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  1. 2006 was NYC's second largest snowfall. Didn't that happen in Feb and not March?
  2. I think we had one of those in January 2006 right before our major Feb 2006 snowstorm. I would be alright with one 60-70 day if it meant that's what follows, but so far, it doesn't look good.
  3. You're right. 2010-2011 was an AMAZING year for snowstorms. We had two KU events that winter which followed a KU event in February 2010. We haven't had one since January 2016.
  4. Seems like it. With the exception of 2016, I don't think we've had a good winter for over a decade.
  5. Can the winters of the 2000s please come back? Please?
  6. 25 now. Dropped 3 degrees since the snow started.
  7. What if all of the thermometers had bad data back then? Or not the thermometers, but the people reporting the temps weren't the most accurate? And we weren't even measuring ocean temps back then, just temps at stations, which were probably in cities. We had no idea if there was an El Nino or La Nina in 1885. We can only guess based off of observations. But, let's assume you're right. Let's assume that the average temperature, globally has increased by 2C since 1880 and that we're hotter than we've been in a long time. Well, what were the conditions like thousands of years ago? Seems to me that human beings survived this pretty well. I don't disagree that that earth is warming, I disagree with the hysteria surrounding it. "We only have 10 years to save civilization before we go extinct!" C'mon.
  8. But how accurate were those thermometers back then in the 1,000 stations in 1880?
  9. I don't think the city breaks an inch.
  10. Are we outside the NAM's range? I need a weenie model to cheer me up.
  11. Ha! Look at that! A line of thunderstorms broke up before reaching the NYC Metro area. Can't even get a good thunderstorm in January!
  12. This is interesting... can it impact our weather?