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  1. February is upon us - pattern change is in order

    Looks strictly like a SNE event for friday as the cold front drops south, Sunday-Monday is SWFE' ish into CNE/NNE
  2. February is upon us - pattern change is in order

    The answer contains two letters.
  3. February is upon us - pattern change is in order

    Looks like we will have a shot.
  4. Even had a merry go round, That block of ice in the beginning of the vid was cut out of lake, Close to 3' thick.
  5. Awesome day yesterday at Bald Mtn Camps for Cystic Fibrosis record ride, Over 400 sleds, We the took a ride up to Quill Hill in Dallas Plantation @2,800' It over looks the Bigelow A and B Range and back towards Stratton where you can see the Bio Mass plant and Flagstaff Lake. Flagstaff in the background. Kennebago Mtn and Lake. Bigelow A Range in the right side of the pic in the far back. Rangeley Lake. Bald Mtn Camps on Mooselook Meguntic Lake.
  6. It was right around 9, I didn't think the sun worked on it that quick............lol
  7. I was actually surprised when i went out to clean the snow that it actually had some water content to it, I thought it would have been higher fluff but it looks as it cooled the snow took on more of a fluff in the last 3"
  8. Its all in jest, But like most have said, Up this way anyways, Nobody could predict the high ratio fluff that fell.
  9. I don't think it was the fact the storm was better, Its the ratios ended up being much higher for the amount of qpf that fell.
  10. Really never got a chance to look at any models other the the 12z Euro briefly yesterday, When i saw it shifted the whole qpf field north, It had 6-8" here and all other guidance was 3.5" or less looking at it last night when i got home.
  11. Yeah, I think i'm going to snow blow.