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  1. Nearing the 2nd half of Meteorological winter:

    We lost a similar amount of snow in central VT at Pico. Easily 2 feet gone. Went from 100% open Monday-Thursday including unofficial glades to essentially two ways down, one upper mountain by Friday. The only trail that survived up top had snowmaking and it had bare patches and water flows across it. Folks who skied Saturday had a positively biased view of what happened as the inch or so that fell pre dawn covered up the dirt that had been exposed and provided a winter appeal. The skiing was still terrible
  2. NNE Fall Thread

    Glad I had my snow tires on in VT Monday night. At this point anyone traveling in VT should have their snow tires on.
  3. AC: When do you Uninstall?

    Considering unless stalling next Tuesday 11/7/17.
  4. It's August so it's time to start thinking about skiing. Killington opens in about 75 days.
  5. The 2016-17 Ski Season Thread

    Killington pulled it off and it was amazing!!!
  6. The 2016-17 Ski Season Thread

    Will Killington re-open for June 1st? Things looking positive. Lots of hiking involved if they pull it off.
  7. The 2016-17 Ski Season Thread

    I wonder whether the World Cup ice will be extra durable. Two to three weeks ago or so, last time they groomed, they pulled up some chunks of the World Cup ice into the groomed sugar snow. It made the groomed section horribly treacherous. The World Cup stuff is not going anywhere. It will be interesting to see how durable that bottom layer is.
  8. The 2016-17 Ski Season Thread

    Looks like we might have lift served skiing until June at kilington this year with the cooler air returning so quickly.
  9. NNE Spring Thread

    Massive damage in rutland. Whole town without power. Ludlow out as well and many in between. Trees and wires down everywhere in Rutland.
  10. The 2016-17 Ski Season Thread

    I thought there was a contentious divorce that had something to do with it. I believe the wife own the base lodge and would not let him use it. We had to boot up in hotel rooms that year with no food service etc.
  11. NNE Spring Thread

    Yesterday afternoon there was a large Black Bear on Royal Flush in the canyon at killington feeding while everyone was skiing by 50 yards away from it. K lost a lot of snow and the natural trails are on their way out but the glacier is huge. We will be skiing on Memorial Day I think.
  12. Millennial kid of April Fools obs and pics

    Just snowing like crazy with blowing a drifting at Kilington right now.
  13. Millennial kid of April Fools obs and pics

    Snow accumulating on the grass but I 91 still seems OK at the VT border
  14. Millennial kid of April Fools obs and pics

    Sleet snow mix with wet roads on northbound I91mile Rt 2 exit. 36 degrees
  15. Son of April Fool's Birch Bender

    Years of experience says between exit 3 and exit 6 on 91 and the Proctorsville Gulf between Chester and Ludlow are the worst spots. Good luck!