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  1. The blizzard of 2006 started off with the JMA showing a huge blizzard in the beginning of February with the title "FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY". 26.9 inches later, I was quite entertained!
  2. Does anyone know where I can see the Ensembles?
  3. What is that feature by the Carolinas? Looks like a weak tropical storm!
  4. You know how winter 2005 - 2006 sucked and then all of a sudden we got a record-breaking snowstorm? We're gonna do that again, aren't we?
  5. Well, there it is: This winter summed up perfectly in one post: A 240hr 18z GFS snowstorm that shows "nothing crazy."
  6. 1 degree here right now. A whole whopping 1.
  7. Huge, 10 alarm fire in NJ.
  8. Any chance we get below 0?
  9. Well, that de-escalated quickly. But why do I get the feeling that it's a preview of things to come?
  10. 22 Feb 1975. Altus, OK. An F2 tornado occurred and a snowstorm followed it.
  11. Any chance of tornadic activity associated with the squall line?
  12. In other words, it'll be sunny and 70?
  13. Well, I'll enjoy 0-degree lows and 70-degree highs within the timespan of a week with the best of 'em!
  14. I trust the EURO and in this range, the NAM.