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  1. It rained a bit while I was walking the dog. First legit rain I had felt in a couple of weeks
  2. My primary care physician is thinking this flu season might not be bad due to a larger than normal number of people getting vaccinated as well as mask use and distancing.
  3. My wife has a cardio-pulmonologist at a very large teaching hospital near us. He was also in charge of that facility’s Covid ward during the height and has already forgotten more about Covid than I will ever know. He has large concerns about long term effects on patients. So folks on here can pooh pooh that all they want. I know who I listen to.
  4. Ginx, are those gravity waves in the last panel?
  5. I think Tip’s thread deserves its own space. This one is the usual dull goings on. Temps and dews or frost obs and leaf reports.
  6. The floor of my empty classroom is like a skating rink due to the moisture. Plus it squeaks like the Garden parquet
  7. Looks like we at least get a reprieve from the drought for a little bit. Temps beginning a bit AN. Edit...first few days look slightly BN for temps
  8. Yeah. Thurs will be cooler but not cold
  9. 0.75” for most Bob, is that the 10 day total?
  10. It’s been a couple of weeks since I looked at RadarScope
  11. That’s unfortunate. It is a much smaller industry in Mass than it used to be but that stinks for those farmers. edit. As per this (month old) article, production might actually be up this year by 1%. https://www.bizjournals.com/boston/news/2020/08/21/ma-drought-expected-to-leave-cranberry-growers.amp.html