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  1. None of the nearby Davis/online sites had it. BOX has me at 94 again tomorrow Sell
  2. It’s very bizarre. We had very few of them last summer here Also, on a weather not, only managed to get to 87F today. BOX point n click had me at 94 forecast.
  3. Some people are hyping using artificial dragonflies on a metal rod to keep them at bay I scooped dozens of dead ones out of the pool this afternoon.
  4. Some areas near Ware, MA with over 4” floods
  5. I did my mother in law’s house yesterday. Not a huge yard but a seriously steep front section. I hate that house so much.
  6. 86/74 here Did the lawn after a long dog walk. Nice sweaty morning
  7. 87F high here. Down to 71 Spent a bunch of the day in Foxboro at my bro’s house. It was pretty pleasant once the sun was behind the trees.
  8. HRRR is a bit soggy, esp south. But good luck pinning that down
  9. Really? Only +2.3? probably way above that out here
  10. Some places (KFIT) have been in a heat wave. But otherwise yup
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