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  1. Could you share the link for that? Would like to see Casco Bay. TIA.
  2. Only 0.82" here on the month. You've got like a whole inch more than me. Wait what?
  3. At the in-laws in Deering, NH. Lucky timing.
  4. Just means congrats chickens in the winter.
  5. Umm I've had 0.06" this month. I'll show you a bit dry!
  6. I'd rather know, for sure, there's 0 chance of any cells reaching me, rather than be teased on a daily basis like that. brutal.
  7. Relative Stein for the chickens (both Dendrites and mine) while covered bridges north of Winni gets washed away.
  8. That's fooking awesome. Voles, not Moles? We're having an insane year of moles. Not in the lawn, only on the woodchipped paths. Must be some insect underneath they like. But I've also heard from several folks that they've got a serious mole problem. Tunnels and Tunnels everywhere.
  9. No kidding. My obs for those days were 0.47"/0.33"/0.24", and I'm only 3 miles from PWM as the crow flies.
  10. Was thinking this yesterday, too. Had to check. Last time a precip event yielded >0.50" was on April 4, and that was snow.
  11. Big West Coast/Rockies ridge showing up on both Ensembles for later next week. What would be the impact on the sensible weather in NE as a result?
  12. You've only been here two weeks and the schtick is already played out. Take a lap, regroup, try again tomorrow.
  13. top right search area - choose "Member" find yourself choose "find content" count your "meh's"
  14. I don't have a sensor, but I generally don't water established trees unless it's severe Stein. You do want their roots to go deeper. If the tree or shrub is new, it gets watered 2x a week (if no significant rain). If it's in year 2, I'll water it 1x a week.
  15. Ha, yep, that's like the one I have. Probably 15 pounds. Thought I could get my 9 year old to use it. Not happening this year, maybe next. I do love the cut it gives. Only complaint is I can't wait too long between mowing otherwise the clippings clump and I have to rake after.
  16. I picked up a Reel mower at a yard sale last fall. It's an actual workout using it and kinda fun. But wouldn't recommend for anything more than a half acre.
  17. All the local news outlets are covering it. All the daytime court-tv shows are covering it. Isn't the FBI involved, too? What else are you expecting?
  18. Pretty big discrepancy on precip for the past 30 days. Less so for the last 60 days, but still dry outside south/east areas.
  19. I would change Composite Reflectivity to Super Res Reflectivity 1. I find that to be more representative in most events. 0.02" 70/63
  20. What's the name of the place? I'll have to check it out next time I'm in town.
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