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  1. It will prob end up 2 days with highs 78-81, two days with highs mid 80s. Lows 58-59 two days , lower 60s the others. ORH
  2. Didn’t get to below 70F until around 4AM and evening then only hit 69.0F. Prob warmest night of the year so far. Good news for the pool
  3. It actually ticked down a bit this afternoon. 1.01 from 1.06. Had been 0.9 for a while https://rt.live/us/MA breezy warm evening. This is great
  4. R naught has been creeping up. That’s not good. Good pool and brewery day today. We hit up Timberyard again. Great smoked pork shoulder. Also, all 4 of us had the antibodies test done a few days ago, negative.
  5. We have an 8K window unit in our family room and it keeps the whole downstairs level (1200ish square feet) comfortable. We have small 5k units in each of our upstairs bedrooms.
  6. 0.25” event total. Mostly yesterday during some downpours
  7. We are approaching peak deer fly season here. Holy smokes they were bad this morning
  8. Got to 89F. Worked some more on the pool deck and was drenched in sweat. But the upside is that we can jump into the pool more easily.
  9. I’ve seen snow in August at the bottom of Tuckermans. Not skiable but there.
  10. Yup. We have several. I always use them when walking the dog. So satisfying to hear electric death
  11. 90/60 is preferable to 84/69 for me. The deer flies will be loving it
  12. Big heat this week looks meh around my house at least. I was hoping for some 90s Even upper 80s looks in jeopardy
  13. Dew point here bottomed out at 58F. Temp got to 59. After today it will be a while...