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  1. I would take a nice, quick, heavy downpour storm like that any day of the week! Lots of lightning with it, too!
  2. If we had this pattern in January, this would've been the best winter ever!
  3. Forgot my umbrella on the subway. Drenched!
  4. Must be very windy at Citifield. Alonso hit his 23rd home run which went to 450+ feet!
  5. So, not to get into any climate change debates or anything, but there is MASSIVE ice melt from Greenland coming early this year. Would the melting ice have anything to do with the cool waters off of the NE coast and our weather being cooler than normal?
  6. Don't know if they're going to be able to finish the Mets game...
  7. Almost sounds like us wishing for snow and pointing to the SSW or other events that would bring us snow... we kept wishing for it. It never arrived, sadly.
  8. How much of this rain is coming to us?
  9. I'll take winter 2014-2015 all over again.
  10. Is the NAO forecast to stay negative?
  11. Why? What evidence do you have to submit that shows that we're breaking out of a long-term weather pattern?
  12. Fairbanks, Alaska getting in on the severe weather, too. That's interesting.