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  1. You would think winter is about to be canceled if you listen to people in the NYC subforum. This subforum is top notch.
  2. Nothing is looking ugly for us moving forward. Stop being a troll. Check out the Mid Atlantic Subforum . They are talking about the upcoming pattern near the holidays. I think I'm going to take a break from this subforum because alot of misinformation.
  3. Those maps are garbage . This is the high resolution map of the eps.
  4. Looks similiar to the weeklies
  5. It's coming Things are looking good
  6. Terrible call on your east based Super Nino.
  7. Euro weeklies is still loaded during the holidays
  8. I never won it . Kevin beat me several years ago.
  9. I mean how am I a weenie here when I'm posting facts and Allsnow and Bluewave keep posting about warmth . How come no one gets at them ?
  10. Wow congrats It's 40 and cloudy here
  11. Nothing has changed. Come on now. I don't get the mixed signals from different people and meteorologists moving forward , even on different subforums here.
  12. Yea the palm tree post was ludicrous.
  13. We shall see but right now , nothing points to a stall . I guess we have to wait and see what happens near the holidays. Also , It takes 7 days for th.e MJO to go through 4 5 6 The slowup will be in phase 8
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