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  1. ApacheTrout

    May 2019 Discussion

    We had to set up a large fan at our work station at my nursery last week. The swarms seemed biblical. The stiff breeze knocked them back.
  2. ApacheTrout

    AT’s Weather Forecast for Rest of Year

    Hard to argue with pictures. And you bear a remarkable and uncanny resemblance to a Soviet stud muffin, so I really wouldn't dare argue with you at all.
  3. ApacheTrout

    AT’s Weather Forecast for Rest of Year

    Agree. If you have hardcore science to back it up, all the better. But gut feelings count for so much ‘round here, so that’s good, too.
  4. ApacheTrout

    AT’s Weather Forecast for Rest of Year

    Normally, I bet in favor of AN temps, but not this fall. The AN temps and rain start on Dec 24, too late to affect the period's overall meme.
  5. ApacheTrout

    AT’s Weather Forecast for Rest of Year

    Thank you. It took a lot of hard work, and I'm proud of not giving up when things were most dire. Here's a bit more explanation: In Depth Temperature Analysis If you look closely, you can see that the mean high temp line goes through each of the boxes differently: The Warming Up Period (AKA Deep Summer/Too Late to Install): About Normal Greatest Chance for HHH Period: Slightly Cooler than Normal. We'll still experience routine calls for Epic HHH, but it ain't happening. Lots of the last H, but very little of the first two. The Cooling Off Period: Below Normal Snow Chances Epoch: Well Below Normal Gonna Be Wet - Get Over It As for precipitation: Wet. Damp. Borderline moldy. Maybe three consecutive days of uninterrupted sunshine in July (the 5th, 6th, and 7th) and definitely sunny and dry the entire week of August 11. But's that all we can expect. Oh, and flood insurance policies should be renewed prior to September 23. Widespread flooding. Coastal erosion. Permanent Mean Sea Level increase of 60 mm.
  6. After consulting various indices, anagrams, the Farmer's Almanac, Twitter, and every predictive animal and insect, this is what I've come up with for the remainder of the year. The r2 value approaches 1, and the 95% CI is very small, so I’m feeling very confident in this.
  7. ApacheTrout

    May 2019 Discussion

    What do you mean? We are in peak summer right now. With 200% leaf out and window units installed last week.
  8. ApacheTrout

    April 2019 Discussion II

    This place used to discuss weather in the Discussion thread.
  9. ApacheTrout

    NNE Winter Thread

    Otter Creek at Center Rutland is currently in moderate flood stage at 10.42 feet. This is the highest stage since Irene produced an amazing 17.2 feet crest in August 2011.
  10. ApacheTrout

    NNE Winter Thread

    1.13 inches of rain, with a decent round of thunderstorms during the night. Much more rain fell in Rutland County, especially the western side, with many reports of 2.5 inches or more. Poultney takes the cake right now, with 2.92 inches via a CoCoRaHs station. Otter Creek is going to be well over its banks. The swamps of Pittsford, Brandon, Sudbury, and Cornwall are going to turn into expansive lakes for the two weeks.
  11. ApacheTrout

    NNE Winter Thread

    Same story here in Addison and Rutland counties, especially with the lakes and at the resorts. You get people scrambling to make a living, a lot of Section 8 housing in communities such as Fair Haven, and then families with 2nd and 3rd homes on Bomoseen, Lake St. Catherine, and Champlain, with $75k trucks pulling $60k bass boats. The disparities are stark and tough, especially when you see friends listed in the annual Town Report as delinquent on taxes. Ouch.
  12. ApacheTrout

    April Discussion

    The buds or leaves on a tree add virtually nothing to the weight of the tree.
  13. ApacheTrout

    March 22-23 Storm Thread: Cabins and Pony-Os?

    It flipped to snow here around 6 am, and there's a quick inch on the ground now. 32F.
  14. ApacheTrout

    March Disco

    I'm locking it it. Massive destruction everywhere. Ice storm, fer sure. We blizzard. We snow. We rain. It's all the weather. I will tell all my friends and hype. I will start thread. Hype. Hype. And then hype some more. GFS will own the Euro. Euro is king. GFS is useless and will cave on schedule. It's all the feels. I am expert.
  15. ApacheTrout

    February 2019 Discussion I

    I do. Sure, they're dense, but it's part of why I come to the board. Otherwise the discussion thread's 90% posts by the southern NEs whining about the crap winter down there. The amazing and wonderful 2015 winter has developed into a sense of entitlement.