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  1. Snowing lightly all day at Killington/Pico. Feather flakes.
  2. Freezing rain at Pico near Killington
  3. Fine ski day at Killington with it snowing almost all day.
  4. Looks like mid-next week for K to open. Certainly this coming weekend is the last weekend of the “offseason”. We are wrapping up our preparations this weekend since we will be skiing every Friday-Sunday plus every day we have off from the following weekend until next June.
  5. Killington should be opening very soon I would guess.
  6. The North ridge quad is in at Killington and will be load tested Monday. They have been blowing a lot of snow up there and will likely open within the next two weeks. For the past few years they start making snow on superstar up top as soon as possible because they need that trail covered wall to wall some specific depth (I think 3 foot but could be more) by early the week of 11/25 to get clearance to hold the woman’s World Cup race there over thanksgiving weekend.
  7. We’ve made it halfway between ski seasons. Snowmaking should start in about 75 days. Time to think about all the fun we have to look forward on the slopes this winter!
  8. Killington still going strong
  9. Started snowing at 2000 feet at the base of Pico about 5:30 pm
  10. It’s not a publicity ploy for those who ski it. Killington sells a lot of spring passes. The Umbrella bar is rocking with live music etc. in May. They go to Friday-Sunday and a hard core crew of bump skiers ski it every day they are open until they close.
  11. Killington is trying for June and I would not be surprised to be skiing june 1st at all there. Superstar is as big as I’ve ever seen it.
  12. Snowing hard and ground covered at 2000ft at the base of Pico, VT. It was snowing wet flakes but not sticking when we got home last night at 8:00pm. I like where I am sitting; 50 feet from the lifts. Gonna be a fun 24 hours.
  13. The wind is howling and the snow is drifting like crazy at the bottom of Pico. Don’t know how anyone could measure. Enough snow to make a snowball or two actually came in our back door through the cracks.
  14. It’s been snowing at the Pico base lodge since before 1:30 but by 4:00 had not really amounted to anything. Now it’s snowing at a good clip. We can see defined tire tracks where folks have driven in between the buildings. Seems to be just getting started.