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  1. 31.8 here on the coast. Our spots couldn't be more different when it comes to rad cooling.
  2. Looking into this a bit more... are they eating your plants? Are they a green color? Apparently the green guys are beneficial.
  3. @OceanStWx I'm not sure what might work specifically for lace bugs, but if it's possible, don't kill off any wasp nests as they're natural predators. We've let wasps "be" this summer, as well as spiders and yellow jackets, and have had fewer bug issues than any past year. It's hard to do when you have kids running around, but as long as the nest isn't on or in their play area, the wasps keep to themselves.
  4. Apologies, I should have clarified. My statement should have read: Bodes well for other indoor weddings where people are carrying on as if times were normal. I have a friend getting married next weekend indoors - DJ, open bar, no reduction in the invitation list. No mention of masks in the invitation. So they're leaving it up to the attendees; maybe some will wear and some will won't, but unless everyone does it kind of defeats the purpose. There are plenty of weddings taking place where people have made modifications. Smaller size, outdoors, mask wearing. Agreed, you won't hear about those, and that is completely biased. Having an indoor wedding right now with no modifications is a bad idea regardless of media agenda.
  5. Yep, and none of the deceased attended the wedding. All secondary spread. Bodes well for other indoor weddings happening over the next month. People are selfish/dumb.
  6. I agree, after the election results are announced there will be chaos. Unless you live in a major city the best thing you can do is turn off your TV and log out of twitter/reddit/facebook. Because you're not going to see chaos in suburbantown USA. But if you sit glued to the TV/internet then yeah, you're going to think that's reality everywhere, including your backyard. Social media is poison (I understand this is social media, too) and perception is spoon fed - you can choose to keep your mouth open or not.
  7. The Pastor from that wedding is making sure he does his part to help the spread in the Sanford community.
  8. This video will make you feel better, or not.
  9. 13 days of >90° here in PWM. The average year has 5. Pretty remarkable for a peninsula on the Atlantic.
  10. Ouch.... 73/67 down here. We're canning so inside is actually 81/77.
  11. It's a personal choice for everyone, even though I certainly didn't phrase it that way. Should have said "as a healthy person under 60, I personally wouldn't rush to get the vaccine..." I agree, you can't have it both ways and I'm not sure those groups of people are the same, necessarily. Personally I'm not clamoring for a return to normal. Yes, everything is more difficult now than it used to be. I've accepted that this is a marathon and it'll be years before things are normal, even if they make it back to normal at all. But we're humans and we adapt. Some more easily than others.
  12. And even if it weren't rushed to market... What healthy person under 60 would choose to inject themselves with something where the long-term effects are unknown? 82/65
  13. I think school systems should plan for full-time remote learning, if they're not already. The moment a teacher or student tests positive, they'll close down the school. Maybe for only 2 weeks at a time, but that'll get tiresome by winter after a few bouts of having to shut down.
  14. I'll never understand peoples - especially weather weenies - obsession with a monochrome green lawn. Negative for the environment in so many aspects. 1) Takes more water to maintain during dry conditions 2) Requires more synthetic pesticides / herbicides to achieve and maintain 3) Requires more frequent mowing (lawnmowers are notoriously awful for CO2 emissions) 4) Completely devoid of any native offerings for pollinators To each their own, but I enjoy my cornucopia of clover, creeping charlie, violets and dandelions that I've had to mow once in the past month.
  15. I think it's probably best for you to get rid of Facebook, it's clearly impacting your perception. Getting rid of facebook is a fantastic move for everyone, in general, but if reading this stuff is impacting your psyche and experience this much, probably best to shut it down.
  16. For sure, this will be a marathon. Regarding a vaccine, I imagine a lot of folks will be skeptical of putting something in their body when the long term effects aren't understood. If youre under 60 with no known health issues, are you rushing to sign up for a vaccine? I guess the question is: Which risk are you more comfortable taking?
  17. Hold on... Hold the fook on..... 95 hasn't been 495 in 15+ years. Is this a wunderground/mapquest overlay from 2002?!! Also, Suckerville? Is that aka the Lava Rock 'hood, cuz, ya know...
  18. High was 45.5° here and plummeted to 34.8° over the course of 75 minutes. 33.8° now and just went through some good echoes. Had 0.56" rain before the flip, now 1.4" snow. I'm about 10 miles south of Legro and 3 miles from the water, pretty impressive for April 9.
  19. We could use a solid population reduction. Too many people on earth. Mother nature has a way of correcting herself. Mass deforestation in Asia for populace expansion --> close contact with bats --> new and fun diseases like this one. This coming from someone who probably has COVID-19 after spending a week in San Fran with two cross country flights filled with troglodytes coughing and sneezing without covering properly.