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  1. I had 30F that morning and a couple hanging begonia took a hit, Looks like another frost this morning here and I did not cover anything last night as I was planting a blueberry bush and wasn’t aware once again that we were going to get in the low 30”s again for Christ sakes.
  2. 0.31"in a few heavier cells, Just enough to knock down the pollen.
  3. Have not looked at very much weather wise the last couple months other then if there's going to be frost as its planting season and working to get the garden in this week as i do every year, But my birthday weekend is looking very nice coming up here, Mid 70's low 80's, Memorial weekend can be a crap shoot cold and misery in some cases more often then not.
  4. Another frost advisory, Plants back in again.
  5. I had one of my hanging plants take a good hit last week when i left them out and the temp hit 30 that morning, Those were 6' off the ground.
  6. Those froze, High up has nothing to do with it, You get frost on the rooftops....lol
  7. 33°F was the low, Put them back out this morning, No pollen on the truck, California duster, Car wash and chamois dried.
  8. Have to bring them again tonight it looks like.
  9. Frost advisory here for tonight, Back in they come again.
  10. 27.0°F was the low, Glad we brought them in.
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