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  1. More concerning than the smoke is the fact that she travels down the highway with two wheels in each lane!
  2. yeah but have you heard of the cocaine bear(s)?
  3. Long range says we don't need to install here for at least 2 more weeks.
  4. 91F off a low of 51F. Currently 68F. Gorgeous night with windows wide open.
  5. Not even 10A and we've gone from 41F to 71F. What a day
  6. today marks day 5 of a high temp of 66F. Aside from it being perfect CoC, it's remarkable consistency for any temp.
  7. blueberries taking hit after hit this spring - wild, cultivated, backyard - sucks.
  8. That's amazing. What a treat. I caught these guys hanging out together in May 2019. They stayed at ground level for a good 5 minutes. Just happened to look out a second story window and they caught my eye.
  9. Yep, 2013. Spent Fri/Sat nights in a tent on Sebago with 36° and rain for like 40 hours. Cleared out on Sunday and we went to the Whites for some hiking only to find everything covered in 2 or 3" of snow.
  10. Breeze is cranking through the house... feels and sounds fantastic. 57° and showers
  11. Both bands have always been in tune - much more than your standard pop culture act - with their surroundings on any given night. Be it weather, space, history, cultural context- they harness energy through music and anyone who's experienced knows exactly what I mean. 54° RA 1.12" since 3P
  12. Love it. One of my favorite shows was phish at Jones Beach long island 7/12/13 in 55° synoptic rain right off the atlantic.
  13. 0.50" since we started at 3P Weenies-in-training insisted on jumping in the RA
  14. I used to have a boss that said "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it not stupid". He evaded your "are you drunk" question. Beer lunches on a spring/summer Friday is a lock with just about every sales team in every industry. Not knocking it, kinda jealous tbh. East/west/whatever, looks like I'm getting a beneficial rainfall here which is all I care about.
  15. I went and checked my wild blueberry patch this morning, and saw exactly as you describe - top flowers fried, underneath generally unscathed. https://ibb.co/KLchJHn
  16. Nice! Unrelated to your post, but it reminded me.... I was reading something last night about Monarchs. The ones that travel to NE have the furthest to travel, and so need a great deal of pollen (fuel) before their return south. Often, people will plant milkweed to attract them for laying/hatching - which is great - but they don't plant late-flowering plants to provide them the fuel for travel. So, I guess, it's important for monarchs to not only have milkweed but also late flowering plants.
  17. all the blossoms on my apple trees are yellow and wilted. is that a death knell for them this year?
  18. Wow.. did not know that. I'd probably find a "safe" spot for the cowbird egg and see what happens. at lease the phoebe's will be good.
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