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  1. What kind of impact would this have in NYC on Weds?
  2. channel 7 just called for heavy rain with gusty winds today? huh?
  3. I've never seen the UK & Ireland in the cone before. WOW!
  4. That's exactly where you want to see a high pressure in October. Let's hope it stays there for a while. That's a good signal for a great winter. Now let's get a warm october and we'll be in business!
  5. Name one winter in the past 50 years that's been below normal in temperatures.
  6. All of our winters have been AN temps for the past 50 years. We've had some epic snowstorms.
  7. Well, the GFS didn't really seem to add much to any conversation of 95L heading up to NYC or Jersey.
  8. I remember there was early consensus on Sandy between the GFS and EURO a week or two out.
  9. Shades of Chernobyl. The State didn't want scientists to spread anything that in any way shape or form disagreed with the official position of the State. It's easy to see where Trump gets his behavior from.
  10. I still wonder why Dorian wasn't upgraded to a Cat. 5 sooner. Every single piece of data showed it being a Cat. 5 and the NHC refused to upgrade it until they could no longer wait. Very odd behavior.
  11. They had a great year last year. Didn't correlate for us at all.
  12. We also can't create a consensus that the world isn't flat or evolution isn't real. We shouldn't let those that disagree with science hold back our progress.
  13. I'm answering my own question. We should create a cabinet level department that houses Climatology, Geology and Meteorology and move NOAA and the USGS there and create some kind of new organization that deals with climate change.
  14. Why is NOAA under the Dept. of Commerce anyway?