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  1. I wish he was still posting in here
  2. I bet Eek could code it so that becomes his name and he can't change it
  3. 11.1F for my low. Didn’t seem cloudy and the wind died. Thought I would tickle 9 but alas
  4. 13F here. First single digits incoming?
  5. I had a bad time on a T bar near the summit of Sugarloaf a long time ago
  6. We will still have a Guinness together again someday
  7. Yore got used and abused last season and we got a ratter. Time to move on to the new sexy
  8. Anyone have a clue why RadarScope is showing a tornado track in NH?
  9. Yeah. Low 40s here. edit. Temps actually climbing decently. 45 now