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  1. Nice for you guys up north. About time things went your way for an event. 4.3" of cement here. 0.60" liquid. First time this season coastal influence has held me back, shocked it took this long.
  2. 31.0" for Dec 31.3" Season to date
  3. Picked up .6" after this AMs flip, but didnt get to measure until this afternoon Total snow for the event is 13.6" 2.59" liquid (frozen and rain)
  4. Nice! I have yet to take a measurement after we flipped back to SN at 7:30, but I was at 13" when it was raining at 5:30, so I should end up close to you. I'm right on the Scarborough line in SoPo.
  5. 2.2" of water logged new snow measured at 530, bringing the event total (final) up to 13.0". Flip to rain must have happened around 1AM Liquid equivalent of 2.24"
  6. I had about 2 hours of sleet from 630-830. Liquid equivalent on my last measurement of 3.6" was 0.81". Event total liquid is 1.69" from 10.8" snow.
  7. Up to 10.8" as of 930PM Currently SN 29.7°
  8. Absolutely puking right now. Will take a 6hr measurement here shortly. Picture I took exceeds 1.95MB
  9. I mean that's generally where I take out my frustrations. SN 29.1°
  10. Would you be so kind as to post that, or the link, please?
  11. My guess is I was at around 8/8.5"" when I flipped to sleet mixed with flakes at around 6:30. Been a scalping since. We'll see how long we stay frozen before the flip as the low moves into the GOM. Will take a measurement just before that if possible.
  12. I think I'm ahead of all of you which I'll probably never be able to say again