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  1. Gfs once again further south Still correcting southward
  2. Still way offshore but the upper air pattern is different on this run. CMC continues to be further south .
  3. Gfs is already correcting south
  4. My heart is slightly enlarged due to my weight so I have to at least drop 30 + lbs.
  5. My weight is the problem. I was 175 8 years ago in the academy then shot right up to 270 years after but now back down to 257. The only bread I eat is now whole wheat . Watching my calories are helping me.
  6. I have been on a diet for a month since I had my last blood work in early August. I have lost 10 lbs and feel alot better. I'm trying to go down to 220 since I'm now 257. My doctor put me on Vitamin D and Policasnol which is an over the counter Cholesterol pill. My blood work wasn't good last month Liver enzymes were really high Cholesterol: 270 Triglycerides:178 HDL:41 Ldl:195 VlDL was good I have been drinking hot green tea every morning along with detox water and watching my calories. I still eat carbs but everything is whole wheat now.
  7. Way out there in weenie range
  8. Uh ? I just posted this. I see alot of people touting an early start. I hope we don't get any snow until December.
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