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  1. Sounds more promising…. Taking a look at ensemble data for snow levels, our snow levels will steadily rise to around 3000-3500 ft by this afternoon. This should keep all precipitation at summit level across the spine of the Green Mountains and northern Adirondacks as snow. Mid- mountain locations don`t look as favorable as before and we have cut snowfall amounts slightly but have kept the higher amounts at summit level at this time. Once the cold front swings through, our snow levels drop to sea level quite quickly with an arctic air mass quickly to displace the warmer air mass seen this afternoon. A favorable upslope snow shower regime should set up Thursday night into Friday morning with the big winners being Jay Peak, portions of northern Vermont and the northern Adirondacks. By midday Friday, we should lose enough moisture that we will see these snow showers come to an end.
  2. Vail seems to be on their own in that regard. Other resorts have not followed. I had more typed out but I just deleted it so this didn’t turn political. When it comes to jobs like mountain ops, lifts etc. I would think you need to find people who really enjoy it because it is hard, physical work in the elements for the same pay as working in a much easier environment. Crap hours a lot of times too.
  3. Sounds like some of this is the labor market, but let's face it, vail probably never wanted them. They were attached to the peak deal where vail was after Snow, Hunter and JFBB.
  4. Interesting how that chair has been closed for years and they never took the towers down. Is there some sort of back story to that or just figured why waste the money?
  5. Ridge was in great shape..top of double dipper too. They probably could have pushed a couple more natural trails if they wanted, but I think the issue is some of the connections. Overall, it’s in really great shape right now.
  6. Killington was on point this morning. Great conditions, a few natural trails and lots of snow guns. More crowded than I would have thought for a Monday in November.
  7. Teens at night with multiple snow threats. I’ll take.
  8. Very winter feel out there. Great snow making window this week too. My panic from last week seems to have eased.
  9. Very mid winter feel today. 17 degrees, bright sky, packed powder roads and sidewalks. Looks like the storm cycle was about 12-14 total here; probably more up top.
  10. Didn’t start snowing until about 15 miles out, but by the time I started up 242 at 1000’ it was snowing pretty good. Here at 1850’ it’s a moderate snow and 15 degrees. Definitely winter out there. Wasn’t expecting the upslope to still be going tonight. Tomorrow with less wind should be good out there.
  11. My 7 year old has a bright yellow helmet you could use to land planes...best way to find them.
  12. Get up here and do some fake skiing on the fake snow!!
  13. I think I’m locked for a foot…planing on driving up sat evening to hit it Sunday. I’ll get some fake pictures up Sunday of the fake powder. Happy thanksgiving NNE crew.
  14. The Jet looks ready to me…I think I’m twitching looking at that.
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