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  1. “Baby if you ever wondered, wondered whatever happened to Spring.”
  2. If you look at the ultra long range 00z GEFS the first week of March is a nice warm up, followed by a cool down. I wouldn’t pull out the shorts and a/c’s just yet.
  3. We don’t need El Niño or La Niña, we just need Canada to have relatively normal cold air again. As long as Canada continues to be a furnace our Winter snow chances will continue to be reduced. Our general patterns were favorable several times for snowfall, only for there to be marginal temps making accumulation difficult or impossible. Sometimes you don’t realize how a +10 or +20 500 miles away makes 29 degrees turn into 33 degrees in New England.
  4. Did I start the longest lasting Autumn Banter thread ever?
  5. Had about 1” of fluff here. It melted as soon as the sun came out.
  6. Yes exactly. Some may be envisioning shorts and sandals and while that could happen, I feel like disappointment will continue, but just in the other direction.
  7. I feel like this forum might go crazy if the “Morch” ends up being 45 degrees and cloudy for weeks on end with +20 low temps at night.
  8. Bring on Morch! Have some grass to seed in the yard, would like to get an early start since I missed my window in the fall.
  9. Just removed about 3.5” of Hungry Jack from the driveway, thankfully the electric snow blower could handle it. Would love to know the ratios on this stuff considering it was snowing moderately to heavy for most of the storm. Probably 4-1 or 5-1 type stuff. This was probably about 5” of snow at one point.
  10. I agree with everything you said 100%, and I don't have met training so I'm not even in much position to take an alternative angle. That being said, I think even the folks at NCEP and other agencies were probably wondering what was going on with models yesterday afternoon, and by 6PM they had hurricane hunters out doing data readings. It didn't shock me that @Ginx snewx started posting HRRR runs that were "improving" a few hours later. Perhaps those flights would have been done anyway for research purposes but there was definitely a period yesterday where something made the models start show something different after several days of consistency.
  11. Made the Bristol to Providence track into work between 8:30 to 9:15. Moderate to heavy snow the entire way. It's sticking pretty good to grassy areas, but roads are just slushy. It's been hovering 32 the entire time. Eyeballing about 4" outside my office. Don't have a yard stick here. It super heavy slop, but looks delightful outside.
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