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  1. How many runs have really shown something? I'm not buying at this point. But hopefully something to watch
  2. Nice pic. There is a pond I drive by every day that has some really cool looking ice right now (wavy patterns) but I never stop to take pics
  3. My driveway has iced up
  4. BOX put out some social media stuff mentioning it...I think
  5. Snowing here in Hubbardston
  6. 37.5F here. We murk
  7. Nope. I know someone who works at my local hill and one recent day they sold 11 tickets. Granted, the weather was bad. Mostly pass holders at this point We will buy dinner st the restaurant tonight
  8. Yeah. I think a triple would be strange. Maybe a fixed grip quad, but why not spring for a high speed. That's a nice part of the resort iirc. I need to get back there sometime. Hoping for a few hours of non wet skiing this afternoon/evening with the family. They still have most of the local bump open and no crowds
  9. That place looks cool. I went to the museum years ago, but the climbing looks great
  10. Not too many bugs for a while...spring skiing....that's about it
  11. From Wachusett's twitter feed earlier today
  12. Would have been a nice afternoon to ski if not for the wind Very windy last few months
  13. GFS continues to say "no soup for you" Edit: for SNE
  14. Just had one roll through Leominster. Sun is out now