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  1. Fugly stretch for the next few days.
  2. If it is about the pic I posted it is plastic grass
  3. I posted this a couple of days back. We were staying at an Airbnb in Pueblo CO and it is pretty much desert there. Scorpions and rattlesnakes. Some had stone and dirt yards. These folks just went astroturf
  4. That’s a friend of mines favorite brewery ever
  5. Sitting in the pool with a frosty one makes it almost pleasant
  6. I think the dews will be hard to scour out.
  7. Just took the dog on her long walk (2 hours late). Pretty humid out there. Deer flies seem to be almost done though
  8. I will raise one up should I live longer. I know which song I want them to play for me…
  9. We ate dinner on the porch. As soon as I was done eating I hopped right back into the AC. Sauna out there
  10. Had a nice downpour for a few minutes. Around 0.1”. We take what we can get
  11. We are having a happy hour there one of the nights but not sure I will be attending
  12. Summer. Hoping we can score some rain. I have to work (training) in Springfield all next week. What a swamp next to the river.
  13. Looks like I will be missing that nice cell to my south. Drat
  14. If you are heading east on the Mass Pike into Boston, be very careful
  15. That cell near Hardwick has a little spin on radar
  16. Thunder from the cell near Rutland MA to my south. So humid
  17. 87/73 here at mi casa. Will it ever rain again?
  18. Not New England related, but as we were returning our rental car at DEN we experienced their early evening daily dust storm/ wind event. Pretty amazing (and annoying). I will be bringing parts of the western plains home in my hair and teeth.
  19. We were driving through a mountain pass at around 10k yesterday in Colorado. Intense lightning and downpouring rain on steep curvy roads. A couple of hundred feet higher up there had been a ton of hail but the road didn’t get it
  20. Looks like 91 at my house as well. 97 here in Aurora, CO attm. Toasty
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