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  1. Our daughter is into buying new records. Holy expensive. It’s her $ so up to her. I’m trying to get her into used records but not many places around here to get them. She just has an inexpensive turntable but I’m glad she is listening to stuff.
  2. Haves and have nots. Bath with 5”. Hope that isn’t a sign of winter
  3. Saw a report of over 3.75” in Plymouth. But that town is huge so it might vary a bit
  4. Pinball machines and old school arcade games are a big business. Hard to repair but if you know how $$$.
  5. Just took a nice walk with the dog. 68F Dews are comfy (47). Sun felt damn warm. The incoming rain is a slight annoyance but no big deal
  6. No 63-70 dews in my hood for a while at least. Bring on the Stein
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