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  1. Banging out 168 proof off the parrot.
  2. 0.57", Like we really needed more rain, Standing water again.
  3. We know you will, And i will bitch right back as well if it happens too.
  4. Well, You need the transition, Its not like turning on/off a light switch, So i look forward to the 40-50's day temps and 20-30's night ones as we approach late fall
  5. Its a veiled response, Deep down, Some wish there would be cold and October snow on the horizon, Then you have the others that would cancel winter if it happened.
  6. Those companies were not eligible for federal subsides because of there worth and rightfully so.
  7. Sorry to hear of your loss Brian, Its sucks losing a pet, You get attached to them like a sibling.
  8. The pin oaks are just starting to turn but 85% or so of those leaves will still be there next March.............. Both of those were planted at the same time too, But the one on the left was struck by lightning and slowed its growth until its trunk healed.
  9. I have owned one for 30yrs, Your take would be a lot different if you did, Just the cost of healthcare is enough to put a company in a compromised position, I won't even go down the rabbit hole on the rest, And just to be on the record, If you worked for me, Your getting fair compensation.
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