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  1. Checking in. How are we doing?
  2. We had NO winter the following winter in NYC.
  3. You're telling me 80 degrees with 65 degree dewpoints will run into late October??
  4. Please tell me this ends soon. I'm so sick of this weather.
  5. Are these warm temps being caused by the hurricanes the keep coming up to our area? Are they somehow bringing warm, humid conditions with them?
  6. All of those winters were different. Nothing really stands out from the following winters.
  7. What are the analogs for a warm September and a warm October for the upcoming winter?
  8. Are there any connections between warm Septembers and snowy, cold winters?
  9. What's causing this heat? Thought it wasn't possible to get this high this late.
  10. Somebody give these recon pilots medals. They've done a terrific job flying into and giving us valuable data of two Category 5's and a Category 4 hurricane.
  11. Bluewave, UncleW, does the activity of the hurricane season have anything to do with the upcoming potential winter 'round these parts?
  12. A Cat 5 in October??
  13. Hoboken, NJ.
  14. Weather Channel just put out a bulletin: 2-3 inches of rain expected in a 12 hour time period tomorrow.
  15. Well, hopefully, we get a nice, warm October. Warm Octobers = cold winters.