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  1. Off the board for a day and come back in here and read all these 6 pages of crap post about a storm 8 days out that will waffle more then Aunt Jamima use to make, They should be in the panic thread.
  2. One of those men that died was a brother to a mother my wife had in daycare, Most incidents happen at night and at inlets or outlets as the one on the Moose river just up from Rockwood last weekend.
  3. At least they didn't put all that snow in the driveway.
  4. The pattern looks like blue water in a sea of white??
  5. We would wait until the Euro was inside 96 hrs then lock it in.
  6. Yeah, It just eroded and retreated further north, Unfortunate that this air mass is so marginal, Canada flooded with pac air.
  7. Good call by the way even though at the time you were joking but said what can stop it from actually getting there which was nothing really once we lost the confluence.
  8. Heading there tomorrow actually, Going to ride from Eustis to Parlin Township for lunch..............https://lakeparlinlodge.com/restaurant/
  9. Almost time for a futility thread for this winter.
  10. Big Black Rive or Nine mile bridge.