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  1. ApacheTrout

    NNE Fall Thread

    4.9 total here in Orwell.
  2. ApacheTrout

    Coldtober model and pattern disco

    I visit way the board much less often than I used to simply because it's the same tiresome banter of hyperbolic posts, usually generated by DIT. It's like listening to siblings bicker incessantly. At some point, you leave the room. My absence isn't a problem for the community as I rarely contribute beyond posting rain/snow totals, but perhaps there are members who visit less frequently, too, and that might mean a drop in ad revenue that helps keep the site running.
  3. ApacheTrout

    Redding CA "firenado" rated EF3

    Absolutely stunning and horrific.
  4. ApacheTrout

    July Doldrums - Summer in full effect Pattern and Model Discussion

    What is a 'lollie?"
  5. ApacheTrout

    NNE Summer Thread

    That chilly air snuck in without much advance notice. It made it down to 49F in Orwell, and that felt downright cold after the recent smothering heat.
  6. ApacheTrout

    NNE Summer Thread

    Shoot, was hoping for a good, widespread rain event. 0.24 here, with 0.21 of it coming in 10 minutes at 4:15 pm.
  7. ApacheTrout

    NNE Summer Thread

    t's neat to see the pattern in your data, too. a 10-yr period is too short to draw conclusions, but I wonder if this alternating pattern would bear out over a longer time frame. I'd also like to see if temperatures do the same.
  8. ApacheTrout

    NNE Summer Thread

    It's been dry here at the southern end of Addison County. Here is how this year 's precipitation (inches) during the growing season (May 1 through July 10) stacks up with previous years: 2018: 4.51 2017: 13.34 2016: 8.09 2015: 13.18 2014: 6.95 2013: 15.78 2012: 9.20 2011: 12.01 2010: 7.51 2009: 13.26
  9. ApacheTrout

    NNE Summer Thread

    That's pretty impressive for Vermont. Any word on fire in the canopy? It looks like the flames are mostly at ground level, but this could be deceiving.
  10. ApacheTrout

    NNE Winter Thread

    Thunderstorm, first of the spring, rolling into the southern Champlain Valley at this time.
  11. ApacheTrout

    NNE Winter Thread

    Proximity to the Green Mountains sure made a difference in temperature. Last night in Brandon, it was 44F degrees at 9 pm. Twenty minutes later and 16 miles to the west in Orwell, it was 37F. Winds in Brandon mixed the air, the absence of wind in Orwell kept the cold air in place at the surface. Pretty neat variations.
  12. ApacheTrout

    NNE Winter Thread

    23F at 5 pm in the Champlain Valley in April. Yipes.
  13. ApacheTrout

    NNE Winter Thread

    1" flakes falling here, and there's 2.3 on the ground. Beautiful mid-day snow in April.
  14. ApacheTrout

    NNE Winter Thread

    Pretty solid snow here in Orwell. 1.7" and still coming down.
  15. ApacheTrout

    NNE Winter Thread

    looks like about 3 inches here at the southern end of Lake Champlain.