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  1. Yes, Couple 40 mile rips in the woods out of open areas
  2. I’m riding tomorrow, Not Saturday though.
  3. Plenty of snow up here in Eustis and on Kennebago Mtn
  4. So has the boy scouts motto changed from when i was a scout in the 60's? (be prepared) I guess it has, We did winter camp in adverse conditions to learn survival techniques, This era and generation is soft.
  5. Snow pack would've helped a lot down there to lower the temps further.
  6. Saturday night looked like the better time frame but the core of the cold with the HP will be on the move east by then, If there is any year you can't get something timed right for the most part it has been this one, To bad its transient too.
  7. I think the blustery conditions will limit the rad cooling for this, There would be some huge negatives if we ended up flat calm but that's not going to be the case.
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