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  1. Just can’t let that 2-3 feet verify, lol. .
  2. Snowing again, but just mood flakes. .
  3. Snowing..don’t think there’s been a break with zero flakes in the air since weds afternoon. .
  4. Blind squirrel maybe? You know this climo better than anyone.. I just felt good about this one. When that sleet line started creeping north, I felt it was small enough jumps to keep us safe (mostly) but was inching the liquid up. The 3k had a couple runs with the heavy bursts jumping around north of rutland so if we scored a foot in the initial, I thought we’d sail to 20. But im sure this bs “gut” feeling infuriates those with actual meteorological knowledge. Brilliant people analyzing 700mb flow and dgz and I can barely read a sounding. .
  5. This wasn’t terrible from Sunday for the northern greens. .
  6. Gfs won by a landslide…locked in on 2” liquid up here. Had the Jp in southern vt/nh for a bit, but knowing climo, felt good about our chances up here from 4 days out. .
  7. Good day..getting heavy now, but what a storm… .
  8. No need for sleeves to work a lift in the northern greens while it’s snowing… .
  9. Pf or the top here might hit it..it’ll be close .
  10. Still light snow, but nothing adding any substantial accumulation right now..there’s been some settling, but this is probably close to storm total at 1900’. Pf would hate me saying this, but add 4-5 up high. Grooming reporting 8’ drifts on the ridge. First tracks in the woods absolutely sick today. Arguably the best of the year. .
  11. I’d say last deep one. Jay has already committed to may 5th, maybe longer, so not sure id go 100 percent last powder day..it’s been a crazy year. .
  12. It’s going to be average here, maybe even a little above..impressive considering 3 melts to almost zero this season. Decent snow still...28 degrees. I can’t get any models because of the internet, so don’t know what latest runs look like, but just staying like this all night puts us 25-30 range for first chair. .
  13. 8pm..1900’..had switched to light snow for a couple of hours, but just picked up again .
  14. What was your last mountain measurements? Snow seems a bit denser last couple hours. .
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