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  1. Yeah. By Saturday afternoon mowers across New England will be going nuts and Claritin sales will spike Very noticeable even in elevated areas
  2. Large numbers of goldfinches at our feeder this season. Also saw a decent sized woodpecker (smaller than a pileated) that swooped out of a tree with a pretty bizarre call...sort of a screech, Not sure what is was. Owls have been going bonkers again. I cannot get over how many barred owls are around.
  3. Not shocked, but it also would not shock me to bring it back in some form.
  4. I want to do a river cruise there someday
  5. 38F with a very light mist. Nice shots of Caribou. Over 4" new
  6. Lol. 24' above ground. This is the first spring we have had it and I will have the pros reassemble the filter system and chlorinator this year. Going forward I plan on doing it myself We used to use collapsible pools when the kids were younger, but those were a pita. Next project is to build a deck for the pool
  7. In late April...errr...nope I do need to call the pool guy to schedule opening it though.
  8. I think the absolute last bit of snow piles has melted in my neighborhood. Store parking lots still have some gross ones. kinda muggy today
  9. You should buy a summer home on the Sound...have AC units installed in every window and a Davis outside capturing the pure goodness of 74F dews while you shiver inside
  10. I use them for humidity.
  11. Do the Frontline or something similar
  12. Nothing seems to kill them. The drought really helped last summer though
  13. I totally cut out all soda (except for a ritualistic partaking of The Beverly once per year) and all fast food other than an occasional salad (most are gross). Blood pressure has improved due to that and excercise.
  14. Glad we don't live there...NOT! Fun fact: It is actually cheaper to fly there and stay there than it is to stay for a week at the Polynesian bungalows at Disney for a week, that are loosely modeled on them.