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  1. Get that blood to thicken, Just like the song from BTO, You ain't seen nothing yet.
  2. Looks like we are making the transition back to snow here with wet flakes mixing in.
  3. They make a great stew too!!
  4. Yes, But you still get one of these because of the first part of that sentence.............................
  5. 25.7°F, Its an ice skating rink out there this morning.
  6. Welcome to NNE!!! Not texting while driving i hope, RT 302 is like that often.
  7. Heavier snow moving thru here now with 30dbz rates, looks to be warming aloft though as we are getting larger dendrites, If only we could keep this overnight.
  8. I hope you can find them after christmas...............
  9. Yes, We will warm aloft but the surface temps are not going anywheres, Going to get rather icy before we flip back on the end, I'm thinking 2".
  10. Flipped about an hour ago, SN, 29F, Starting to accumulate on all grassy surfaces and some asphalt.