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  1. Weenies deflated. This seems appropos for the season for most. I think the general public will be elated.
  2. Cool, sunny day for much of New England
  3. Anyone else getting some weird maps with the Pivotal 18z GFS?
  4. He already sent his team home for summer vacation. He brings in his other squad for fantasy baseball and the tropics
  5. Somehow we held our power last week despite losing 2 trees, one up against the house. Some parts of town had piles and lines down for a while In January the outages were longer and more widespread.
  6. All of our trees are down here from January and last week so we would be good.
  7. Still a phantom for now but it keeps showing up in some way... one eye on it
  8. Eh. 30F here. Should warm up and help melt
  9. 18z GFS has nada for SNE... well, it has rain of course
  10. Cheese...cheese...the Euro says cheese (some parents might know this)
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