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  1. Only 2.0" on that one but 118" for the season was solid.
  2. Ye sir good call on the chops, And yes, Nothing wrong with fish stew either
  3. Yeah, 70/60's i guess is tropical now, Unless there is a different Euro model that came out that shows otherwise.
  4. 70's must be the new 90's
  5. How about a toaster instead?
  6. Ha, That got me to look, Looks to be at least BN in that time frame, More then likely a cold rain outside the higher elevations possibly verbatim "if" that verified.
  7. Reading some here and in other places with calls for an endless torch was lol.
  8. Meh, Its over, The onslaught has ended, Another frost this am, Had to kick the heat on in the house for the first time this season.
  9. Good Luck Steve on the surgery, Summer is dead and over up here, Good riddance.
  10. First frost of the season here, About 5 days ahead of the norm.
  11. dryslot

    September Models and Pattern: The March to Fall

    Sounds like it will still be a cold rain then.
  12. We have about 0.03" here........lol