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  1. My boy snagged an absolute hog this AM. Guessing 5lbs
  2. don't forget to throw one of these in each storage unit https://www.amazon.com/Boveda-62-Percent-2-Way-Humidity-Control/dp/B00JV27MF4?th=1 keep it fresh until next season
  3. Sorry about that. I might have helped cause the KGW. I popped into Bissell after work and noticed a bald middle aged man on his phone at the bar. Thought he looked familiar so I gave his phone a quick glance and saw this website. Yankees polo shirt and audible ramblings about "dews" helped confirm. I sent a flight his way and skipped out before he noticed. Beer ye beer ye.
  4. sounds like everyone waited until today (which I get - people have busy lives). PowderBeard was saying 0 action yesterday.
  5. Pretty sure I saw that Acadia is going to be closing on Saturday. And the CAT Ferry hasn't run out of Portland for like 10 years.
  6. Of course, but they don't always over react and slam the grocery store and gas stations at the first mention of it.
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