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  1. Wow - the official NHC forecast track hasn't shifted for us in 24 hours. Go look at forecast 14A (2PM Fri), and that path is almost the exactly the same as the path at 18A (2PM today). Sure the models are going to keep moving the jackpot of precip at every model run, but we're talking about swings of a couple of hundred miles based in minor variations each run. You blend them together and right now most of us are getting at least 2" of rain, with pockets of 4", and that's been pretty steady over the last 24 hours as well - and much of that is coming well ahead of the "eye" of the storm. Looks like we'll be getting a pretty good rainstorm, with the intensity of a moderate nor'easter for those that end up on the eastern side of the eye, if anyone ends up there. I'm sticking to that until something shows me otherwise. Obviously LF in Florida changes things, but that hasn't happened yet, and if it does, it's going to give us plenty of time to adjust the forecast. There was never a consistent signal that this was going to be a strong storm/hurricane up in SNE once we got into the timeframe where the tropical models could provide forecasts for our area...
  2. 6z HWRF(s) and HMON both have this making landfall on the SC/NC border, staying inland for a bit then re-emerging and heading NE into New England. Not disliking that track, gets us the rain we need without a ton of damaging wind... seems like Euro op is on its own at the moment.
  3. I live in coastal RI. Any trickery for us would be appreciated.
  4. Yup missed out on everything here. Looking at the radar loop almost everywhere in RI got at least a fast moving shower out of it except my area - barely a trace. Glad I watered the garden earlier! Now in the dry slot...
  5. I looked at the radar, the NAM, and HRRR, and proceeded to go outside and water the garden. Not expecting much rain here at this point. Could have used it!
  6. I think the question becomes, do you want a weather forum to become social media, with all the vitriol that goes along with it? It looked like things were getting personal at the end. Sometimes you're better off not knowing the political leanings of your online "friends", so you can just banter about the weather and enjoy it. To keep my post on topic - seems like QPF is down across the board for most of eastern New England on all the 00z models. Only the 12K nam gives any areas more than an inch east of the CT river... was hoping this could be a nice soaker for the garden...
  7. Did the 18z initialize with all the recon info? I have the feeling 00z might be a better indicator as all that information recorded will be fully ingested along with proper center coordinates.
  8. Strongest gusts of the day happening right now here in Bristol.
  9. Moderate snow now. 34. About a 1/2" on the grassy areas. Not much on pavement.
  10. Light snow mixed with sleet and rain, 36.