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  1. ERC complete just in time for land fall....
  2. 11am advisory top wind speeds still at 155MPH. But I would not be shocked if this storm gets upgraded to CAT 5 on post storm analysis.
  3. Just got off the phone with my mom. A tornado touched down only a couple of miles from where she lives in Boynton Beach. Very worried about her right now.
  4. Lowest pressure up a tick two, probably reflecting the ERC. I bet the midnight advisory will show the min pressure lower.
  5. What is the URL where you get this information, so I can bookmark it for future reference? Thanks.
  6. Question, what is the purpose of the dvorak IR, as opposed to the full color IR?
  7. Isn't wobbling normal in a storm this powerful? Like a top spinning?
  8. Has the HWRF been drinking again? You know how it gets when it drinks.
  9. The upper air across the Atlantic is acting more like an El Nino year, not a La Nina. Very strange with the hostile conditions going this deep in to the season. We still of course have a month before the season reaches peak.
  10. Maybe the weather station at Newark is too close to the tarmac, and as a result gets incorrect temp readings?
  11. If it is a quiet season, you will be the winner. Looks like everyone else is going high.
  12. Lake Mead water levels dropping have revealed a body in a barrel. Police say it has been there since the 1980s. I wonder how many more bodies are yet to be revealed as the lake dries up from the extreme drought.
  13. California in the grips of a major drought. Going to be in a lot of trouble this summer. https://www.cnn.com/2022/04/01/us/california-snowpack-drought-climate/index.html
  14. That new low is forming under the upper level low. I know it isn't this forum, but downeast Maine is going to get crushed by this system.
  15. My car had even less snow on it than that, and barely an inch on the ground around it.
  16. I know, I live on 29th and Ditmars. But that hill is damn good sledding when there is snow on it.
  17. I am over by 29th and Ditmars. Where my car is parked, left hand side of the street, there is virtually no snow around it, and very little snow on it. The right hand side cars are buried deep. I can't even get an accurate snow depth measurement due to all the blowing and drifting snow. Go to be at least 10".
  18. That stinks for anyone that wants to go sledding after this storm.
  19. Snowing here in Astoria. Sidewalks, grassy areas are whitened up. Street is wet, but I think that is because the salter came around.
  20. Time to watch models is over. It is now time to watch radars, satellite loops. Let us hope we all get a good thump of snow tonight in to tomorrow. From the looks of things, we will get a lot of melting by mid week.
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