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  1. Classic jay day today..moderate snow all day, frigid temps and deep powder woods. The glades skies awesome and there was about 10 fresh. NNE mountains did really well. The top chutes were deep as hell. Crossover trails a little icy but overall, what an amazing day!
  2. How did the upper trails hold up? I’m assuming anything without snowmaking is done for the next few days?
  3. Jay put on their snow report to basically, stay home this weekend. They all but guarantee any upper mountain lift will be on wind hold and don’t expect this weeks conditions (like pf is posting from Stowe). I would expect the same all over Vt. Killington, Stowe and jay did really well this week so I don’t think this weekend’s crap will be a total wipeout. They should recover quickly and next weekend looks better.
  4. Probably going to change 100 times but it looks like the far northern vt. ski areas (i.e. jay, Stowe, smuggs) would flip and maybe put some powder on top of the early slop. Could wind up being decent..any thoughts guys?
  5. Killington is kinda crispy out there despite about 2-4 fresh. Anything with pitch is pretty slick. Might just be spoiled after last week in the glades at jay. Still enjoyable though, as long as you know what’s under the surface. They do have the mountain lit up with guns, trying to re surface.
  6. Another 6-8 out here at jay. Friggin awesome out here. Dropped ropes on almost the whole mountain and the woods are sick. Tram went on wind hold at lunchtime, but the freezer is still spinning.
  7. I think coverage is fine..was there last week and they had blown a TON of snow during that cold few days..might be icy; not sure how they got thru yesterday but the coverage was there.
  8. What a needed refresh this was up at was almost unskiable earlier in the week, but it’s just enough packed powder today. They dropped a ton of ropes even in the glades. Awesome out there and it looks like we could get a good upslope dumping in the next few days. I would guess stowe is much improved as well.
  9. Was puking snow up here at jay about an hour ago. Slowed down, but still steady. I’d guess about 8”.
  10. I’m at jay right Snow was much better last few weeks. The mountains with the better snow making are the place to be right now imo.
  11. Lots of very thin cover up here at jay..they really need the upslope machine to kick on. Better conditions two weeks ago in southern vt.
  12. Jay vs. sugarbush tomorrow? i know anywhere is going to be crazy but which one for less crowds and better conditions? Sugarbush looks like they have a ton of open terrain compared to jay and the freezer isn’t running yet at jay so all that terrain is out, but the glades at jay look pretty decent right now.
  13. I’ve been out skiing multiple times already with mid-winter like conditions and natural trails already, and winter hasn’t even started. Conditions were better pre- thanksgiving than some Christmas weeks. Drive thirty minutes north of nyc and there was feet of snow. Maybe just a little perspective..and this is from someone who lives in the nyc area. by the way, appreciate the knowledge in this forum..learn a lot from you guys.
  14. Looks great out there and I would guess you added to that today. Want to see how everyone gets through this cutter and maybe head up toward the end of next week. Any other ropes drop today or expected this weekend?