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  1. 1980 was (checks math) 42 years ago. That’s vintage now. You and I are antiques
  2. Methinks you aren’t quite sure where The Pike is…
  3. After looping the dog, a couple of observations: My neighborhood will be an ice rink once this freezes up The stuff the plow left at the end of my driveway has the density of lead
  4. Around 8.5” pack. We still had about 4” yesterday from the previous stuff
  5. I guess the roads in Hubb and Gardner have some flooding
  6. I was hoping to go and snowblow around 7. But…we lost power. My snowblower’s pull start is toast so I use the plug in starter. No power. No snowblow. Some blue skies and sun
  7. Totally sucked to snowblow. One of the worst in memory. Sun is out now
  8. Instantaneous gust report from Wellfleet of 91mph
  9. Should be over to plain rain soon. Still some snow but battle is over
  10. Lost power at 6:30 AM. Winds are ripping. Eyeballing 4-5”. Mixing it appears
  11. Hoping so. If under 4” I will let rain and temps do the trick.
  12. It is pissing me off that I need to get up early to snowblow before it gets really waterlogged. Sorta wanted to sleep in.
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