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  1. As PF says the type of snowpack really matters. This past weekend was that magic combination of close to a foot of cement followed by close to a foot of nice eastern powder All on top of a maybe 4-6 inch weeks old base. When that happens it’s magic. Lots of pillows in relatively safe woods runs made them even safer and forgave a lot of errors in judgement. Had to work today so did not get out but my legs needed a rest anyway after the 4 days. Probably won’t get out again until Thursday but the mountain in my backyard is closed Tuesday/wednesday anyway so short of any skinners it’s all sitting waiting for me just like I left it last night.
  2. I live at the base of Pico, 100 feet from the lift. Should be fun. Yesterday was cement. I’m hearing 15” upslope last night.
  3. Wow. Looked out the window. It looks like it snowed a lot at 2000K in Killington. Everything is filled in and drifted in. Can’t tell where the plow went yesterday. It’s got to be another 6” but I’m guessing. It would take at least that much or more to fill things in like that. Could be more.
  4. Cement snow today. That ought to cover up a lot of debris in the woods etc.
  5. Oh and I should have mentioned that last nights 4+ inches at elevation was light soft fluffy powder that together with what fell a few days ago has opened the natural trails back up very nicely.
  6. The funny thing is that at Pico the old land frame guns are what is used almost all the time. There are a few new tower guns on mid and lower Pike and on 49r but that’s it. And really most years outpost, the little Pico triple and the Knomes knoll.triple do not see any snowmaking other than B slope which is essentially a private race hill for the Pico ski club. Pico struggles with no natural snow as that is its main snow supply. That said we were happy to see upper pike get some love today. On the other hand Killington was phenomenal sunday. They are absolutely hitting it out of the park. We enjoyed skiiing Superstar under the guns and trust that the 30 feet it needs to stay open into May/June will still get blown. Bump season should be excellent this year with no water injected World Cup ice underneath. One factor I have not heard mentioned is the labor shortage at the ski areas. There do not seem to be any college students on H1B’s from Peru or Brazil etc this year. And while there is a travel exemption for ski resort employees I think there are a lot of folks who are part timers working for passes that opted out. Meanwhile lessens are only private and the full time instructors are pulling parking lot reservation scanning duties and mask patrol duties at the lifts. It’s a strange year but everyone is mostly doing their part to protect others and stay safe because we know our season is on the line otherwise. One thing that is super cool is that Vermont is vaccinating it’s ski patrollers as part of the 1a priority. Glad to see them get remembered.
  7. Snowing at 2000 feet in Killington on the west side of Serburne pass.
  8. Had a surprise couple of inches at Pico today. It looks like it might be starting to snow a little again. Definitely a huge moral booster.
  9. Well, pretty much anyone that can is moving to VT for the winter.
  10. Awesome soft slushy bumps this afternoon at the Big K. Snowed big flakes off and on all afternoon above 2k feet.
  11. Everyone is struggling with this right now. If someone can come up with the perfect skiing COVID face mask quickly they could make some $ if they can get the word out fast.
  12. Yesterday was actually pretty nice. No crowds. Only mist so soaking through did not happen during the couple hours we skied. Snow surface was hero snow. All and all it was a pleasant relaxing and fun experience. We actually were out early. But normally we do go out for the last few hours of the day.
  13. Ha. We go through there twice a weekend 8 months a year with out of state plates. Have never gotten pulled over but we are super careful not to speed. We do sort of have a little fun with it. As we get to the spot we slow down. A lot of times some asshat tourist with no idea why we are slowing down will get really irritated and tailgate. So we put the blinker on and pull to the side to let them pass. Many times we have found then a few miles down the road introducing themselves to Plymouth’s finest.
  14. I think it can get pretty blurry pretty fast who lives where. A lot of people, myself included, have all the required documentation to prove VT residency to DMV. This whole thing could become cat vs mouse pretty quickly.