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  1. I get cold very easily. I get hot very easily. I have no idea what climate to live in.
  2. I need a sweater to go outside. Turned the heat up inside.
  3. So sad what's going on in Paris. So sad.
  4. TriPol

    4/14 - 4/15 Heavy Rain and Squall Line Thread

    Ugh. To sleep or not to sleep. That is the question.
  5. TriPol

    March, 2019

    If the wet pattern continues into the summer, we're likely going to experience a repeat of last summer which included a record number of days with the dew point over 70 with highs in the 80s. If I wanted minimal snowfall in the winter with hot, humid summers, I would have moved to the South.
  6. TriPol

    March, 2019

    You know it's a bad winter when we're tracking events that give us between 0.5" and 1" and our biggest storm was in November.
  7. TriPol

    March, 2019

    Story of this winter!
  8. Enough with the biting cold wind already.... it's not January anymore.
  9. I wonder with that huge raging Pacific Jet if we're going to get a nice tornado season out of this.
  10. The blizzard of 2006 started off with the JMA showing a huge blizzard in the beginning of February with the title "FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY". 26.9 inches later, I was quite entertained!
  11. Does anyone know where I can see the Ensembles?
  12. What is that feature by the Carolinas? Looks like a weak tropical storm!
  13. You know how winter 2005 - 2006 sucked and then all of a sudden we got a record-breaking snowstorm? We're gonna do that again, aren't we?