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  1. I'm interested in checking out the 99 Levels place that just opened in Natick where Sears used to be in the mall. Looks like a bigger version of Boda Borg (which is awesome) plus a Night Shift Brewing taproom. All good things
  2. An I have my first cold in over a year...lol
  3. Lol... we have a field day scheduled for later today... the fields are gross. I would prefer they have it tomorrow instead.
  4. Hoping for some rain late morning...
  5. Rats. I need to switch plates and register a car.
  6. I mean, Australia only had 11 new cases yesterday. Canada had 1100... so I almost understand that one (but not really)
  7. The comparison to cancer and heart attacks doesn't work since they are not contagious, but yeah... soon it becomes part of the background of diseases that may cause death like influenza or typhoid... just need it to a reasonable level. The US is pretty close to that right now... Australia and Canada are head scratchers for me... big wide open countries with relatively few cases.
  8. My pool will be too cold to swim for a little while
  9. Looks like 0.41" at the PWS near my house. Not bad
  10. About to get pulverized here in Leominster
  11. It should be very helpful for poorer countries etc that lack the ability to keep them super cold etc. Similar to J&J? Looks like they are hoping for a Sept approval