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  1. I do agree and, as you said, our society is full of inequity which results in these things. It’s one reason why it is so hard to deal with the VT quarantine as a rule following CT resident. I live in east granby near the notch in the top of CT. We have had so few cases and I work from home, avoid people, and wear a mask in places it seems prudent like getting gas. But my county has Hartford, East Hartford, Manchester, Bloomfield and they have lots of cases. I feel like I’m shut out unnecessarily. I miss my VT home. I have not been there since late May. The worst part is that I see people in VT say how smart the rules are in VT. But people like me could go there safely both because we don’t come in contact with the virus in CT and more importantly because we are responsible people.
  2. Blue Lange 110SC’s, so no changing out the toe and heel in those suckers. They are pretty thin. I have the same exact boot with about 50 days on them but which are not quite as perfect as the old ones. I cheat and have bindings mounted with those. That’s more of a “do as I say not as I do” sort of thing. So far so good with no pre-releases. They come off when they should.
  3. My advice to someone only skiing a couple times a year is to spend all your equipment budget on a pair of ski boots fit to your feet properly. Most bootfitters will be able to set you up properly and adjustments to tweak the fit are generally complimentary. You can’t just buy a random pair of boots in your street shoe size. Ski boots don’t fit like street shoes. They should fit like a cast you might wear if you broke your whole foot so that any movement in your foot or lower leg will transfer to your ski properly. Personally my ski boots are two full sizes smaller than my street shoe. I have my bootfitter make them bigger via heating punching the plastic etc where the hot spots are. Boots do not wear out fast. My ski boots have easily 400-500 ski days on them. Once they fit perfect you don’t want to switch because they become such an important part of your equipment. You dont want used boots that have fit the form of someone else’s foot. Your foot will be all sloppy in there. You can rent/demo skis and figure out what you like in skis. Or just rent the latest thing in skis each year. Truth be told, most serious skiers have a quiver of skis because different conditions call for different skis....powder, ice, crud etc call for different skis. When you rent demos the shop can set you up with the right ski for the location and conditions that day.
  4. I totally get that. For years I spent all the daylight hours when I was in CT in the office in Hartford. And I rarely looked out the window there and never went outside I never saw my CT house in daylight except occasional mornings all winter. But then I would spend Thursday-Monday at Pico at 2,000 feet with lots of time outside and near windows during daylight in a big snow area. I love snow. I’m a total snow weenie. But I seriously felt like it really did not mater whether It snowed at my house in CT. I’m my brain I lived in deep snow country. That was my native culture. Living in the northern Greens would be even better of course.
  5. Killington/Pico has published their approach to the season: (1)&utm_content=&spMailingID=43426579&spUserID=NDk5NDk2MTc1NzUwS0&spJobID=1840909387&spReportId=MTg0MDkwOTM4NwS2 No early season Northridge/stairs. They will wait until they can do T2B. They expect 11/14/20 with pass holders only for a while. They plan to do parking reservation to limit guests. Should be interesting for those of us that live at Pico where our condo parking is in the big ski area lot. My parking reservations better be 24/7 with no questions asked for Pico. They go on to say that the priority is skiing and people should plan not to use the lodges.
  6. Such awesome discussion here. I think there is this almost universal feeling that where we are as a society is bad with the “us vs them”. Yet we don’t seem to be able to stop it.
  7. “Taking it personally” implies that I think the things they say about nonlocals are specifically aimed at me. That’s not my issue. I’m pissed that they are xenophobic and are stereotyping everyone who’s legal permanent residence is not there, into the same “evil tourist” category. There is a huge population of part time residents who pay taxes and are part of the community. A huge rift is forming between these two groups.
  8. Just on Monday terrible things happened involving tourists from out of state: 1) people filmed two cars from MA illegally filling a dumpster they had no right to use. There was a video. 2) a beloved dog was hit and killed by a car that was driven by a teenager with her parents in an out of state car in front of the dogs family in broad daylight. They backed up, picked up the bumper of their car, said, “at least it was not a person”. And then they drove away without even stopping to talk to the family and express any remorse. 3) A killington employee was mowing the lawn by the Skyship and someone threw a full beer can from their out of state car and hit the guy in the head. 4) a guy wrote on similar forum to this that is “Killingtoncentric” how he and his friends Came up and went mountain biking this past weekend from a quarantine place and then went out partying and no one stopped them so the quarantine is a joke. 5) the outbreak went public And that’s just one day. According to folks in town, every place they usually have to themselves in the summer is full of people with out of state plates, littering and trashing the place and disregarding social distancing and masks. Supposedly the place fills up on weekends and empties out on Sunday same as always.
  9. yep...this is what I was talking about Sunday.
  10. No one talks about me on those groups and I don’t talk on them either. Like I said community pages are a source of useful information. Duh......Things like a town meeting on a zoning change that effects you. New hours at the dump. What new business is moving into XYZ store front or which one is going out of business. Where/when are the Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts selling Xmas trees/cookies this year. What town elder just passed away. When’s the grange turkey dinner this year? Someone is selling just the elliptical you use at the gym only for really cheap, yay. How many more examples do I need to give you so you understand why reading community pages makes sense? Unfortunately these pages often reveal the attitudes of the people in town to political/controversial topics. I can say many people at Killington think anyone not from there are scum. It is what it is.
  11. It’s locals and they are all trying to figure out how to blame someone. But I predicted that would happen months ago.
  12. Sure. But all that $ you paid in for SS all your life....Kiss it all of it goodbye. Your not getting anything and your parents/grandparents.....they are moving in with you because their checks stop next year. For good.
  13. Manufacturing sucks. My husband was a high precision CNC machinist for 30 years. Automation and recessions reduced the # of jobs and stagnated wage growth so most machinists get raises like .12 an hour per year etc. The job is somewhat dangerous and high stress. You stand up on hard cement floors 10 hours a day breathing god knows what chemicals with not even a stool to perch on occasionally. And you do that for 6-7 days a week. In VT you might get $16/hour. On top of that there is virtually no security as companies lay off and rehire to keep wages down as contracts ebb and flow. In the old days you might run 1-2 machines. Now it’s 3-4 where you are litterally running back and forth all day. No time to sit for a second if you wanted to. And they expect you to inspect the parts and debur them too as if somehow there is time for that. God forbid you get everything running and have a second to spare there is no relaxing. Grab a broom and sweep. All while drilling on parts worth hundreds of thousands made of the hardest metals known; inconell, waspalloy, and shit that can catch fire like titanium using ceramic and metal drills that can shatter and kill you or someone standing nearby. They will tell you you can have Saturday/Sunday off but once you are there for a few months they change their tune and demand those days too. Sure lots of overtime. You can make decent money but it’s no life.
  14. It’s a source of both community information and sometimes community BS. Have any of you heard about the Killington outbreak? Probably not. It’s being called “Rutland county” outbreak if you hear any news at all. I know It’s an outbreak at Killington caused by a 50th birthday party with locals, regulars (like me usually) and possibly employees because I am staying in touch with what is going on in the community by reading the community FB pages. I read the ones for my town in CT and my town on the Cape as well. Those pages are full of helpful community information such as fund raising events, tag sales, town meeting issues, discussions about town ordinances and budgets, etc etc. You can’t tell me none of you read your community pages for these things. The comment about locals and masks was in a comment about the Virus outbreak. Honestly, as a person with a residence in the town, news about a potential virus outbreak in town seems like relevant news that I need to stay on top of, no? The politics and culture of a town are often reflected on their community pages. The fact that the culture there, in a community I belong to, has become somewhat toxic at times, in and of itself honestly seems relevant as “community news”. I mean you just moved to Randolph, NH. So I’m sure understanding the pulse of the community there is important to you. We made a 7 year plan 4.5 years ago to move permanently to the Killington area and we are still in transition. Knowing what is going on there seems relevant to me. Our plan has us selling in CT and buying in VT in the spring of 2023.
  15. On the Killington locals page they are talking about the outbreak they think they may have there. One person said that they have hear local people there say many times, “We don’t need to wear masks, we are all locals”. They think they are an island.