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  1. Just under 36" of rain since June 1 here 5.86 for September. The lowest month since May
  2. 1.0” today so far. Plus the 0.25” yesterday
  3. 9-11" of rain in 4 hours will overwhelm just about any drainage system. Plus, in Leominster, a lot of damage was caused by the streams themselves overflowing their banks
  4. A local farm based brewery near me (Milk Room) is closing up shop. They don't have any indoor seating etc. I bet the rains this summer drove them under... Great little place.
  5. They won’t score against that defense. The Jets D scores a defensive touchdown. Game ovah. Wilson won’t have to do much.
  6. Saturday was pretty cloudy and windy here. I think the sun finally broke through later in the day. (Lee was offshore)
  7. I would have to go back and look but that seems pretty accurate about at least some rain on most of the weekends since June.
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