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  1. Awesome stuff
  2. Snowing here, lightly. Gravel driveway is turning white. Edit: Lawn is turning white as of 11 am.
  3. That's surprising. I drove past Snake Mountain this morning and from the road, it didn't look nearly as vibrant or with as many leaves. Perspective matters.
  4. When did you take these?
  5. it'll probably turn out to be a couple of decimal places to the left. That's a crazy model result. Thought for a second I was looking at snow depth, considering those are colors not frequently seen on rain maps.
  6. this made me laugh. Models showed over an inch of rain for my area, from an all-day and into the evening type event, and I received 0.69 in 45-60 minutes. edit: I don't want this to sound like sour grapes or bitterness at the great job the NWS BTV guys do. Just noting that things didn't pan out like modeled for my neck of the woods, but where it did, oh boy, those are some big rain totals.
  7. 0.69 inches of rain.
  8. Get ready to pay AccuWeather for everything.
  9. Last Friday, the Killington area was on the cusp of spectacular. Over the weekend, Lake Carmi was sporadically and brilliantly red in the bogs and along the lake, while hills showed color was on the way. Lots of leaves down in the park. Down here in the lower Champlain Valley, the oaks and maples are showing orange, with some trees (mostly ash) having dropped all their leaves.
  10. I was in my woods (clay-plain forest, lots of oak, maple, ash, hickory, hophornbeam, pine) and was surprised by how many brown maple leaves were on the ground. The ash trees are hell-bent on dropping leaves, pretty much going straight from green to brown without any hint of yellow. The overall color of the woods is still green, but it was definitely odd to see some maples doing their best ash imitation. Oaks haven't started turning yet. Still 10-14 days before typical peak here in the Champlain Valley, so crossing fingers that things will all work out.
  11. They probably are doing something incredibly complex, like opening windows.
  12. This. We were seeing our breath huddled under party canopies on September 3. Enough of this mid-October weather.
  13. Beautiful, eyewall. I could only see the green faintly. Was the pink visible to the naked eye?
  14. a little too much light still in the western sky here in Orwell. Sparse, thin clouds, but otherwise mostly clear. Fingers crossed.
  15. It's logarithmic. From NASA: " And then come the X-class flares. Although X is the last letter, there are flares more than 10 times the power of an X1, so X-class flares can go higher than 9. The most powerful flare measured with modern methods was in 2003, during the last solar maximum, and it was so powerful that it overloaded the sensors measuring it. The sensors cut out at X28."