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  1. These will go after Grubs and a few other things. https://www.amazon.com/Bug-Sales-Million-Beneficial-Nematodes/dp/B012TYT37K/ref=sr_1_8?crid=1TNKZ6VBF7W9Y&dchild=1&keywords=beneficial+nematodes+for+grubs&qid=1623159785&sprefix=beneficial+ne%2Caps%2C350&sr=8-8 They have a "triple blend" version that goes after even more pests, but I'd go with this. The expensive part is really from the shipping. Make sure you're not on vacation when they're set to arrive, they need to stay cold. A few hours on the porch they'll be fine.
  2. Nematodes are fast acting, they'll kill them within a day or two. I might have suggested Milky Spore a few years ago, but found it to be be ineffective. @dendrite that looks like root rot to me. sucks. The only way I've been able to keep deer off mine is by fencing them off. overkill but i'm tired of losing all the new growth to deer.
  3. https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2021/06/the-lab-leak-theory-inside-the-fight-to-uncover-covid-19s-origins Excellent, angering read. This lengthy article pretty much seals the deal for the lab leak theory imo despite the lack of hard evidence. The article assembles many more pieces of the story that I hadn't previously known. And it proves that Peter Daszak and Shi Zhengli are liars
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  5. "We’re Not Ready for the Next Pandemic We’re learning the wrong lessons from the search for COVID-19’s origins." https://www.vice.com/amp/en/article/wx5ndx/china-coronavirus-origins-who-mission Superior, insightful article written by a Chinese scientist, Yangyang Cheng, who works in the US. Cheng adds a much needed geopolitical analysis to the ongoing debate regarding the search for the origins of the virus. She raises important issues regarding sovereign authority, genetic resources, and cross border data sharing. A quote from one of Cheng's closing paragraphs: (To be clear, Cheng doesn't pick sides regarding lab leak vs zoonotic theories) "The novel coronavirus originated in nature. It has no agenda, no morals or political belief. Its presence among our species is a result of human activity. It is an indictment on all of humanity that when confronted with a common threat, the immediate response from governments has been more artificial divisions to determine who deserves to live and who must die. In the eyes of a state, security is not about preserving life but sustaining power. People are sacrificed to secure the fragile pride of a flag. The future is bartered to fulfill capitalism’s endless demand for profit. Truth gives way to partisan motives." I share the quote as an enticement to read Cheng's article; it's not worth offering commentary on just that quote if you haven't read the whole article.
  6. Stein right in your eyeball. https://mobile.twitter.com/growingwisdom/status/1396396772801527808
  7. let the weeds run free. clover, dandelion, violets - let 'em grow. a nice diverse landscape for the pollinators. harming the environment... savages!
  8. Sounds great for pollinators, too.
  9. They are delivered with an ice pack, which is why the shipping cost is a bit higher. As long as you don't let them sit on your porch for a whole day in the sun they'll be OK.
  10. "Nature's Good Guys" - https://www.amazon.com/NaturesGoodGuys-Beneficial-Nematodes-Triple-Blend/dp/B086683PNS/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=Beneficial+nematodes&qid=1619006903&sr=8-3 There are several different types of Nematodes for different types of pests, these ones treats grubs and more. The "Hb" type treats for Grubs, and they do sell a package with only that type of Nematode. They sell them by the million and I believe the rate is 50 mil /12,500 square feet. I'm fairly certain they're Chicken-safe, but I'm not 100% sure. I'm interested to know now, though, as we just got chicks. They won't be outside for another 6 weeks and I didn't treat any areas that are near their run, so low-risk even if they aren't chook-safe.
  11. Is that earlier than normal for your locale? That means they're not far away for me up here, seems early though
  12. Super easy. They're essentially microorganisms that attack the specified insects. They come in a powder, which you need to refrigerate if you're not going to apply immediately. I'd recommend being home on the delivery date to receive and store appropriately. Mix the powder with water in a can (gently), and apply to the affected area. They'll stop the damage from spreading within a day or two. Scooter mentioned Milky Spore, which is also effective, but can take several seasons to establish. Nematodes have immediate results and don't harm the environment.
  13. @Lava Rock, if you put down nematodes you can seed immediately. they'll attack cinchbugs, too. grubex is for environmental anarchists
  14. definitely looks like grubs, lava. Get some Nematodes and treat the areas before you replant anything. https://www.amazon.com/NaturesGoodGuys-Beneficial-Nematodes-Triple-Blend/dp/B086683PNS/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=Beneficial+nematodes&qid=1619006903&sr=8-3