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  1. True. Just inserting some debate to the "it ain't gonna snow the next 3 weeks" discussion. Hard to tell if that's going to actually happen if you can't get any semblance of an actual weather pattern that might make sense past 10 days.
  2. I wouldn't buy anything I'm seeing on the GFS ensembles after 12/10. Look at the northern hemisphere views and everything just stops moving after 12/10, like an entire hemispheric "block". It seems unusual and I don't think that's actually going to happen - unless it's some sort of common artifact of being the end of the ensemble run. Just something that stuck out to me - even on the 500 mb map...
  3. I guess the hope would be to get the milder weather out of the way now so December can close out colder, and potentially snowier. No science behind this statement, just some logic and the hope the pattern changes at the right time. We could all use a snowy Holiday Season to set the tone…
  4. We will be lucky to get 2-4” if this thing gets it’s act together, with maybe a little more in the higher elevations or where good dynamics setup. And that’s a big IF…
  5. But Polar Vortex sounds cool, and makes any boring winter forecast more exciting!
  6. Personally I vote for Billerica Stool Chart but that’s just me. Let’s leave the Bristol’s of the world out of the fecal judgement business.
  7. Is there an issue with BOX AFD’s? No updates since Sunday 11/21 9:45 AM…
  8. We really need a better name for that stool chart…
  9. Looks like updated GFS did well this season. Euro only did better at 144 hrs and later on stronger storms...
  10. I see CNN is as bad at reporting weather as they are at reporting other news... lol...
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