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  1. 10-11" here in Montclair. Got 8" (3 in about 45 minutes) this morning, then a wicked wind driven sleet/snow. Brought the depth to around 9... have no idea how much sleet fell so estimating the total. Perhaps we can grab another inch to bring us to around a foot. Not a bad storm, but given expectations, it gets a C/C- from me. Sleet is a total buzzkill.
  2. Of - instead of using a silly rule that doesn't work - you can just multiply by the conversion factor of 0.62.
  3. I'm feeling pretty good too here - imagining worst case scenarios... Catching subsidence from a massive band to my N&W, potential mixing (maybe a 20% proposition) - still, it's hard to imagine not getting at least 15" from this
  4. Our resident pessimist is back
  5. Just posted that in the NYC thread - can't remember how many times it's done this
  6. Goofus doing Goofus things - it'll catch up tomorrow around this time.
  7. Well, that's the thing - we've got 8 more model cycles before go time and peeps were ready to hit the ledge after a few shaky OP runs. Pace yourselves, folks
  8. Sloppy phase - better but still a slingshot east
  9. I think you mean the other way around
  10. They have two full days to nudge up
  11. Watches are fine, accumulations are premature
  12. I'm not saying they'll be wrong, I've just never seen a forecast of 12-18 when 60-72 hours out... Usually they say "significant", "6+", etc...
  13. Crazy for the NWS to put out such high numbers this far in advance
  14. This Because of this