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  1. dryslot

    March Disco

    You should be ok up there.
  2. dryslot

    March Disco

    Looks warm for the 22nd, The air mass for the 27th would be better.
  3. dryslot

    March Disco

  4. dryslot

    March Disco

    Congrats Bud, I know its not how you wanted it to happen.
  5. dryslot

    Heavy heavy lawn thread 2019

    Around the foundation?
  6. dryslot

    March Disco

    You may have inadvertently checked off to follow this topic, Top right should have a place for you to unfollow, I had this issue on Tapatalk a few weeks back and it drove me crazy.
  7. dryslot

    March Disco

    Did you enjoy your 20 min shower?
  8. Nobody's perfect, But if your going to miss, Missing big is the way to go.
  9. I would have thought you would have came with an F, Shocked...........
  10. Had a week at Camp Pitchafit?
  11. dryslot

    March Disco

  12. dryslot

    March Disco

    Its just moves further north in winter.................
  13. Looks like hes taking up residence in my red maple, Glad i don't raise chickens.
  14. dryslot

    March Disco

    Before it started too for many.