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  1. Give or take........
  2. I use to like hunting back in the 70's on Great Northern's land as they would attach these yellow patches of fabric that said "Feel it stretch" on there trees to show diameter growth................lol
  3. Yeah, Air mass out ahead is to warm and precip is gone when the CF comes thru, Backside stuff typically doesn't work out up here anyways, We watch, We wait, Going to be a long winter season if this is what we have for a performing GFS model.
  4. Welcome to the Euro 4 days ago
  5. Hard to take anything serious at 7 days, CBS and NBC going all in up here this winter well above avg snow, Below avg cold, Early start, Early end, Mod la Nina and comparing similar to 70/71.
  6. Hopefully the barn doesn't collapse when we have the first legit threat.
  7. I think he is trying to keep it real, Instead of weenies gone wild in here.
  8. The ocean was quite cold all summer up here, Not to many trips in the water without major shrinkage.
  9. Awesome Mike, Congrats on your me gig as well.
  10. I had no problem with it. Lol Congrats on the coating.
  11. The wind was meh, Not even a gust close to a couple weeks back.
  12. My wife wants the one that is playing in Mexico at 4:25 today.
  13. I could care less if it's green, If I had my way, Fuk mowing.
  14. Don't have to worry about my brown lawn greening up though
  15. Glad we don't live there.