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  1. One of the reasons I went the nematode route is because I didn't think our soil temps were ever consistently warm enough for it to be effective. I get your concerns with using nematodes with chickens, though.
  2. Do you think he pleasured himself before or after tweeting this? 0.74" so far.
  3. Impressive. We can get below freezing in May, obvipusly, but I'm not sure in my 4 years of record keeping how many times we have. I'll have to look.
  4. No precip yet. cool clouds though.
  5. Buddy lives there, love visiting. Ever go to Buccan? Amazing restaurant.
  6. 31.8°. Probably last time below 32 this season. Was up to 42 by 730, so pretty fake cold. Yes. Never listened to them again after they got fired, I think they jumped the shark.
  7. here's some actual/real damage, DIT
  8. This is the way. Pete's is great, and a value when it's (often) on sale.
  9. Reminds me of the time in the late 90s you'd always see tractor trailers with W.O.W. written in their dirt film. Whip 'em Out Wednesday. A WAAF production, I believe (RIP). 45/29 OVC
  10. 79 for the high. Already down to 45. Natural AC ftw. BTW it's no longer "installing". It's now "taping". But only for DIT. We install. He tapes.
  11. Congrats on the heat. 68° was the high here. Perfection.
  12. some crazy swings already. not a cloud in the entire northeast right now. (ok maybe one over a moose in the allagash) amazing. 57/33 here off a low of 43. Should gain another 5-7 degrees and max out there with the wind coming off the water. Perfect for mid-April.
  13. It was discussed, but decided against it since it's hydrogen. Plus it would have prevented it from relaying info and drawing the skew-t in real time which, let's be real, is cooler than shooting it down (at least for me).
  14. Ocean breeze ftw in summer, ftl in winter.
  15. Topped out at 57, still no 60 this year but that should change tomorrow. Rarely install before July here. Confusing to you, I know.
  16. I refuse to believe anyone is unless there's photographic evidence indicating otherwise. 56/21 & full sun
  17. This pains me to do...but in his defense he's watering a plant without access to groundwater. Any potted plants, or new trees/shrubs planted last fall, should be watered this time of year when there's no rain. Those roots need water was their coming out of dormancy.
  18. This is a clear cry for help. He needs serious counseling. Wonder if his irrational fear of dryness comes from his parents not changing his diaper as a child. Can't live without the dampness.
  19. @OceanStWx You working on Saturday evening? Will be up there with a small crew of scouts for a tour and balloon launch. I'm excited. Probably more than the scouts.
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