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  1. Some legit cold shots out in clown range on the gfs. Good to see showing up. .
  2. Perfect fall day yesterday…looks like 2000-2500’ has the most color right now. I would guess this will peak in the next 10 days. .
  3. Below freezing temps, first flakes possible tonight and the return of snow on the GFS clown range. I figured I'd start the thread from the snowiest place in the east with hopes that leads to a great NNE snow season. If it winds up being crap, I'll never start one again and just blame phin.
  4. Sub freezing and chance I see first flakes this weekend while I'm up north...NNE Cold Season Thread time!
  5. Best possible result…should continue to be the jay everyone loves, with some new capital for much needed upgrades. .
  6. The official countdown begins..always look forward to this post. Game on! .
  7. It’s not a don’t deal yet..they were extremely profitable last season and the bids went up. Pacific group is basically the starting bid and others can come in higher. That said, I think they have a very good chance and would be a great owner. I’ve heard they intend to keep current management and be more or less hands off. .
  8. Absolutely perfect day out there. No humidity, slight breeze and a bright blue sky. Dog was in heaven on our walk. .
  9. It’s coming this winter. .
  10. Decent amount of rain overnight. Sleeping with the windows open was like one of those sleep apps. Chilly this morning, but clearing out. Love this NNE summer weather. What a change from a NJ July day. .
  11. Deep summer up here this week! .
  12. It’s the storm you dream of in early December. It was 8-10 of pure cement followed by the classic overnight dumping of fake snow. We would have still been skiing on that base if it was in December. We picked up another 6 at 1800’ for a storm total of 12-14, which is settling down to about 10 right now, but above 3000’ there has to be close to 18. Can’t get to it right now because of wind tho. With an empty resort in a mediocre winter, it’s a nice last hurrah here.
  13. The railing was cleared after the changeover so this is the upslope so far..2-3 maybe. And the heaviest looked like midnight to 6am…bitter sweet last night of spot light watching fake snow for the season for me.
  14. Wind may be an issue tmrw…..snow will not. It’s dumping again and the upslope is just getting started. Timbuktu, Haynes, and the stuff you hiked to on tramside off the Bonnie had the best snow.
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