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  1. Our pool has also added 2-3" in the last week But our doormat is dry
  2. Did anyone on here know there was an EF1 in Maine on Saturday?
  3. Lots of teases, but nothing siggy
  4. Careful...David Price might want to fight you
  5. Isn't Emily all done?
  6. The school in Royalston has 145 students...some of whom come from other towns. Thats a K-6 school. One indicator of how tiny it is. Ashburnham gets more snow I think, too.
  7. Yup. They made it to August 6. Could have gone a few more days by the videos 270 days
  8. Yup. My wife started working there a year ago. Pretty much nothing there. Makes Hubbardston look urban
  9. High of 70F here in Hubbardston. MPM, what were you in Royalston for?
  10. We definitely noticed that when walking the dog. Those cold July mornings had no wind, while today is very Septemberish. I was ready to spend the day watching football and cooking chili
  11. 50.1F for my low. Pool taking a beating
  12. Warmer than several July mornings here...
  13. ORH had 18 days in June with at least a T, 14 in July Still, July was BN at ORH in terms of total precip
  14. He could replace Mooch
  15. It's been very disappointing. We finally put in a pool last summer and we have not been able to enjoy it very much.