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  1. I went into Walgreens yesterday. Signs all over the door saying just that. As well as 15 person capacity. Well sure enough inside the store, 27 people and 8 if them without masks. Nobody enforcing it.
  2. I'll share my story, FWIW. I traveled to and from SFO th week 3/2-3/8 for a conference. There was no concept of social distancing the entire trip. Restaurants, a concert, the conference itself... Anyway... 5 days after I got back to PWM,back in the office, I became short of breath walking up a flight of stairs. For context, I'm 34 and do vigorous cardio 3 days a week. The next day I had to bail on my workout because I was short of breath. I've never experienced either of these circumstances before. Two days later, same thing. Had to quit my workout. But that's it. No other symptoms, nobody in my family or circle got sick. Did I have "IT"? If I did, ok. If not, how much more of a risky situation could I ever be in? Two cross country flights, public market on the SF pier, a concert, bars and restaurants, all in early March. What's the point of my inane ramblings? Idk, you tell me.
  3. Already a lot of that up here in Maine. Granted our case rate is lower than SNE, but this line of thinking is short-sighted and dangerous (obviously). It's just the "Govnah killing the economy."
  4. High was 45.5° here and plummeted to 34.8° over the course of 75 minutes. 33.8° now and just went through some good echoes. Had 0.56" rain before the flip, now 1.4" snow. I'm about 10 miles south of Legro and 3 miles from the water, pretty impressive for April 9.
  5. Not shocked. Most of the beaches and state parks in York and Cumberland are closed, so all the numbnuts head north. Couldn't pay me to be anywhere near there.
  6. https://www.newscentermaine.com/amp/article/news/health/coronavirus/news-center-maine-speaks-with-covid-19-patients/97-0180295a-0ef0-4c15-93b8-ca87d14f120b?__twitter_impression=true These girls symptoms sound just like what dendrite described.
  7. Dont take it personal, I'm not saying you're dumb. All I'm saying is that America has a lower collective IQ than the nation's the OP was saying are more densely populated, such as China and SK. I dont need a peer reviewed study to feel good about that assumption. Take a look around.
  8. Not that ones really needed, but yes I do. https://new-iq-test.com/iq-by-country/
  9. We also have a lower collective IQ than those countries. We also have a higher rate of comorbidities than those countries.
  10. If it's not the pharmacy or grocery store it can wait imo. The sooner we do that the sooner and less impactful we can get past this. Isn't your wife a flight attendant? She should be the last person out and about.
  11. If people can't stay the f home on their own, time to go full Italy and shut everything non-essential down.
  12. Southie today (not my picture). People are not smart.
  13. Wow. The notion of social distancing to reduce spread is really lost on some huh? Dumb, selfish, reckless...
  14. 39° and some graupel falling. At least it's frozen.
  15. We could use a solid population reduction. Too many people on earth. Mother nature has a way of correcting herself. Mass deforestation in Asia for populace expansion --> close contact with bats --> new and fun diseases like this one. This coming from someone who probably has COVID-19 after spending a week in San Fran with two cross country flights filled with troglodytes coughing and sneezing without covering properly.
  16. 2.0" before it flipped to rain earlier this evening.
  17. 4.1" snow yesterday. Been freezing drizzle since about 2:30 PM. 30.7°F and 0.3" ice accretion.
  18. Nice for you guys up north. About time things went your way for an event. 4.3" of cement here. 0.60" liquid. First time this season coastal influence has held me back, shocked it took this long.
  19. 31.0" for Dec 31.3" Season to date
  20. Picked up .6" after this AMs flip, but didnt get to measure until this afternoon Total snow for the event is 13.6" 2.59" liquid (frozen and rain)
  21. Nice! I have yet to take a measurement after we flipped back to SN at 7:30, but I was at 13" when it was raining at 5:30, so I should end up close to you. I'm right on the Scarborough line in SoPo.
  22. 2.2" of water logged new snow measured at 530, bringing the event total (final) up to 13.0". Flip to rain must have happened around 1AM Liquid equivalent of 2.24"
  23. I had about 2 hours of sleet from 630-830. Liquid equivalent on my last measurement of 3.6" was 0.81". Event total liquid is 1.69" from 10.8" snow.