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  1. sh*tty. Get a fire going nice and hot, say some kind words, and back away (it's gonna stink, literally).
  2. Spring is backdoor season around here. You will learn in time, young grasshopper.
  3. Kids crying into their stocking while Dad curses profusely trying to get the genny going and Mom starts drinking alone in the dark bathroom with the door closed?
  4. 12.7" as of 2PM on 1.24" liquid. Slightly lower ratio's than @OceanStWx but I believe I'm a little closer to the ocean than him.
  5. Kids: "Can we go out and play in the snow?" Me: "Sure." Also Me: "STAY AT LEAST 10 FEET AWAY FROM THE SNOW BOARD AT ALL TIMES OK?!?!"
  6. snow stake is at 8". If I were to do an official observation from the snowboard right now I imagine I'd be at 9", but not doing that until the next 6hr mark (2PM). Visibility is currently <0.15 mile. I can't see the radio tower that's that far away from my house. Despite not being under that sick band, radar looks fantastic.
  7. PWM had 32" in 2013; same storm Gorham popped 36".
  8. This is what happens once the clown/weenie crack maps go away
  9. hold up - we're not supposed to clear the board every 6 hours in our official NWS obs?
  10. Maybe someone with more knowledge can chime in - Why do the Mesos show much higher totals for SNH and SME than the Globals? They've been worlds apart the past 24 hours.