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  1. Exactly. Wam wet summer. Cold dry winter
  2. It’s only our street. We had a tree come down three weeks ago and took out our little dead end street. The power company had to restring the wire on the street. Left the old cable in a pile in our neighbors yard and never came back. Now the same neighbors are out again and we keep hearing power arcing. So I wonder if it was a bad repair.
  3. No power in East Granby. Must have been that 20mph gust.
  4. Yes it did! I was there and saw it too. I was on the superstar chair and it was raining at the bottom and snowing at the top even though it was about 50 degrees. More like sleet though.
  5. Killington was a lot of fun this weekend. We start the week with no lift swerved skiing until Friday now that K is three days a week only. But I’m sure there are 2-3 weeks left at least.
  6. Killington still skiing for the next few weeks at least. Had a few good runs today in the afternoon once it softened.
  7. Fun skiing the April powder day at killington! Very tricky conditions since what is underneath is so suspect in many places. But good to get that floaty feeling again.
  8. Typical millennial. You do know the youngest boomer was born in 1963.
  9. Yickes. Out for lunch turns at Pico from 12:30-1:45. It looked really threatening and the wind picked up just as we were headed in. By the time I logged in to my 2pm meeting it was pouring and dark. We joked a little about it being too dangerous on the last lift ride. Maybe it was.
  10. A bad season in Vermontvis one where the glades and natural snow trails are not skiable at all during the season. We have seen that. In 15-16 Pico opened on 1/6 and closed on 3/14. We never got in the woods nor on our favorite natural snow trails. Never the less Killington skied superstar until Memorial Day. So a bad winter is low snowfall interspersed with rain events that wash away the snow every time it falls. That is what a ratter looks around here.
  11. Killington always goes to 3 days a week starting the first weekend in May. It’s Friday-Sunday. And as you know it’s important to understand that it’s certainly not consistent with the normal resort skiing culture. It becomes sort a study in deviant behavior by a core group of obsessive skiers. Mostly the same people gather there in May each year from all over New England. It’s sort of an oddball tribe often referred to by the participants as “Land of the misfit toys” etc. Many folks will show up at 8 and ski until 10 on the groomed strip of snow then tailgate or go home to do yard work. Others wait until the snow softens and the bumps are “ready” before they start skiing. The lifts run until 5.
  12. It’s no gimmick. It’s one of the highlights of the season. They used to go into June but now tend to try for June 1st. Here is the group picture from the top after last chair. Lots of good peeps in this photo.
  13. There’s 30’ of snow on superstar as usual.
  14. Killington always stays open until Memorial Day. Generally until June 1st.
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