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  1. I think tuckerman's saw a lot of snow this year late.
  2. These like to move ENE away from here as they gain Lat, Time will tell.
  3. Slower and a bit east for the weekend system on the 12z Ukie, Starts getting precip into eastern SNE by 18z Saturday.
  4. Definitely, These trop systems are always a tough call, Generally they are moving pretty quick when they reach our lat, Guess we will have to see if the front in the mid west gives this the boot quicker too, But we need to make a call on our function by Weds, Sunday could be an option but not 100% sure on that right now if it works for everyone.
  5. I really need Saturday to be ok.
  6. Need this to keep shifting east and faster for the end of the week.
  7. Not the whole weekend on the GFS from what i'm seeing.
  8. And loving you too.........., Got zapped a couple times in the pool this weekend here by dem bastards.
  9. The dews will be out in force.