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  1. If this trend continues, we'll have 36" snowstorms hitting central park this winter!
  2. Another month or so of this and then we start getting into drenching, all-day long Autumn rains.
  3. Can we get flash flooding for a 5th week in a row?
  4. In the past hour or so, the humidity has REALLY increased.
  5. Flash flood warning! 4th week in a row! I've never seen anything like this before.
  6. Looks like more potential for a flash flood warning!
  7. Over an inch of rain today in Jersey City. The trend for 1+ inch high rainfall events almost once per week continues.
  8. Tons of lightning and LOUD thunder here in Bayonne.
  9. I wonder if we'll get down to 2007 ice levels.
  10. Around what time was this photograph taken?
  11. An interesting note on our weather pattern is when we get rain, we tend to get a lot of it in a very short period of time. I cannot remember the last time we had so many flash flood warnings in such a short period of time. I expect this to continue.
  12. Anyone got an Arc? Those videos on Twitter are surreal!
  13. It's definitely raining out.
  14. Any chance NYC stays in the 90s tonight?