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  1. can't speak for them, obviously, but there are caution flags for coastal southern cumberland county with this one, as have been noted in this thread. i've kept track of there forecast "error" for PWM the past 2 winters. 2021-2022 - bias is over-forecast by 10.6" on the season, an average of 1" per each event (that was >1" observed). Greatest margin over was 4.3" and 4.2" on 2/4/22 and 2/25/22 respectively. 2022-2023 - bias is under-forecast by 1.7" on the season, an average of 0.1" per each event (that was > 1" observed). Greatest margin under being 3.8" on 12/16/2022.
  2. If I'm interpreting correctly that brings me slightly closer to snow here in PWM. Still RN verbatim on the GFS, but close.
  3. Looks like I'm cooked on the coast, as Chris was saying last night. Still my climo for this time of the year.
  4. We'll know for sure if we never see another post from you. 38/29
  5. I would think less creosote if anything, because you'll be burning at a higher temp (I know temp isn't the only contributing factor). I would go mad without a damper.
  6. The Lat/Lon for the Gorham report in the metadata on the PNS points to Hermit Lake.
  7. The most outrageous thing about this image is the inside Temp of 87.8°
  8. FWIW, his YouTube page is still active. https://www.youtube.com/@Skating-Southern-New-England He's posted content as recently as 4 days ago.
  9. There's one in New Sharon fwiw Tamarack knows trees but I didn't think he knew them like that.
  10. Wild story released today about hundreds of illegal grow sites in Maine purchased and managed by Chinese Nationals. https://www.themainewire.com/2023/11/triad-weed-illegal-chinese-marijuana-grows-are-all-over-maine/
  11. Haven't done mine yet, either. This morning they came down, ate, and went right back up to roost lol. 36/22
  12. The lack of trackable winter threats is getting to everyone. Even the turkeys who don't post here.
  13. To be clear, he is most likely little spoon. 51°F
  14. Ha. The guy had 5 of them and I picked the one that was newest/lightest. The older ones were like 25 lbs.
  15. My town announced it's banning gas-powered lawn mowers in 2025. People are losing their shit and it's hilarious. There was a barn sale up the street last weekend and I picked up one of these for $5. Gonna clean it up/sharpen it. I've been gradually shrinking my lawn footprint and replacing with native species and food-bearing plants, so this will work just great for what I have left. Barn sale had a scythe, too, but the wife said no, unfortunately.
  16. I think that's typical for him the last few winters.
  17. Similar story. People feed fox. Fox becomes comfortable around people, approaches them for food. Fox likely euthanized. I did laugh at one of the comments "my tax dollars at work" - I'm all against wasteful government spending but in this case...eh... sorry about your $0.00001 pal.
  18. Spot on, the bold part especially. This is what gets miscommunicated and misinterpreted in the overall planet stewardship message. If everyone consumed a little less it would go along way. Human consumerism is and has been out of control. It used to be unique to America but now it's global. Everything has to be new - either by personal choice or capitalist design - and only in small pockets are things reused consistently. Electronic products, toys, clothes, and literally everything we consume. We've been conditioned that way for a few generations now. You feel like if you don't consume the way others do, you're missing out, or your kids are missing out. When in reality a lot of it is materialistic, meaningless bullshit. Fine, don't go full green. At least try to consume less - one less red meat meal a week, restore/repair/reuse things as much as you can instead of just trashing it, turn down shitty plastic made-in-China trinkets your corporate office insists on giving you as "thanks" for helping their profitability last quarter when in reality the Executive Team's wives just got another 200 cc's pumped into their chest and a new Range Rover; don't give into every demand your kid makes just because their little snotrag friend from class says he has a personal alexa, iphone, ps5, beats headphones and you dont want them to be left out - whatever, anything. Or don't, because freedom or whatever
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