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  1. Ah, it was filed under Cumberland County. I see someone has moved it...
  2. @Lava Rock. Someone in Raymond reporting 22" to NWS. Hmmm
  3. Yup, you can see the heavier band in York county, east of the death band, trying to link up with heavier band coming on shore SE of Augusta.
  4. This one is crushing me right now. best rates since the xmas storm for me.
  5. IMBY question.... How far N&W do those features appear to make it? Into coastal Maine or are they limited to SNE?
  6. Will likely regret waiting until now to snowblow. 16.0" and 34.0F
  7. That's an awesome band you're under, thing is raging. Send it south when you've had your fill
  8. 13.4" here in South Portland. 34.3F off a low of 29.5F Hoping to sit under this pivot band a bit longer.
  9. how do you think this bodes for PWM?
  10. Bouchard's attempt at meteorology
  11. file some of these radar images away for the weenie spank bank. good god
  12. you guys are in great spots... next few hours look like max destruction for you
  13. at pit 2... and if he's wise he went to bed early and set his alarm for 2AM when he'll be getting smoked.
  14. what a great storm. congrats (almost) everyone.
  15. 32* with 1.2" of paste in South Portland. I think we'll be taking down some trees tonight.