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  1. The rare "Heavy Sea Spray Warning" has been issued. Let's take down some commuter ferries!
  2. Agree. The real concern is that many students don't even have proper clothing for 20 degrees, let alone -20 wind chills.
  3. You do realize that's about visibility, not about snow amounts, right? There roads up there are akin to South Dakota, not SNE.
  4. Just got an email from our super - they will not be cancelling school. Discussed with surrounding superintendents and all are not cancelling. South Portland & Portland have a ton of walkers, so I can understand it for the more suburban communities, but for PWM that makes no sense.
  5. my kid does the same shit - stashes a snowball at the end of winter every year. weenies. Yes, overall wettest month here since Jul '21 with 8.22" of total liquid (24.0" snow). Looks like all eastern areas were pretty wet. At least Maine had some snow come out of it.
  6. Very true. I have buff and lavender orpingtons, def cold hardy...but I haven't even touched single digits this year so they're in for a shock at first. I think I'd put them in my garage before a heating lamp, too risky for fires.
  7. Didn't know that it can harm. Thanks. Ridge vent is open for ventilation, otherwise they're protected. Shouldnt be too breezy there.
  8. @dendrite are you putting stuff on the chooks combs Friday? First time mine will experience this kind of cold, even in the coop (which I doubt they leave for other than food on Friday).
  9. https://forecast.weather.gov/product.php?site=NWS&issuedby=BOX&product=PNS Lots of T's but lots of measurable, too.
  10. Idk why anyone in SNE is reporting snow totals today. Winter was finished two days ago. Seriously, stop. It's embarrassing.
  11. i was staying in a yurt for a few nights in feb '21 in brownfield, ME. I brought my indoor/outdoor thermo I did my AM ritual in the outhouse at -10. A feat I will tell my grandkids about for sure.
  12. at least the tick population in areas w/o snow cover could suffer a blow. feels like something Stein would tweet about. someone send him a link to this thread pls.
  13. It's going to be a humanitarian crisis here in PWM Friday night/Saturday. A lot of people are going to die in their sleep. There are a number of compounding factors that have led to hundreds of unhoused spending nights outside this winter - new shelter opening delayed until March; covid & migrant funding for hotels to put these people up just ended in December. Simply not enough bed space and so you have hundreds of people living in makeshift camps - woefully unprepared to endure a night like this.
  14. At least the ratio of liquid:frozen mirrors that of this winter's.
  15. Goose, the band, is actually pretty terrible, no matter what people tell you. 43°/19° today - nice early March diurnal.
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