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  1. How much rain are we supposed to get yet again??
  2. NYC hasn't had a good winter since 2015 - 2016.
  3. The next time a solar eclipse will be visible in New Jersey or NYC will be 2079. Get out there and enjoy it!
  4. Nature tends to balance itself. For years we were dry and in a drought. That drought has ended and we have a surplus of rain, but little snow. Soon we will have a surplus of snow and we will have to wait until May for it all to finally melt.
  5. Man am I glad we're getting these rains to beat the drought that was here in the Autumn/Winter...
  6. I'd rather have a warm spring and a cool Summer than a cold spring and a hot summer.
  7. Could hit 70 on March 1 next week in NYC.
  8. In the years we have major snowstorms, the Mets always go to the playoffs. I'm not looking forward to this season.
  9. I'm interested to learn when the El Nino will transition to a La Nina -- what kind of impact will that have on tornadoes this season?
  10. There's ALWAYS a storm to chase toward the end of February/Beginning of March. ALWAYS. Every year.
  11. 2006 called and wants it’s record breaking snowstorm back
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