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  1. Definitely Wednesday as I forecast weeks ago. My school open house. It has to be a torch
  2. Speaking of Treehouse…anyone planning on getting Eric Fisher’s book at Treehouse?
  3. Yeah. I will prob rip it down and have a pro build and permit one in a couple of years. It would be a problem if someone got hurt etc insurance wise.
  4. We built our pool deck last summer. Just temporary and not attached to anything. Might not be permitted. Lol. Ive installed hardwood floors in our entire upstairs but that looks meh in spots. Good in others
  5. I will do really simple plumbing (new shower head, replacement sink etc) and super simple electrical (just replaced a stove hood a few weeks ago) like a ceiling fan etc. Otherwise I will call someone in. I lack a lot of the skills.
  6. That looks like an inground pool. Mine is pretty cold despite the solar cover.
  7. Not keen on these nocturnal events. I need my beauty sleep. Hail incoming for us ya think?
  8. Battled cancer for 9 years and basically told no one. RIP
  9. No... they get reimbursed/paid for by the manufacturer. Not a tipped position
  10. Not the best pic since it was through the screen porch, but some of the trees behind our pool are 75’ tall. Fortunately we get some SW sun Highest pool temp we hit this summer was 87F at the end of the June heat wave.
  11. We use a solar cover and it is a losing battle here. Limited sun. We hit 44F the other morning. Lots of rain doesn’t help either.
  12. My pool is too chilly for my tastes right now. Lows in the 40s and 50s are killing it. Plus the sun angle is a bit lower so less hours of good sun on it.
  13. Some friends of ours had a den on their property for a couple of months They have a pretty big property with a very long driveway. The den was near the far end of the driveway. They got to see the kittens but then they moved away (the bobcats)
  14. Also Nate Z...aka Tubes... I forget his screenname
  15. Missed most of the good show last night to my north. At 1:30 or so you could hear it in the distance though. Sounded boomy
  16. Bobcats population has really exploded in Central Mass. My wife and daughter saw two in our yard a year or two ago. I’ve never seen one in my life though.
  17. Eagles 22, Falcons 6 Blue Jays 22, Orioles 6
  18. I would toss details of that long term GFS, but the general gist of AN temps and humidity seem likely for a bit
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