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  1. I truly wonder if Gloria was transitioning to ET by the time it hit LI or if it was still a legit huricane.
  2. This was just an appetizer. This season has months left to it and no hint of a pattern change. The East Coast is going to get rocked more times.
  3. At this point, I'm wondering if an impact in the Carolinas is even possible or if it just skirts the outer banks.
  4. EURO hasn't been great with this storm, but it's much more east now than it used to be. So thinking it might skirt the Carolinas and head right up the coast alla Gloria.
  5. Given the sound of the raindrops, I'd say they're quite large. Wow.
  6. Tropical Storm Warnings Issued For Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Leeward Islands Ahead of Future Isaias
  7. Another day, another flash flood warning. I think that's the third this week.