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  1. Days like these remind us why the summer season is the hardest to predict.
  2. I think it was closer to 1.25-1.5 primarily... on the lower end of guidance.
  3. Yep, last few events, while significant, have underperformed WRT QPF
  4. You can tell yanks is secretly panicking
  5. It's been happening more and more - it's not blind anymore... NAM killed it down here on March 14 and last Jan it led the way too
  6. NAM > Euro
  7. stop, just stop...
  8. beware the *Includes Sleet
  9. Meh that shyte was 99.9% prob of 12+ for NYC 36 hours prior to the last storm. The king has officially fallen off his rocker.
  10. Southern Dacks/Greens/Whites look amazing for this. I'm tempted to drive north on Sunday with the kiddies.
  11. of course - that was my point - boy you're struggling with the reading comp today bro!
  12. Don't let facts get in the way of a good narrative. This is a weak, sheared out mess in March... no way it'll snow save those picnic tables!
  13. Ray's a real peach!
  14. It's not impossible to hit 60 in Western areas if we get some breaks of sunshine - KUNV is at 59/50 and patches of clearing are spreading eastward. We'll see.