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  1. With Stowe closing today, I think Jay is calling your name mid-week.
  2. That’s just ugly...besides April 1st, it literally stopped snowing at the end of March and has been a non-stop melt..including above freezing nights.
  3. It’s got to be fun trying to figure out how to make it work. Mt. Snow lost the war and closed the main and North face. I’ll give you guys credit for trying to pull off another week since economically, it has to make more sense to throw in the towel. I’d guess no one is buying a day ticket and this year there’s probably not much food/bev either. I understand everyone wants to maintain the latter closing dates in the archives for future late season reservations, but it has to be at a loss at this point.
  4. The areas in between bumps is a "super fun challenge" today. Dry and 40s-50s all week should set up for some nice afternoons. We were about 2-3 weeks ahead of schedule last week. This week should be right about where it should be, conditions wise, for this time of year.
  5. 10” of fresh powder, untouched lines and blue skies...yeah, it’s that good out there.
  6. Starting to pick up again here. Might squeeze another inch or two out since last chair if this keeps up tonight.
  7. Valid point..not gonna lie; there’s a reason we picked a place that averages 350” plus...and it’s not to lose the snowfall race..ha.
  8. Cannot overstate what a recovery this was. Every glade was back in play (though a few were closed, ha). Underneath was a solid layer that froze, then about 8 inches of powder. As long as you kept you eyes open for the random branch and rock, it skied as well as any midwinter day. Underneath should melt nicely and be a great few days coming up. Really good day out there and good weekend coming up...even some natural steeps back in play.
  9. Yeah, that seems a little high. There was a 1 inch an hour band that just came through..they would have had to sit under that to be at 8+..I would think the top of Madonna should be the same as the picnic tables, no? Maybe there’s 7 up on the ridge here, but I think that’s the absolute max. It’s not going to be enough to get the steep natural stuff back, but wow, is it skiing great. We still had a lot in play holding on by a thread. The usual late season suspects like upper can am and river quai; and star and goat at your place, I would think are done for the season barring a one day 20” dumping, but that’s to be expected in april.
  10. Dumping snow...probably about 5”
  11. Conditions are fantastic for what this event is..really helped out there and the perfect density.
  12. Starting to come down now..about 3.5 so far.
  13. Just switched to snow. Let’s see what this thing can do.
  14. Temp down to 40 at 1850’...nothing more frustrating than watching liquid wasted as you wait for a changeover.
  15. There’s plenty of lines in there..ha