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  1. My school ski group still hasn’t gotten back to pre Covid levels. Inflation is also part of the issue is my guess. Prices keep increasing. I’m up to 25 students now so that’s not terrible. During the winter of 2020-2021 I only has a dozen and they had to get to the mountain on their own since we couldn’t get a bus.
  2. It is usually pretty easy to find in bottles and cans in my area. Wachusett Mountain’s bar typically has it on tap too.
  3. This second round of wind driven rain certainly sucks tho.
  4. The weenies on the bus go up and down…up and down…up and down
  5. And a happy birthday to the Fella! 64 impressive years on the planet.
  6. Winds are nuts here right now. Just picked up
  7. Heck, we could have one of those rather rare quadruple phasers…
  8. Coating of snow possible for northern Mass elevations Thurs morning?
  9. 25.0F for the morning low. Wasn't so bad when I was walking the dog pre-dawn with no winds
  10. This place is an asylum this time of the year
  11. Looks like my hood ended at around 0.5”. NWS forecast called for 0.25-0.5 so that matched up
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