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  1. TriPol

    Major Hurricane Michael

    Do we have any reports on how many rescues were done in Florida due to Michael?
  2. Autumn has arrived with avengance! Beautiful, cool, breezy air, leaves turning colors, falling from the trees... I feel like making pumpkin soup finally!
  3. Any chance for the top 10?
  4. Meh. Line looks pretty thin. Doubt we'll get anything more than a few sprinkles.
  5. What times do the 6z and 18z runs come out?
  6. I think last winter was the first winter where we had snowcover from January - March since 2015.
  7. What time are those storms supposed to be here?
  8. That's good! Warm Octobers lead to cold and snowy winters!
  9. It's pouring buckets out there. Just absolute buckets.
  10. I don't think we're going to see 90 again this year. Looks like a stretch to hit 80, too. Glad it's finally over with. October looks cooler than normal, so maybe a warm winter on tap?
  11. Good to see the forum back! Beautiful, nice cool morning.
  12. TriPol

    Major Hurricane Florence: STORM MODE THREAD

    Has there ever been a storm that's stalled right before making landfall in the Carolinas?
  13. When is the next cold front due to come through? Would there be any kind of amplification of it due to Florence remnants?