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  1. ApacheTrout

    March 22-23 Storm Thread: Cabins and Pony-Os?

    It flipped to snow here around 6 am, and there's a quick inch on the ground now. 32F.
  2. ApacheTrout

    March Disco

    I'm locking it it. Massive destruction everywhere. Ice storm, fer sure. We blizzard. We snow. We rain. It's all the weather. I will tell all my friends and hype. I will start thread. Hype. Hype. And then hype some more. GFS will own the Euro. Euro is king. GFS is useless and will cave on schedule. It's all the feels. I am expert.
  3. ApacheTrout

    February 2019 Discussion I

    I do. Sure, they're dense, but it's part of why I come to the board. Otherwise the discussion thread's 90% posts by the southern NEs whining about the crap winter down there. The amazing and wonderful 2015 winter has developed into a sense of entitlement.
  4. ApacheTrout

    NNE Winter Thread

    That's impressive given the flat line December, and the solid rain event that didn't make a dent.
  5. ApacheTrout

    NNE Winter Thread

    3.2 inches of snow. Impressive sneaky cold here, -8°F.
  6. ApacheTrout

    NNE Winter Thread

    1 more inch fell this morning, final total of 6.2".
  7. ApacheTrout

    NNE Winter Thread

    5.2", 0.66 liquid. Still snowing.
  8. ApacheTrout

    NNE Winter Thread

    3.7" at 8 pm.
  9. ApacheTrout

    NNE Winter Thread

    freezing rain at 28F.
  10. ApacheTrout

    NNE Winter Thread

    4" so far.
  11. ApacheTrout

    January 2019 Discussion II

    The weather gods are still exhausted after the epic pounding in 2015. They figure that should have satisfied you guys for a long time.
  12. ApacheTrout

    NNE Winter Thread

    -16F. Bitter cold, schools on 2-hr delays.
  13. ApacheTrout

    NNE Winter Thread

    Event total: 17 inches snow, 1.3 inches liquid.
  14. ApacheTrout

    NNE Winter Thread

    14 inches total measured on the board, but getting tougher to measure, as the wind is picking up. The board is still clean right now even after 30 minutes of moderate snow.
  15. ApacheTrout

    NNE Winter Thread

    10.5 inches, 0.89 liquid.