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  1. What is a dew point depression?
  2. We all know what the Summer of 1977 was like in NYC.
  3. Does anyone have an SST map for near Florida and the Gulf? Worried about how warm it's been down there for the upcoming hurricane season.
  4. Who's been messing up everything? It's the +PNA all along!
  5. Anyone else ready for Spring?
  6. So, OK, we come in number 2. And... there's still a few more days left of February.
  7. But I'll bet this is the snowiest February on record, which is to say that more days had snow in February 2021 than any other February in NYC history. I've never seen it snow almost every single day in a single month before. Doesn't matter if we get an inch or 6 inches - it has snowed so many times this month.
  8. Who remembers this?
  9. Did Lee Goldberg call out Upton for being too conservative? That would be dramatic.
  10. Ah, I forgot. It's almost the 20 year anniversary for this bust.
  11. No matter how many storms we chase, no matter how many winters we'll have, March 2001 takes the title for being the biggest bust in history for snow lovers.
  12. Is this going to be enough to declare a snow emergency?
  13. So a foot of sleet in the next week, on top of half an inch of ice, on top of 30" half melted, brown snow. Fun times!
  14. I don't know one weather weenie that ever roots for freezing rain. Even sleet sucks, but every now and then it can offer something interesting. I've never seen the coast have anything more than .10 of an inch as freezing rain.