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  1. I don't live in Boston, Its a rat.
  2. That's just a snapshot of this whole season here, A few duds in those years too, No c'mon about it, Its a ratter this season.
  3. Map is telling who the halves and halve not's are, If its brown, Flush it down.
  4. Happy Birthday Tom, And many more!
  5. There at 60 and above now so i can go if i elect too, My wife now can go too as she's a daycare provider.
  6. Tis the season here for us for those.
  7. Apparently, The second one is where some had issues, She read off all the possibilities to him, I went with him just in case he had any issues, He's 89.
  8. He received the moderna one as well.
  9. Doc says the moderna has more side affects then the pfizer vac, Don't know which one you received, Just took my dad to the drive thru one at the VA.
  10. lol, Could have put a few more on there but needed another rocket stage...................