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  1. 0.34” total. More leaves and pine needles than rain. Morning low of 46F so at least we got that
  2. It is pretty enjoyable to be sitting on my screen porch in short sleeves and seeing the woods aglow with yellows and reds
  3. Good luck with that. We try to buy American as much as possible. A lot of products just aren’t made here or are inferior in quality.
  4. I did watch part of an interview with the head of Schneider transportation. Third largest trucking co in the US. He said they only had about half the number of drivers they need to keep up the demand.
  5. What a complete shitshow the Mass RMV is. I have never had any real negative interaction with them until now. We have been watching them send my mother in law to an early grave.
  6. The humidity today might warrant it. Ours are all out away of course. But I wouldn’t mind turning it on if I had central air. Just to dry things out.
  7. Also, for Hippie, not sure if you like old Prog rock, but Rick Wakeman is playing a solo thing at the Northampton music hall thing…he was the keyboard player in Yes and on some Bowie recordings (Space Oddity). I was considering going but something else came up
  8. Any idea if the number of undocumented workers is higher or lower or the same as pre-pandemic? In my head I feel it is lower but I really have no idea.
  9. Not a huge chunk but around 175-225000 working age people were lost to something we can’t discuss here. Granted some were not working anyway. But who would want to work the service industry jobs now where the public is basically spitting in your face?
  10. That would explain it. I have not seen many of the Asian ladybug things at least. Maybe those will go away too
  11. On a completely unrelated note, were stink bugs/potato bugs/ whatever they are called always so prolific and large? I don’t recall them growing up.
  12. Working for $400 per week would suck for many. For a high school kid living in a low cost area maybe but not for most adults.
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