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  1. That actually was a pretty good month not far from the Coastal Plain. I was a Junior in HS at the time in Ridgefield, Ct. and we had two storms within a 3 day period that produced 4-6" of snow. Both were rain -> snow deals. Further inland got significantly more. That was the famous first Jim Cantore thundersnow shot (which as been since replicated several times) from Worcester, Ma.
  2. It feels wonderful... That exhilarating first rush of winter!
  3. If this were a month later, would have been a surprise 4-8" NAM special.
  4. Pushing 2" in Montclair - this area of NE NJ been a mini jackpot this afternoon
  5. I can't tell if sarcastic? That's horrible consensus this close to the event! Clearly one model is an outlier...
  6. If you're gonna bust, you might as well bust spectacularly.
  7. Awesome, congrats for them. I'm talking west of the Hud and the 5 boros
  8. What a BUST! The bustiest bust in a string of them.
  9. No, it's not... but the majority are underperforming expectations. This is different from a classic convective event. The progs were for 1-3+ of rain over a widespread area for days. In a repeat of the last several events, most west of the city won't break an inch.
  10. Training of what? Light/mod showers? You'll be lucky to crack 0.5"
  11. It was hard enough before climate change shortened our winters to 4 weeks
  12. This appears to be the latest in a string of major underperformers - by major, I mean like at or below the 10th percentile outcome for the majority of the area. Of course, this event is not over, but I wouldn't be shocked if the latest band passing through my section of NJ was more or less all she wrote.
  13. Normal is the new cool
  14. If one really uses one's imagination, you can almost envision a scenario where you post something other than long range temperature departures/CFSv2.