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  1. LOL, my coworker evacuated Anna Marie island yesterday to Miami. That would be...something.
  2. Based on current guidance, what areas are of most concern for storm surge? TIA
  3. At least give the guy credit ya donk.
  4. Mother Nature: "oh would you look at that! It's only been 84 years, better cancel what I had in store for SNE. Need to wait another hundred years. Drat."
  5. Is Halifax/NS as woefully unprepared for a storm like this as New England is?
  6. That's ugly, and obviously not doing anything to solve the issue. Those for-profit rehab centers are not the solution and sound like they mostly exacerbate it. I'm talking about non-profit detox (or outpatient) combined a long-term recovery facility or home. We have one in Portland and it seems to work well. There will always be people who cycle through, though, regardless of the setup. Very few people are successful achieving recovery on their first attempt.
  7. I think people are realizing this isn't a "poor person" issue - addiction impacts all walks of life. And at this point, there is no stopping it - and it's clear now that you can't arrest your way out of it. The best that can be done is having low-barrier support programs in place that offer help to those who are ready for it. Although funding and staffing for these programs are difficult to come by.
  8. That's about to roll through here. Would post the radar gif but it's barkin at me about size limits...https://weather.cod.edu/satrad/?parms=subregional-New_England-comp_radar-24-1-100-1&checked=map&colorbar=undefined 58°F off a high of 80°F, 0.07" so far tonight.
  9. cue ginx coming in here telling us to stock up on canned foods for the 30th time this year
  10. I love it, wish it would take over more of my lawn than it already has.
  11. Early fall is the better of the two times of year to apply, but if you don't have visible grub damage (or are only finding 1 or 2 if you dig up some sod), you don't need to apply. Not chemicals, but I get what you're saying. They're pricey, too.
  12. Thanks. And for sure, I see them too. I think if you keep the growth short, it's not an issue with bees. We also have a ton of other flowers outside the yard that keep the bees out of the play area, even when the white clover is in bloom. I only made it 20 days or so into no-mow-May, because, yeah, that was NSFKids. Nothing wrong with aerating and overseeding, like you said, it's natural. I can trace the drainage from this yard straight to the bay 3 miles away, so no chemicals here either.
  13. Definitely awful. Lawn is plenty enjoyable without all that but I appreciate your concern.
  14. Cheapest way? Let mother nature do it for you. Don't do anything at all. After a few years it'll be a vibrant, natural, FREE, ecosystem of native and non-native "weeds" and grass.
  15. Pull the dead grass.. do the roots come with, or does it snap off at the surface?
  16. You guys are funny Bickering about stein Still unsure of regional geography after years of tracking and posting Beer for all
  17. Let's keep the dews away too, please. Nobody wants mold for Christmas.
  18. 44.6F here currently, should be the low.
  19. I've got hardware cloth for the primary veggie garden (for groundhogs) as well as for the coop (predators). I had considered rat traps, but with chickens and children and songbirds I decided against to avoid any accidents. They weren't a nuisance to my garden, but their tunneling was causing sinkholes to pop up dangerously close to the footing of my deck. I was content coexisting with them until then.
  20. Used as a last resort as I hate killing things unnecessarily, especially in this semi-humane manner...5 gallon bucket 3/4 full of water, handfull of sunflower seeds on top. piece of scrap wood 2x4 as a ramp. Check for bodies 1-2x a day, refill with seeds as needed.
  21. https://forecast.weather.gov/product.php?site=NWS&issuedby=GYX&product=PNS&format=CI&version=1&glossary=0
  22. Managed to double my July/August to date total with 1.79" yesterday. Needed it. Not the 3-5" that fell in interior York but it's a dent in the Stein bucket nonetheless.
  23. On that image you posted I am between Cape Elizabeth and Portland, that blue/green zone and I'm over 2". Very efficient rainfall this evening.
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