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  1. I fully admit it’s nice to see blue spots on the GFS and Euro reappearing on their Continental US precip maps, even if it’s not near us. Beautiful night for a dog walk tonight down here. Enjoy it while you can.
  2. Watching the Pats game will not add to its perfection.
  3. Current radar loop looks cool… rain moving in three different directions. South from NH/VT, east over MA, WNW over CT and RI.
  4. Who's working the Massachusetts border preventing that rain from moving north? Don't think I've ever seen it that close to following a border like that lol.
  5. Short term another win for the GFS. May be too dry for tomorrow though.
  6. True. But all the meso models are wetter than the GFS. GFS is kind of on its own at the moment, and even the 18z ensembles were wetter than the operational run. Common sense forecast: most likely not as juicy as the NAM 3K and not as dry as the GFS. Somewhere in the middle is the answer, though my gut feeling is that the mesos are picking something up that the GFS isn't seeing...
  7. I was curious and did some research. Tapatalk was re-purchased by the founder. Probably good news for the app. Almost all the forums that are removing support are owned by a company called Verticalscope which apparently have bought up thousands of forum sites on the internet over the last decade. They also own the forum hosting software XenForo, and the competing app to Tapatalk, Fora. Looks more like this Verticalscope company looking for an opportunity to consolidate than issues with Tapatalk. Apparently almost the same message verbatim was posted in most forums, which made some people suspicious.
  8. Kevin did, but I don't think you got my joke anyway
  9. If you think it sucks up in Northern New England, how do you think I feel here in RI with GRAY foliage!
  10. GFS and Euro continue to generate something off the Florida coast and kick it north-northeast up the coast. Supported in the ensembles as well. Doesn't look like it gets too organized yet. Something to watch since it's so close by...
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