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  1. toddlers and babies, too.
  2. Looking WNW over PWM. That cell is the one that just moved through GYX.
  3. Currently 46.7F. High of 50.2F. Steady misery mist all day. Will probably fire up the wood stove to take the edge off.
  4. ^ High bush blueberries?
  5. I like having a nice looking yard, nothing wrong with that. To me it's more of the need to have the greenest, most turf-like lawn on the street that I don't understand. And achieving it by dumping tons of chemicals into the earth. You can have a very nice looking yard without having it look like a golf course.
  6. I never understood the obsession with having a golf course-like lawn for your own. Inferiority complex maybe? It's sad that in 2017 that people still pound fertilizer and pesticides with no consideration of the impact they have.
  7. 2.4" 32.0F About 1.4 miles from PWM jetport. Can't wait until those heavier bands make it up this way.
  8. Put down your phone. Go outside. Enjoy. This place is clearly not good for your psyche. If you spend more time in this thread than looking or being outside, you're doing it wrong.
  9. GYX has PWM in for 8-12, wunderground has us for 1"+ rain, 3-5" snow. Trust the guys up in Gray but I'm curious as to why the discrepancy. Is there still model disagreement this late in the game?
  10. Crazy. PWM is at 35" new in the past week. The city itself is pretty much at capacity with snow at this point. I say bring it!
  11. Awesome, congrats! You meh'd your way to 20", congrats! The PNS around me we're strange too. PWM - 16.1 SSW - South Portland -16.5 ENE Scarborough - 23.0 All of which are within a few miles.
  12. Great pics, congrats eyewall
  13. East End?
  14. 32" since Tuesday 2/7 2/7 - 4.3" 2/9 - 7.7" 2/11 - 6.0" 2/12 & 2/13 - 14" (est)