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  1. Stay safe everyone this weekend
  2. The restaurants where I live are insanely packed right now. At least over 200 people in all the restaurants combined outside. No social distancing =(
  3. What else are the kids going to do for the summer?
  4. NY pools will be open this weekend Face masks out of the pool 50 percent capacity Social distancing https://trib.al/X9iFq7H
  5. 1005 new cases in NY Big jump
  6. Not his fault but this isnt the thread
  7. Governor’s office: De Blasio doesn’t have power to reopen NYC schools https://trib.al/foy04I0
  8. It can Limit capacity inside and install a filter system just like what Cuomo wants the malls to do.
  9. A Chinese buffet opened in January in my area and now they might never open again. Food was great
  10. Agree No one is going to stay inside the whole summer. Go out and enjoy yourself but wear a mask when you are in a group.
  11. Mayor Deblasio said schools will open in September with restrictions. Social Distancing Alot of washing stations Masks for everyone
  12. You can give me as many weenies as possible.
  13. I get a weenie because I posted about unemployment . Do Dems want to see the economy crash and never recover ?