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  1. NNE Winter Thread

    That's a terrific quote.
  2. NNE Winter Thread

    That's a good species, too. Very firm, never wishy washy with its forecasts. That's interesting that you've never once finished with a snowfall in the 80s. Funny how averages work. And it's also telling about the variability. I had 10-12 inches of snow otg yesterday, but it took a hit with the warmth. I don't expect it to survive next week.
  3. NNE Winter Thread

    My super-sensitive all-purpose weather forecasting stick (hand-crafted from free-ranged organic Carpinus caroliniana, $14.99 for one, $20 for 2 on Etsy) tells me that from BTV south, this winter will be at or slightly below normal for snowfall, but above normal for precipitation and temperature. One more 6-8" snow, a few 2-3" events, all before March 21. After that, all rain or mixed precip at best. Dry and warm on April 3 and 4, followed by soaking cold rain from a coastal on April 5 (Opening Day, Fenway).
  4. NNE Winter Thread

    Also, vacuum systems and smaller taps allow sugar makers to tap earlier and keep the taps in the trees longer without bacteria invading or the taps drying out.
  5. NNE Winter Thread

    Time to tap trees, as the first solid run of the sugaring season is coming up next week.
  6. NNE Winter Thread

    Hit the forecast of 9 inches here. Beautiful snow, all sizes.
  7. NNE Winter Thread

    I should have gotten off my lazy bum and done some rigorous snow measuring. As it is, there's 8" of snow on the ice that I just cleaned off yesterday morning.
  8. NNE Winter Thread

    Heavy snow, band of 30 dbz on the radar.
  9. NNE Winter Thread

    Visibility less than 1/4 mile. Good snow. 6" on the ground.
  10. NNE Winter Thread

    This is a familiar story for the past three years. Few synoptic storms and a dearth of clipper events parading across the region. Upslope flow events, for certain, but no clippers that routinely affect the region as a whole.
  11. NNE Winter Thread

    Understood. It sure was warmer than forecast. I didn't remember seeing any 50s advertised earlier in the week. Back to bare ground here in the Champlain Valley, and I understand that's the case in the lower elevations of southern Vermont, too. Time to rebuild.
  12. NNE Winter Thread

    Weren't you downplaying the modeled warmth a few days ago, as something only BTV-land might experience?
  13. NNE Winter Thread

    Lot of 40s and 50s out there right now. Beautiful easy day, great for the free ice-fishing day put on by Vermont Fish and Wildlife.
  14. NNE Winter Thread

    i come here for your photographs, eyewall, just as much as I do for the weather discussion.
  15. NNE Winter Thread

    I do hope you're right about the 40s being overdone, but there's a good chunk (say 3/4) of the state with forecasted highs in the 40s on Saturday, not just BTV land. Just about everywhere south and west of Montpelier to Morrisville.