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  1. I guess it depends on what else you want to do. Spain is supposedly incredibly beautiful. But Egypt looks amazing. I’ve never been to either
  2. If you go with a group you will probably be ok. Stay in a nicer hotel.
  3. We went in 2021 and were lucky enough to hike the active volcano. But we didn't get to the Westfjords. Next trip for sure.
  4. We had a family of deer in our yard last night at dinner time. It had been years since I had seen deer on my property. Bears, moose, bobcats, foxes, owls, fishers, coyotes... but deer had been absent. I see them in the neighborhood but not in the yard
  5. Hopefully doing some clean up and fert next week. Throw down some seed etc.
  6. My terrible yard is greening up. The remaining snow piles look interesting against the green grass. Daffodils finally starting to bloom here
  7. Our son is moving to Ayer. We helped him and his girlfriend move stuff today. No snow in a lot of the towns around there. Seems very limited to over 700’ or so in el
  8. That was a moving pick. Should they have called them earlier? Sure. But it was the right call.
  9. Faintest of a coating here on top of cars and trash barrels. Bring on spring.
  10. One of my coworkers told us she was living in San Fran during the Loma Prieta quake (the World Series one)
  11. Some coworkers felt it here in Central Mass.... I was oblivious to it as usual
  12. Now at 46.3" after yesterday's event (got some overnight as well) I think I miseed an inch or two in February or March, but can't accurately say
  13. We got around half that 0.75" But I think we did better yesterday 7.0" was my measurment, but it really compacted down. Gardner and someone else in the Hubb measured 7.0 yesterday
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