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  1. Were you using one of Steve's old phones for that vid?
  2. Figures, Went to the car wash today, A few showers came thru this evening, 0.38" and a few rumbles, Wind gust to 30 mph. About the extent of it but not a bad drink overall.
  3. dryslot

    RIP James

    This is truly tragic news, RIP James, Hopefully your enjoying a blizzard above.
  4. Probably will end up with some low level meh by the time it gets here.
  5. Looks like i'm wearing a tyvek suit again to mow the yard, Dust bowl and stirred up the brown tail moth hairs and i've had another outbreak, Sucks.
  6. Could use some rain, But can do without the TOR's, High winds and hail as still getting the garden in.
  7. I refuse to ship with them, Have used UPS for 25+ yrs with minimal claims, And i ship daily.
  8. Now that you mentioned rum, May have to crack this open and try some.
  9. It happens more then anyone would think, A cow moose can get pretty aggressive if she has a calf around and feels threatened, They prefer to walk a nice groomed trail rather then be belly high in powder offtrail.
  10. Still doing stripping runs here before i do a spirit run, That should happen next week but i will need to make cuts on a vodka...........
  11. Your GF is lifting the mask mandate for everywhere here in Maine May 24th, For the fully vaxed of course.
  12. And i have heard stories alike and actually saw a video of a moose charging at the sleds, Hey its there woods, We're intruding....lol