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  1. Great advice. Not sure what that has to do with the topic at hand, but great advice nonetheless.
  2. lol. I come quiet or active, sunny or downpours. I like knowing why things the way they are, boring or not. If I were interested in MILFS, COC, and retirement I'd go in the banter thread, shut my mouth, and read on.
  3. Banter thread, then. Talk that stuff all you want there.
  4. When things are quiet, this place turns to MILFs, and that's cool with you. Got it.
  5. Damn, I come looking for weather in the discussion thread and it's milfs and retirement. Jeebus, take it to PM.
  6. That's triple nasty, eyewall. We are under Double Filthy Conditions today, just a notch below your weather. Woke up and found dew on the grass with an air temp of 78F. . Went for a walk in the woods and came back drenched, feeling like I walked in the swamp, under water, uphill both ways, with a sloth on my back.
  7. For Saturday in my neck of the woods, NWS has 95 F, WU has 97 F. Those are very rare forecasted high temps. Yeesh. And I won't even comment on the Heat Index (find a happy place, find a happy place, find a happy place), but here's this morning's AFD from the NWS: Current heat index values are between 95-104, with a few locations across Addison county likely to exceed these.
  8. 0.41 inches of rain. There was maybe 0.05 from yesterday's brief showers, but I didn't remember to read the gauge in the afternoon yesterday to separate out that total from this morning's event.
  9. The Stopped Clock trophy? Or the participation medal?
  10. This map shows how all of New England is suffering from this brutal summer HHH, as far as the eye can see.
  11. Well said, moneypitmike. That should end the discussion, but it won't because of goalposts. Speaking of goalposts on an alarmist's other favorite subject, here's a summary of where things stand today, the USDA definition of D0, and a map of the northeast. "Some short-term precipitation shortfalls have popped up across interior southern New England and a few other isolated areas, but D0 introduction was not warranted at this time, and the region remains free of any dryness on the Drought Monitor. " - Richard Tinker, NOAA
  12. Twitter Mets with full credentullz and Duh-greez on wall are serious sources. Especially if they have followers and know how to post charts for easy (but not necessarily accurate) comprehension.
  13. Seasonal warmth is the new epic HHH.