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  1. The weenies on the bus go up and down…up and down…up and down
  2. And a happy birthday to the Fella! 64 impressive years on the planet.
  3. Winds are nuts here right now. Just picked up
  4. Heck, we could have one of those rather rare quadruple phasers…
  5. Coating of snow possible for northern Mass elevations Thurs morning?
  6. 25.0F for the morning low. Wasn't so bad when I was walking the dog pre-dawn with no winds
  7. This place is an asylum this time of the year
  8. Looks like my hood ended at around 0.5”. NWS forecast called for 0.25-0.5 so that matched up
  9. CON was +4.0 yesterday. Earth shattering
  10. Made it to 49F here. Pretty nice this afternoon. Enjoying it while I can
  11. Parts of my town had no power from that. Not sure of my total.
  12. Yeah. It wasn’t a big deal. Pretty though
  13. I would hope they always defer to the side of safety. People whine about taxes etc but if they are hurt or worse in an accident due to DOTs not having the $$$ they will be the ones who sue.
  14. A friend of mine skied Okemo on Thanksgiving. Said conditions were excellent considering the date
  15. Lol at a 384 GFS OP clown. Could be right. Wouldn’t lock that
  16. Get well soon Tamarack. Nasty little buggers
  17. Lol. Maybe. He is a senior in college now and has a pretty sweet internship that he has done since summer of 2021. When he graduates next spring he is likely to go into that job for real. WaWa might not have much chance. During winter break and spring break he will prob work a couple of shifts per week at the hill and full time at the other place.
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