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  1. Well. You are all skin and bones. You don't retain heat like some of us do...have some more goldfish
  2. Anyone know how this round of gypsies compares to 1981 in terms of areal coverage? Very few caterpillars here thankfully
  3. They seem largely a Midwest phenomenon
  4. What are the physics of these? Are they sort of an inversion? Never mind... just googled it. Fascinating
  5. 71/71 here. Just walked the dog for two miles and it didn't feel as gross as I thought it would Sun just popped out.
  6. Prior to this recent heat, you indicated signs of a Sonoran heat release. Did that occur?
  7. That's a nice storm for BOS/Quincy peeps
  8. 89F for my high. Above what I forecast by 3F. Hard to get 90s here but still warm. 68F dew at local Davis
  9. Some gypsy caterpillars here but nothing noticeable as far as leaf eating. N Central Mass seems fine for now Is there a centralized place that monitors them?
  10. You need to take a basic science class... evolution, data analysis...these are things to learn about
  11. 64F for my overnight low. Re yesterday and working outside...yeah, it was hot in the sun and if working that would be rough. The dews were manageable though.
  12. Yup. Really not swampy today. Pretty nice in the shade. Tuesday will be gross though
  13. Yeah. I guess I meant to say, it might be calibrated incorrectly based on how high it read early this morning
  14. Didn't it start really high this morning?
  15. Looks like KFIT maxed at 96. Not too shabby but I was hoping for a 98