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  1. Any truth to the rumors that NYC would be wiped out if that volcano goes off in the canary islands?
  2. Central Park hit 40" last winter? I don't know of too many following winters where Central Park doesn't hit 40" again. In fact, I think the majority of winters where Central Park has hit 40" following a year where Central Park did not hit 40", i.e. 2019 - 2020, the following year Central Park hits 40" again. The question is what happens the year after. Wet autumns produce wet winters.
  3. Does anyone realize that the March 2001 curse has been broken? Usually when that is brought up, a bust is in store for our area, or if one isn't and someone brings it up, a bust occurs. March 2001 was brought up the other day. We did not bust. The 20-year curse has been broken.
  4. Worse than anticipated? They kept saying Category 4.
  5. If we're 6 mph less than a Cat 3, I would've fudged the numbers a bit to get people to evacuate.
  6. If this already is a Cat 3, I would be concerned about how big this could get entering the warm eddy.
  7. 20 knots? That's not even tropical storm strength.
  8. I used to live in Florida. This was the kind of rain we saw in Tampa around this time of year. I've never seen it rain like this in Bayonne.
  9. Holy cow! How was this storm not warned??? Just gushing rain, wind and hail outside!
  10. I wonder how much impact Cuba will have on Ida?
  11. Looks like the pivot is happening now. Hope we don't get a big nor'easter or another trop-storm or hurricane up this way in September -- we will lose all the trees with the soaked ground.
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