: NNE at 17 mph Min pressure: 940 mb Max sustained: 145 mph
  8. Based on the latest satellite loop, Sam looks like it is going NNE now. NHC will probably update that at the 8pm advisory.
  9. 937mb on second pass, and confirmed by NHC on 2pm AST advisory. 2:00 PM AST Fri Oct 1 Location: 29.1°N 61.9°W Moving: N at 21 mph Min pressure: 937 mb Max sustained: 150 mph
  10. I think today will be Sam's last shot at making becoming a CAT 5. It is just below that now. After today, it will start to accelerate north, then NE/NNE in to cooler waters. 11:00 AM AST Fri Oct 1 Location: 28.4°N 61.8°W Moving: N at 21 mph Min pressure: 936 mb Max sustained: 150 mph
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