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  1. Hey, let's slam another tropical system into Lousiana. I don't think they've had enough this year.
  2. Of those 10 other cases, how did the East Coast do with snow those years?
  3. Every 15 years or so, starting with 1995, we get a nice La Nina winter! We're due!
  4. The AO is going lower but our temps are going higher. This is confusing.
  5. You know, I'd normally say don't give us a cold autumn, but we've had warm autumns over the past few years and gotten stuck with terrible winters.
  6. What happens if Hurricane Omega runs into an Omega Block?
  7. I remember a Norlun in Suffolk some time in mid December 1988.
  8. Has there ever been a La Nina winter where the month of September winds up being below normal? If so, what was that winter like?