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  1. I think that January storm was the #1 event all time for Boston up until Feb 6... of course it had all melted by then
  2. We have no control over it. I was responding to BIrving’s post about how people are handling it. I love snow. I get out and enjoy it as much as I can plus it affects my work. But am I going to spazz because I didn’t get this amount or that storm? Nope.
  3. It’s just snow. In the scheme of things it ain’t no big deal
  4. Maybe we can get a sunny warm day instead
  5. I should have waited a day... that would have fixed it.
  6. Pretty much all rain even here now on GFS... needle threader all along but I felt good about it until around yesterday afternoon. Oh well
  7. Absolutely. No one should be surprised
  8. Meh. Not a good look for most. I still might get a few sloppy inches but the trends are what they are. I will still be watching over the next two days to see if there are changes
  9. 49.05” since late November. I average around 70-75” here. Depth has been pretty low but I have had some snow on the ground pretty much every day since Dec 1 other than a few days last week. Even then there were still piles and stuff.
  10. 1978. My street was cleared by the National Guard. Heavy equipment, mega sized front end loaders because the town equipment couldn’t do it.
  11. Strangely I got a heavy front loaded one here.
  12. If the northward trend on major guidance continues overnight I would consider it a dead Rainer for even me, but I’m not throwing in the towel just yet. I still think plowable is possible here Sorry / not sorry At least it unclogged the Jan pattern thread. The thread I started for Saturday’s event did ok.