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  1. A few Boston area mets are putting out seaonal forecasts early November
  2. First sub 30 of the season here (cept for rounding of course) 29.7F
  3. Wachusett did the other morning
  4. November is good to start thinking about snow and maybe catching a small event or two March can produce some big events that are great meteorologicaly speaking. The latter part of March things can start melting a bit. It's not like the mud is fun to frolic in.
  5. Spring skiing into late March, April, even May is 100 x better than early November skiing...cuz it doesn't happen around here
  6. Winds are cranking and temps dropping
  7. That's great. They have such a nice hill to work with.
  8. My wife's uncle was a teacher/coach there for decades. Beautiful school. Great location. They got hit hard by Bob (I think)
  9. Uninstalled this afternoon. I think I can handle it until next May
  10. Through Friday, ORH was at +7.4F for October. This week (other than Monday and Tuesday) should add to that. Record month?
  11. But you can get clobbered in coastals. Not as often as synoptic events. When you do get nailed (1978, 2015) they are epic
  12. 35" difference in only 2-3 miles and 300 feet? Holy cow!
  13. Wachusett was blowing out the mice this morning
  14. 53.9F high here in the Hubb. Should see our second frost of the season
  15. Had a few sprinkles here around 6PM