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  1. Jay was doing long term 2br condo rentals a month ago. It’s going to be a ghost town with the border closed, so might be worth checking out .
  2. You got me down there tonight...just started picking up, but prob only 1/4” or so. We got about a half inch earlier before it quit midday.
  3. My 3 were technically doing hybrid, going two days a week but it’s almost not worth it at this point. They shut the schools down for two weeks at a time if anyone is confirmed positive (staff or teacher) so they haven’t been there in a few weeks and while we are up here, Vt. got added to the travel list so they would have to quarantine for 14 days when we get back. Plus they want to shut things down around Christmas again. I’m a huge proponent of in person learning vs. virtual, but at this point it makes sense to just stay virtual until the schools are ready to open back up fully. Covid definitely provided a rare opportunity to spend big chunks of time up this year. I also look at it as an opportunity for them to experience a true nne winter, rather than the quick trips so I’m hoping somehow it turns into a cool memory. Me...I’m just looking forward to killing the empty northern greens this year if we get a decent winter. I have to go back to nj every once in a while, but I’ll probably get more time at jay and Stowe than any other year. Looking forward to venturing into nh a couple times too to check out cannon and maybe wildcat.
  4. Just started changing back to snow...decent intensity too.
  5. We love it here. It is amazing how this place will snow when just down 242 in Montgomery there’s nothing at all. It’s like the opposite of NJ; there, you ALWAYS bet the under and for a changeover hours before it’s predicted. Most winters consist of tracking two or three coastal a year if you are lucky (13-14 and 14-15 were exceptions) For a skier/rider, I love it here, and the northern greens in general for that constant refresh every couple days. Jay, Stowe, and Smuggs are where it’s at east coast for powder days. Even without the snow though, we love just exploring the mountains and hiking up here...very chill. I’ve heard the Newport area is decent for summer activities too, but with Covid, we didn’t really get out there this year. I’m hoping in another 3-4 weeks the snow really gets going up here. It will be fun to compare to you guys in the area and I’m interested to see how phin does at his spot.
  6. Steady light snow..just a coating so far.
  7. Out on a hike and flakes just started at 2300’
  8. Since jay isn’t opening until Friday, anyone who may or may not be at Stowe daily (pf) have a guess what they might open with on Wednesday?
  9. They were back at it this afternoon.
  10. Great stats...So helpful in trying to learn about this region.
  11. Those frequent little events are what makes the northern ski areas so great. Two 15 inch storms a month and nothing else in between means about 4-5 great ski days and the rest skied off hard pack without snow guns. But give me 20 days of 3-5 inch little snow events once a decent base is established and you have a great month of skiing. For me, I just love the idea of cold (not brutal) days with snow in the air and a decent pack around. It just makes it feel like winter and seasons in seasons. The synoptic monsters are fun to track, but as far as winter appeal, i'd rather the frequency and retention. What you guys who are veterans of this area pointed out seems to be true so far. If you add up the totals for the year so far, we are actually doing pretty good. My spot has probably seen around 20" so far and that's October and half of November. I think the difference is it is too early to expect it to build a pack. But if its Jan, there's still a solid foot around I bet. And while the pattern doesn't look great, I could see another decent up-slope event with some of those troughs digging in and a couple of those systems out near the gulf of Maine. What I've learned up here is that even above normal temps can work sometimes up here, especially with elevation.
  12. Killington wins the Vermont race opening surprise there. Mt. Snow says they are shooting for weds.
  13. Probably about the same...nice little event. Deep winter again for a few days.
  14. About 4” at earlier check. Dog had fun today..that’s his happy face, as well as his “stay out of the banter thread unless you want to argue about covid” face.
  15. Whats the advantage of the fan guns for that price tag? Do they just pump out that much more snow or is it that they don't need the compressed air line?