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  1. I get what you're saying but this is pretty rich coming from someone with 17,000 lengthy posts.
  2. Thanks, sorry, was just being a wize-azz. Feel free to delete my post(s)
  3. Wait. So a Hurricane is or is not a Tornado? Really hoping a Met can respond to clear this up. Thanks
  4. 1.34" since July 1. #Drierthanyouare
  5. To be fair, Lava, the past two summer's have been abnormally dry. This year even moreso than last. Certainly doesn't help. ___ I've got a few of those Aspens on my property in South PWM. Nice looking trees.
  6. Eh, it's probably just dormant. It's kind of nice, I haven't mowed my lawn since June 30 and you wouldn't even know it.
  7. 1.10" July/Aug to date. 1.05" in July was the lowest July precip for PWM going back 30 years (I stopped checking after 1987, though)
  8. Pretty clear boundary on the GOES http://weather.cod.edu/satrad/exper/?parms=newengland-02-24-1
  9. Where does one find this information? I'm interested in the July numbers for PWM. I know we finished with 1.05" of rain but curious on the temps. I suspect we were at or ever so slightly BN
  10. They've been dissipating for the most part. Just over an inch here at PWM for July. If you look at he drought monitor maps you can see how the coast and all of downeast is shaded for being abnormally dry.
  11. 1.05" here at PWM for July.
  12. toddlers and babies, too.
  13. Looking WNW over PWM. That cell is the one that just moved through GYX.
  14. Currently 46.7F. High of 50.2F. Steady misery mist all day. Will probably fire up the wood stove to take the edge off.