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  1. My district pays me appropriately I feel. The tutoring gig, however, pays ridiculously well. The camp has $$$
  2. Wife and I are tutoring (math somehow) at a local sports camp. Two days a week. Great side gig
  3. Was floating around in the pool. Breeze is pretty stiff. Lots of pine needs falling into it. I find those aggravating
  4. Dew is still 59 at KFIT at the last hour. Should go up steadily. Yawn
  5. Clouds and haze might temper the highs today a bit. 87 instead of 90 or something. Still quite warm. Good pool afternoon
  6. Someone on here opined a while back that the May heat blast might have been the biggest one for the season. I doubt that happens but it would be interesting if it did
  7. Decent dews incoming for a day or so. Near 70 for some.
  8. Not sure if anyone saw this video of a massive rock slide in Rocky Mountain National Park a few days ago. Some gigantic boulders
  9. What an end to a phenomenal month. Man…if we could do this for two more months…
  10. Zzzzzzz. Some typical summer incoming. We take. We pool
  11. We don’t have an EZPass I prob should get one (it costs nothing) but we are rarely on toll roads. I did mess up in my recent Maine trip. On the turnpike there was a toll ($4) and I thought I had cash. Oops. Thought they could do the automated bill by plate like Mass does Oops. Thought they could take a debit card. Oops. I had to fill out a form while several cars had to wait behind me. Lesson learned.
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