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  1. Wonder how the color gradients are for old eyes?
  2. Good lord. I hope they take that graphic out back and shoot it.
  3. I think our outages will exceed last weekend's ice storm, and that was relatively significant for our area.
  4. You sure you wouldn't prefer a model without an STD?
  5. You might be better off taking 302 over into Maine and picking up 95 there. Rationale being there could be less people heading south that way vs. 16.
  6. One of the more impressive ninja's I can recall.
  7. It's ideal. I used to have to leave the bars at 1130 to get home for 12A observation. Now I can stay until 12:30.
  8. I deal with not having power until precip is done.
  9. Weakened limbs from last storm, fully saturated ground. Wet snow and enough wind.
  10. I have 0 reason to be confident in my location for this, but I am.
  11. Futility died last weekend so I say bring it. Currently #3 least snowy. If you're not first you're last.
  12. At this point I'm almost as interested in the human element of this whole thing more than the eclipse itself. It's going to be theatre in NNE. Hoards of people, most of whom will be ill-equipped, woefully unprepared for any extended stay on the roadways, and tempted to try alternate routes that'll lead them to no-gas-no-cell-service land. Will be fascinating to watch unfold if we get a clear-ish day.
  13. I think our spot will involve us taking 95. I'm not worried about it on the way up, but on the way back I can see it being a complete nightmare. Working on alternative routes home that don't involve 95, but there aren't many that don't take you WAY out of the way.
  14. "some @sshat MBA woke ding dong bean counter" is a new one. guy sounds like a joy. rational one at that.
  15. Sure did. But that was because the destination (festival) stopped letting people in days before because the amount of rain they received turned all their grounds into mud soup. Everyone stopped on the side of 91 and walked. As long as their isn't a red light like there was for the festival, it shouldn't be too bad (until everyone turns around to head home - then, yeah, that'll probably be a mess). The advice in that Plainfield VT post isn't terrible...a little hype, but sage advice. Don't wait until the 8th to get gas, do your grocery shopping, or whatever errands you have if you can help it. The locals are, undoubtedly, still a little scarred from that festival. Kind as they were, it consumed their lives in a way they really weren't prepared for.
  16. My guess is the analog you're seeing referenced is not Limestone, rather Newport, VT. The issue was that the destination (festival) closed due to heavy rain-induced mud leaving nowhere to put any cars. With no destination for cars, they were left on the side of 91 (and adjacent roads), and tens of thousands walked 20+ miles to get in. I went to Limestone, too, and found that while there was traffic, nothing was overwhelmed like it was in Newport. Hopefully general populace travelers are wise enough to bring paper maps, food, water and blankets in case the bottlenecks after get real bad.
  17. 30.0" on the season for PWM, which puts us at 3rd least snowy winter on record.
  18. Pretty significant tree damage here. Tons of roads closed. Green and blue flashes all night.
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