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  1. Looks the best I've seen over the years. Apply Nematodes in early May, before there are signs of grub damage.
  2. Hasn't inflation always been here to stay? I'm no economist, but isn't inflation kind of arbitrary / artificial, relative to wages? Listened to these guys detail it a few months back, was relatively informative to me as a noob when it comes to this stuff. https://www.iheart.com/podcast/105-stuff-you-should-know-26940277/episode/what-causes-inflation-83185373/
  3. Clover is Stein resistant and a favorite of honey bees...where's the problem?
  4. While SNE was enjoying the sun on Saturday, we were socked in with clouds all day, but it the cloud cover, lack of wind (dead air), and relatively warm lake water made for some great large mouth action.
  5. Hmmm.. not too sure about that. Maybe @OceanStWxcan clarify?
  6. I'm not sure where the old observer was located, but this'll be a new site. Old COOP person retired, and GYX reached out to me based on my CoCoRAHS data and location. I'm within 2-3mi from the jetport, depending on where at the jetport you are, so a good enough proxy to call it official.
  7. I'm the new COOP observer for PWM, so you can lock-in futility for me for this season...
  8. I hear ya, I've been there I think they can live two weeks (maybe four) in the fridge. I takes me about 5 minutes to apply, fwiw. Dump them in the watering can, pour (the temperature recommended) water in the can, water the impacted area. Where it can take more time is if your soil is dry and you need to water first and then potentially again subsequent days.
  9. ^ good point.. the great part about nematodes is they treat more than just Japanese beetle grubs
  10. You could try beneficial nematodes. They work well and quickly. A little pricey due to shipping costs but they'll stop the damage as soon as you apply. Milky spore takes a few years to be effective, and even more challenging here with our lower soil temps. https://www.amazon.com/NaturesGoodGuys-Million-Live-Beneficial-Nematodes/dp/B01N5DR2A1
  11. So that's why college costs so much these days
  12. Nice. If it gets a lot of sun, and you're not getting rain, make sure you soak the hell out of it every morning.
  13. Me and my 7 yo get to go out in Casco Bay 1x a season on my buddies charter. First striper he's landed solo, earlier today.
  14. I can't help but wonder where Ida will sit on the most costliest storms list after its all said and done.
  15. It seems to work out for you in winter, where it counts. I guess I can't blame ya 1" is doable for you, but I think that's the high end. 2" is a little more doable for me, but even think that's the high end. Cheers.
  16. Since July? This is your play in every storm, regardless of season! Precip started an hour ago. Maybe give it until tomorrow to call bust?
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