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  1. How much rain do you forecast for Tolland for the next 7 days? Under 1.0”? 1-2”?
  2. 65F. Windows open. Not great but better
  3. Local PWS down to 78. That cell dropped around 0.3” It helps
  4. Nice. My house is pretty close to that. Great spot to view storms
  5. 93/71 HI of 101 here in Springfield.
  6. So Boston has had their second longest string of 90s now?
  7. 85/76 HI of 95 at home Im scared to go out to my car after work today in Springfield. Such a swamp here
  8. She was on Channel 7 I think. Edit. WBZ Channel 4. She was only 64
  9. Some thunder and lightning approaching with that line
  10. Was watching a recent video about the relationship between Lake Mead, Lake Powell, water emergencies etc. interesting stuff
  11. Pool temp (unseated, no solar cover) is at 86 right now. New record for mby
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