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  1. Couple inches here in Hoboken. Perfect type of early season snow. Beautiful to look at, now much of a hindrance and easy to throw at drunken Santas who belong in NYC.
  2. Remember, folks.... snow begets snow.
  3. Watch for yellow snow. Definitely don't eat yellow snow.
  4. Didn't say anyone was. I was merely asking a question.
  5. How many different components need to come together at once in order for us to get a HECS?
  6. Good soaking rain here in Jersey City. It's quite dark out.
  7. What do these signals usually mean for the upcoming winter?
  8. That was a fun storm! Let's do it again sometime!
  9. This is beautiful. The radar is lit up like a Christmas tree.
  10. So does Phillippe phase and move into Jerz alla Sandy or just go OTS?
  11. Can you point out a three-month stretch within the past century that was, at all, normal or below normal?
  12. I have noticed the lack of an aleutian low for the month of October. Don't we usually want that to help us indicate a cold/snowy winter?
  13. Checking in. How are we doing?
  14. We had NO winter the following winter in NYC.
  15. You're telling me 80 degrees with 65 degree dewpoints will run into late October??