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  1. Beautiful spring day here today, Its good to have a friend who's a lobsterman, Doing our part to help out the industry, Deal and half though, 10 Lobsters, 3lb avg and 21 lbs of clams for $180
  2. Same issue i have, You have to pinch those nose pieces just right on the N95's and surgical ones so i can imagine the cloth ones being a problem
  3. Then everyone should wear a mask.
  4. Pretty disappointed in GM after getting bailed out in 2008 and couldn't step to the plate on there own.
  5. Terrible, But its April, You knew after this winter we were going to get a sh it spring.
  6. Except we had done the prelim app yesterday and it got changed 2 times today.............
  7. Any of these company that refuse to conform will get slapped with it, Then you will have no choice, But what 3M was doing, Was deplorable.
  8. Isn't that what i said? I know its different, He went thru the SBA and we will be doing that one as well as we have an SBA business loan, but i think yesterday it was mentioned to wait on that one until next week.
  9. Mother nature has a way of evening things out on one end or the other.
  10. If your not washing your lettuce from the grocery store before you eat it then i can see where the extra TP buying would come in to play, Especially Romaine which i refuse to buy.
  11. This isn't the same coke your snorting.......lol
  12. If someone can sneeze 26' they should be in the guiness book of world records, If that's the case, Stay the fuk home period.
  13. I believe Dr Fauche laughed at this.
  14. I do as little as possible with any banking institution and do the bulk of my business with the credit union.