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  1. Not glad we don't live there.
  2. Not a marquee game but i have the Rams in the pool...........lol
  3. To much of a thread the needle on timing for Maria to affect the east coast, Jose and that CF moving east from the middle of the US in that time frame looks to prevent this from being a CONUS LF right now.
  4. Winter can't come soon enough.
  5. Glad we didn't invest.
  6. Yeah just saw that, Looks like it misses some of the higher elevations, And micro climates
  7. It did not look bad for my area coast and foothills here, But the far NW is light but that area is sparse on data anyways, But i know whats there when i'm riding the border........lol
  8. I think the Pittsburgh area on that map would be better suited for pink then cerise...........lol
  9. Most here would be salivating if it was Jan except PF................
  10. FWIW
  11. Pretty much how i was approaching this, We have seen better.
  12. Overall, I give this one a meh, Even if it was a direct impact, It wouldn't be anything we have not experienced before.
  13. I could not even compete with you that year........lol
  14. My top five here in the Dirty Lew 1. 1961-62- 164.30" 2. 1970-71- 144.90" 3. 2007-08- 137.80" 4. 1951-52- 128.20" 5. 2016-17- 121.20"