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  1. Had one make it to the coast here. Essentially started 15 mi inland then popped just as it made it to PWM.
  2. Looks awesome Do you recall the brand or mix of see you put down?
  3. Unbelievable to me that people use the amount of chemicals needed to produce that lawn with a body of water that close to their property. Completely reckless.
  4. .6" last night in what should be the final snowfall of the season here in South Portland. That makes for 65.9" on the season. 25 events Largest of 6.8" on 1/20 Nov - 4 events | 14.4" Dec - 2 events | 6.5" Jan - 7 events | 20.2" Feb - 6 events | 11.1" Mar - 4 events | 10.9" Apr - 2 events | 2.9"
  5. LOL @ OES right now in PWM in April while 200 miles west there's thunderstorms popping off.
  6. Yup, ripping pretty good right now.
  7. Ironically this very rock is not terribly far from him.
  8. Just flipped here, but I'm also on the water (Mackworth)
  9. Ripping on the water here in PWM. Guessing 3/4m visibility
  10. Same in PWM, just moreso in the Summer vs. Winter.
  11. Agreed, and your tiny bit of elevation helps too. I didn't see a total (PNS) from the ASOS on the Saturday event - does that mean it's not counted in the official PWM seasonal total? I'm pretty much in-line with them on the season although many events we've had minor differences.
  12. 6.0" event total, 60.0" STD South PWM
  13. Pretty incredible that we have avg snowfall but no double digit events. I guess wait and see on this one. My largest was 7.0" on 11/20 here in SoPo. I think PWM grabbed 7.7" on 2/13.
  14. 11/20, 1/20, and 2/13 were over 6". Not by much, though. No events over 8" so far.
  15. 2.0" on .32" LE. A hair over 51" on the season.
  16. It tells me tonight's event is meh for about 80% of the board, and most with a brain aren't invested in day 8 solution. Post counts are definitely factored into forecasts and even verification, though, so I totally get your concern.
  17. 6.6" event total in South Portland. 48" for the season.
  18. Welcome aboard. Nice to have another poster from the area! 3.5" on .49 liquid here in South Portland 29.1F SN
  19. That'd be me in So PWM. Will take my 6-8" thump and run. I think my largest event on the season was 7, and that was in Nov. Still keeping pace with AVG this season so can't complain too much.
  20. 5.6" on .84 liquid in my gauge. I'm coastal, but I was surprised to see such low ratios. Should I be taking a core from my board to measure liquid instead?
  21. I have to check but I'm almost positive I'm over 40" now. PWM proper should be too as we were only off by an inch before this event. Edit: yeah, 40.7" IMBY