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  1. Ha, Kelly just made a screwdriver. I told her it was too early Its always 5 o clock somewhere.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving all, Keeping up with a tradition.
  3. Ha ha, Amateur hour, That makes for a great mess in the oven too that baked on apple.
  4. So basically you took 3 pieces of sh it and made them into one steaming pile? Spectrum is not the greatest, But we have few options other then dish or direct tv which i've had both previously before going to spectrum because of internet.
  5. RN, 32.9°F, Little slick overnight with some ice.
  6. Usually, Yes, I have never seen one that white though
  7. Move that system around 12/1-12/2 another 200 miles to the east and we may have something, Some of the other OP models already show this.
  8. I have mentioned it a few times in the past, But around the 12/5 date, It has had some decent storms over the years.
  9. Snow has picked up a bit the last 30 mins or so, Coating now,
  10. -SN, 24.3°F after a low of 17°F, Dusting overnight with more falling now coming in from the GOM.
  11. 19.9°F, Going to be a chilly one tonight, Looks like a mixed mess tomorrow and tomorrow night here on the coastal plain.
  12. I usually hit up J's Oysters in the old port up here, Oysters are one of my favorites, I could sit there and just eat a bushel of them.
  13. Pretty much same for me. I'll eat some fish like haddock and salmon. Other seafood like clams, scallops are a no-go. It's more of a texture thing. Like a big chewy snot in my mouth. Sorry if I ruined anyone's late night dinner So i guess raw oysters would be out??