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  1. Check out the Facebook post where Killington announced the Bike park is opening. But you are right. F**k it. We are going tomorrow for a night to get stuff we left there when we left April 1st. We have a brand new truck with 550 miles on it. We will park it outside our window so if anyone tries to mess with it they will be within firing range. Lol. .
  2. Exactly, people in CT have learned to be careful. I live 8 miles from the MA border and I see NY and NJ and VT and MA plates all the time. I don’t care because I keep myself safe. My friend is in VT at our Condo building and she said she is shocked. No one wearing masks even inside, people not being all that careful hiking when passing or walking their dogs. The people not being careful are from Vermont. She told me if I go there to be aware that the lack of people being careful will freak me out compared to how careful people are in CT. I have to say that I completely 100% disagree with Powderfresk on the issue of the new VT rules. I live in Hartford county in CT. My county has a mid size city with a huge amount of poverty in it and a couple towns next to it. The rest of the county is upper middle class suburbs where the majority of people can work from home. The difference in the number of cases by town is astonishing. My town has had 9 cases so far. No deaths. We have maybe 5,000-6,000 residents. So we have had less than 400 per million cases all together. The number of cases have been 9 for more than a month and it was 7 at the beginning of April. So I’m not sure we even have 1 active case at this point. I have not left my property in weeks. I know it’s been more than three weeks.but I’ve lost track. So I’ve effectively quarantined without even trying. Lol. But my county is red on the VT map. That’s because of the cases in Hartford. I just don’t understand how people in VT think I should stay away anymore from the place I am paying over a grand a month to rent simply because I live in Hartford county. Especially when Vermonters seem unwilling to make good personal choices about keeping themselves safe or protecting others. Please explain to me how I’m a bigger threat to you than you are to me. And don’t use the number of cases in Vermont as your defense. That’s a straw man. Anyone can have it. A new outbreak only takes one person being stupid.
  3. Word on the street is MA quarantine ends June 28th.
  4. So what is with people in Vermont?? Seriously?? Killington has told me in writing that the 14 day quarantine will be lifted on June 15th as justification for charging me for the June payment on my year round season pass. They said I will be able to use my pass in June so they plan to charge me. I’m good with that. I had questioned the charges since the mountain currently is saying only those who have quarantined in Vermont for 14 days can use the pass. But since it will be lifted in 11 days that makes sense. Killington is opening it’s bike park this weekend and a lot of people are commenting on the post where Killington announced the opening wondering why they are being charged for a pass they can not use. So I let everyone know what Killington told me. Omg shoot the messenger! The people in Vermont are starting up their BS again about the need to keep out of state people out again. They seem shocked and terrified that the quarantine will be lifted. Why is there so much fear in VT? No one in MA or CT has this kind of fear. Everyone is just being careful and numbers are dropping like a rock. I am beginning to believe people in Vermont somehow would like to be able to pretend there is no virus and act like like everything is the same as before the virus without having to take precautions. Why else would their be so much fear? Why else would the reaction be so strong? I think they have a illusion that somehow if they keep everyone out the virus could never make it there even though Vermonters travel. most people in central Vermont go to west Lebanon to shop, but they see no issue with that. They certainly are not quarantining for 14 days after shopping in NH. They are all posting on Facebook about their fun adventures an hour plus from their houses biking, fishing, boating etc with friends on the weekends. So hey are all traveling about and hanging out in groups. But if I travel from my house to VT which also takes 1 hour, its like the end of the world will happen. There is this weird cognitive dissonance. Like it’s OK for them but not for everyone else. Staying safe no matter where you are at this point is about personal responsibility and making good choices. I've just about had it with this ridiculousness. I’m getting really sick of this “send your money but you are not welcome“ vibe. Vermont people need to get a grip. It’s really not the welcoming place I thought it was. It’s like this weird island of entitled people who think they are better then everyone else. There is also totally a vibe that the virus is not in Vermont because they are better and smarter in Vermont. There is no acknowledgement that maybe it’s basically luck. Where I live has no cases. I think we have had 9 test positive and no deaths. I don’t think my towns people are better than everyone else. We are just a small middle class town where there are no nursing homes and many people have been able to work from home etc. We are just lucky. I have not left my property in three weeks except for two short car rides where I stayed in the car. I’m certainly less of a threat to these people than their friends in VT who are shopping out of state and travel8ng long distances within the state to do sports and socialize.
  5. They clarified that the 14 day quarantine must be in Vermont. And my condo is not a short term rental anyway. It just going to sit empty costing me a lot of $. We lived there 4+ days a week and did not let others use it when were were not there. This effectively bans all second homeowners unable to stay in the state for 14 days. Same thing in Mass. Those food lines are going to get a lot longer. And I would not be so sure the those impacted by this won’t remember later. We used to donate to local causes and volunteer. We tried to spend all our money in VT. Many times our only gas, grocery and liquor purchases for months were purposely made in VT to intentionally support the local economy. We anticipate doing the opposite in the future.
  6. I know that. I just have a thing about rules. If they don’t make sense and they can’t be enforced they shouldn’t exist.
  7. Interesting, this assumes quarantine through September in VT. Great. By then I will have paid $7,500 in rent for a place I can’t use and have not used since April 1st. Yay.
  8. I have no concern of getting the virus since I have taken all necessary precautions to ensure I do not get it. I need to be able to take care of my 77 year old mother who plans to move to the Cape house for the next 5 months. My concern is that the “rules” are absurd. So far I have followed them. But at some point I may chose to break the travel rule. Unfortunately that will result in lecturing and condemnation by anyone who finds out I broke the rules who lives in VT or MA. I’ve already experienced a great deal of lecturing by so called friends. So I would have to sneak and feel guilty if I do. That’s just absurd. I’m sick of seeing my friends in these states travel 1-2 hours from their houses to recreate and getting lectured by these same people that it impossibly dangerous for me to travel 10 minutes from my house into Mass, which is the next town over, because somehow crossing state lines is a terrifyingly risky activity. unfortunately, there is no breaking the boat launch rule as harbormasters and police generally monitor their launches and adjacent parking lots. The boat launch rule is absolutely over the top government overreach. Marinas are open. You can go to your slipped or racked boat. Charters can take passengers. So why the hell cant you launch a boat? It’s not like beaches or golf is closed in MA to out if state residents. The rules are flat out bs.
  9. The 14 day quarantine rule is unenforceable. The rule is being ignored by most. Those that follow rules are being penalized. The rule should be eliminated. The Mass boat launch rule is absurd. Charter boats are allowed to operate. I could sneak into Mass for the weekend and go on a charter boat but I can’t take my own boat out less than 10 minutes from my house in CT because the damn lake is in Mass.
  10. I’m not getting a test. That’s absurd. I would not even be in VT or MA for 7 days if I went there. I’ve been complexly quarantined at my home for weeks. We work from home exclusively. We have everything delivered to the house to avoid exposure of shopping. I have not been in a building with other people in months. I have not socialized with anyone even at a distance since mid March before the ski areas closed. I need to be able to go periodically for 3-7 days to either place. I do not plan to socialize, go to any stores etc or come within 6 feet of anyone not matter where I am. I have no problem wearing a mask. The only place I could be within 6-10 feet of someone would be at a boat launch in MA. I would be wearing a mask. The impact to people like me of the existing lock down rules is vastly disproportionate relative to every other segment of the economy. I keep getting told I’m unusual and there are not many people like me. I doubt it. It’s starting to border on ludicrous.
  11. Until I can go to my VT home without quarantining there 14 days after living like hermit here in CT or our families house on Cape Cod without quarantining there for 14 days or even launch our boat 10 minutes from our CT house at the closest lake (Congamond) which is off limits because out of state residents can’t launch their boat in MA, there is no “Opening”. From my perspective we are not even at Stage 1 opening yet. For all those people in economic distress in other states that are not willing to welcome 2nd homeowners...let Rome burn. Once all this ends I will go to great lengths not to spend a dime in any place that is still treating out of state property owners like second class citizens today at this point in the game.
  12. Yes. And no one is allowed on it. I can’t even imagine what today would have been like. It’s 9:10 pm. No doubt the party would still be raging.
  13. Lucky Dog literally. The thing I live for went *poof* on 3/23 went uphill travel became a no no.
  14. Maybe. Or maybe there is another explanation. Demographics. Weather? We will never know.