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  1. A few of the models hitting the inverted dong right into tues
  2. Winter Storm Watches hoisted.
  3. No concerns, Its snowing where it counts no matter.
  4. Lets get this to happen for the kids sake, Nobody wants to step on broken legos all over the house.
  5. All guidance onboard now, Just a matter of totals when it flips.
  6. 12z Euro ramped up a bit, Wide area of 10-15”
  7. That’s reasonable, I went 4-8” for starters here.
  8. As Chris mentioned earlier for the coast it comes down to rates, GFS shows how you can get it done.
  9. The HP position and colder air with it places my area in a good spot for bleed of CAD as that S/W gains latitude and winds veer to 20 degrees or so.
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