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  1. Pretty amazing program they have there. Well deserved. The other 3 Frozen 4 teams were all from Minnesota which is funny
  2. I was a little surprised. There was some sat images I saw Friday evening that made me wonder. Less than 0.1” though.
  3. We got a little rain overnight here. There are even puddles on my driveway.
  4. I figured Prince Phillip had a few more seconds left in him
  5. What other diseases /viruses would this mRNA technology help with? Now that they have a blueprint is it hard to do?
  6. It is so freaking dry out. This low humidity is both enjoyable and worrisome
  7. The Astra Zeneca rollout hasn’t been good
  8. Even if the vaccine is 95% effective, that means it is 5% not effective. Some could still get it and a smaller number could croak.
  9. Yeah. I posted a story from NPR about the latter a few days back. That could be a great thing
  10. There is still plenty of suckage in my school. “Specials” were ravaged by budget cuts as well as having teachers teaching multiple subjects they know nothing about due to cuts (I’m teaching a block of ancient civilizations...wheee!). There are some technology issues and logistical problems (we are still not sure how to do lunches when we have all of the kids back due to CDC guidelines and space). But the kids have been awesome. Where my wife works it has been pretty close to normal for months (masks are the biggest difference, as well as group work). The pace that things are bouncing back overall in society has me optimistic. Good luck finding a vacation rental on Cape Cod this summer
  11. Yup. He (and you to a lesser extent) have talked a ton about the sensitivity of the PCR tests...even though I can’t follow half of it... I wish we could read through those old threads
  12. Regarding Phin’s above post, I agree on just about all points. It def was worse for older people (not always but % wise hugely). Hopefully lessons learned regarding LTCs etc can help in the future. I was excited to pass out paper report cards to my students today! The online ones sucked. I then had to leave early because our furnace at home was busted.
  13. I would say comparing it to airline terrorism protocols isn’t a good argument. One is an act of nature, one is human behavior. A closer model maybe is having states do travel restrictions during severe winter weather...a govt response to a natural phenomenon. But yeah...once the genie is out of the bottle, hard to put it back in
  14. I honestly had not heard about that outbreak. They should be fine considering age and fitness. Who is in rough shape? It took E Rodriguez on the Sox 9+ months to recover