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  1. Nothing will ever beat 4/6/82 for April snow IMHO.
  2. 3 inches as of 630AM. Oak ridge, NJ. NW Morris county
  3. About 6 inches. Finally into some heavier snow within last hour. Been light almost entire time until now. I'm guessing my ratios are pretty good
  4. I believe that Cape May received 34 inches from the 1899 blizzard but I could be wrong.
  5. 8 inches, oak ridge nj, nw Morris county. Moderate snow. That's my final measurement for the night, heading to bed.
  6. 4.5 inches, oak ridge nj, nw Morris county. Coming down good!
  7. 3 inches on paved driveway. Light to moderate right now. .
  8. We got 22 out of that one. What a mess. Our son was 6 months old, we lost power for 2 days and didnt have a generator then. We own one now. Spent the night at our neighbors, he was able to keep his house warm with his wood burning stove. Next morning we left and stayed with my in laws for a day and a half until power came back.
  9. Just measured 2 inches, oak ridge nj, nw Morris county. Before anyone asks, yes the spots I measured were bare before today's storm started.
  10. 3 inches, light snow falling, oak ridge nj, nw Morris county.
  11. 2.5 inches in Oak Ridge. I was pretty startled when I got up.
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