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  1. models will flip and flop, and could be a flop, but give me fresh cold air, Neg NAO, and some juiced disturbances in March, and I’ll take my chances for something good...
  2. Strong NAO building in with cold air pressing, while a storm attempts to come up the coast produce potential for a significant winter storm for parts of the area 12Z GFS
  3. At work in Bergen, but looking at home camera looks to be about 2" - 3" and snowing heavily...
  4. Looks good for this storm, trending in right direction, now with 2-4” forecasted...
  5. Looking at all models and the current cold, but ‘staling’ airmass, 2-4” (maybe one stray 5” report in higher elevations) most of Morris, Sussex, W Passaic, N Somerset, Warren, N Hunterdon, 1-3” W Essex, W Union, S/C Somerset, most of Bergen, C-1” NYC and all other areas
  6. Was this February everyone #1 February over the past 20-30 years? Still a little to go, with likely full coverage wall to wall with snowcover, a 16” -30” HECS, 1-2 SECS, and 1-2 smaller’s up there
  7. Probably about 0.5” new today, for about 4” for this storm total....41” for the season; a total of 29 days season snowcover; 20 consecutive days now
  8. Looks like for the NYC Metro 2-4" from round 1 and then maybe another 1-3" over the next 18 hours for a total of 4"-7" or so. But in C & C/S NJ, they could be looking for a storm total of around a foot, with 8-10" alone from round 1.
  9. Yes, this will bust high for you and possibly others in NJ
  10. Looking at radar, I would say somewhere in NJ sees 6-8” from wave 1 alone...very impressive look all the way back to WV and SW
  11. Small flakes but very dense snow, moderate overall, already a quick coating/0.25” OTG
  12. New nam back to an inch of total QPF for most of the region with both waves, and a nice hit from wave 1 alone
  13. Warnings up for most of PHL zones....