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  1. Air fryers are glorified convection ovens. There’s ton of recipes and directions online. Many “Instant Pots” are also pressure cookers in most cases. I don’t think they are difficult to figure out, though you may need to do a quick read of the manual to figure out how to switch between different modes. Enjoy the free appliance!
  2. Really good soaking in progress here. I’m contrast, Newport getting almost nothing… interesting drive home hit a wall of rain.
  3. The Japanese Beetle is native to Japan. Not sure if that’s a good comparison…
  4. I’ll totally take 70’s on the fourth. There’s nothing worse than roasting in the sun for two hours at the Bristol parade. Not as much shade as there used to be do to trees dying…
  5. I know there is a lawn thread, but since it’s being discussed here, I’ve been gradually reseeding my lawn with a mix of mini clover and drought resistant grass seed made of mostly tall fescue and perennial rye grass and been pleased. For reference: https://www.outsidepride.com/seed/clover-seed/miniclover.html https://www.scotts.com/en-us/products/grass-seed/scotts-turf-builder-grass-seed-tall-fescue-mix I work two jobs and don’t have time or money to water or fertilize on a schedule, so mowing and trimming is the most amount of effort I can put in. Other than the few weeks where the clover is flowering the lawn looks decent even in the warmer months. I cut on the higher side in July and August and it helps prevent the crab grass and other weeds from establishing themselves. YMMV…
  6. He grills on Euro +10 temp anomalies. Gives the food a nice char. Happy Father’s Day!
  7. If you wanted some good yard work weather to get ready for your Fourth of July party(s), this is it. I’ll take it. Partly cloudy and 70 here.
  8. Ended up being a pretty good storm for southern RI… no Stein today…
  9. Yeah I'm right on the fringe. Still some moderate rain here. Fine by me. It's been dry...
  10. Yeah we got it pretty good here. Nothing severe, but a nice classic summer storm with heavy rain, thunder, lightning, and some wind. Just what the lawn needed.
  11. Anyone else's RadarScope down? My feed is out of date on KBOX and KOKX... dang.
  12. INCOMING! Let's see if this line actually hits me or does the strong cells do the usual end run around me. Been doing yard work all day, just got everything inside.
  13. Would be nice if that line made it here... could use some rain... but it's falling apart as it makes its way east...
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