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  1. Low basement. Lots of growth opportunities.
  2. I just noticed the new avatar... If Will changes to Palpatine or something...
  3. Where were they measuring back then? Still at the airport?
  4. Maybe he can bring some of that juju home
  5. It has been a very odd stretch in terms of warmth. No really high max temps... lots of high min temps. ORH is +7.8 for the month.
  6. Just came back from the movies. Our local family owned theater rents out screens for cheap. It was just our immediate bubble. They have increased the variety of food they sell too. This is the third time we have gone but the first “new” film. Back in the fall we watched a couple of older movies This time we watched WW84 which wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. And Gal Godot ftw
  7. We have had snow showers of and on yesterday and today here... total of maybe 0.1"
  8. 12" in Feb would destroy my soul... but it fits with your long term outlook
  9. A 2015 Junior might be in the making. Like a 50% type deal I could live with that
  10. Well, for us in N ORH this was better than the Christmas grinch because there wasn’t much pack to destroy. Somehow it still looks similar to how it looked yesterday. 0-2” in my yard
  11. Did they add a new feature (a compass thing) to RadarScope or was that always there?