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  1. Here we go again. Black skies, thunder, lightning and moderate rain.
  2. TriPol

    summer banter thread

    We are now 100 days out from Thanksgiving 2018. How time flies.
  3. I have never seen it so dark outside...
  4. Flash Flood warning for Hudson County!
  5. What are the reasons?
  6. TriPol

    ENSO 2018

    Food for thought.
  7. Thunder sure as heck woke me up from bed at 3 am!
  8. Dry as a bone here in Bayonne.
  9. Give it another hour....
  10. Looks like this might miss the immediate metro area?
  11. Is there an analog for upcoming Autumns and Winters when the Summers are wet?
  12. Shelf cloud at JFK Airport from Josh Einiger on WABC7
  13. Another flash flood warning for Bayonne!