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  1. I will take the under on BOX’s 3” they have for me.
  2. One of my favorite trails on the local bump is 10th Mountain
  3. They were also bullish for this area yesterday and it still overperformed. A nice 2-3” refresher here is fine. The morning commute might stink though
  4. Could be very good for you as it winds up
  5. 850 0C line gets pretty far inland on GFS...precarious Nice cold shot after it pulls away. Flash freeze?
  6. You thinking warm/mixing even in Ayer?
  7. Yeah the fluff I had is already compacted down quite a bit. Maybe 4-5”? As I was snow blowing, some of the snow landed on top of untouched and it was crushed
  8. This definitely outperformed my personal Forecast. I thought 4” was the upper limit for me Where’s Jerry’s head...
  9. It’s a Marshmallow World...
  10. 7.0”here. Westminster reported 7.2”. Wachusett claims 8”. That actually seems reasonable based on the skiing
  11. Sharon MA had 2.6” at 6PM. One town over.
  12. BOX website?
  13. Hi Turtle! I was actually thinking about you the other day. Hope you are well. BOX is moving?!?!
  14. Since my son was working at WaWa again this evening, I headed over for two hours. Great skiing, albeit on limited terrain. Nice fresh powder that covered the icy base well.
  15. 6.1” in Hubbardston MA