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  1. Whoa, tell us how you really feel... We get it. The storm had a few surprises on its approach to Florida... and each one was fortuitous for the state. Heaven forbid the NHC alert folks about the possible scenarios! We've seen the worst case play out many times. I will never understand the outrage over an evacuation that proves unnecessary. Take a breather, dude.
  2. Absolutely - I mean, what happens now to an island like St. Martin?
  3. The next 18-24 hours will also largely define our memories of this storm - she's sure been an amazing storm to track!
  4. There's been a ton of "NW turn" hallucinations in the last 24 hours but those last few radar frames feels like the real deal.
  5. The posts from this morning are eerily reminiscent of the bust posts we see prior to some of our strongest Nor'Easters during winter.
  6. It's a 5-9" winter event, folks... more to the south.
  7. If this were winter, it would be one of those events where we'd expect 1-2 feet only to have the south trend show up, cause mass toaster baths ... then we'd get a surprise band on the northern fringe that would give us 5-9".
  8. Clear miss, not even all that close.
  9. Jan 2016 was already trending positively this far from onset
  10. Yeah, it happens. First legitimate bust (not some silly premature yanksfan bust) of the season in the immediate metro
  11. Looks like NYC and immediate environs may get the ol' 7/10 split this afternoon.
  12. Absolutely not. Track the hourly rainfall rates - 0.5"-1"+/hr is headed right for you. https://radar.weather.gov/radar.php?product=N1P&rid=OKX&loop=yes This is not some dying cold front that will feel the marine layer and go poof, there's circulation with this thing.
  13. He likely breaks an inch