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  1. Low -2°F, High 21°F, Current 16°F, Overcast with off and on -SNSHWRS today.
  2. I've only have run all season tires on any vehicle i've owned.
  3. Went from -2 overnight to 6°F now and overcast.
  4. Yes, There is some base now and its solid and will get better with the cold coming.
  5. No thanks, I can't compete with diamond dust, Wrong side of the mtns.................
  6. Late 60's, Early 70's, Now were talking vintage, American muscle, Just watch Mecum Auctions............
  7. If cars and vintage are mentioned, It certainly wasn't the 80's..............
  8. Mid Atlantic and the Carolina's are stealing New England's snow.
  9. The euro has the last couple runs of the next one after the 22nd being the 25th so its closer to the GFS in that regard.
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