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  1. She is on a paved road off Millstone a few streets from 137. Does not lose power often. She’s worried now. I think it’s probably fine. She could just drive back to CT on Sunday I suppose.
  2. I told my 79 year old mom it was ok to ride the storm out a couple miles inland in Brewster, MA. If she looses power for days she is not going to be happy with me.
  3. It’s just different. The road from Rt. 4 to the Bear mountain parking lot has been closed since 7/7/23.
  4. Constant lightning, biblical rains falling now.one the most intense storms I have ever experienced.
  5. In Plymouth, vt on 100A. Very ominous. Dark with lightning and off and on torrential rain. We already had our flood on the 10th.
  6. I hope so. I work full time so I struggle to get into the 100 day club unless they are open super early.
  7. Actually the Beast 365 early price was a little more than $400 more than an unlimited Killington pass. The Icon comes with the beast 365 but Icon does not come with the unlimited Killington pass. We have had Beast 365 passes the past 3 or 4 years and really have not gotten the extra $800 in value out of it for various reasons. My 81 year old Dad is all about Okemo these days and we live 15 minutes from the Jackson Gore parking lot. So we opted to spend that extra $800 on Epic midweek northeast value passes instead of the 365 pass. We still have unlimited Killington passes because Pico is our true home mountain mid season and we are all about Superstar in spring. Plus we are 13 minutes from the Skyship . I’ve been known to do a couple runs on my lunch hour there. I’ve gotten 100 days on my Killington pass 5 of the past 6 years and it’s always a goal of mine. While I enjoy Sugarbush, we did not get up there enough the past few years. In the old days we used to take a week off and ski Stowe, Jay and Bolton with a Smuggs and a MRG or Sugarbush thrown in. With the passes we have this year we could do something like that if we wanted. But I have not skied Stowe in 10 years and I’d like to get there this year. I’ve never skied Wildcat and it’s on a list of things I would like to do. So we mixed it up a bit this year. If nothing else I’m sure I’ll get my money’s worth on the Epic pass even if I only get 4 half days in with my dad because, at this point, getting a few turns in with him is pretty priceless. All together the three passes worked out to $2,010.20 each. It’s a good chunk of change but we may get about half of the money back from my husbands unlimited Killington pass because he works for a local company that gets $700 merchants passes. We are not sure if he qualifies as he shifts from full time to part time in September. Killington is a nice company and they will adjust his final pass price if he qualifies. Had we bought 365 passes that would not be an option since that is a year round pass typically paid in installments including mt biking and golf.
  8. It’s August 1st and that means it’s time to start thinking about the new ski season ahead. Our Epic Northeast value pass came in the mail today. We paid the second of the three installments on our Killington passes today. I went ahead and paid the final three installments on our Indy passes today. So most of the lift tickets are paid for. Time to start training for ski season and hoping for an early snowfall. Here is shot of our back door in central Vermont last March 4th. Let’s hope the back door looks like this in December.
  9. Great. Narrowly missed losing property in Vermont Monday. Now hanging at our house in Central CT. Unintentional storm chasing. And we have a dead oak tree hanging over the house we have been trying to get removed for weeks. Hello
  10. It’s going to have a huge impact on lots of things in Vermont. It’s going to be interesting to see if isome of the investors leave or if it impacts Airbnb proceeds enough to result in eventually an unwinding of some of the Covid driven housing demand. It has seemed for the past year or two like everyone in the country wanted to either move to VT or own investment property in Vermont. For us we were terrified that our rental would flood and we would have to leave VT because we would have no where to live. Seriously was thinking my husband would have to quit his job in Vermont. He is a healthcare worker at the hospital so he is needed in Vermont but housing is so challenging that people who want to live in Vermont and who have jobs in Vermont have to leave because there nothing to live in. In the short run this storm will make the situation which is already dire, much worse.
  11. My guess is the mountain is ok. The building flooded but the town is where the problem is.
  12. Check out the Plymouth VT and Okemo locals + Facebook pages. It’s startling
  13. Yes. To whomever told me my house would be fine…it’s in Plymouth and is currently completely cut off. We have no idea if it is flooded or not. The power is out and the area has no cell service so our neighbors are both physically cut off and also have no means to communicate with the outside world. It’s bad.
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