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  1. Gfs upgrade really did wonders
  2. If the euro agrees again than the gfs should be thrown int he shredder. I can't even think how many times there have been different solutions.
  3. Anything wrong with this ?
  4. Keep denying the pattern change . Nothing even suggests those temps in mid to late December . I'm still amazed how you can't see the pattern moving forward to be the best we had in years.
  5. I think we just have to let it play out instead of worrying about it. Models usually struggle during pattern changes and as we can see , it's happening here. Yes the pattern did get slightly delayed from early December to mid December but nothing is getting pushed back more.
  6. Don't play stupid You do the same also with everything. Down play every single thing. I learned from the beat about weather and I'm going to stick with my guns that starting next week we will see favorable weather till the end of this month .
  7. You rather have this pattern being depicted? -NAO, -EPO , -AO and -PNA or everything positive?
  8. Seems like you were never interested in this period ahead . What's not to like besides the PNA being negative ?
  9. I am but I see no reason to be worried but you can with others if you want .
  10. The pattern was always supposed to be good mid month.
  11. Another one who thinks we have to wait. Be patient because after this weekend it's going to be better.
  12. What's gone ? Nothing is gone with the favorable pattern ? You want cold and dry with the PV paying us a visit ? We need some ridging in the east with the big negative NAO.
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