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  1. Folks waiting until mid October this year for foliage will be disappointed when they end up in stick season instead.
  2. Talk to quite a few growers up here and that seems to be a big problem this year, Now with rain on the way, You can add in bud rot to watch out for.
  3. I guess my question would be based off of these numbers is why are we still going thru phases of opening and not just open? We know who's the most vulnerable now, So those are the ones to protect.
  4. Is there numbers for that? I saw the above numbers last night for survival rate.
  5. Its another bumper crop year on acorns too up here.
  6. Since covid, There are a lot of back logs with many company's no matter the industry.
  7. Oh how we pray, A few Miller A's, Many B's and Clippers.
  8. When i'm out hunting that's all you see is stone walls used for property lines built back several hundred years ago, Some of the best areas to hunt are right along a stonewall, If there is an opening in the wall, The deer will follow the wall and walk thru the opening, They will not jump the wall unless they have to or are being pushed, Also the red squirrels and chipmunks love them too as i have had a few run right across my shoulders before......lol
  9. The foliage change is early here as well, Very noticeable on color.
  10. Yes, I thinks he's in North Bath, Towards Beans' Rock.