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  1. I would gladly take 115 @ PWM...that's way AN. Curious to what's leading you to think that way?
  2. Not just by crews either. A lot of the populace in southern Maine was woefully unprepared. Lots of "I didn't see this coming" talk around the water cooler. And massive lines at every gas station and open restaurant. I'll never understand why people don't keep a few days worth of non-perishables on hand and if they hear of a storm coming, get gas for the genny/chainsaw. If the storm's a bust, just put the gas in your car.
  3. Look on craigslist or make a post about it there. You never know.
  4. ha, everything below that intersection on washington was without power this AM. Is that pic you posted Veranda Street? Explains why our campus over there is without power
  5. Easily more rain in the last hour and a half than the past 2 days
  6. worked out well last year, let's do it again
  7. events where LOLavaRock says "meh" before they even start are my favorite
  8. And one in Windham, ME https://mobile.twitter.com/LiamNee/status/921148903151538177/video/1
  9. Moved in mid-August, didn't re-install, no regrets. Nice sea breeze and well built, well ventilated house... may not even install at all next year.
  10. Things I need to survive the upcoming dews: [ ] DIT's sympathy [ x ] A functioning ceiling fan
  11. I get what you're saying but this is pretty rich coming from someone with 17,000 lengthy posts.
  12. Thanks, sorry, was just being a wize-azz. Feel free to delete my post(s)